Tomb Raider Salvation - Part 3 - Into the Depths


Levels by Gabriel


Walkthrough by Josť


[Note:] Thanks to manarch2 and bene for revealing the location of several secrets. [End note]


A French walkthrough by SlyRaider (pdf format) can be found here for Level 1 and Level 2 respectively.







The Ship Key - Lowering a Block


First of all, dispatch the sharks 'cause you start with the harpoon gun in your inventory. From the starting position, turn NW and swim to find an UW lever in a blue pillar. From this pillar swim directly to the E to find the SHIP KEY lying on a coloured tile; on your way you can pick up harpoons near the first wooden boxes and a large medipack near the second wooden boxes. From this tile swim SE to find another UW lever in another blue pillar (camera shot showing a block lowering) and alert another shark.


The Underwater Chamber Key


From this blue pillar swim directly NW a short distance to a hole in a pointy rock. Also you can explore the sandy floor near the wooden boxes to find, at least, 4 more stashes of harpoons. Follow the narrow passage to the very end to find flares; turn around and swim all the way to the E end of this parallel passage to find a wider area. (There's an UW lever near the entrance, but I never found a use for it). Notice the two pictures in the wall tiles in front of the big throne to your right. The S door opens automatically; go through until you eventually find a wall with 4 UW levers. Pull the corresponding ones with the pictures in front of the throne (the most left and right ones) to lower the block in the opposite corridor. Continue and pick up the UNDERWATER CHAMBER KEY on the green tile (the red tile is a trap).


The Crowbar


Swim outside back to the ocean and in a W-NW direction (left of the pointy rock with the white flower) to find a square rocky hole in the floor; pull the UW switch in that new UW room to lower a block somewhere. Swim outside and to the N-NE to another pointy rock with a flower and inside the hole to find the lowered block. Explore first the N passage to find a large medipack if you want.


Now go through the passage where the block lowered; before the dry area there is a wider UW part with a tile in the ceiling with hanging plants in the four sides; situate Lara under this tile near this plants and turn right (N), swim against a triangular surface near the ceiling (phantom wall) to discover SECRET #1: 2 x harpoons. Back to the UW passage and follow to a dry cave where you can use the key and get the CROWBAR behind the moveable wooden box. Go back to the ocean.



Accessing the Interior of the Ship

Now swim in a SW direction, pass the square hole and a bit to the right to a wider opening in the floor leading to the ship area. Swim directly to the W, to the right and up; near the ceiling of the cave, in the very NW corner there's a triangular opening with SECRET #2: a small medipack. Now continue in this NW side but this time swim down near the bottom to find another (this time larger) opening with an UW lever to open a door inside the ship. Finally swim to the E side of the ship to find a last UW lever in the hull of the ship. This last lever opens a door to get access into the ship near the stern in the SW corner. Swim there. (You'll alert another shark, but there are 2 x harpoons to pick up at the top of the ship and also a large medipack in a hole in the W deck.)



Inside the Sunken Ship


In the second room there is a door in S wall Lara can open with her hands. Continue to a dry room and use the Ship Key to open the next door. Push the moveable wooden box once to the W to clear the way. Turn left and pull the box to your right out and aside to discover a crowbar door. Pull also the left box once to discover a trapdoor. Use the crowbar to open the door and in the next room locate the high jumpswitch in NE corner, near the small medipack. When pulling it, the exit S door opens, but also the trapdoor in the previous room. Go back there to get SECRET #3: a small medipack. Back to the exit door, pick up the flares and continue to the next level.






Another Secret


Swim W and shoot a frog man (notice that your air is limited now); go inside the room he came from and locate an UW lever high up near the SW corner; swim back to the previous room and the door in W wall is now open. In the next dry room shoot a bad guy and pick up the flares he drops; also in this room there is a coloured tile in the small S hole in the floor; stepping onto this tile a block lowers in the room where you pulled the UW lever moments ago so, go back there if you want the SECRET #4: 2 x harpoons.



Moveable Box Puzzle


Back to the previous room, advance and in the room with yellow walls go through the N passage and to the room below the grated floor; shoot another bad guy and move the wooden box under the tile with the red light in the ceiling of the room above (white circle); jump through the opening where the box was and continue W to shoot a diver. In the SE room you can find harpoons and a large medipack; in the SW room activate a disguised jumpswitch behind a column in the W wall and in the NW room a floor lever to finally open the exit door.



The Main Room


Arrive in a room with balustrades and central wide stairs. From now I'll call this room "the Main Room". Standing near the entrance opening, turn right and look up; light a flare to see a dark crawlspace with SECRET #5: a large medipack. Now jump into the water below and swim directly to the SE corner and find a jumpswitch to open a nearby door in E wall; advance through shallow waters to a pit.



Pool Room with Currents


Jump into the water hole just below and pull the UW lever to raise a block in the corner (so you can go back up later). Continue through the S passage to a room with dangerous waters and jump from ledge to ledge to the SE corner; use the monkeyswing to reach the next ledge, jump to the N sloped ledge and follow the obvious path to the catwalk with the spikes (crystals) in the floor (run and jump with grab). I found no way to avoid the damage, so I ran over the crystals losing some health and stopped over the tile before the fire emitter; time the fires and finally jump to the lonely ledge in the SW corner; pull the jumpswitch there to see a camera shot of a door opening in the main room. Go back the way you came, timing the fires, over the crystals and take a running jump to the block attached to the N wall; climb the highest block and grab the monkeyswing to get back to the entrance, continue N through the watery passage to the water hole, climb the ladder to your right, jump back to the top of the block you raised before and return to the main room.



The Aquarium Room Key


Don't go up the stairs yet, but all around to find a wall switch in the SW corner (pick up flares in the water in this W area too) to open a nearby door in the W wall. Swim there and continue to a room with several pillars; shoot the bad guy and climb the sloped block near where he was, jump to the E pillar, to the S one and follow the monkeyswing to the very end. In the next room shoot a diver and get the AQUARIUM ROOM KEY. Go all the way back to the main room, shooting another diver on your way if you want.



The Key for Upper Rooms


This time go up the stairs, to the right (W) and through the open door you opened with the jumpswitch in the room with dangerous waters, use the key to open the next door and shoot a bad guy; continue to a small room with a moveable wooden box, move it so you can climb to the room above and shoot another bad guy there; at the junction turn left (N) and jump into the aquarium to get the KEY FOR UPPER ROOMS near the N wall. Go back to the main room and turn left to use this key and open the door in the NW corner.



Exiting the Level


Shoot the bad guy and light a flare to explore the sandy mound and duck to find a crawlspace in the E wall to get SECRET #6: flares. Continue to the room with the artifact and finish the level.



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