TR Forge Advent Calendar 2015 – The Forge


Level by Codo


Walkthrough by manarch2



The Wind Machines


Watch the starting flyby and afterwards head into the building with a pool room; in the pool is a Small Medipack. Here are several things to be done in near future but for now the only thing is to head into the NE corner, stand below the stairs, jump and climb up there and run to the upper floor. and this time stand on the E side, facing the fancy wind machine W. Run-jump towards it and Lara is transported up slightly; try to land on the flower far W. Now do the same to land on the upper S flower. From here jump S to the island with the Black Key. Use the E zip line to return to the central island (drop on the balcony here). Now head in, run downstairs. Insert the Black Key in its keyhole N to open the door and head out through the doorway.


More Jumps, First Energy Crystal


Go to the right (E) of the Lara statue, grab the ledge and drop down into a pool far below. Climb out, head to the E side of the NE pillar and climb the ledge for the Yellow Portal Key. Jump to grab the W rope and use the super swing method (wait for the rope to stand still, then press the Sprint button once, let Lara swing forwards and backwards and when she starts moving forwards again, press and hold the Sprint button) to jump to the far W ledge. Use the wind machine to get to the SE ledge, then run around the structure and climb up to the high middle ledge (on the left side). Jump to the pole, climb up and jump onto the nearby flower; now make your way up the various flowers until you can jump to a ladder and climb up. Jump up on the monkeyswing, get N and left at the only junction to reach a balcony where you can find the Ice Rose for Secret #1. Either take a direct run-jump to the far SW ledge or jump E to the ladder of the previous platform and use the monkeyswing again (this time to the other end), then jump S to a platform where you can find the first Energy Crystal. Turn NW and jump to another ledge with a Large Medipack. Jump back to the S ledge, then to the E platform. Run up left and stand-jump to grab the ledge of the slope, climb up, slide and jump back to where you started this level. Head into the building, then out E and place the Yellow Portal Key on the floating receptacle E.




The green crystal on the E platform now serves as a teleporter, so jump onto the island and head in to get beamed two stages higher. Use the lever NW which opens a trapdoor (so that you can climb up here from the starting area using a pole), then run up the ramp and use the jumpswitch on the rear side; you'll fall in the deep pool in which a trapdoor has opened up. Swim in the small chamber and pick up the Red Portal Key. Swim back and climb out, head E and jump to the island again, but this time jump to the S raised platforms and climb and jump up the various cages. At the end jump down on the N flower where you can place the Red Portal Key to activate the next green crystal teleporter. Before entering it, take a curved run-jump to the small alcove in the middle of the W wall from the edge of the flower. From here you have to perform a difficult curved jump to the N alcove; for this position Lara slightly W of the SE corner, face N and take a one-step running jump (press Walk and Forward, immediately release Walk and jump with a heavy left curve). In case you managed, you will find the next Ice Rose for Secret #2 as a reward. The trouble is not over yet because you have to curve jump back to the last alcove (a direct jump to the flower didn't work for me). Now jump down on the flower, then hop over E and step in the teleporter to arrive in another building.


The “Cistern”


Head into the SW passage and at the pools dive down left, then swim W behind the pillar to find a Large Medipack. Climb out E again and follow the passage – slide down and arrive in a kind of cistern. Climb the E blocks and get on the second stage. Get on either of the S blocks, jump to the S walkway and from here to the W ladder. Shimmy around several corners and get into the passage, climb up to the higher alcove via the ladder and jump up on the monkeyswing. Follow it to the end dropping in another alcove with a lever. Pulling it opens a door on floor level, so drop down and head in the newly opened W passage. Climb on the blocks, then dive into the water at the end and swim S. There's a quite heavy steam trying to prevent to from reaching the passage here, but you can still make it by staying high NW of it and facing SE. Pick up the Yellow Key and swim out, climb out at the ledge, jump to the ladder and climb up again.


Four Levers


Return to the cistern and climb up to the second stage, then use either of the N blocks to jump to the N walkway. Use the Yellow Key besides the door to open it, enter and climb on the structure. Get on the platform to the left and use a lever (first of four) behind the pipes. Now make your way SE and take a run-jump to the opening to the next room. Head S, use the lever to open the doors back to the cistern but before returning there climb the ladder NE in this room. Head S, drop down the higher ledge and use the lever (second of four). Pick up a Large Medipack W and climb the ladder. First head into the W courtyard and use a lever NE (third of four). Head SW and grab the ledge, there is a ladder you can climb down. Drop down at the alcove and grab the edge, then climb in for another Ice Rose and Secret #3. Run-jump on the platform SE, then onto the just raised trapdoor NE and climb up the ladder to the top to reach the courtyard again. Now head back to the area where you climbed up, go into the N chamber and use the timed lever to open a door in the E chamber. To get there drop down into the room - to save some time you can do the flare trick (i.e. light a flare before dropping and throwing it just before you land on the floor) - and climb up the NE ladder again. Quickly enter the open door and use the lever (fourth of four) to open the trapdoor in a previously visited room. Drop down and head in that room N.


Getting the Pistols, Second Energy Crystal


Dive in the water and pick up a scroll from the pillar in the middle of the underwater cave which represents a hint for an upcoming puzzle.


“Darkness bore fire

Fire bore rocks

Rocks bore water

Water bore life

Life bore the spirit”


Swim into the NE passage (near the mermaid) and follow it to its end to find and use an underwater lever. Return to the cave, swim NW (minding the low steam) and through the just opened trapdoor. Climb out, head W and take the Pistols from the floor in front of the S window. Shatter the crystals and pick up a Small Medipack, then dive back through the underwater caves and return in the previous room. Climb out, head S and shatter the crystal to find the second Energy Crystal. Once more climb the NE ladder, shatter the crystal on the SW ledge and jump on it to find the last Ice Rose for Secret #4. Drop down, head N, then into the W room and shatter the next crystal on the boulder, then push said boulder S so that it rolls into the cistern and opens a trapdoor for you.


Third Energy Crystal


Dive into the water, pick up a Small Medipack on a nearby pillar, then swim W and use the underwater lever to raise the water level. Swim out of the lower part again into the half-flooded upper one, then N to another, now accessible underwater lever which opens the two nearby doors. Swim in and left, in the trench you can find a Small Medipack. Dive through the S tunnel, at the end you can pick up the third Energy Crystal. Return, swim into the NE passage and use the underwater lever to raise a block in the previous underwater chamber. Climb out of the water there, jump to the NW crevice, shimmy right and climb up. Follow the passage and open the doors to find yourself back at the teleporter. Step in.


Planet Puzzle, Fourth Energy Crystal


Make your way down the various cages in the S so that you arrive on the lower teleporter island. Step into the teleporter and on the upper stage jump onto the NW block, from here you can jump to the island with the planets. First of all shatter all the red crystals that would otherwise block your way. The five pushables all have to be placed on the marked tiles that are all on an own circle; the hints are given on the scroll you picked up a while ago. When a pushable is correctly placed a white ball appears above it.


Darkness bore fire: The bright yellow planet/sun goes in the middle.

Fire bore rocks: The mat yellow planet goes on the the first, innermost circle.

Rocks bore water: The blue planet goes on the second circle.

Water bore life: The green planet goes on the third circle.

Life bore the spirit: The purple planet goes on the fourth, outermost circle.


When all pushables are correctly placed lightning appears and the NW door opens. Jump inside the garden and grab the fourth Energy Crystal from the pedestal. Head W and use the lever at the end to open a door somewhere else. Jump on the far platform, then on the slope and in the last moment jump again and grab the ledge of the next platform. Jump to the slope and from here to the ledge of the third stage where you've been before.


Wasp Caging, Placing the Crystals for the Finale


Unfortunately three wasps you can't shoot with weapons appear. Head up the N ramp, the green tile opens the door to the cage and the red one closes it. Inside you can find a Large Medipack. Wait for the wasps to enter the cage and let them come closer to the N end, then dash past them and onto the red tile outside to trap them inside the cage. Run down the ramp, head NW and jump over the various platforms to finally reach the door you opened some time ago. Climb the blocks and up the ladder in the middle of the building. Run-jump to the highest stage of the central island. In the SE is a floor lever you can use to open a trapdoor for a shortcut to the lower stage, but if you have all the Energy Crystals, you can place them in the four receptacles to trigger a concluding flyby.