Palace of the Four Kings

Level by Dondilinger (Mojo) (December, 2000)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

south to pick up a crowbar from the floor. Pull down a jump switch to the right of the door to open the door. Dive into the water and pick up a large medipack and the crossbow from the middle ledges. Then dive to the bottom and go to the east end to pull open an underwater door. You may need to go back for air before entering the submerged room. Swim into the submerged room and swim to the upper south-east corner to surface and pull up into a room. Pick up red shotgun shells and the shotgun. Use the reach-in switch on the south wall and get a cut scene that shows that the submerged room is now dry. Safety drop to the floor and use the crowbar to open the door in the north wall. Enter the door to pick up the laser sight and dive into the water hole. Swim down the tunnel and get a flyby of the throne room. When the flyby is done, pull up to the first ledge for air. Dive back in and swim around the room. At the west wall you can pick up red shotgun shells. At the north wall you can pick up crossbow normal ammo. At the east wall is a small medipack. At the south wall you see a crawl space for later.


Swim and pull up onto the south ledge. Try to stay away from the middle of the room for now. Shoot the two skeletons into the water. Use the crowbar to open the door in the west wall. Enter and go up a ramp and drop into a dark corridor. Watch out for the spike trap in the red-blue structure spanning the room. Run and jump into the pink water. Wade to the other side and pull up before the pink water catches fire. Jump another spike trap and enter a room. Also at this point, a block has risen in the deadly water so that you can return. Enter the room and get two large medipacks and two crossbow explosive ammo from the west wall coffins. Only use the south-east wall coffin for the Mechanical Scarab and Winding Key. Do not touch the north-east coffin. It contains the same items but you can only carry one set of them at a time. Remember where they are for later, just in case. Use the crowbar to pry two black beetles from the east and west walls. Exit the room and use the block to jump the burning pink water and get back to the south ledge.


Use the crowbar to open the door in the east wall. Combine the Mechanical Scarab and Winding Key to trigger the spikes. Do not forget to pick it up at the other side. Shoot the boxes for a small medipack, crossbow explosive ammo, and blue shotgun shells. Enter the next room and the camera view changes. You can climb the wall on the big green structure. At the top, use a monkey swing to get into a tunnel in the north wall. Do not slide down the tunnel to a spike trap. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the far end. Release and drop to grab a crawl space in the pitch-black darkness. At the end of the crawl space, stand up and use a climbable wall to climb up into a room. Follow the only exit into a tunnel. You emerge on a ledge over a deep pit. Go north and you can climb down the east wall, run across the pit, and climb the west wall to the other side. Or you can drop, grab the edge, and shimmy left along the wall to the other side.


Go south into a room and run a series of scissor traps. In the middle section, pick up red shotgun shells and a large medipack. At the end, use the reach-in switch and a block drops in the upper south-east corner. Pull up into a hole and enter a large room and get a flyby showing black beetle items in a water filled room. Enter the room run around the top ledges and kill a harpy. Go to the south-west corner and light a flare to look for a crawl space. Follow the crawl space to a box that you shoot and pick up the Music Scroll. Then exit back to the top ledges. Safety drop to the ground floor. Approach the bars and two skeletons awake from the floor. Destroy them but do not get too close to the bars. You can go through them and into the water beyond. Look for a water hole just south-west of the fountain. Swim to the end for red shotgun shells that you can seem to pick up. Surface in that area and you are on the other side of the room that you left. Shoot a box for a large medipack.


Run east and see a receptacle and a tunnel. Run north to see a receptacle and a room. Go west to shoot the boxes for grenade normal ammo and the grenade gun. Go back to the room and use the Music Scroll to open the door. Enter the room and shoot two boxes for the Horseman's Gem and the Pharos Knot. Pry the black beetle from the wall and exit the room. Use the Pharos Knot in the receptacle and run south past an open doorway. Run south to use the Horseman's Gem in a receptacle. Then go back to the open doorway. Enter the room and pick up red shotgun shells and grenade normal ammo from the side ledges. Enter the east alcove to pull down a jump switch. You get a cut scene showing that the room with the beetles is dry and the bars are gone.


First go south and enter the tunnel by the horseman's Gem. Just follow the simple maze and jump up into an alcove with a beetle and save the game. Pry the black beetle off the wall and the room color changes to red. Beetles pour out of the wall and the maze is changed a lot. Jump over blocks and work your way to a deep pit. Run and jump the pit as the beetles fall into it. Pull up the other side and you are back at the entrance tunnel. Go back to the Horseman's Gem and run west to the water tunnel. Swim back to the room and pry the four black beetles off the wall. You should now have eight of them. Dive into the water and into the crawl space at the north-west corner. Dive down for blue shotgun shells. Then just follow the tunnel back to the throne room.


Use four black beetles on the south pyramid. Enter it and pick up the Ornate Handle. As you go north and step on the platform, a Lara statue appears in a spiral and a harpy attacks. Kill the harpy but be careful because you also damage yourself if you shoot at the statue. Use four black beetles on the north pyramid. Enter it and pick up the Hathor Effigy. Go to the north-east corner and see a hole. Climb down the ladders into the room below. Use the Mechanical Scarab to trigger the spikes in the east tunnel. Go down the tunnel and enter a room. Make the Portal Guardian and use it to open the door. Enter the door and slide down and the level ends.