Levels by Uzi Master


Walkthrough (with the builder's indispensable help, including pointing out pickups I'd missed) by Phil Lambeth


Here are some tips provided by the builder that you should keep in mind while you play the game:


Eliza is stunned by the shotgun and desert eagle, making them very effective (and amusing) for that fight. If low on ammo for those guns you can save it for when Eliza uses the deadly fireball attack to knock her out of it; you'll know she's about to do it when she states "your time is up...". Stunning her doesn't work if you're too far away, though.


The desert eagle is useful for the ninjas who block your shots with their swords, as other weapons can sometimes be blocked even when they aren't actively trying to do so. (This is actually why the white mafioso were said to have bullet-proof vests back in Venice Incident, and the sixshooter slot weapon described as armor-piercing.)


Explosives are incredibly useful for some of the larger encounters, notably the four horsewomen in the wooden cross room if you got the rocket launcher first, and the encounter in the large office before the first android. An experimental rocket can easily one-shot the two super-soldiers at the bottom of the green tube too, due to the small area.


Though important for fighting the androids, there's enough burning plasma to use on other enemies too, and it's really effective against the tougher ones. The six super-soldier fight and the big fight after getting the Victoria Stone are good times to use it.


Crouching is of course an ever-effective method of avoiding the super-soldiers and Madame's attacks.





After an opening sequence featuring a helicopter flying around and ultimately crashing in a confined area where it was obviously not intended to be, begin on a ledge overlooking a courtyard on one side, where two dogs are sniffing about below, and an alley on the other side.  Lara makes a casual comment about teaching some folks a lesson after she locates a weapon. 


Drop down N into the alley and go W to climb onto the stacked crates.  Locate an open space where you'll find shotgun ammo.  That's a start.  Continue W and locate another opening against the N wall for more shotgun ammo.  At the W wall you'll find the corpse of an unfortunate warrior.  Drag his body away from the SHOTGUN.  When you pick it up, Lara mutters something indecipherable as two female ninjas approach.  Killing them requires most of your available ammo, but when they die they obligingly leave behind more shotgun ammo as well as uzi ammo.


Get back onto the stacked crates and hop onto the balcony, where the camera angle changes.  Run to the far end and hop over the railing onto the sloped surface.  When you slide down, the corner door opens.  Quickly draw the shotgun and shoot the guard inside.  He leaves behind the PISTOLS, but don't become complacent, as the 60 rounds in your inventory indicate that you're not blessed with unlimited pistol ammo.  Search the nearby cabinet for a plasma canister, a first-aid spray (hereafter called a large medipack) and the CROWBAR.  Get the shotgun ammo in the NW corner and jump to the balcony. 


Uzi Master:  From the W end of the balcony, you can take a running jump slightly SW and slide down the slope into an alcove with 2 x shotgun ammo.


Hop down to the crates and go to the E end of the alley.  Open the sewer grate facing N and climb or drop down.  Find a break in the railing and drop down further.  A bay of lasers to the W prevents exploration in that direction.  A small SW opening will be used later when this area is flooded.  A grate blocks the NW passage.  Get on the central block and jump N to grab the ledge.  Pull up, turn left and pick up the large medipack.  Open the crowbar door there and deal with two dogs and a guard in the next room.  Pick up the desert eagle ammo and small medipack they drop, then shoot the box and pull down the wall switch in the NW corner to open that grate below and release three crocodiles.   Stand in front of the cabinets lined up near the W wall and search them for a small medipack, shotgun ammo and pistol ammo in each of the three cabinets.


Leave this room, hop down to the central block and deal with the crocs.  One of them drops the SILVER KEY.  Use the block to exit the sewer and return to the alley.  The grate in the wall straight ahead is climbable, so use it as a ladder.  From the top of the wall, shoot the S window across the way and jump over there for a large medipack and 2 x pistol ammo.  Drop down into the courtyard and deal with the two dogs you saw earlier.  Get the shotgun ammo in the wall alcove, shoot the small pot for more shotgun ammo and use the Silver Key to open the door to the house.


Enter and turn left into a small sitting room.  Pull the bookcase from the NE corner, and out pops a ninjette who drops some uzi ammo.  Push the button in the revealed alcove to open the S door in the hallway behind you.  Go through, turn right and open the next door.  At the end of the hall ahead are closed doors needing two devices you don't yet have.  Go up the stairs, loop around left past another closed door requiring a key, and open the E doors.  Step inside and jump up to grab the ceiling.  Monkey swing E and drop to grab the crack.  Shimmy left around the corner and drop down onto the far balcony.  Use the crowbar to pry the first WOODEN ORNAMENT from the wall.  Open the N door and deal with two dogs and a ninjette.  Pick up the small medipack and shotgun ammo they drop, and take the pistol ammo from the night stand in the bedroom.  Pull down the wall switch in the window alcove (cut scene of a jumpswitch appearing in the hallway where you got the Wooden Ornament).


Go back a few steps into the hallway, activate the jumpswitch to open the NE door in the bedroom and prepare to engage three guards who emerge.  Pick up 3 x desert eagle ammo they drop, then proceed N through the opening and come to a VCI area protected by a red laser.  Side flip over the laser and draw weapons to greet two ninjettes.  Pick up 2 x uzi ammo and pistol ammo, then crouch to shoot the N grate.  Crawl into the duct, pick up the pistol ammo and shoot the E grate.  Drop down into a control room and immediately prepare to do battle with three guards.  Grab the DESERT EAGLE and 2 x desert eagle ammo they leave behind.  Go to the central translucent pillar and reach up for the GOLDEN KEY.  Finally, pull the NE wall switch to lift the two cylinders in the room and unleash a pair of what the builder calls super soldiers.  Killing them will exhaust most of your desert eagle ammo.  When they're dead you can pick up a CODE BIT from each of their corpses.  Combine them to form the VCI CODE KEY and use it in the SE receptacle.


Step out onto the ledge and jump across S to the wall.  Drop down into the courtyard.  In my game more shotgun ammo had materialized in the window alcove.  Enter the house and loop around right into the hallway with the stairs.  Your Golden Key will fit two keyholes: the one straight ahead to the right of the stairs, and the one at the top of the stairs.  To maximize your pickups, first go upstairs and open the W door.  Shoot two baboons and a doglike creature scampering about on the upper level.  Climb up to where it was and pick up shotgun ammo.  Pull down the wall switch to turn off the flames below.  Jump down and shoot the SW crate for 2 x desert eagle ammo, then pick up a new GOLDEN KEY and go to the NW corner for the MAINTENANCE KEYS


Exit this room and go back downstairs.  Loop around left and save before using the Golden Key to open the W door.  Do not save during the ensuing flyby.  All hell breaks loose.  Do battle in the dining room with a ninjette, a super soldier and a Boss Madame.  It takes a lot of firepower to kill them.  When they die they leave, respectively, uzi ammo, a plasma canister and the SKELETON KEY.  Hop up onto the dining room table and shoot the crate for yet another GOLDEN KEY


Open the NE door to the kitchen.  Push the button just inside to raise a sliding door.  Go inside for another SILVER KEY.  The door you opened slams shut and a ninjette begins stalking about in the kitchen.  Crawl through the triangular opening and stand up in front of a bookcase.  Push it forward to reveal an opening.  Turn left into a secret section of the library and take the pistol ammo from the night table.  Your Silver Key fits the nearby lock, but first get up onto the crate and pull down the ceiling trap door.  Turn around and pull up into a crawl space.  Crawl forward and find some WIRES.  Get back down and now you can use the Silver Key to exit this area.  Back in the kitchen, engage the ninjette and pick up the uzi ammo she drops.


Push the button to re-open the sliding door, crawl through the triangular opening and pull the bookcase back.  Crawl back through the opening and loop around right in the kitchen to find a small medipack in the passage the bookcase was blocking.  Use the Maintenance Keys in the nearby receptacle to open a trap door in the kitchen.  Go back there, vault up E, turn around and jump to grab the opening to the upper library.  Pull up and check the S alcove for uzi ammo and pistol ammo.  Go up the ramp to the sitting area and pry a second WOODEN ORNAMENT from the wall.  Note the gaps in the nearby bookcases, indicating two missing volumes.  The taller shelves on the other side of this room are climbable, but there's no point in doing so yet.


Open the S doors and find a book switch in the passage.  Activate it to open windows leading outside.  Continue around the corner (you can open the doors here for a shortcut back to the main stairs) and take the BOOK from the glass-top table.  Vault up into the window sill and take an angled running jump over the railing.  A door opens to release two ninjettes, who drop uzi ammo and a small medipack.  Place the Wires in the balcony receptacle.  There's much to do in the room where the ninjettes came from, but let's save that for later.  Uzi Master: On the balcony with the wire receptacle, pull up W onto a ledge where you can find 2 x uzi ammo and a large medipack. For now, side flip over the railing to the ground below and turn the valve.  Activate the jump switch in the alcove to your left and return to the kitchen. 


The flames on the stove are now off, so vault up and claim the ORANGE KEY.  Exit the kitchen SW to the dining room.  Open the double doors in the S wall, then turn left and exit the dining room E.  Use the Orange Key in the receptacle to your right in the hallway and go S into the dark hallway.  Go on down to a flooded basement and kick open the E door.  Go inside and take note of five wire receptacles.  The floor lever just beyond the receptacles is inoperable at present, so don't bother pushing it.  However, beyond the floor lever is the RUSTY KEY, so pick it up and return to the dining room (up the stairs and left).


Go through the S doorway you opened earlier and turn left.  Run across a corner of the breaktile in the NE corner to make it crumble and disintegrate.  Drop down into the hole, crawl a bit and shoot two rats.  Pick up pistol ammo, 2 x shotgun ammo and go around the corner to encounter another rat.  This one drops one of the WIRES you need for the basement receptacles. Crawl E for some flares you may have missed on the way in, then crawl W and loop around right into a new area.  Locate 2 x pistol ammo and drop down into the nearby hole.  Pull the wall switch to raise a block in a room you've seen before.  Pull out of the hole, crawl W and loop around left to return to the hole where you can pull or jump out into the corridor.  Take the shotgun ammo from the nearby glass-top table and proceed W into the hallway.  From the left Wooden Ornament receptacle you can take a large medipack (probably unintended). 


Go W up the stairs and trigger a dropped blade-trapped globe.  The plinth it guards was formerly adorned by the large medipack you sneakily grabbed from down below just now.  Continue up the stairs to a room you noted briefly earlier while doing battle with two ninjettes.  There's a raised block next to a chain (don't pull it yet).  Get up onto the block and pull up E onto a balcony.  Turn around and jump to the ledge in the NW corner.  Use the Rusty Key in the receptacle there.  Drop back down to the room below and pull the chain in the NW corner (the block lowers, ignore for now the timed wall switch it reveals).  Go halfway down the stairs and note the small triangular opening in the NW corner.  Get in and crawl along the high portion around the corner.  Follow to the end and drop down into a hole.  Pull the wall switch there to open the window leading to the courtyard with the valve.  Pick up the MAINTENANCE KEYSUzi Master: After pulling down the wall switch you can turn around and crawl through the foliage to pick up the experimental rocket you probably saw at the beginning of the level near the corpse you pulled back to reveal the Shotgun. Go back to the chain room the way you came. Yes, I know, it's a tight squeeze getting around those final corners


Pull the chain to raise the block.  Get on it and pull up E, run forward and use the Skeleton Key to open the E door.  Enter the next room to find receptacles for four Wooden Ornaments (of which you have only two at the moment).  Go on through and meet up with a ninjette.  After you kill her two more ninjettes appear.  When peace has been restored, pick up the UZIS and 2 x uzi ammo dropped by them.  You can open two doors in this cramped area, but the N doorway is blocked by a piece of furniture.  Just to its left, however, you can collect the third WOODEN ORNAMENT.  Go through the E doorway and awaken a dog sleeping on the ledge.  He carries a small medipack.


Open the W doors leading to a bedroom.  Enter, loop around left and pry the fourth and final WOODEN ORNAMENT from the wall.   Open the bathroom door and enter, only to be ambushed from behind by three ninjettes.  Pick up 3 x uzi ammo they drop, then hold your nose and stoop down to pick up the shotgun ammo in front of the toilet.  Return W to the room with the four receptacles.  Place the Wooden Ornaments (two of them facing the wall and two of them with your back to the wall), initiating a neat gyroscope effect each time.  Save your game before placing the last one, as windows open and all hell breaks loose again. 


Do battle with a Boss Madame and two ninjettes.  Madame drops the SKELETON KEY, the ninjettes this time drop nothing.  Use the Skeleton Key in the S passage and go through the opened doorway.  Jump up W past the swinging crate and hop down to find desert eagle ammo.  Pull back the NW crate, climb over it and find the HOURGLASS in the alcove to your left.  Get back and find two ninjettes waiting for you.  Pause for their 2 x uzi ammo and climb out E.  Note the plinth in the swinging crate passage.  Jump there and grab the second BOOK.  Run out to the left of the swinging crate and return to the room where you placed the Wooden Ornaments. 


Go across to the N alcove, jump up through the foliage overhead and grab a ladder.  Climb to the top, go back down two rungs and take a rolling back flip into a dark passage.  Take a running jump over the hole in the floor.  If you happen to grab and activate a jump switch, that's okay.  You'll drop back down into the Wooden Ornament room, so go back up the N ladder into the dark passage.  Jump over the hole and side flip past the two giant cigar cutters.  Pick up the WIRES (2 of 5) lying on the grate and get back down to the room below.  


Exit W and drop down into the chain room.  Run down the stairs and turn left into the dining room.  Enter the kitchen through the NE door and pull up through the ceiling trap door.  Go up the slight ramp and place the two Books in the gaps you noted earlier.  An upper door opens.  Go back down the slight ramp and climb the tall W bookshelf.  Shift left around the corner and drop down into the S alcove.  Shoot the box that's in your way and pick up the OLD KEY and a large medipack.  Jump NE into the doorway opened by placing the Books and shoot the box for pistol ammo.  Use the Maintenance Keys in the receptacle next to the dummy wire receptacle.  The windows open in the previous room, so jump back SW to the alcove and N across the room to the window sill.


Jump N over the alley to the metal beam structure surrounding the VCI area.  If you like, you can go all the way to the E end to find 2 x uzi ammo in the far alcove.  Otherwise, climb the grating on the left side of the beam and shift right to drop down onto a higher beam.  Pull up E onto the block and jump slightly SW across the alley to grab a sloped surface.  Shimmy right until you can pull up.  If you want to get the pickups you can see down below in the W alcove, now is the time to do it.  The easiest way is to get onto the flat surface closest to the W wall and take a running jump NW into the higher hexagonal alcove.  Jump down NE to the ledge and take a running jump SW with grab to land in the target alcove.  Pick up 2 x explosive plasma canister and a rocket.  Slide, grab and drop down to the alley, then make your way back up to where you were just before the italicized portion of this paragraph.


Take standing jumps upward, using the flat surfaces, and side flip over the railing at the top.  Open the E door to regain entry to the house.  Turn left and run over the breaktile at the corner without allowing Lara to fall through the hole, lest she die on the pile of glass shards below. 


There's another breaktile in the E hallway.  Run over this one, too, to reduce your chances of falling through by mistake (there's a pile of glass shards underneath this one as well).  As you can see, there are three keyholes in this area, any one of which you could now use if you so chose.  This walkthrough will follow the most efficient route suggested by the builder.


Insert the Golden Key in the first keyhole in the S wall (the one between the two breaktiles).  As you enter you see glass shards appearing in the floor and falling from the ceiling.  When you step inside an ahmet and a ninjette appear, and it's difficult to kill them without either being pushed onto the glass or down through one of the holes in the hallway, so try to loop around left in the room and use the NE alcove for cover.  The ninjette drops the ORANGE KEY.  Use it to open the door above the S keyhole and hop up inside.


Slide down into a room below and watch the block lower upon your arrival.  Go there and pick up another GOLDEN KEY.  The jug on the NW glass-top table contains nothing, but the box next to it hides shotgun ammo.  Shoot the jug on the NE glass-top table for uzi ammo.  Open the SW doors and step out into the hallway.  Turn right and see the pile of glass shards on the floor ahead.  Immediately to your left is a closed door that will be your focus of attention at the end of an upcoming timed run.  Walk carefully past the glass shards and climb the N bookshelf just next to them.  Shift left and climb up through the breaktile hole you created earlier.  Back flip to the upper story and run over the other breaktile E if you haven't already done so.  Ignore the small closed door at the end of the hallway and use the Golden Key to open the larger door next to the keyhole.


Go inside and move the cross from the NW alcove onto the marked central tile.  Four ninjettes appear, all at one time.  Three of them will each drop a small medipack, the fourth one drops an ORANGE KEY.  Use it in the S keyhole to open the door above it.  Hop inside and slide down the slope into the same room you visited earlier.  However, this time the second HOURGLASS can be taken from the nearby plinth.  Exit SW and walk past the pile of glass shards.  Continue E along the hallway and pick up the RUSTY KEY from the second pile of glass shards.


Continue E along the hallway and turn right into the next room, where you're met by no less than five ninjettes.  When they die they leave behind a rather miserly 2 x uzi ammo.  Use the Rusty Key in the E keyhole to open the tall door to your right, and step out onto a ledge.  You can see two ninjettes roaming about on the ledge below, so kill them from here if you can.  Leave the area ahead for later and return to the previous hallway.  Drop down through an opening in the glass railing to the room below.  Shoot a jug on an alcove table for a large medipack.  Go to the W anteroom and get past the crates for a small medipack.  Pull the grated pushblock once N, then three times E.  Get around it and push it one more time E.  Turn left and go into the N hallway with the fancy red carpet.  Turn left and go to the W end for a rocket


Note the wooden barricade to your left.  Save your game before activating the book switch opposite the barricade.  A timed run is initiated, but it's a relatively easy one.  Hit the look key to kill the cut scene, turn right and run E along the red carpet.  Turn right into the second opening and jump onto the right side of the grated pushblock.  Side flip left to the upper level, turn left and run into the doorway opened earlier with the Rusty Key.  Jump across to the E ledge and turn left into the timed doorway.  Search the corner cabinet there for the ORNATE KEY and push the W wall button to raise a block and a platform on this ledge to provide access to even higher ledges.


Climb up and jump across W to a ledge with receptacles for the two Hourglasses you're carrying.  However, you're not ready to use them yet.  Instead, go around the ledge for pistol ammo in the NE corner.  DO NOT open the doors in the N wall or you'll fall to your death.  Instead, open the NW door, pick up the pistol ammo and follow the red carpet N.  A remote screen shot reveals why opening that N door would have proven fatal.  Open the door ahead, and once in the Golden Keyhole corridor, jump over the first floor hole and use the Old Key in the alcove to your right to open the windows.


Step out onto the balcony for a fixed camera view.  Turn right and walk E until normal camera control is restored. Take a running jump to the E corner ledge and shoot the window directly ahead.  Take a running jump and grab over there.  Pull up, turn right and take the ROCKET LAUNCHER from the plinth.  Use the Rocket Launcher from a safe distance to shatter the N wooden barrier (and the remaining nearby windows). Just before entering the N doorway, stand at the edge of the last opening to your left and look down to see desert eagle ammo on the ledge below.  If you want to detour for it, run off NW onto the ledge below for your prize.  Go W, hop up the slope and take a running jump to the S ledge.  Pull up, turn left and make your way back to where you got the Rocket Launcher.  Go inside the N doorway and pull up the floor trap door.  Drop down, run around the stairs S and flush out a ninjette hiding next to the divan.  Good thing you did that, as she drops the SILVER KEY.


Now you can go downstairs and engage two more ninjettes, each of which drops pistol ammo.  Note the keyhole near the N end of the hallway and head S to open the doors there.  Step out onto a familiar ledge and pick up the shotgun ammo dropped by one of the ninjettes you killed earlier from the ledge higher up.  Jump across W to the far ledge and pull up.  Use the Ornate Key to open the door and push the grated pushblock forward so you can get around it.  Turn right and go to the N hallway with the red carpet.  Turn left and use a rocket to shatter the wooden barrier you noted earlier.  Enter the new room (a cut scene shows the earlier timed door closing, but for what purpose is not clear) and pick up the MAINTENANCE KEYS from the floor.  Climb up onto the ledge to your left and shoot the jug for a rocket.  There's a large medipack at the other end of the ledge.  


Exit this room and return to the grated pushblock.  Turn left into the open doorway and safety drop to the ledge just below.  Go through the NW doors and straight W through the Wooden Ornament room.  Drop down into the chain room and pull the chain to lower the block.  Stand in front of the revealed wall switch and save your game for a diabolical timed run.  And make sure you're at full health.


If you wish, you can go on a trial run to get the route set in your mind, using the directions set forth below, for there's little margin for error once you get started.  I suggest that you save in separate slots at least two times along the way, at points where you're pulling up after having made good time getting to where you are. 


Pull the wall switch, go left and pull the chain to raise the block.  Go forward to the wall and take a rolling back flip onto the raised block.  Jump forward and grab the balcony.  Pull up and sprint forward through the Wooden Ornament room.  Veer slightly right through the short hallway and make a sharp right turn just past the open doorway.  Jump so that you land on the S ledge precisely on the spot marked by the left edge of the wooden panel at the corner of the wall.  Turn quickly in place so that you face W and jump up to grab the ledge above.  Pull up and run into the W doorway.  While still in the threshold, runjump onto the grated pushblock, reverse roll and runjump E to grab the upper floor with the red carpet.  Pull up, side flip left and reverse roll immediately upon landing.  Run forward and to the right to enter the hallway.  Turn left and sprint through both piles of glass shards, turn left at the corner and then right into the timed doorway.  Restore your health and save your game again upon successful completion of this timed run.


Four dogs await in the next room, but if you're careful you don't have to awaken them all at the same time.  Each one carries a small medipack, and you can find uzi ammo in the weed garden with the large leafy plant.  Don't go upstairs yet, but stand in the NW alcove and fire a rocket to shatter the S barrier.  Pull out the pushblock, find the OLD KEY in the revealed alcove and move the pushblock in front of the NW alcove so you can reach the wall switch above.  This opens a trap door in the alcove, so you need to pull the pushblock once more to get in. 


Hop down, turn around and crawl through.  Vault down (jump key + up arrow key) into a lower section of the library and use the Silver Key E to lower a trap door to your right.  Pull up into a room with a very low ceiling.  Follow the N path and around for shotgun ammo.  Go back and follow the W path around for a set of WIRES (3 of 5).  Drop back down through the trap door, exit NW and pull out N through the crawl space.  Hop back to the upper room and go up the stairs, pausing for a rocket along the way.  Open the N doors, turn left and run past the open doors (or, if you wish, you can explore the two weed gardens there and find uzi ammo in each one).  Draw weapons before hopping over the corner hole, as you're quickly met by two ninjettes.  One drops uzi ammo, the other a large medipack.


Continue E, jump over the next floor hole and enter the last doorway on the right.  Turn left into the upper room with the Hourglass receptacles and remember not to open that door in the N wall.  Place the two Hourglasses to open the door between the receptacles.  Light a flare and go up the dark stairway.  Use the Maintenance Keys to open the door at the top.  Step out into a roof area outdoors.  Explore the area W for 2 x uzi ammo and a large medipackUzi Master: Near the doorway where you entered, look for a spear-enclosed rampart.  You can jump inside for a large medipack. To the left of the opening leading to Eliza, you can jump onto a flat surface of the spire. Run off NE onto the ledge below and take a running jump E to grab the shingled roof.  Pull up and collect 2 x uzi ammo, desert eagle ammo and 2 x pistol ammo. Take a running jump back W without grab to land on the previous ledge. Hop up SW and slide down to the roof.  Go through the SE opening to trigger an FMV where Lara and a red-clad enemy (named Eliza by the builder) engage in some friendly bitch talk before getting down to business. When Eliza dies she leaves behind a crucial set of WIRES (4 of 5), whereupon Von Croy puts in a cameo appearance.  Pick up the PLASMA CANNON and listen to the manufacturer's cautionary instructions before pushing the button (which was inoperative during the fight) to open the exit gate.


Go back downstairs and return to the balcony overlooking the tall room with many levels.  Loop around left and follow the hallway.  Jump over the floor hole and turn into the window alcove just beyond it.  On the ledge outside, turn right and jump to the E ledge.  Take a running jump to the E window sill, grab and pull up.  Turn left, drop down through the trap door and go down the stairs.  Loop around left at the bottom and use the Old Key to open the trap doors you saw earlier.  Go down the stairs and side flip past the giant cigar cutter. Make your way past the swinging spikeballs and the swinging crate, and vault up onto the window sill for the WIRES (5 of 5).


Pull down the wall switch to open the S door and find yourself at a lower level of the tall room you've already visited many times.  Carefully make your way down the last two levels (where I found some uzi ammo on the ground floor, possibly dropped by an earlier enemy).  Go out W past the stairway and turn left into the doorway leading to the basement.  Uzi Master: As you face the basement (E), turn left and pull up S into a dark crawl space for 3 x uzi ammoGo into the basement and enter the E doorway you opened earlier.  Place the five Wires, and now the floor lever works.  Push it to open the door in the flooded portion of the basement.  Go there, pull up N, crawl forward and vault into the small pool for uzi ammo. Get back down, wade over to the NW corner and turn the valve to flood the sewer area you explored much earlier.


Leave the basement, turn right in the hallway and run E to the living room.  Loop around left and exit the house.  Stand in front of the window alcove and jump up to grab the ladder.  Climb up onto the wall and drop down the other side.  Get down into the sewer and jump into the water.  Swim N toward the lasers and turn left into the small space you couldn't access earlier.  Follow to an intersection and swim left until you can pull out N.  Follow the passage to a breaktile and a keyhole.  The key you need is on the breaktile, but there's a pile of glass shards immediately below.  What you need to do is position Lara so that she can jump and land precisely on the key, so save your game before you begin.  Look at the parallel bars on the grated floor.  Lara's toes should be just in front of and touching the third bar as you face the key.  Line her up squarely, jump forward and pick up the OLD KEY, then hit the end key to roll forward before the breaktile collapses.


Insert the Old Key in the keyhole for the only SECRET in this game.  The trap door to your left opens, so drop down and claim the large medipack, an experimental rocket, 4 x desert eagle ammo and a burning plasma canister.  Get back out, return to the water and this time continue N past the intersection to the flooded sewer, on the other side of the laser barrier.  Pull out N through the railing and open the door.  Follow the passage to some blue lasers.  They're harmless, but before touching them draw weapons and walk backwards across them to deal with two dogs that are alerted in the passage you just came from.  (Or, you could just hop over the lasers onto the yellow barrels and avoid alerting them at all.)


Push the button, although there's no indication of what happens.  Shoot the grate and crawl up inside.  Follow the duct over blue lasers to trigger an intruder alert.  Turn left at the intersection and stock up with 2 x shotgun ammo, 2 x uzi ammo and pistol ammo.  Go the other way, shoot the grate and save your game before going through.  In fact, you can first kill a stalking ninjette from the safety of the duct.  When you stand up and set an elevator in motion, you trigger a battle royal.  It's difficult to count all the enemies in the close quarters, but another ninjette, two guards and a host of Tinnos wasps appear.  What's worse, as the elevator rises you pass through an interlocking bay of deadly red lasers, so you can't just run about while doing battle.  Your best strategy is to back into a corner and stay there while firing.  When the elevator reaches the top, shoot the grate and hop down for pistol ammo and shoot another grate. 


Hop down into a lower duct and crawl through, pull up left and shoot another grate to find yourself inside the VCI building.  Pick up the nearby uzi ammo NW, then proceed to the closed door in the E corridor and watch Lara stoop and eavesdrop.  Stand in front of the receptacle and press the action key to bypass the security system in a crude but effective manner.  The two guards inside don't seem to regard you as an enemy, so stroll blithely past them and grab the large medipack and the DESERT EAGLE.  Open the E door and enter to find two less friendly guards inside.  When you engage them, the first two guards get wise and come to their aid. One of them drops desert eagle ammo.  Search the rotating blue cylinders for a plasma canister and an explosive plasma canister.


Exit SE and come to a central stairwell with ramps instead of steps.  Shoot the box against the W wall for 2 x uzi ammo.  Go up the ramp to the next higher floor and exit W.  Note the closed glass doors to your right and step on the blue lasers between the rotating VCI symbols to trigger three guards and at least an equal number of dogs in the room beyond.  When the carnage is complete, pick up 2 x small medipack, 2 x desert eagle ammo and uzi ammo. Shoot the SE grate, enter the duct and jump W for flares.  Jump back E with grab and stand two steps behind the first laser.  Jump with grab over it and crawl underneath the second laser.  Jump to the ladder, grab it and climb down the right or left side because of the central laser about halfway down. 


Go to the W end and light a flare if necessary to see the corpse lying on the floor.  Pull it back to reveal a FILE FOLDER (called LOAD in your inventory) and a burning plasma canister.  Turn around to face E before or immediately after picking them up, as an android is approaching.  Hit the pause key and examine the File Folder for some on-the-job training regarding How To Deal With Androids.  You first send a burning plasma canister in their direction (so arm yourself with the Plasma Cannon) to fry their circuits, then you polish them off with explosive ammo as soon as auto-targeting stops working on them.  Ooh, how nicely that works.  After android body parts stop bouncing through the duct, pick up the TOP SECRET DISK it left behind.


Go to the E end of the duct and pick up an explosive plasma canister near the lasers.  Go back to the shaft where you climbed down and jump up N to grab the ladder.  Climb up left or right and shift left to drop down into the upper duct.  Crawl under the first laser and jump over the second with grab.  Loop around right over the blue lasers and go to the E end of the hallway.  Go into the left passage to smoke out a guard and pick up the pistol ammo he drops.  Stoop down next to the plant in the E alcove and pick up shotgun ammo.  Return to the central stairwell and go down two levels to the bottom floor.  Shoot the box for shotgun ammo and open the N door. We'll explore the W hallway later.  Right now, use the Top Secret Disk in the nearby receptacle to open the N door.


Go inside and find a strange green elevator beam that will carry you up and down by deft use of the jump key.  Stand in front of the fenced enclosure facing S and jump forward toward the beam.  You'll simply fall unceremoniously down to the next lower level.  Swallow your pride and search the cabinet for 4 x uzi ammo.  Note the inaccessible button in the W wall.  Stand in front of the green beam facing S and jump into it.  You'll descend to the bottom level.  Get out and pick up the flares, then pull the wall switch to raise a rolling door and release a pair of guards and a pair of what the builder calls super soldiers.  The former drop 2 x desert eagle ammo, the latter leave behind 2 x CODE BITS.  Collect the plasma canister and the burning plasma canister, but ignore the dummy wire receptacle in the W wall.

Go around SW and step on the blue lasers to raise a cylinder in the next room.  As you step into the room an android is released.  Stun him with a revolver bullet and finish him off with a rocket. Light a flare if necessary to locate the TOP SECRET DISK he dropped, then pause at the stations for a plasma canister, a small medipack and a rocket.  Pull down the wall switch to open the door that provides a shortcut back to the flooded sewer, but don't go there now.  Go back past the blue lasers and stand outside the green beam elevator facing S.  Step inside the cylinder, face W and jump forward.  Keep the jump key depressed as you float lazily upward and disembark at the top floor. 


Loop around and exit S at the stairwell.  Go up the ramp all the way to the top floor and hop across the gap to the ledge in the NE corner.  Take a running jump S and grab the ladder.  Climb up and open the W door.  Step out onto the roof of the VCI building.  Admire the surreal green force field supporting the floating building, then use the Top Secret Disk (receptacle on central block) to raise some platforms.  Get up on the central block and take a curved running jump SE to grab near the corner of the green brick building.  Pull up and stand jump N to the first platform, then a running jump and grab W to the next one.  Hop over to the building, combine the two Code Bits if you haven't already done so to form the VCI CODE KEY.  Insert it in the receptacle to open the doors.  Go inside and note four receptacles surrounding a laser machine for later.  Get the GENERAL ACCESS CARD in the SW corner (stoop to pick it up).


Exit this building and climb up onto the roof to find another TOP SECRET DISK.  Go the end of the NE ledge and take a running jump E to a translucent platform.  Run jump E to the next platform and pick up an experimental rocket. Get back down to the ground and leave via the door in the green-brick building.  Climb down the ladder and safety drop to the stairwell.  Go down the ramp to the very bottom and turn left into the hallway.  Go W to the end and turn the corner to find desert eagle ammo on the grate.  After picking it up, press the action key in front of the receptacle and watch what happens.


There's nothing more you can do here, now or later, so return E up the hallway and turn left to find a door you can open with the General Access Card.  Do so and cross the main lobby to find another door NW that you can open with the General Access Card.  In the next hallway open the W blue door and loop around right to find a cabinet with shotgun ammo, 2 x uzi ammo and the HIGH-SECURITY CARD.  Exit this room.  You can turn right and follow the passage with blinking lights to a receptacle you can use to open a door leading to a room you visited from the other side near the beginning of this level, but there are no additional tasks to perform there.


Return to the main lobby and run down either ramp to engage two guards down below.  Each one drops desert eagle ammo.  Note the suspended white blocks situated at the SE and SW corners.  Their N faces are climbable.  Climb to the top of the SE one and pick up another HIGH-SECURITY CARD.  The SW one has a receptacle you'll use later.  Drop down, go around the central bar and use the General Access Card in the E receptacle to open the N doors. 


Turn left (W) in the hallway and follow to a S crowbar door to the right of a water fountain.  Open it, draw a powerful weapon and step forward onto a bank of blue lasers to close the exit door and unleash six of those super soldiers.  When they die they leave behind an assortment of goodies:  3 x plasma canister, a burning plasma canister and 2 x CODE BIT.  Combine the latter and insert the VCI CODE KEY in the W receptacle.  A pillar lowers to your left to reveal an ISOTOPE (1 of 4).  The exit door has re-opened, so return to the hallway, turn right and follow the hallway around the corner to alert three guards.  Pick up 2 x desert eagle ammo and a large medipack, then use one of your High-Security Cards to open the E door that leads to the green elevator tube you've already encountered. 


Return to the hallway, turn left and follow to a room where you'll hear an announcement concerning a required medical procedure.  The device inside is a pushpiece, so move it out of this room after first grabbing the second TOP SECRET DISK partially hidden by a potted plant in the NW corner. The pushpiece needs to go a fair distance, all the way to the green elevator tube room.  It won't be easy, but you can climb onto the pushpiece to get around it when you have enough head room at the very start, which helps.  Move it to the E entrance, where you can go no further.  Don't move it past the entrance, or you'll find yourself stuck. Turn around, go to the lobby and up the ramp on the E side.  Loop around right and follow the hallway to another section of the green elevator tube room.  Hop into the opening as you did before and you'll drop down one level.  Go around and pull the pushpiece into this room.  You'll now have to use the elevator tube to get back up and around.  Jump into the tube and float down to the bottom, using the jump key to bring yourself down slowly.  While still in the tube, face W and jump forward.  Keep the jump key depressed until you can exit.  Leave this room and turn right into the W hallway.  Follow to the upper lobby, go left down the ramp and loop around right to the back hallway.  Turn right and follow to the green elevator tube room.  Move the pushpiece all the way around until it comes to rest against the W wall.  Climb up onto it and push the button.  A cut scene shows another cylinder lowering to reveal an Isotope.


It's not far away.  Exit this room, turn left into the hallway and in the next room look to your left for the ISOTOPE (2 of 4).  Go back to the nearby green elevator tube room.  Hop in and go to the bottom floor, face W and jump forward as you did earlier.  Exit the elevator and go around to the stairwell.  Go up the ramp two levels and exit W to the hallway with the closed glass doors ahead and to your right.  Your remaining High-Security Card will open those doors, but the builder recommends that you first open the door in the small hallway to your right (N).  Go through the winding passage, shooting two guards along the way, and pick up the MAINTENANCE KEYS dropped by one of them.  There's nothing in the small office at the end, so return to the hallway, loop around left to the stairwell and go down to the bottom.


Turn left and follow the W hallway, turn right and return to the main lobby.  Run down the ramp, climb up onto the SW white suspended block and use the Maintenance Keys to open a trap door at the top of the nearer of the green tubes beside you.  Get down, go to that tube and enter facing W.  Jump forward and glide to the top.  In the room above, insert a Top Secret Disk in the S receptacle to open the trap door in the companion green tube.  Step on the blue lasers to open the NW door, right in front of a door that you can open with your General Access Card.  


You have to be careful in the next room, which is filled with laser traps.  Some you crawl under, some you side flip over, and others you jump over at an angle.  It's difficult to get in and out without suffering any health loss whatsoever.  Pick up a plasma canister near the SW corner and a HIGH-SECURITY CARD in a plant at the NW corner.  Make your way carefully back out and go across the hall to the room with the green tube.  There's a plasma canister hidden in the SE plant next to the drink machine in the hallway.  Use the tube to return to the lobby, then go to the other tube and jump inside to float upward. 


In the room above, pick up a large medipack and hop up NE for the ISOTOPE (3 of 4).  The green ray is harmless.  Return to the main lobby, go up one of the ramps and go right through the E hallway to the stairwell SE.  Go up to the top floor and finally open those large glass doors with the High-Security Card.  If you have plenty of ammo and are looking for a fight, you can step on the blue lasers in the next room to attract three androids.  But if you prefer to avoid trouble, you can get up on the yellow barrels, jump SE to grab the crack, and shimmy around corners all the way W and drop down beyond the blue lasers.  You can also find 2 x uzi ammo and 2 x desert eagle ammo in the E crawl space by using the crack. 


Insert the remaining Top Secret Disk in the NW receptacle to raise a platform in the green ray field.  Get up on it (I found it easiest to jump up and grab the crack, then shimmy over the platform and drop down onto it) and pick up the ISOTOPE (4 of 4).  Shimmy back E if you wish to exit without alerting the androids.  Exit this room and go back SE to the stairwell. 


If you wish to stock up on supplies for the next level (where they will be needed), you can take a fairly extended detour to collect them.  Otherwise, skip to the next paragraph.  Go all the way down the stairwell and into the room with the green elevator tube.  Ride the tube all the way to the bottom and exit SW over the blue lasers. Go past the rotating blue cylinders into the sewer. Jump into the water and swim through the narrow SW gap.  Turn right at the intersection and proceed until you can surface.  Pull out of the water and go through the N doorway.  Follow the passage over the blue lasers and pull up into the crawl space.  Follow around to the right and drop down into the elevator shaft (where you earlier had that battle royal while avoiding the red laser field).  Pick up a large medipack, 2 x shotgun ammo, 2 x plasma canister and 2 x uzi ammo.  Retrace your steps to the stairwell and go all the way up.


Jump across the gap to the NE corner and jump S to the ladder.  Climb up and exit to the roof of the VCI building.  Get on the central block and take a curved running jump to grab the roof of the green-brick building near the corner.  Use the raised platforms to get back to the W floating building.  Enter and place the four Isotopes in the receptacles you noted earlier.  The laser machine is activated and you can sit down and enjoy the concluding dialog between Lara and Von Croy.  When the credits appear on your screen, hit the escape key twice to be taken to the next level.





Slide down into a shallow pool.  Wade out onto the tiled ledge and open the E doors.  Step forward and climb the bookshelf for uzi ammo.  Jump across to the next bookshelf for more uzi ammo.  Hop up onto the NW ledge for 2 x uzi ammo and run across the corner of the nearby ornate tile to trigger a blade trap.  You can then safely pick up the SAPPHIRE.  Drop down to the floor and locate the pushblock in the E wall.  Push it forward three times, climb up on it and follow the passage to a room with a flashing hanging ornament.


Run across a corner of the tile in front of the warrior statue to activate the blade trap, then pick up the second SAPPHIRE.  Of course, the warrior then wakes up, and he turns out to be a sword-wielding hammergod warrior.  He can also be killed, but first you need to deal with a quartet of ninjettes who appear at the entrance.  Try not to step on the white floor tiles, or you'll trigger additional blade traps.  When all is quiet, pick up the 4 x uzi ammo dropped by the ninjettes. 


Return to the bookshelves, climb up and jump to the S ledge.  Pick up 3 x uzi ammo and insert the two Sapphires in their receptacles to open the door.   The only thing inside is one of those timed-wheel contraptions.  The camera angle remains fixed until you complete the next task.  Push the wheel six or seven times (you can see the door being raised behind you).  Reverse roll, hop down to one of the parallel bookshelves and run to the end.  Drop down and run through the timed door.


In the next room is a dais with four steaming pots.  In the center is a plinth with something on it.  First, pick up the 16 x pistol ammo near the dormant (for now) warrior statues, then take the eponymous VICTORIA STONE from the plinth.  When you do so you can expect the arrival of a plethora of enemies: four androids, four ninjettes and two sword-wielding hammergod warriors.  When all are gone, go around the room and collect 2 x CODE BIT and a HIGH-SECURITY CARD dropped by the androids. 


Head N, combine the Code Bits and insert the VCI CODE KEY into the receptacle to open the door.  Time a run past the two flame blowers and use the General Access Card you're still carrying to open the next door.  Climb the long pole, make a quarter turn right near the top and back flip into the passage.  Your High-Security Card opens the next door, leading to a small tube room guarded by three guards.  Enter the tube, face N and jump forward.  Keep the jump key depressed as you ascend, and get off on the next floor above. 


Shoot the grate ahead and follow the passage around the corner.  Side flip over the first laser and crawl underneath the second.  Shoot the lock at the end of the passage and enjoy Lara's repartee with Von Croy as she makes her escape while hanging from the helicopter.