Level by Gabriel Croft


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


A French walkthrough by SlyRaider (pdf format) can be found here.



Begin in a hallway. Open the door ahead and vault up onto the lampstand support. Stand jump SE to grab the window opening and pull up for 2 x MP5 ammo and SECRET #1. Note that the uzis are already in your inventory (together with an artifact of some kind), but you have no ammo for them. Get down, shoot the barricade in the SW opening and kick open the door. Shoot the MP in the next room, and now you have some uzi ammo.


Open the E door and shoot the dog in the next room. Avoid the crate near the doorway, as it has deadly litter on top. Climb the crates in the NE corner and hop onto the duct. From the S end jump to the next duct for flares. Return to the first duct and shoot the NW grates. Jump, grab and pull up inside. Crawl around until you can stand up, hop down through the spider web and shoot two bats. Crawl or shimmy to the far end of the duct for MP5 ammo and a small medipack.  Go back a short distance along the top of the duct and look for a grate in the S wall.  Jump up to shoot it, and make sure you also shoot a second grate just behind the first one.


Safety drop to the floor and open the W door. Run jump over the pit and engage the soldier who attacks from the S hallway. Pick up the uzi ammo he drops, shoot the crate in the NW corner and grab the 3 x MP5 ammo and uzi ammo before entering the S hallway. Go past the alcove to your right (later) but stop before you reach the end of the hallway. Turn around, hop back onto the ramp and quickly run forward to avoid the boulder. Go up the E ramp and climb the ladder to your right. Pull up into the crawl space and follow around until you can stand up. Drop down into a blocked passage and shoot the wooden barrier at the other end. Run forward and around the corner to attract the attention of a soldier who materializes behind you. Shoot him in close quarters and pick up the CROWBAR he dropped.  Return to the ladder, climb down and go down the ramp.  Turn right and run past that W alcove you bypassed earlier.


Turn right in the next room, jump over the pit and turn left in the next room to return to the room where you got the secret.  Open the W gate with the crowbar and run through the N passage in the next room. Shoot a dog and a soldier in the next area and move the NE cage beneath the fuse box in the N wall.  Pause for the small medipack the cage was covering, then shoot the fuse box cover and pull down the wall switch to open a gate in the previous room.  Go there and exit W to the next room.  Find MP5 ammo in the N alcove and flares near the S wall.  Pull up into the W alcove and turn around.  Jump to activate the E jump switch, opening a trap door in the NW corner.  Drop down into an underground area.  Avoid the debris-strewn SW passage. Go the long way around clockwise, but don't jump into the deeper trench or you'll be trapped by the current. Instead, jump up, grab the ceiling and monkey swing across and loop around left for uzi ammo.  Go back the other way, jump up W while firing your pistols to shatter the wooden barrier, then pull up and run W up a slight ramp.


Shoot the window to your left and kill a soldier in the next room. Note the keyhole above the E ledge and go back to shoot the N window.  The camera angle changes, so safety drop into a lower room.  Open the N doors to attract two dogs, one in front of you and one behind.  Before leaving this room, push the NW button to open the W doors and provide a short cut out of here.  Enter the dark N passage and pick up the YARD KEY in the alcove to your right.  Go back, through the short cut door W and left up the stairs.  Turn right into the garden area with the keyhole. Insert the Yard Key, drop down and find a lowered block at the W end of this room.  Drop down and follow the passage to a blue pushblock.  Either push or pull the block to get to a ladder in the E passage.  Climb up and open the door at the far end.  Run forward and push the button to turn off a fan in the adjacent duct.


Unfortunately, you have to take the long way around to get there. Return to the garden room where you used the key, exit and go E down the ramp, to the sewer area and monkey swing back over the trench, exit counterclockwise and pull up through the open trap door, back to the outside area and through the E crowbar gate, right and right through the next two open doorways, jump over the pit and go left to that W alcove you've bypassed twice already.  Shoot the fuse box cover and pull down the wall switch to lower the trap door above you. Climb the ladder and pull up into the ceiling ducts. Shoot three bats and find uzi ammo on a corner grate. Go around and slide down S. Crawl underneath the fan (on one side or the other) and pull up into the crawl space ahead. Follow around, shoot the grate and enter a brightly lit room.


Go past the NW curtain and follow around for 4 x uzi ammo. Return, open the E door and enter the next room. Lara looks to her right at the MP5, so vault up and get it. Around the corner is a receptacle for an artifact you don't yet have, so return to the main room and go through the SW curtain. Turn right and then left for MP5 ammo, then return and open the SW door. Shoot the dog and the soldier (large medipack) on the outdoor veranda and use the NE slope to jump to the upper ledge. Note that you can pass through the nearby glass door from this side only. Take running jumps S along the tree planters and pause for the ROSE (stoop to pick it up) at the third one. At the fourth planter enter the opening and drop down E into an alley.  Go to the far end for a small medipack and a rather easy SECRET #2. Move the cage underneath the opening to get back up.


Return to the main room and continue E into the next room. Insert the Rose in the receptacle around the corner to lift the gate.  You're immediately attacked by two MPs and a soldier, so use a high-powered weapon to eliminate them. Go up the stairs and face N to use the crowbar on the lever. The block behind you lowers to reveal a passage. Slide down, loop around left and shoot the crate for uzi ammo. Go back the other way and shoot the wooden barrier. Drop down to the street. Pull up SW onto the balcony and follow to a door you can kick open. Note the steaming tile to your right, shoot the dog in the next room and find a small medipack in an alcove next to the burning barrel. Go up the nearby ramp for a large medipack in the alcove to your right.


Face S and jump to grab the higher ledge. Pull up and climb the nearby ladder. Drop down right, jump over the gap and move the table so you can climb up still higher. Shoot the window and enter a new hallway. Go to the sitting room and take a TORCH from the fireplace. Return to the ledge, toss the torch down to the alley below and follow it down. Retrieve the torch and light it on the burning barrel (don't stand too close).  Go around to that steaming tile you noted earlier and stoop to light it (without standing on the tile itself).


The door in the N passage opens, so go there and open the W doors (noting the block at the end of the passage). Enter the pool room and watch the flyby. Don't jump into the water, or you'll be dragged into the fan by the current. Instead, jump the raised ledges past the pushpiece toward the N opening.  Take a running jump with grab to glide into the opening and push the floor lever to turn off the fan. Now it's safe to jump into the water, so do that and swim into the E opening.  Pull down the ceiling lever and return to find some raised platforms. Pull out and shoot two bats, then move the pushpiece onto the striped ledge.


Jump back to the S ledge and exit to find that the block to your left has been lowered. Go past the lowered block, turn around, draw your pistols and jump up to shoot the grate. Pull up into the crawl space and follow around to where you can stand up. Shoot two rats and pull up into a higher duct. Shoot the grate and pull up in front of the fan. Crawl up to another grate you can shoot. Drop down into a room partially filled with water. Vault up into the E opening and locate the pushblock. Pull it back once, then go around into the N opening and find a passage the pushblock was hiding. Enter, shoot the window and drop down into an alley. Loop around left, shoot another window and enter another passage.


Open the N doors, follow the passage and go past two closed doors. Open the third door at the end (W wall) and emerge onto a third-story balcony. Shoot two soldiers and two MPs, then locate the flares in the S alcove. Activate the nearby crowbar lever to open the NW door. On the way there, pick up the MP5 ammo. Hop onto the table in the next room and pick up half of the BROKEN MASK to attract another MP. Exit to the balcony and go through the E doorway. Turn left and open the next door (N wall) you bypassed earlier. Shoot the NE wooden barricade and drop down the hole into a storage room. There's a small medipack on one of the crates. There's also a crawl space in the dark NW corner that you can't access. Open the SW door and go down the ramp. Grab the MP5 ammo S and open the W door to emerge onto a second-story balcony. Shoot three soldiers and locate the fuse box in the S alcove. Shoot the cover and pull down the wall switch to open a door in the W wall.


Enter and pause for the MP5 ammo. Pull up onto the W ledge and pick up the STORAGE ROOM KEY. Exit to the balcony and go through the E door. Turn left, go through the room with the crates and pull out through the NE ceiling hole. Exit to the hallway, turn left and use the Storage Room Key to open the door in the E wall. Enter, note the receptacle, shoot the NW wooden barrier and climb down the ladder into a remarkably well-lighted sewer. Shoot two rats and jump into the water for flares near the S wall. Swim all the way N (passing a crossroads with a central floor hole) for a large medipack and pull out here.  


Go back along the sewer ledge and hop into the W opening to trigger a flyby that warns you the water below is electrified. Shoot the barrier and activate the crowbar lever inside and reverse roll to shoot two rats.  The water is still deadly, so don't jump in. Exit to the sewer and look across E to see a raised block on a platform. Jump into the sewer and swim down through the central hole. Swim E over the first pair of blades, swim under the next blade and then over the third blade.  Pull the underwater lever to lower the block you noted just now and also to raise a platform on the N sewer ledge. Return past the blade traps, swim up into the sewer and enter the E room. Pull out onto the platform where the block has lowered and time a jump SE past the swinging spike ball.  Go to the floor lever, wait for the flames to subside, push the lever and quickly hop back so you won't catch fire. I couldn't find a way to turn off the burner on the N ledge which would enable you to pick up more MP5 ammo.


Another platform has been raised in the N channel. Only trouble is, it blocks your way to the lower section where you could pull out onto the ledge, but there's another lower section at the S end where you entered this area. Make your way to the raised platforms, hop to the lower one and climb up onto the higher one. Jump to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to a jumpswitch. Release to activate it, and now the W pool is safe. Go there, swim across, pull out and run up the ramp.  Shoot two rats on the way up and pick up the other half of the BROKEN MASK in the room above. Go back down, swim across the pool and return to the sewer area.  Swim to the end of the S channel, pull out right and exit by climbing the E ladder.


Combine the two mask pieces to form the ELEGANT MASK and insert it in the pole to open the door.  Shoot the dog and open the S doors. Step out onto a balcony and drop down to a crate-riddled area.  Find the motorbike in the SW alcove, mount it and run over the three soldiers that had been shooting at you. Go up the E ramp and three more soldiers appear. Mow them down.  Ride S and flush out two more soldiers. Dismount in front of the ramp and go back to find a jump switch on a pillar near the E wall. Activate it and continue N.  Scale a stack of crates and find a crawl space in the E wall.  Enter and locate the block (raised when you activated the jump switch). Use it to climb up into the alcove for SECRET #3 and 2 x MP5 ammo.


Return to the motorbike and gun it over the S ramp. Continue along the ramped passage on the other side of the gap, running down four soldiers in the process, and dismount in front of the ladder.  Climb up and open the doors. Look up left to see a grate.  Jump up while shooting to shatter it and pull up into the crawl space. Turn around at the other end and save your game before dropping out if you wish to attempt acquiring the final secret in this level.  Ready your uzis, hang as far left as possible and drop onto the slope, drawing your uzis in the process. Save your game here in a different slot. Don't jump when you hit the slope, but allow Lara to drop to a second slope.  As you slide down toward the water, start shooting so you'll shatter a wooden barrier in the E opening above the water line.  Jump off the slope, holster your uzis in midair and you should have just enough time to grab the E opening. Pull up and run forward for SECRET #4. Your sole tangible reward is a small medipack, but that's secondary to your achievement of getting here in the first place.


Swim through the W passage and pull out in the next room. Open the S doors and shoot an MP. Turn left in the passage and open the SE doors. Kill two MPs in the next room, pick up the large medipack and note the portrait of a mounted nobleman on the W wall. Go to the other end of the passage and open the SW doors. Kill an MP and open the S doors straight ahead. There are two small pools in the next room.  In the far pool is a crowbar lever, so activate it (screen shot of the portrait opening). Pick up the revolver ammo while you're there. The other pool is deeper, and there's an underwater grate that you'll shoot later when you have the proper equipment.


Return to the previous SE room and pull up into the opening revealed by the portrait. Grab the REVOLVER and return to the SW doorway. Take a right into the W passage between the two doorways. At the end to your left is a closed door requiring a key, so go back and open the N doors in the passage. In a room dominated by four giant pillars, engage two MPs. You'll find the LASER SIGHT next to the E dummy elevator. There's revolver ammo behind the NW pillar next to the W wall.


Return to the pool room, combine the revolver and laser sight and shoot the underwater grate in the deeper pool. Jump into the water and swim through the opening. Follow the passage and pull out at the end. Side flip over the blade trap and climb the ladder to an upper room. Run past two swinging crates and pull up into the SW opening. Open the doors at the end of the passage and do battle with a boss ninja lady. Unfortunately, all of your higher powered ammo has disappeared, so you'll have to make do with your pistols. You might also want to turn off the music (or at least turn the volume down) at this point. There's a large medipack SW if you have time to pick it up while your enemy tries to carve you into little pieces while making every effort to push you over the edge. When she is finally vanquished she leaves behind the OFFICE KEY.


As you leave the battlefield, an annoying earthquake starts up and doesn't quit until the level is over. Go past the swinging crates, climb down the ladder and side flip over the blade trap, jump back into the water and swim to the pool room.  Pull out, exit and turn left to go down the W passage.  Turn left at the end and use the Office Key to open the SW door. Follow to the office and find that your helicopter is ready for departure.  Vault up onto the block next to the window, where you can see a blue artifact, and the level abruptly ends.