Level by Ruu11


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



Select Playable Tutorial Level to begin.


Lara slides down to a water-filled trench. Hop in and pick up the GRENADE GUN and grenade gun ammo. Pull out and get the flares in the NW corner.  Pull up into the dark W opening, light a flare and come to a pit. If you fall in you can use the ladder surface to climb back out.  Jump up to grab the ceiling, monkey swing across and slide down into a dark cave. Deal with three scorpions with a single grenade.


Shoot the vases against the W all for a small medipack and uzi ammo. Climb the ladder in the N wall and back flip to an upper level.  Go to the sunken area, wait for two mummies to arrive and clear them out, as well as the four vases, with a single grenade. Pick up the UZIS, CARTOUCHE PIECES 1 and 2 and 3 x uzi ammo.


There's nothing in the E and W side tunnels, so go up S and combine the two pieces.  Insert the BA CARTOUCHE in the receptacle to open the gates. Crawl through and use the N ladder to climb up to a still higher level.  Go through the torch-lit passage and come to a large pool.


Jump into the water and grab the large medipack in the SE corner. Swim across to the N end and turn right into the E side tunnel. Swim down at the end for flares, then return and enter the W side tunnel. (You can explore the N room if you like, but there's nothing to do there, unless I missed a trigger for a secret, other than pick up a small medipack next to the bull statue.) Swim up the shaft, pull out W and engage two ninjas. Step on the E scarab trigger tile to open the W gate. Climb up there and run down the passage to what appears to be a spike tile. It's not, but if you step on it a spike ball will fall down and crush you, so use the crawl space to get around it, stopping for more flares along the way. Continue W down the passage and slide down the long slope. Jump off at the last moment and grab the ledge across the small pit. Pull up and crawl through to the far end.


Climb the long ladder and pull out into an outdoor area.  Run down the S passage and three ninjas materialize behind you.  Continue down the passage into an open area and approach the Jeep to end the level.