TR Forge Advent Calendar 2015 - Tomb Raider Reimagined (Demo)

Level by AoDfan

Walkthrough by Josť

Go through the open door, cross the wooden bridge and shoot 4 wolves.

Run straight ahead E-SE to the corridor, kill a couple of bats and pull the switch to open the door. Go up the stairs to find a room with three moveable blocks. Push the left and right blocks and pull the central block aside to reveal a switch. Pull it to open a trapdoor in the room below. Under the left moveable block (facing the switch) you can get Secret #1: Shotgun Ammo.

Now go down to the first floor and drop into the hole at the center of the room, slide down the small ramp and go through the NW passage. Don't go further, but near the entrance of this passage there is an opening high up to your right; climb up and after shooting two bats pick up the Golden Idol. Go back to the corridor and continue N; climb, pull the switch to open the exit door.

Turn right and run following always the left wall until you find a small medipack in a corner with hanging plants. Continue E and shoot a couple of bats near the door with the keyhole. Continue a bit E and enter through the N passage. Follow the path to a T junction; continue always to your right when possible and eventually you'll find a breakable tile. Drop and get Secret #2: a large medipack in the N alcove. Use the switch to return to the main area with the pool.

Now jump into the pool and follow the UW passage to a room where you can pull an UW lever in the N wall to open the trapdoor above. Go up to take a breath and pick up the Silver Key.

Detour for another secret: jump into the water hole and find an UW lever behind the SW pillar, pull it to open the UW door in the UW passage you came here; go there and surface in a room with a central pool; behind the N pillars there are two switches to open the E door; go there to find Secret #3: 2 x Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medipack. Swim back to the room where you got the Silver Key.

Use the wall switch to open the door and go left to the main room with the central pool. In the S wall there are two openings to get access to the stables; you can get a medipack there, but also alert a bear.

Now go to the NW passage and use your key to open the door; avoid the darts and shoot three wolves in the next room. There are two passages near this entrance, E and W; go through both, avoiding more darts and jumping ledges to pull a couple of switches at the top of the both rooms with pools at he bottom (some bats to shoot); this will open a door in the main N building.

Go there and pick up the small medipack in the left openings; cross the main passage avoiding all the blades until you trigger a trapdoor and fall into the water. Swim N and in the next room there are two switches behind the E and W pillars to open the exit door to go back to the previous areas if you missed the Idol. If not, place the Idol in the receptacle in N wall to open the door and go inside to finish the level.