Levels by Gabriel Croft


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


A French walkthrough by SlyRaider (pdf format) can be found here for Level 1 and Level 2 respectively.




A helicopter dumps Lara into a pool somewhere in the Arizona canyonlands.  Pick up the shotgun ammo and swim to the shallow water NW for 2 x uzi ammoNote that the shotgun, revolver and uzis are already in your inventory, together with an artifact of some kind.  Wade out N and follow the passage to a deep canyon.  Take a long running jump slightly NW and pick up more uzi ammo near the small cactus. Jump E while holding down the action key and you'll glide into a wall opening near the canyon floor.  Go to your left for flares and note for later the nearby block. Turn around and shoot the snake before hopping down to grab the shotgun ammo next to the small cactus and move the pushpiece aside from the N wall.  Open the trap door it was covering and drop down into the lower tunnel.


Shoot another snake and follow the passage until you can pull out and trigger a flyby.  There's nothing in the water below, so take a running jump S and grab the ledge.  Pull up and follow around to a higher opening that overlooks the water. There's a low ceiling here, so take a running jump straight N (keeping the jump or the up arrow key depressed) to land in an alcove. Pull up right, then left, and proceed to the E wall.  Turn right and take a running jump over the water, pull up into the passage left of the waterfall and follow around to an opening.  Jump up to grab the monkey bars and monkey swing around to the right. Drop down onto the waterfall, sidestep left until you can face W and pull up onto a ledge. Loop around left, behind the waterfall, and pull up into an opening in the E wall.


Go inside, loop around left for a small medipack and go back to pull up S.  Take a running jump over the spear pit and grab the other side.  Pull up, step forward and then pull up higher to your right. Emerge on a high sand dune overlooking a small pond.  Slide down, find a small medipack in the SW corner and jump into the water.  In the mini-maze below, start by heading W, then an immediate left (S) and right (W) at the junction. Swim straight forward with a slight zigzag and turn right just before the W wall (note the closed door up to your left).  Pull the underwater lever just around the corner and flip turn to find that the door you just passed is now open. If you're not interested in the only secret in this level, skip the next paragraph.


Otherwise, turn left at the S wall and go back the way you came. Swim up through the shaft and wade out N. Go to the E wall and pull up left onto the block. Go up through the NE passage and drop down. There's now a rope that enables you to swing back over the spear pit. Drop down and go out left into the outdoor area.  Loop around right and hop down onto the waterfall.  Slide backwards, safety drop to the river bank below and go to the NE opening.  Drop down and follow the underground passage to the far end.  Stand on the highest part of the sand and pull up S through the opened trap door.  Go to the SW opening and pull up inside.  The block at the end of the passage has lowered, so enter for SECRET #1 (thanks, Josť) and pick up the shotgun ammo and 6 x uzi ammo.  Retrace your steps back across the spear pit and down into the pond with the hole at the bottom. Return to the door you opened with the underwater lever.


Swim through and up and surface for air.  Pull out and head toward the W wall. Shoot a snake that challenges you. Note the closed W doors requiring a key (a wolf may attack here now, or later when you come back with the key) and enter the opening in the S wall. Follow to a cage and pull it back twice, alerting two bats in the process.  A flame blower protects a key in the SE passage, so climb over the cage in a crawling position and drop down the other side. Enter the passage revealed by moving the cage and pull down the wall switch at the end to extinguish the flame blower.  Crawl back over the cage, pull back the second skeleton and go around it to claim the MYSTERIOUS KEY.


Crawl back over the cage (or push it out of your way) and exit to the open area.  Insert the Mysterious Key in the keyhole you saw earlier and run forward into a new area.  Pass by two soldiers and jump into the W water trench for the GRENADE GUN to even the odds a bit. Jump up SW and climb the ladder in the W wall to reach a ledge.  Run to the far end, face the waterfall and jump into the W opening with the action key depressed so you glide inside.  Follow the long passage, ignoring the overhead openings along the way, until you reach a hole where you can slide down backwards and grab the edge of a ramp to drop down into an area where two bats immediately attack.  Run around the periphery of the pool to draw out two or three more bats, then look around to get your bearings.


There's a closed N door requiring a key. A wooden chest near the SE corner hides revolver ammo. A jump switch near the NW corner lowers a rope over the water.  Get on the N ledge, and from the W end take a running jump S to grab the block with the jump switch.  Pull up and use the wall switch (lowers a block in the pool).  Jump down into the water and pull the lever in the N alcove to raise a block behind you. Pull out of the water near the SE corner (to the left of the spears, where you see the raised block), turn around and draw the shotgun.  Face the wooden barrier in the water, look down a bit and shatter it with a single blast. Swim into the opening and pick up THE KEY TO EL DORADO


Pull out N, get onto the raised block and jump to grab the rope.  Turn right (E) and swing to jump off onto the flat block on the right. I found this to be a most difficult jump that took me a number of tries, because of the low ceiling. Turn left, jump up to grab the foliage and monkey swing N to the corner.  Release, grab and pull up to claim the LASER SIGHT. Yes, I know that it was intended to be used for shooting the wooden barrier in the pool.  Drop back down, run up the N stairs and use the Key to El Dorado to open the doors.  Run forward toward the sunshine to end the level.  Review your stats and hit the escape key to start the next level.




Run forward into a courtyard and look around.  Note for later the receptacle in the moss-covered SW block and the high opening in the W wall.  Pull the NW cage two times S onto the ornate block to open a door high up in the E wall.  Move the other cage under that opening and pull up inside to find two raptors.  Pull one of the skeletons away from the IDOL and return to the courtyard after noting the closed door around the corner in the E wall. Use the first cage to jump into the W opening and alert two more raptors.  Hop up onto the central block and deal with them from this safe vantage point, then pick up the small medipack and jump down.   


Go through the W opening into an outdoor area and battle two approaching natives. Pick up the flares in the NW corner, note for later the NE opening and jump into the water.  Enter the underwater E opening and follow the long passage to another outdoor area.  Swim across the pool and pull the underwater lever in the E wall to open a door somewhere. Surface for air and swim back through the W passage (you'll return to this pool later) to the previous pool and pull out E. Enter that NE opening you noted earlier and prepare to engage a raptor and a native in the area below.


Jump into the pool and pull the underwater lever in the E wall. Pull out of the pool SW and enter the S passage for an ANCIENT MEDALLION.  Leave this area W, but on the way out note the passage to your right with a closed door and a receptacle. Pull out, turn left at the long pool and go through the room with the central block where you encountered the raptors earlier, hop down to the opening courtyard and run across to use the cage to jump into the E opening. Run right around the corner to find that the door in the E wall is now open. 


You've come to another outdoor area. Hop E to the green block and turn left to engage a pteranodon.  When it's dead, jump E to the lower green block for shotgun ammo and then backtrack to the opening courtyard with the two cages. Go to the SW corner and insert the Ancient Medallion in the receptacle in the S face of the block. A cut scene shows a block rising.


Return to the high E opening and follow around to get back to the area where you engaged the pteranodon. Jump E to the lower block where you got the shotgun ammo, run over onto the adjacent block against the E wall and take a running jump N to grab the next block. Pull up and run NW over to the next block, face the N wall and jump up to grab the foliage. Shift left around the corner and drop down onto a ledge. Activate the jump switch to lower the block to your left. Enter and deal with two natives (one drops a small medipack). Go through the W passage into another outdoor area and climb onto the lower block.  Turn S to face the block you raised earlier.  Jump to it, pull up and insert the Idol in the receptacle to lower a rope nearby.


Exit this room E and turn right in the next room to find the lowered rope.  Jump to it and swing S to jump to a tall block where you'll find the CEREMONIAL MASK. Jump down NE to the green block and use the climbable wall to get back to the ledge with the jump switch.  Exit N and go through the W opening in the next room. Continue W around the pool and into the next passage.  Turn right into the N passage you noted earlier and insert the Ceremonial Mask in the receptacle.  The nearby door opens, so slide down into a shallow pool and do battle with a demonic witch in the NE corner.  When she dies, her companion demonic witch is awakened in the NW corner.  Climb onto the blocks formerly occupied by the witches and pick up 2 x GATE KEY.  There's also a large medipack at the NE corner and a small medipack at the SW corner.


Insert the Gate Keys in the keyholes to open the N gate. As you walk toward the artifact in the distance (an artifact that looks a lot like the one you've been carrying around), you fall down through a phantom hole in the floor and slide to meet a raptor.  Go to the W opening, slide down and emerge in an outdoor area where a pteranodon awaits you.  Drop into the water and pull the underwater switch on the underside of the bridge (lowers the block above).  Note the underwater floor holes beneath face tiles in the W wall. Both lead to closed gates. There's a similar face tile in the NE corner, but no hole. At least no discernible hole. Swim down in front of the NE face file into a phantom hole and follow to SECRET #2 and a large medipack (thanks again, Josť).  Swim back out, pull out onto the nearby E waterfall and jump to the bridge.


Do battle with another raptor and then move the pushpiece onto the ornate tile N. Jump into the water, swim down the hole in front of the NW face tile and find that the gate has been lifted. Swim inside, pull the underwater lever to open the underwater exit gate N and return to the bridge via the waterfall ledge. You can now move the pushpiece to the other ornate tile SW.  This opens the gate beneath the NW face tile, but I found nothing of interest in the room beyond.  Swim through the N underwater opening toward the blue artifact to trigger a concluding flyby. When it's over, run toward the waiting helicoptor to end the level.