[Note] This level is also called Das Verlorene Artefakt.. [End note]

Level 1: Return to Egypt

Slide down the slope and go forward to the corner. Pull up into the next cave. Step on the tile ahead of you and the timed door opens in the wall to your right (north by the compass red pointer). Jump there and stand jump into the doorway before it closes. Jump over the slope ahead of you and go to the left into another cave. Pick up a large medipack (1) by the pool in the middle of the cave. On the other side of the pool, you can pick up magnum clips (2) off the floor. Go behind the rocks to the south to pick up Uzi clips (3). Go to the south-west corner of the cave and enter a tunnel. At the end enter a small room and shoot five wolves (1-5). You can run back and stand on the pool edge where they cannot reach you. Return to the room and pick up a small medipack (4) on top of a rock. Climb the steps and shoot the wolf (6) on the ledge. Jump to a ledge and pick up three magnum clips (5,6,7) and shotgun shells (8).

Save the game for a timed run. Pull down the timed wall switch and hop down to the ground. Exit this room and return to the cave. Go to the south-east corner and find the open door. Carefully go around the swinging blade and drop into the new cave. Pull the two wall switches and exit the cave. The doors are timed and if they close, you do not get out of the cave.

Go to the north-west corner and climb the rocks. On the other side is an open door leading to a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a ledge overlooking a deep pit. Drop into the water and swim to the east wall. To the right of the slope on the east wall, you can pull up into a dark tunnel. Go forward to drop into a dark cave. Kill a wolf (7) and pick up a small medipack (9) from the skeleton in the corner to the right of the entrance.

Go east and pick up the Gold Key (10) near another skeleton. Go to the skeleton in the chair and pick up a large medipack (11). From there go north into a dark corner and turn to the right to see a key lock. Use the Gold Key in the key lock to open the door beside it. You get a cut scene of a door opening. Do not actually go into the black doorway. You can get stuck on some slopes and cannot get out of the room. It is very difficult to see in the dark. But to the right side as you enter the door from the water there is a sloped block that you stand on. Stand in the south-west corner area and you can see the outline of the block. It is just in front of some hanging vines. From that block, you can pull up to the north onto the higher ledge. Go north and turn to the left. In the distance, you can see the light from another door that you opened with the key.

Follow the tunnel to a brighter outside area and shoot two bears (8,9). Go to the south wall and pull out a rather obvious movable block. Pull it to the north about four times. Climb on the block and pull to a broken bridge section above your head. Climb the rocks ahead of you and enter a tunnel. Walk, do not run, to the left as the ceiling collapses. Shoot eight bats (10-17) that viciously attack you. Follow the tunnel and more ceiling collapses. At the end of the tunnel, turn to the right and dive into a water hole. Again it is hard to see. Swim down to the bottom, swim to the west, and then swim up a vertical shaft. Pull up into another small cave.

Go to the south-west corner and pull up onto a ledge. Hop down to the roof of a building. You are over the first large cave with the water hole in the middle. Go to the corner and pick up a small medipack (12). Jump to the roof over the water hole. Pick up Uzi clips (13) and jump to the south roof where you see a wall switch. On that roof pick up magnum clips (14) and pull the wall switch. You can see a closed door in the east wall behind a column. This door is for later. Safety drop to the ground and go to the east wall. You can see a narrow but open doorway.

Enter the door and slide down to the floor. It looks like a breakable tile but it will hold you. Pull down the wall switch and then the tile collapses into the cave below. Safety drop into the cave and pick up magnum clips (15), large medipack (16), small medipack (17) and shotgun shells (18) from the floor. Go to the east wall and enter the tunnel in the corner. Walk through the dark tunnel and jump over the many spike pits. Slide down into a cave, go forward to enter a cave with building walls and kill two wolves (18,19).

In the south wall are a window and a closed door in an alcove. There is a closed door in the alcove in the east wall. As you enter this area, there is a wall switch on the north side of the first entrance step. Pull down that wall switch, and the door in the east wall alcove opens. Go there and enter the building. Follow the corridor and slide down to a lower area. You see the window you saw from outside. Go to the west wall and pull down the wall switch to open the door to the left.

Enter the door and follow the tunnel to slide down into a large cave. Go to the far corner and climb onto the block. Jump to the north and grab a higher thin ledge. Turn to the left and jump onto a ledge on the building. On my system, the colors looked greenish, but pick up the shotgun (19) and shotgun shells (20) from that ledge. Then jump into the opening at the corner. Enter the tunnel and pick up a large medipack (21). Follow the tunnel to overlook a deep room. There is ammo in the left corner but if I went there, I could not jump the wall to get back into the room.

Drop into the room and pull up into the opening in the far wall. The doorway in the corner seems to be steps leading to the upper opening. It is pitch black in the tunnel. Go to the and bump your nose. Turn left and look up and you can almost see something that looks like a ledge. Jump and grab that ledge. Pull up and go to the left. You are in light again and face a pool of water. Dive into the water and pick up a Mayan Idol (22) from the platform in the corner. You get a cut scene of a door opening.

Now return to the earlier room through the dark tunnel again. Pull up to the ledge and go back to the large cave. Go north to jump the slopes to exit the cave. Return through all the rooms and be careful of the spikes in the dark room. Climb back up through the broken floor. If the door is closed, use the wall switch to open it again. Jump back up into the starting room with the pool. Return to the north-west corner again and into the tunnel. Follow the same route through the cave with the bears and the underwater tunnel again to get onto a roof. Jump the roofs to get onto the roof with the switch. Turn to the right and you can see the door you opened by picking up the idol.

Jump to the ledge and pull up onto the slope. Slide down and jump into the tunnel. At the end safety drop into a cave. Go forward and turn to the left. Pull up into a small cave and shoot nine wolves (20-29). You can jump up at the entrance and shoot them if you want. Afterward search the cave floor for magnum clips (23), shotgun shells (24), and Uzi clips (25). They may be hidden under a dead wolf. Enter the next room and dive into a water hole. At the bottom, swim to the north-east to get a small medipack (26) from a skeleton. Then swim into the underwater tunnel to the south-west.

You drop from waterfalls into a pool of water. At the bottom of the pool are two large medipacks (27,28). But they are hard to get. Lara kept jumping out of the water. Pull up onto a ledge and shoot a wolf (30). Be careful of the swinging blade as you enter the south tunnel. Pick up a small medipack (29) from a skeleton at the right wall. Enter the next room and go to the left for two shotgun shells (30,31) and a large medipack (32). Go to the right and stop before a slope. Turn to the right and pick up a small medipack (33). It is also difficult to pick up. Then slide down the slope. Be careful of a rolling ball and shoot a wolf (31). Go towards the spikes and pick up shotgun shells (34). Climb the column to the right for Uzi clips (35) and a second Mayan Idol (36).

Walk through the spikes and you get no damage. Place an idol into the receptacle and turn to face the room. Kill the two thugs (32,33) shooting at you at the level ends.

End of the level.
Pickups 36
Kills 33
Secrets 0



Level 2: Temple of the Cat

Run down the tunnel and step on the pad to open the door. Step into the cave and shoot two wolves (1,2). Look across the water and see a closed door. Dive into the water and notice a closed door in the west wall and use an underwater lever. Turn and swim to the right and through the timed underwater door and into an underwater tunnel. Turn to the right and swim through a triangular section in the left wall. Swim to the right and use an underwater lever next to a closed tall door. Turn and swim to the other end of the underwater tunnel to enter an open tall door. Use another underwater lever and return to the first tall door. Swim up a vertical shaft and pull up into a room.

Now swim back to the room with the wolves. The door across the water is open. Jump into the opening for secret #1 and Uzi's (1). Dive into the water and use the underwater lever to open the timed door. Swim through the opening again and back to the room at the top of the vertical shaft. Thankfully the tall doors stayed open for this second swim.

To the east are closed doors. Enter the opening in the west wall. Go through this room and into a room with two columns. There is a tall closed door in the north wall. Go to the left and push in the middle block in the left wall two times. Turn to the right and push another block three times to reveal a wall switch. Pull down the timed wall switch and run back to the earlier room to go through the timed tall door. Enter the small room and shoot four wolves (3-6). Pick up Uzi clips (2) near the door. This is a movable block in the corner but there is nothing behind it.

Go around a column to the south-west corner and save the game for a timed run. Pull down a wall switch. The tiles in the opposite corner collapse. Drop into the hole and into the water below. You drop into the first water pool. Quickly swim into the timed open door in the west wall. Swim down the short tunnel and then swim upwards. Pull up into a room and shoot three wolves (7,8,9). Pick up shotgun shells (3) next to the water hole. There are closed tall doors at the back of the room. Face the tall doors and move the two blocks in front of them to the left to reveal a timed wall switch. Pull down the wall switch and the timed short door next to the switch opens. Follow the tunnel to another wall switch. Pull down the wall switch and exit the tunnel before the short door closes and locks you inside.

Go to the back wall and through the open tall doors. You enter a room with wicker furniture. Behind a short wall to the left side you can pick up a large medipack (4). Go to the north-east corner and hop backwards into the hole. Slide down and jump over a hole and into a side tunnel. Enter a small room and pick up the Scion (5) that is next to the skeleton. Go back onto the tunnel and jump the slope back into the water. Swim back to the starting room and re-enter the starting tunnel. Run towards the end of the tunnel and the level ends.

End of the level.
Pickups 5
Kills 9
Secrets 1




Level 3: Atlantean Stronghold

You drop into a small room. Notice all the blood on the floor and walls. Go towards the opening and run back in to kill a winged woman (1) shooting at you. Return to the opening and shoot the large creature (2) on the floor. Stand near the entrance and keep shooting. The large creature eventually dies and explodes. Pick up the item (1) in the middle of the floor and the level ends.

End of the level.
Pickups 1
Kills 2
Secrets 0