TR1 Custom Level: Twin Hammer by Vinci


Walkthrough: Lucas (Treeble)

Very special thanks to Vinci for pointing out the secret locations. Cheers!

Authorized Walkthrough

Lara starts the level sliding to her death. Before it's too late, jump over the spikes and, before proceeding, walk between them to pick up a rusty key (1). Fall down to the water to pick up shotgun shells (2) and in the end of the underwater tunnel, the Shotgun (3). Swim back, get out of the water and jump over it. Take a right and watch out, you've just entered the sword room. There are several swords hanging from the ceiling about to drop, so when you see the shadows coming on to you, just stop and they won't get you. Take out the two lions (1-2) before getting deeper in this room, though. Pick up the small medipack (4) to the right and climb up in the flat spot of the slopes. You will have to jump to the slope in the center and then jump to the next one, from where you can hang and shimmy to the right and climb up. There, use the key to open one of the gates.

This is your first meeting with the annoying Pierre on this level. There's nowhere you can go he won't find you. Pick up the shotgun shells (5-6) on the corners of this room and then jump into the water. Dodge the crocodile (3) and pull the lever. Swim through the small opening in the ceiling and you will reach the lava pit. Carefully, jump to the rock on the center of the room, and from that one, jump to the small medipack (7). Jump to the rocks by the wall and save your game if you intend to get the first secret. The point of getting secrets is - as you get them, you open shortcuts in the level, so all three of them are worth the hassle.

So, in this rocky natural stairs, turn around so you are facing a small opening to the right. Yes... we'll have to get Lara over there. If you try jumping, though, Lara will hit the ceiling and fall down to her death, so we'll have to work out a way to jump without hitting the ceiling... Side step to the left until you can't anymore and then, run and jump, holding lightly the left arrow, and in the middle of the jump, hold the right arrow and action so you will hang the rock. Sounds tricky, but it isn't. If you never did such a thing before, congratulations - this is the so called banana jump. Enter the room, slide down and you'll get SECRET #1. Pick up the Uzis (8), some uzi clips (9), then push the lever to open both gates underwater, then fall to the water and get the large medipack (10). Take this new shortcut and surface right in the lava pit again.

Climb back up where you were and this time go up those rocks.
Climb to the passage in the wall, turn around and jump to the higher rock. Pick up the shotgun shells (11) and push the lever. Walk down the natural plank and jump to the sloped rocks. Do the jumping sequence taking care to grab the edge of the last one, so you can shimmy to the right to jump to the sloped rock that's to your right. Then grab the edge and shimmy to the right, climb up and backflip for a safe spot. Keep climbing up, jump to the shotgun shells (12), then make a diagonal jump - don't hold action - to the lower rock. From there, jump to the rock to the right and finally to the entrance on the wall. You arrived on the top of the bridge.

Drop down, pick up the small medipack (13) and the shotgun shells (14) and enter through the bigger door. Climb up the stairs and just slide down when you're sure your right arm is touching the wall to the right. As you slide down, hold down the right arrow so you won't be hit by the deadly spikes. Push the lever, kill the bat (4) and climb up until you find some shotgun shells (15), then slide down back to the lava pit. Climb up until the bridge again but this time, cross it and enter through the path to the right. Run down the tunnel and fight Pierre again. In this very room, there are two shotgun shells (16-17) and also a large medipack (18). Pick 'em up and move the block out of the way. Step on the sliver plate to open the door for a couple of seconds and immediatly run before the grate shuts down. As you enter, take out the two apes (5-6).

This is it - the twin hammer chamber. Climb up to the pin to your right. I recommend you to save before - what you are going to do may be tricky! Before climbing up the pin, stand all the way to the right, so you can climb up, run and jump, forcing to the right and you will slide down. Then, as you slide, jump and grab the other slope, then shimmy to the left until you can drop down safely. Jump to the silver block, and from it, jump to the higher niche. You just discovered SECRET #2 - grab both uzi clips (19-20) and get ready for another tricky part.

Can you see that silver plate? It will open the door to the last secret, but timing is very, very tight. Save your game, so you can try as many times as you need. So, step on the plate, run and jump in direction to the hammers, but in the slope to the left, you will be teleported to the floor. Run as fast as you can, go up the stairs and climb to the pin to your right. The door should still be open. Rush through it before it closes. Some tips here - the farthest you can jump from the roof the better, and if you can't do the running jump over the slope without stopping, chances are smaller. If you succeed - you just got SECRET #3! Pick up both uzi clips (21-22). The silver plate will open the exit doors, and pushing that lever will activate some blocks on the bridge so you can climb up without having to go through the lava pit every time. Exit through the door to your right, so you can pick up shotgun shells (23-24) and also a small medipack (25).

Drop the other hammer and go through the door on the ground floor, shoot the bat (7) and pick up a small medipack (26). Jump to the slope and from there, jump to the higher ground. Push the lever and go through the other door in this room. You will reach a cistern-like place. Fall down to the water. Swim to your left, where you will pick up a rusty key (27), still underwater, there are two hungry crocodiles (8-9), a large medipack (28) and some shotgun shells (29). Near the shotgun shells, there's a lever you should pull otherwise you will be stuck forever in the later stages of the level. Climb out of the water and jump to the niche ahead. From there, jump to the platform on the center of the water, and from there, to the other niche. Pick up shotgun shells (30) and then, jump to the sloped rock to the left, slide down, jump and as you slide the other slope, jump to the flat platform. Jump to the third niche and use the key on the lock to open a door. Jump back to the flat rock and line up so you can jump to the last niche in this room. You might have to force Lara in mid-air to reach that one, and from this point, after picking up more shotgun shells (31), do a running angled jump so you can grab the edge of the doorway and climb up.

Pierre strikes back. Jump to the slopes, and fall in the first hole. Instead of facing death, you will be given some shotgun shells (32). Jump back to the slopes and then to the higher ground. Slide down to the right to pick up a bronze key (33). Go back and exit to the bridge area. Get down and enter through the smaller door, go to the very end, taking the newly open entrance to the right. Go up and save your game. If you think the level is hard so far, you didn't think about what's coming next! Can you smell death here? Instead of doing anything, drop down to a safe spot below and walk through the spikes to get more shotgun shells (34). Climb back up. Here's what you have to do - jump to the short slopes, and from there, to the flat floor behind the axes. From there, jump over the slope to the area behind.

Now comes another tricky point. Take Lara as far as you, so she's got her feet touching the slope and her left arm touching the wall to your left. Then, hop backwards and do a running jump. Hold down action and Lara will avoid spikes for a question of inches! Walk through them and face yet another tricky deadly puzzle. Do the jumping sequence and in the very last one (you'll know which one), fall down so you can push a lever. Turn around and jump to the small area to the left. Then, take an angled jump to another small, safe area to the right and in front of that spot, you should find the second bronze key (35). Jump to the empty space left, kill the bat (10) and from there, to the floor above. Do the jump sequence again but this time don't fall.

You will arrive to the roof of the pool where you met Pierre first. So, over here, pick up a small medipack (36) and some shotgun shells (37), then dive to the water. Go back to the bridge (a) swimming back to the beginning of the level, then taking a left; or (B) climbing up the entire lava pit one more time if you didn't pick up the three secrets. Take the path to the right and walk down the tunnel, back into the twin hammer chamber. Use the two bronze keys to open the double doors to the grand finale...

Pierre, two apes (11-12) and two lions (13-14) will attack you at once. You should have enough firepower to dispatch them easily. After the slaughter, pick up the large medipack (38) on the floor, and climb the lower part of the wall. Jump over the slope and slide down, jumping to the golden key (39). Do the same on the other side to pick the second golden key (40). Use both and open the grate - slide down to the end of this level. Phew!

End of Level.
Kills: 14
Pickups: 40
Secrets: 3 out of 3