BtB 2016 - 9 - In Search of Immortality.

Level by BtB 2016.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

5 Secrets.

Lara slides down the sand dunes and when she is down, start shooting the scorpions. Now you have to shoot both stars in the moon/star objects next to the door. Backflip to the sand dunes and shoot them. Go to the door and turn right, jump over the slope to get into the opening you just opened. Use the lever to open the doors outside.

For a Secret: Behind the vase left of the exit is a lever, use it to open an underwater door.

Go back into the exit and find a crack on the left (W) and use it to get higher and back to the outdoors.  

The Fountain Square.

Get in and watch the flyby.

Loop around left and crouch down in the plants there for Secret #1, the Shotgun, grab again for Shotgun ammo.

First Doors, W:

Jump into the pool around the fountain and find a small crack in the NE corner. Swim through and up at the end, get the Shotgun and Uzi ammo, use the lever on the wall and get a camera-shot of a door.

Go back to the water, dive in and get Secret #2, 2x Persian Light Sticks and Barbari Bread from behind the door (S) you opened with the lever in the first room.

Swim back through the narrow tunnel to the fountain and get into the door (W) that opened. Another flyby shows you where to go.

Climb the block in the NW corner, pick up Persian Light Sticks, Turn E and start jumping the blocks against the walls. There is a crack in the W wall, grab it and shimmy to the right and just before you hang over that corner block, back jump. Turn and grab the edge of the floor above and hoist up. Turn around and find that jump lever on the left by the hanging plants in the middle of the room. You'll fall down in the puddle, get out quick and kill the snake. Get climbing again to the floor above you where the doors opened.

Prepare to fight two guards when you go in, go to the SE corner and find a jump lever behind the plant there, and open a door with it. Then open the door (W), get up the one of the slopes and through the door there. Use the floor lever and both wooden gates left and right open.

N Side.

Don’t go in too far as there is a sliding floor, spikes and burning tiles in there. Stand left at the first slide floor, slide straight and then almost at the end jump to the left to the second tile, almost at the end jump to the right so you can slide to the lever at the wall (N) and get a screen of a block in the floor.

Pick up a Full Survival Kit and Barbari Bread from the pedestal on the right, the left one has 2x Uzi ammo. To get back you can use those Spike tiles as the first one along the E wall is now disabled, when you jump to it, the next one will disable and so forth. So jump to the one against the wall, next SW, SW again and then you can run jump to the exit. Go back to the room with the lever.

S side:

Look up and see those almost invisible ledges and also dark tiles on the ceiling, the tiles under the dark tiles are the safe ones. So jump straight and then jump to the second one on the left. Then a running jump (plus grab at the last second) to the middle one in the last row, in front of the lever you have to get to. Go use the lever and Left pedestal has Persian Light Sticks and the Shotgun, right one has 2 x Barbari Bread. Flip the lever and see the tile in the previous room going down.

For a change you can use the transparent ledges op in the room to get back, grab up to the first and jump towards the exit, just run off with Ctrl.

Back at the floor lever go left down the slopes, out the door to the room with the lowered block. Climb down the ladder, and down some steps and push the button to open a set of doors, and make your way back up.

The Hourglass.

Go through the now open doors (N), go down the steps and jump into the lake. Turn around and pull up at a ledge S and shoot the snakes.

First swim SE through a small passage and at the end get out and get Secret #3, Uzis and 3x Uzi clips. Get back to the large pool.

Then swim into the opening at the other side (N) and follow this winding tunnel to a huge underwater cave. You can catch air at the top in the middle.

Dive down to the bottom and swim into a small gap in the SE corner and find a ceiling lever in there. Swim out and the gate in the N wall opened. Get in and pick up the Hourglass. The entrance to the big cave closes up. Roll and swim out and catch some breath. Then swim to the W wall and the gate there is open, use the underwater lever and you see that the exit is open again. Swim out and go right to the exit and swim back through that winding tunnel. Climb up S (SE) and go to the right and walk up to the highest point, stand jump and grab the ledge W. Walk to the left (N) and grab up to the ledge above, jump to the one N and from the other side run off to the ledge below. Turn right and jump along the ledges to the NE corner, to the right and grab up. 

Now you can go straight to get back to the building again. Two leopards are frolicking around, poor animals. Go through the room with the lowered block and two Bandits attack. Jump to those hanging plants and safety drop down into the pool. Go out (E) to the Fountain Square.

The Markets, Ornate Key.

Go straight into the doors you opened a while back to a market place. Find 2 x Persian Light Sticks on the right near the guy turn around and shoot a vase on a small table and grab the Dagger of Time. For a Secret: Follow through to a small park, go left and climb up the orange vines on the wall and get off on the left. Open the door with the Dagger of Time. Get the Iranian Coins (screenshot) and the Assyrian Credit Roll from the table, as well as the Uzi clips and 2x Persian Light sticks.

Examine: Did you see that woman near the kebab maker? You should give her some coins. To do that stay some steps back from her and you will be able to give her coins.

Drop down and back to the market, to the kebab stand (stand two steps back of the woman) and give her the coins. She will give you the Flatbread Kebab (grab it from her hands).

Go back towards the park and find a flute player in the dark to the right he wants that Flatbread Kebab. Get into the rope (just press Ctrl) up a bit and backflip in the open door (buggy). On the pedestal are the Ornate Key and 2x Uzi ammo.

Turn around and crawl in the NE corner for Secret #4, the EnKiDu. Crawl out.

Iron Key.

Get out of the room to the market, go to a woman standing near the park on the left, she has an Iron Key for you.

The Mosque, a Persian Simitar.

Go through the park and up the white steps to the gate E and use those Keys left and right. Go in and left around to a jump lever up N in the NW corner, you’ll get a screen of a woman with an oil lamp. Go back out to the market and at the next corner to the woman right, grab Aladdin’s Lamp. Ignite it at the wall scone on the opposite corner and return to the Mosque.

N Side: Timed platforms.

Ignite the two scones next to the N gate, leave the Lamp so you can find it again and go in. To the right behind the vase is a closed crawlspace. 

Shoot the critters and go to a Timed lever under the left hand arch, pull, run to the back and get onto the platform (NW), roll and run jump to grab the arch, use the lever up there and get a screen of trapdoors. Get down and do the same at the Timed lever at other side and trapdoors go up S, jump there from the arch and get up to the lever which will open the first of two gates in the back of the Mosque.

Look behind the vase left (SE) and use the lever to open that crawlspace below. Drop down to the ground floor and get into the crawlspace behind the vase for Secret #5, a Desert Rose.

S Side:

Go back into the Mosque, get the oil lamp and ignite the two scones at the S gate, drop the oil lamp. Go through to a courtyard with 4 levers on the back wall, from left to right use 1, 3 and 4 and all blocks go down in the passage. Go through and use the lever to open that second gate in the Mosque.

In the left and right corners are two pushable objects, move those across the room onto the tiles there and the exit opens up again.

Go back to the Mosque and through the gate on the right (E), grab the Simitar Grip and Blade, combine them into the Persian Simitar. Make your way back along the Park and market to Fountain Square and open the doors N by placing the Hourglass and Sword.

Go in and up the steps, pick up a Plant of Immortality and a Persian Light Sticks. So run to the desert ahead, but you’re not done yet, they don’t want you to leave with immortality. Shoot the Demigod and then the Hammer guy while dodging those lava pits. The gate opens, go through to a Garden. 

Grab a crack SE go left and jump up, left again and back jump onto a sloped block, grab the edge and go left around. Pull up and back flip with roll to grab another crack, go left and back flip onto a Spike ledge. Just run quick before the spikes pop and around the corner to the end, jump a bit to the right and grab the crack in the wall ahead, go right to the niche.

Hang from the crack, go left, the crack goes up and then down again, at the lower point, back jump and you should hit a slanted block. Just keep jumping till you can grab another crack in the opposite corner of the room. Shimmy to the right and then jump up into the niche.

Turn around and run jump to grab that white crumble tile E. Hang right, pull up and turning left run jump a bit against the wall so you’ll veer off while you turn right, this way the running jump around the corner will be easier, jump to the next and then to the corner ledge. Jump and grab to the next. Now just stand jump and grabs to the last of the tiles, turn left and grab up to the niche  

Jump and grab the ledge with the Gazebo and climb up.

N Side:  The Ruby Key.

The window grates in the ceiling mark the transparent ledges you have use to jump around the room and get the Ruby Key. Jump back as you came and to the Gazebo.  

S Side:  The Unicorn Key.

Jump via all of the red ledges to the door S and it will open up, jump in and grab the Unicorn Key. Go back to the gazebo (just run through) and use those Keys at the door on the right (E).

Spike Ledges.

Go in and hop to the ledge, a spike ledge right de-activates. Face N and back flip to that ledge so you can see which one is next, jump there via the safe ledge and a back flip onto the spike ledge to spot the next. Jump onto that one with a roll so you see the next one pop up, go on like this till you are on the one under the niche E, climb up. Turn around and run jump to grab the ledge straight ahead (covered with plants). Pull up and immediately hop back grabbing the edge… Turn left and jump to that ledge S, grab the edge again as another boulder comes down.

Now pull up and grab the crack, go all the way right and back jump onto a balcony with spike traps, just sprint along the ledge around corners and the last tile the spikes take their time a bit to pop up, so jump up and pull into a niche. Turn around, jump the slopes all the way across to another niche… Roll and run jump a bit to the left to grab the thin ledge… Shoot the Creature.

You conquered Evil and are now free to leave.