Create a Classic: 20 years of TR - Rome (Beta Demo)

Level by DCW123

Walkthrough by manarch2

Go ahead and take a left. Get up the stairway and on the upper courtyard you can explore the café to your left, but there's nothing to do here so you can go right (N) and climb the trash box. Jump to the scaffolding from here. Jump over the various balconies S and finally SW into the building. In the dark SW corner, below the ladder, you can find a Crowbar (“Could come in handy”). Jump down and open the W door with it, follow down the stairs and kick-open a door at the end. Jump on the rear box, turn around and shatter the broken ventilation lattice jumping up. Stand-jump from the corner to grab it. Enter the crawlspace, crawl left and avoid the steam. Follow the ventilation ducts always avoiding steam and at the only crossing go right first for a Large Medipack, then return and go in the other direction. Eventually jump on a slope, jump again at the end and grab the crawlspace to avoid the deadly ventilator. Get down right on the next slope, grab the edge and shimmy left around the corner, then climb up and at the end of the passage shoot the lattice to exit the ventilation ducts by climbing out of the crawlspace.

Search the shelves for two Small Medipacks, then kick open the door and enter the next room. Watch the cutscene, then climb the box on the fork lift and from here to the upper balcony. Go around the perimeter and run-jump onto the next box and from here to the next ventilation shaft entrance N. Crawl left and to the end where you can drop into another outdoor courtyard. Head far W and open any of the two doors with the Crowbar. Climb the mud hill and jump on the upper floor where you can find the Amulet of Horus (a rose) on the left windowsill. Drop down and exit, head S, ignore the next crowbar door and go SE. Slide down to the right and follow the tunnel until you drop into water. Follow the tunnel and climb out S at the end. Kill two bats and open the door.

Kick-open the left door, go left, up the short stairway and around the corner pry the Valve Handle off the wall. On the table you can find a Card. Exit this room, go left and open the trapdoor. Drop down the ladder and follow the passages (ignore the passage to the left for now) to a room with deadly water. Jump on the far W box and from here to the shelf where you can get Dynamite. Jump back on the box and if you want you can jump NW and do a difficult curve jump to get on the ledge with the second Amulet of Horus. The jump back is even harder, try standing in the very corner facing E and then a curved run-jump but if the fence blocks you in any way the jump won't be far enough so you have to avoid it. Now return to the passage you ignored earlier. Insert the Card to open the door. Enter and turn the valve to your left (for the sake of it, presumably). Enter the next room and head to its rear end to see a final cutscene. The level ends.