Levels by 911


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


There are a few housekeeping items to cover before getting started.  First, the provided executable triggered a virus alert in my computer, which means that it has been patched and will likely cause crash issues even if your antivirus software should accept it.  I therefore suggest that you replace tomb4.exe with an unpatched version from any Create a Classic level before you begin playing.  Even then, don't save beyond the 13th slot, or you're likely to have problems even with an unpatched executable. Second, the F5 and F6 keys have been inexplicably disabled in this game, so you will have to save and reload by selecting Passeport from your inventory. Finally, you can choose from five different protagonists, so they will be covered here in the order provided. Another annoyance: there's no compass in this game, so I'll provide directions as best I can.





Slide down into a TR1 setting and pick up the REVOLVER at your feet to open a door behind you.  Go on through, crawl under the dart trap and drop down into a lower area.  Pick up the small medipack and drop down still lower.  Shoot a wolf and go into the next area to alert a second wolf.  Continue into the passage and come to a closed door, a wolf and a small medipack. Go back and climb the ledges to spook three bats.  There's revolver ammo and a small medipack in the alcove to your left. Continue to a new area where another wolf waits.


Drop down to some stairs and shoot another wolf. Go past the skeleton, shoot another wolf and pull down the wall switch in the alcove to open the door to another area. There's a wolf waiting there, of course. Drop down into the room with the broken bridge to deal with a bear. Go into the opening past three swinging blades, turning into the alcove to your right at the second blade to find the wall switch that opens the exit door at the far end.


Go along the ledge and onto the bridge.  Hop down and shoot four wolves.  There's a large medipack and revolver ammo in their lair.  When you pick up these items another wolf attacks. Across the way in the corner is a wall switch that opens the exit door at another corner. Go there and trigger the first breaktile at the entrance by stepping on it and hopping back.  Jump to grab the ledge just beyond the entrance, pull up and take a running jump into the alcove ahead and to your right.  Pull down the wall switch to retract some spikes (but apparently not the ones that lurk underneath the breaktiles in this room). When I jumped to the ledges that surround this room, all I accomplished was to break the tiles I jumped over, revealing the deadly spikes below.


Exit this room by jumping from the first ledge to the entrance, using the action key so you'll glide down safely. Find the steps in another corner of the main room and get up onto the foot of a bridge. Instead of crossing the bridge now, go the other way and circle around to the next bridge. A wolf attacks from behind. After killing it, go back to the first bridge and cross it. Loop around left and jump to grab the green ledge. Pull up and face another breaktile-layered room. This is where the spikes were retracted, so drop through safely and pick up the FIRST PIECE. As you run under the tiles they crumble.


Don't pull down the wall switch, as this will cause the spikes to re-appear.  Pull out through the opening and jump from the ledge to the bridge. Follow the bridges to exit this area, shooting a wolf along the way. Get past the swinging blades, and use the corner block in the bear lair to reach the broken bridge.  Jump across to the other side and go down the stairs, pausing for revolver ammo and a small medipack on the ledge.  


There's a pool in the room ahead.  In the room to the right is a wolf, three bats and a lot of slopes leading to nowhere.  In the room to the left is a wading pool with a breaktile in the corner. Break it and swim down into the opening. Follow the passage and watch out for falling debris. Swim up the shaft and pull out. Search the side alcoves for revolver ammo and a large medipack.  Go through the opening and follow the passage, go up the stairs to a ledge where a wolf attacks from behind.  Jump into the central pool below and swim down the ramp to an underwater area where you'll find an underwater lever guarded by spikes in one corner.  In the opposite corner is an underwater lever that retracts those spikes.  Pull down the second underwater lever and swim up through the shaft.


Pull out and grab the small medipack. Pull down the wall switch to open the exit door. Shoot six wolves that are waiting for you in the next room. Enter the stables and shoot a bear. In one corner is A SCARY KEY, in the other corner is an opening leading to a passage where another wolf lurks. If you go back into the stables you'll encounter another bear. Continue into the next area and shoot two more wolves. Pull up onto a corner block and jump to a snow-covered ledge.  Jump with the action key depressed to glide into the opening in the wall and follow the passage to a room where four bats and two wolves are waiting.


Climb up to the exit passage and find a timed wall switch.  It raises a bridge between the slopes, but only for a few seconds, so sprint across the timed bridge. On the other side is another wall switch that allows you to get back across. Continue to a small room where you'll find two more wall switches. When both are pulled a door opens somewhere.  Get back across the gap by using the timed wall switch on this side. A wolf greets you upon your return. Hop down into the previous room, where three more wolves are waiting.  Follow the passage and hop down to the lower room.


Return to the stables and go outside where you'll encounter four more wolves. The other two huts are open now, so enter one to find four bats and the SECOND PIECE.  A bear comes to investigate. Enter the other hut for SECRET #1 and shoot three bats before picking up revolver ammo and a small medipack. Get on the roof of this hut to find another small medipack. Jump to the roof of the adjacent hut for 2 x revolver ammo.   Drop down and enter this hut.  Jump into the water hole and swim back to the central pool room.


Go to the wading pool next door, get into the corner hole and swim to the shaft.  Swim up, pull out and follow the passage to the ledge overlooking the central pool. From the far end jump to a green ledge in the corner. Turn right and jump to the gray ledge.  From the far end jump to the next green corner ledge. Turn right and jump to the next gray ledge. Pull up and exit left to look over that room with many slopes you visited earlier. Jump diagonally to your right to a flat surface. Continue to a slope, don't attempt to slide and jump but simply take a running jump to grab the next ledge.  Jump to the next ledge and enter the passage.


Follow to a room with two passages guarded by swinging blades. There's a closed door at the end of the one on the right, so time a jump past the left blade and pull up into the passage.  Shoot a wolf and follow to a room with a lower ramp to your left and a higher ramp to your right.  Back flip onto the higher ramp, jump off to grab the edge and shimmy right or left past the spikes as appropriate.  Pull up and insert A Scary Key in the keyhole to open the door at the end of the other blade passage.  Drop down, return and jump past the blade. Go around and jump past the second blade. Come to a room with multiple wall switches.


Look at all of them.  One looks different from the others.  Pull down this one only (the others are spike trapped). A door is opened in the pool room. Jump past the swinging blade and exit to the slope room. Continue to the central pool room and turn right to find the opened door. Enter and shoot two wolves.  Go up the stairs on the right side and pull down the wall switch in the opposite corner (opening the underwater door to the secret area). There's nothing to find by going up the stairs on the left side except a spike-trapped large medipack. Jump into the pool below and find a small medipack down at the bottom.  Swim into the opening and follow to SECRET #2.  Pick up a large medipack and 2 x revolver ammo and exit.  Pull out of the pool, go to the wall across from the entrance to this room, combine the First and Second Pieces and insert A SHINY THING in the keyhole to open the door.


Follow the passage, shoot a wolf and come to a place where you can go right or left.  Go right first and climb down the blocks until you can draw a bead on four wolves prowling about below. Hop down to the ground, pick up the large medipack and go to the opening opposite the empty pool.  Shoot two more wolves and hop over the skeleton into the room below.  There's nothing there except another wolf, so jump back out and climb the ledge to your right.  Pick up the large medipack at the top and hop down into a jungle area containing a dead T-Rex.  There's revolver ammo on the ground a little ahead and to your left.


Continue forward, climb up to your left and find another pool. Jump into the water and grab the revolver ammo in one corner. Swim into the opening at the other corner and pull out at the end. You'll find more revolver ammo before coming to another empty pool. Jump across to the corner block, turn right and jump to the higher ledge, and continue around the room until you come to an opening that leads to a bridge.  On the other end of the bridge is a closed door.  I couldn't find a way to get that door open. Perhaps you're not meant to.  Get back down to the valley floor and exit the same way you got here, by climbing ledges.  When you drop down the other side and run toward the pool, Lara climbs out of the water and starts firing at you.  You have no choice but to fire back, and when she runs out of ammo she draws a sword and starts hacking at you.  When the poor girl dies the level ends.




Step forward and shoot four lions. Find the pushblock and move it onto both omega tiles in the trench. Upper doors open on either side of this room. Get onto the ledge at the closed gate and jump to the lower pillar.  Jump forward to the next pillar, turn left and jump to the ledge. Enter the room and use the ramp to jump to the higher ledge.  Pull up and pull up to a wall switch. Pull it down, exit this room and jump the pillars to the other side. Both doors should be open.  Enter slowly and trigger the teeth doors. Get past them and pull down the wall switch at the end. Shoot the lion, grab the small medipack and exit.


Turn right once outside, jump to the green ledge, turn left and jump to the pillar for a large medipack. The door you can see to your right is closed, and you need a key to open it. Drop to the floor, go to the ledge on the other side of the room (you can see the key beyond the gate) and jump back to the lower pillar. Jump the pillars in a clockwise circle so you can reach the higher ledge above the key gate. The door here is open, so go through and shoot two lions. Jump into the water, swim into the corner and pull the underwater lever to open the door.


Swim through, surface in the next room and pull out. Pick up the small medipack and pull down the wall switch in the alcove to empty the pool. Drop down and pull the block out of the corner. Enter, drop down to a lower passage and shoot two lions. Pull up and take ANOTHER KEY from the plinth. Beyond the plinth is a pushblock. Push it forward to create a short cut out of here.  Use the pillars to get to the ledge on the other side of the room. Use Another Key to open the door.  Shoot a lion and go to a slope.


Slide down in front of a pool and jump into the water. There's a small medipack on the top step on the left.  Swim into the opening and follow to an area where two crocodiles attack.  Pull up onto a ledge with a closed door and dispatch them. Jump back into the water, locate a small medipack in the far corner and look for an underwater lever. Pull it and deal with another crocodile. Swim back to the other pool and pull out. 


Go up the steps and pull up to the higher ledge.  Go to the other end and run off into the adjacent passage.  Follow to a room with a grated floor.  Turn left and go up the steps to find a pushblock.  Push it forward to reveal a side passage.  Kill a lion in the next room and pull down the wall switch in the alcove.  Turn around and go upstairs to find that the grates have disappeared and you have three pillars to jump.  Turn around and shoot a stalking lion, then hop over the pillars and into the passage.  Follow to an opened door and enter the next area.


Grab the small medipack on one side and ANOTHER KEY on the other side. Safety drop from the edge where you got the key and go down the steps to use it. The door opens, so follow the passage to another pool area.  Shoot the inevitable lion that arrives before dealing with two crocodiles in the water.  Jump in the water to find a closed door and an opening that leads to an underwater lever.  Pull it and climb out.  Turn right and jump into the passage that leads to a slope.  Jump to the slope and slide down into the water below.


Locate the opening and pull up into the next room. Go up the steps and jump to the ledge in the far corner.  Pick up ANOTHER KEY and turn left to jump to the higher ledge.  Pull down the wall switch and turn to jump to the opened doorway.  Pull up and follow the passage to an alcove with a wall switch.  Pull it down to open the door at the end of the passage.  Jump to grab the higher ledge, pull up and jump into the water. Pull the underwater lever to open the door and pull out into the familiar pool area.


Jump into the wide passage with stairs at the back corner and follow to an opening. Hop down and enter the opened door for SECRET #1 and a large medipack.  Return to the pool room and jump to the other wide passage.  This time, jump onto the slope at the end so that you slide backwards and grab the edge. Shimmy left until you can pull up into an alcove.  Reverse roll and jump to grab the far ledge. Pull up and use Another Key in the lock.  The door to your left opens, so jump there and pull down the wall switch at the end of the passage.


Drop down into the water and swim through the opening in the corner. Pull out in the next room, go up the steps and pull up into the open doorway in the corner. Follow the passage, jump to the ledge and swim back to the pool room.  Go to the wide passage with the steps in the back corner and find that the next room is now flooded.  Swim across and pull up into the opening in the far wall. Follow to a series of ledges encircling the pool room.  Jump around in a clockwise direction and pull down the wall switch in the passage at the far end.


Jump down to the pool room and exit through the small opening as opposed to either of the wide passages. Go up the stairs and loop around left to find the open doorway.  Go through a passage lined with columns and come to a coliseum-like area.  Climb down to the floor and shoot three lions.  In the passage opposite the large structure you'll come to a closed gate.  Use the nearby block to pull up into a passage that takes you to the area beyond the closed gate.  Get the large medipack at the far end next to another closed gate and return to the coliseum.


Beyond the large structure is another opening. Go up the steps and find a timed wall switch that opens a cage containing two lions.  Step on the omega tile to open, first, the door to the adjacent cage (with one lion) and second, the door to the cage you're in.  So you have to be quick. Step on the omega tile in the second cage to open a third cage containing another lion. Jump into the water and swim up into that large coliseum structure.  You'll find A KEY on a plinth in the corner.  Jump the ledges toward a closed door in the corner.  Continue around to the left to find a wall switch in the next corner.


Get back up to where you found A Key (I had to repeat the omega tile exercise) to find that a trap door has lowered in the alcove next to the plinth.   Drop down and approach the door that opens automatically.  Enter a room riddled with swords of Damocles.  Trigger them if you wish, then locate and pull two wall switches that open the exit door. Drop down into a passage with two lions, grab the large medipack and pull down the wall switch. Return to the Damocles room, loop around left and exit up the ramp.


That door at the far corner of the coliseum is now open, so go there and follow to the Midas room for SECRET #2.  Get down and find a large medipack near the golden hand. Return to the coliseum and repeat the omega tile exercise to get back to the other side of the grandstand where you first entered. Go through the column-lined passage and jump into the water when you emerge back in the open area. Swim through the opening, follow the passage and pull out at the end.  Pull up into the higher opening and run forward to insert A Key in the keyhole.  In the next area shoot a crocodile, jump into the water and pull up onto a nearby ledge for a large medipack.


Swim into the next area, pull out and engage a centaur. Jump back into the water and locate a small triangular opening beneath the structure. Swim in and up to find an underwater lever. Pull it and get back up to the structure, where the door is now open. Shoot another centaur and enter the structure. Before approaching the central plinth, locate the pushblock and pull it two times. Use it to climb to the upper ledge and pull down the wall switch to open the door below. Get down and enter the room for SECRET #3.  Grab a large medipack and 2 x small medipack, return to the first room and take the SCION from the plinth. Lara appears with guns blazing, so all you can do is fire back.  When she dies and you run back toward the plinth, the level ends.




I wondered what Bacon Lara was all about before I made this selection.  It becomes clear when you start this level. (Reminded me of ET with a bad sunburn.) Begin by picking up 2 x effective ammo near one wall (effective for what will undoubtedly be revealed in due time, as you have no weapons at the moment) and in the hole created by the Natla crates against the other wall.  Go through the opening to a lava room.  Climb the block to your left and jump to grab the slightly higher block.  Turn right and jump to the ledge, hop to the adjacent ledge and jump across to the far ledge. Climb on the block and jump back across to a higher block.


Pull up, jump across and find the pushblock.  Pull it once, and since you can't shimmy past it, climb over it and grab the effective ammo on the ledge.  Turn around and push the block to the far end of the ledge.  Get up on it and jump over the egg sac to the crack in the wall.  Shimmy left until you can pull up. Follow the passage.  Whenever you step on an ornate tile you trigger a set of teeth doors, so make your way carefully past them until you reach a room overlooking the lava lake. Go through the opening in the opposite wall and pick up the small medipack at the end of the ledge.


Jump two pillars to reach the dark opening. Follow the passage to a wall switch, pull it down and return. The pillars have changed position, so jump them to the opening in the far left corner, step on the breaktile and hop back while it crumbles, then safety drop to the passage below.  Go up the ramp toward the suspended boulder and grab the effective ammo.  Run back down, stand in front of the wall switch and save your game.  When you pull it down the boulder is released.  I didn't have time to hang from the edge and shimmy right along the crack, so I just jumped out slightly to the right with the action key depressed to avoid the pursuing boulder.


Jump into the central pool and swim along the side passage to a room filled with TNT crates. Follow the next passage to another lava room. Jump to the corner ledge and shimmy along the crack in the wall until you can drop down for some effective ammo.  Turn around, jump to the block and jump down to the ledge for a small medipack. Jump across the lava to an alcove and shimmy right along the crack to pull up into another alcove.  Pull down the wall switch and retrace your steps to return to the passage.


Changes have taken place in the TNT crate room. Go through the opening and up the stairs. Pull up higher, turn around and jump to the ledge. Hop over the gap and turn around to find a wall switch in the alcove.  Pull it down to open the door to your right.  Enter to face a pillar-jumping challenge. With your back to the wall, jump to the first slope and take two successive jumps off the next slopes to land on a safe block. Pull up into the opening and find a wall switch. When you return you find that a walkway has been created to lead you safely back. Turn left and pull the block back three times. Climb over it and push it until it falls through the floor opening. Hop down after it and push it under the wall switch.  Get up on the block and pull down the switch to open a door up above.


Get back up there the same way you did before and find the open doorway. Go in, back flip onto the slope and jump off to grab the higher ledge.  Pull up and find yourself in an upper passage.  Follow to a larger room where the camera angle changes. Lara is firing at you from your left, but you have no weapons to retaliate.  Run forward and pull down two wall switches to open the doors between them.  Grab the nearby effective ammo and run down the stairs to a wall switch.  Pull it and continue down the stairs into a lower room.  Turn left into the passage and take two standjumps to pick up effective ammo. Take another standjump forward for a large medipack. Lara will do her best to push you off a ledge into the lava, so elude her as best you can while making your way to the passage to the left of the large medipack alcove.


This passage is lined with teeth door traps, so make your way through carefully (Lara will try to push you into the teeth doors, too) and follow the glass-paneled walkway in the next room to another room where you'll find 2 x effective ammo.  Safety drop through the central hole and Lara won't follow.  Follow the intestinal passage to a larger room that has the look of trouble. Hop down and run to the far end. So far so good.  Look to your left and right for wall switches and pull them both down. Go through the opened door into a throne room of sorts and take 3 x effective ammo from the plinth on the right and AN EFFECTIVE WEAPON (finally) from the plinth on the left. 


A nearby gate opens, so go through the passage and hop slightly left to the first ledge in the lava.  Jump to the sloped ledge ahead, which is stable. Jump to the larger ledge and take shelter while two boulders come rumbling down on either side. Go up the steps, turn left and jump over the lava for more effective ammo. Jump back, then jump forward and pull up twice.  Take a running jump to your left and quickly hop forward to the opening as another boulder is triggered.


Turn right, walk forward and take a running jump to a flat spot. Turn left and walk down for a small medipack. Take a running jump a bit to your right across the lava to a flat spot, then turn and take another running jump a bit to your left across the lava to another flat spot. Go up the ramp into a passage, pick up the effective ammo and pull down the wall switch to open a door. Go up the stairs, but watch out for the teeth doors. At the end you come to a closed door, which means that the wall switch must have been timed.  Go back and try again, getting up the steps as fast as possible.  It's not really that hard.  When you get past the timed door, you'll come to a boulder gauntlet with a breaktile passage.  I triggered the first boulder and stepped on the first breaktile before hopping back to safety.  If that should happen to you, reload from a savegame and try again.  You need to start with a clean slate.  When you're able to do so, save your game.


The trick is to run along the breaktiles, starting left and weaving back and forth until you reach the other side.  Don't attempt to jump the slopes, as that's just a waste of time.  You should be able to get across in just a few tries.  Save your game again when you get across safely. Run down the stairs and around the corner as a door opens in front of you.  Don't stop, but run forward through the doorway as a boulder pursues you and turn right once inside.


Uh, oh, Lara is here again.  But this time you have armament.  Draw your Effective Weapon, don't wait for her to jump across to you but jump over to meet her. You should now have 100 rounds of effective ammo and 30 rounds of very very effective (explosive) ammo in your inventory.  There's 2 x very very effective ammo on the ledge where Lara appeared. You'll use up a great deal of it before Lara explodes to end the level.




Drop down onto a platform surrounded by lava. Your only options right now are to save or reload a game.  No weapons, no medipacks, no flares, no nothing.  Face the wall and drop down to your right to face a passage.  Follow to a lava room.  Hop onto the first slope, slide and jump three times and grab a block.  Pull up and follow to a water-filled trench.  Beware of teeth door traps ahead. Get past two of them and come to an open area. 


Explore the water for 2 x small medipack and 2 x very very effective ammo. Climb back out, and with your back against the black wall jump to the flat square ahead.  Immediately jump to the next square to your right and back flip to the first one as two boulders rumble by. Jump up to the nearby square high against the wall.  Take a running jump toward the spike-trapped hole, slide and jump over it onto the block.  Jump to the next square to trigger another boulder, reverse roll and jump back to the block. The penultimate square does not trigger a boulder, but the last square does. Jump to slide down to the ornate block to trigger one final boulder.  I just jumped into the water and made my way back across without having to worry about more boulders. 


Jump across to the ledge, note the closed door to your left and make your way along the blocks to your right until you reach the timed wall switch.  Pull it down to open that door behind you and hurry back there before it closes.  Come to a lava room, time your jumps over the two spike tiles and enter the passage. Follow to a wall switch that opens the door to your right. 


Enter a large subterranean area.  There's a closed door immediately to your left, and a central structure with a closed door in each face.  Climb the block near the closed door at the entrance for a small medipack.  Continue climbing and find a passage that brings you to a wall switch.  Pull it down to open a door in the parallel passage ahead.  Loop around left to find a pushblock.  Move it into the passage and push it forward as far as you can.  Hop back a few times, jump to grab the crack and shimmy around to the parallel passage.  Drop down, go to the pushblock and pull it back twice.  Go back around to the left, jump over the lava and go push the block once.  Go back around to the right, jump over the lava and pull the block twice.  Go back around, push the block where the wall switch is and go back around one more time.  Use the crack to shimmy around to the pushblock and go pull down the now-accessible wall switch to your right.  A door opens in the central structure in the large room.


Shimmy back around and go there.  The opened door is on the other side of the structure. Enter and trigger a teeth door trap. Get past it and find a plinth with a large medipack. If you try to take it, however, you're crushed by a falling boulder, so there must be something else to do first.  Exit and run forward and slightly right toward the wall. Climb the low block and pull up right.  Turn around and start jumping the blocks and ledges in a counterclockwise direction until you reach a ledge from which you can jump to the second story of the central structure.


Step forward and take the very very effective ammo from the plinth. Continue forward and jump to the ledge in the far wall.  Pull up and go slightly left, pull up higher and make your way around this area in a clockwise direction this time. Be careful of the slopes that will send you sliding down to your death, and jump only to the flat surfaces.  You'll eventually reach an opening in the wall.  Drop down into the passage and pull down the wall switch. Get back to the ledge and you can see that the door in the central structure at ground level on this side is now open.


Don't go down yet, however.  Continue going in a clockwise direction around the corner, pull up higher and find a trench.  Drop into it and follow around the next corner until you come to another opening in the wall.  Follow to a teeth door trap and go to the end for very very effective ammo and a large medipack. Push the block to your right, go around and pull it once.  Get on the pushblock to climb higher and find a wall switch.  Pull it down to open the door to the next room.  Enter and find another wall switch to pull.  Exit this area, go back the way you came and take a series of safety drops down to the ground.


To orient yourself, locate the closed door in the wall near the corner. Standing in front of it, enter the open doorway in the central structure to your left. Get past the teeth doors and take the ATLANTEAN KEY 1 from the plinth.  Exit, turn left and go to the next open door in the central structure.  You'll trigger two teeth door traps this time.  Negotiate the one on your left to find ATLANTEAN KEY 2 on the plinth.  There's nothing past the other teeth doors, so exit. The fourth door in the central structure is still closed, so locate the low block in the wall and make your way around in a counterclockwise direction once more.


When you reach the far ledge, jump across to the second story of the central structure, go across and jump to the ledge on the far side. Go to your left, but instead of climbing up continue to the corner and drop down into a hole. Follow the passage to a large medipack on your left. Going up the ramp will of course trigger a boulder, so hop up backwards a couple of times and sprint down and left to avoid it. Go all the way up the ramp, get the small medipack on your right and repeat the exercise to avoid the next boulder.  At the top of the second ramp is a wall switch to pull.


Get back down to the ground.  The fourth door of the central structure, the one on this side where you now are, is open, so get by the teeth door trap inside and take ATLANTEAN KEY 3 from the plinth.  Exit, run to the short block in the wall and make your way around again in a counterclockwise direction, jump to the second story of the central structure, go across and jump to the far ledge, climb the blocks and continue clockwise as you did earlier, around several corners and past the trench, and finally you'll come to a lone pillar near the corner. Hop to it and jump to the next ledge.  You'll come to a crack in the wall.  Hang and shimmy right until you can pull up.  Hop to the adjacent ledge and watch out for the two teeth door traps in the little alley ahead.  From the end of the incomplete bridge jump to the third story of the central structure.


Use your three Atlantean Keys in the block to open a nearby door. In the next room there's a pushblock in the far right corner (looks like all the rest of the blocks). Pull it out, get on it and climb onto the nearest trophy cage.  Jump around to the opposite corner and pull up into the opening. Go around the corner to a ramp.  Of course, there's a hidden boulder that will be triggered as you run down, so start with a running jump and sprint the rest of the way as the boulder follows, turning aside at the bottom. Follow the passage to a door that opens upon your approach and an apparatus inside starts spinning. 


Go to your right and another door opens upon your approach. Run halfway across the glass bridge toward the closed door and look to your right for a block you can jump down to (using the action key to glide into the opening).  Drop down to the floor and locate the wall switches at either end of the room that open a door down here. Enter to pick up the EFFECTIVE WEAPON and open the door you saw above.  Gather up 6 x very very effective ammo and the small medipack, then find and pull back the pushblock. Move it outside this room and over the bridge in the lava room so you can use it to climb back out of here.


Jump to the glass bridge and go through the opened doorway. Follow the long passage and watch out for two teeth door traps. When you come to a room filled with Natla crates, look around for a large medipack and 5 x very very effective ammo before entering the passage on the other side.  In the next room is a gauntlet of swinging blades and a rolling boulder down below. Jump the ledges in a clockwise direction until you reach a wall switch that opens a door (but not the one you passed on the way).   


Go back, and just past the closed door drop down onto a block and go down the stairs to the bottom.  Find the opened door and go on through to trigger more swinging blades.  Get past them, one set at a time, and pull down the wall switch. Exit, go back up the stairs, jump to the glass ledge, climb the block and run off the other side to land on a glass ledge in the corner.  Turn left and jump to the next glass ledge, vault up into the alcove and pull down the wall switch.

Drop down to the floor, go to the stairs and find an open door there.  Pull up inside to find another wall switch. Pull it down, continue up the stairs, to the glass ledge and block, and find that the higher door is now open to reveal yet another wall switch that opens another door down at floor level.


Go down, enter the opened doorway, hop over the gap and immediately crouch down to avoid the boulder. Climb up the ramp and pull down the wall switch to retract some spikes and open a door near the rolling boulder above. Exit, go up the stairs and to the block, jump to the ledge with the swinging blade and go to the other end.  Save your game. When the boulder below starts rolling away from you, hop down and take a running jump to grab the ledge slightly to your right. Pull up, run forward and pull down the wall switch to open the last doors down at floor level. Safety drop from the ledge, go to the opened doorway and pick up the very very effective ammo as the doors close behind you. Lara appears as you step forward, so draw your Effective Weapon and start making use of all that explosive ammo you've collected.  When Lara dies and you take a step in any direction, the level ends.




You start underwater and the current drags you slightly forward.  You appear to be equipped with gills, so running out of air is not a concern.  Check your inventory and verify that you have the Magnums with unlimited ammo and An Effective Weapon (in this case, a harpoon gun) with 100 harpoons.  Swim down and through the narrow opening to emerge in a much larger area with a submerged sphinx.  Draw your harpoon gun and deal with the welcoming committee of two crocodiles.  There are 8 harpoon pickups scattered about on the sandy floor. 


From the entrance, facing the sphinx, turn right and go through the opening, down the steps past a closed gate into a room with a strong current.  If you venture too far into the middle of the room you'll be drawn into deadly spikes.  Stick close to the walls as you make your way to the far corners.  Pull an underwater lever in each corner alcove, return to the entrance and swim straight forward between the spiked walls to an opened door.


Swim past two giant cigar cutters and pull a third underwater lever. Swim straight back through the entrance to the sphinx room. Swim behind the sphinx to find a gated passage.  The first of several gates is open, so your task is to open the rest of them. There's a small medipack on the right shoulder of the sphinx, another small medipack on top of its head, and still another small medipack on one of the flat wall ledges.  Swim into the opening directly opposite from the opening leading to the giant cigar cutters. When the camera view changes, swim rapidly forward as a boulder comes rolling toward you from behind.  If you reach the far wall, you're safe, as the boulder will drop down into a hole behind you.


Swim down into a room with one of those giant rotating blades. Avoid the blades, as well as the side room with an upright casket down below (it's a magnetized spike trap). Next to that room is a dormant thumper that will nevertheless kill you if you swim into it. Across from the spiked room is a closed gate with a crocodile waiting patiently on the other side.  Swim into the remaining opening past the columns into a spiked area.  This is the first of several traps ahead, so save your game now. 


Swim into the next room to activate the spike walls, turn left and swim quickly to the far wall.  Pull the underwater lever to open the gate you just passed, flip turn and quickly swim inside to your right just ahead of the advancing spike wall.  You need to swim down the middle of the next room, fighting a current to keep yourself from being drawn into the spikes on either side. Turn the corner to your right and face the first of two boulders. Swim into the left alcove to avoid the first boulder, and into the right alcove to avoid the second one. Swim up the shaft and come to a ramped opening. Swim down and pull the underwater lever to open the gate above you. Look to your left before leaving to spot another underwater lever.


Exit to the sphinx room, swim diagonally across to find an opened gate. Swim inside, dispatch the crocodile you saw earlier (there's another one still trapped here) and enter one of the two ornate openings, swim down the shaft and pick up a large medipack.  Return, swim into the other passage to trigger a giant cigar cutter, and loop around past a fixed camera to a room with a timed underwater lever. Pull it and swim quickly back through the giant cigar cutter. In the previous room, swim up and through the timed gateway. Pick up 2 x harpoons.  The underwater lever around the corner is a timed one, the one next to the harpoons re-opens this gate (you will need to pull it twice).  Then, pull the timed lever and swim across the room to the other timed gate.


First, pull the first underwater lever twice to re-open the gate.  Then pull the other (timed) underwater lever, flip turn and swim out and to the right into the next timed gate.  Swim to your right into the alcove as the spiked wall passes.  Pull the underwater lever twice to re-open the gate, then swim to the end of the passage and pull the underwater lever there (not timed) to open a second gate in the sphinx room passage.  Exit to the sphinx room.  From the entrance, facing the sphinx, swim back into the first opening on the left and down past the rotating blades.


Swim close to that thumper I warned you about earlier, to activate it.  Save your game, then swim past the thumper as it's going up, then the second thumper.  Pull down the underwater lever at the end and return. In the former room, swim forward and up as a spike wall comes toward you.  Swim down and continue forward past the columns.  As you leave a gate forms behind you. Turn right and swim through the opening in the wall.  Face a gauntlet of swinging blades and time your way past all three sets. Pull the underwater lever to your left and go back (the blades have stopped swinging). On the way back, look for another underwater lever in the second alcove to your left.


Back in the passage, turn left in front of the underwater lever and swim carefully, fighting the current, past the spikes and follow a familiar route back to the sphinx room.  Swim up to the ceiling and find an open trap door in the head of the sphinx.  Pull the underwater lever there to open the last gate in the passage behind the sphinx.  Swim down there and enter the passage.  You can see the spikes ahead, so beware. Swim down and quickly pull two underwater levers.  This opens the gate and allows you to escape the descending spike ceiling.  Shoot two crocodiles in the next room, then pick up the now worthless 5 x harpoons and a small medipack. Take whatever is perched atop the central plinth to end the level.