BtB 2016 - 6 - The Temple of the Venerables.

Level by BtB 2016.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Secrets: 4

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder

Iraq, somewhere under the Uruk ruins.

Check the ledges right and left for a Shotgun, Shotgun ammo, Barbari Bread (small medipack) and Persian Light Sticks. Go down the stairs (N) and shoot the incoming critters to the left is more Barbari Bread, then go back and to the right hand side (E), grab Uzi clips while moving blocks start up. Jump through the first, look left around the corner behind the block and spot the opening up there, run jump behind the block into that opening, to the right is Shotgun ammo, to the left a Full Survival Kit (Medipack). In the back is a lever, raising a block in another room. For a Secret later, look up at the crossing and you値l see a trapdoor (need a Crowbar first).

Get back, jump out left and get through the last block, a Magnum on the floor just around the corner and to the W a Full Survival Kit (Medipack). Go down the stairs and come to the room where that Golden block went up.

Underwater Lever puzzle, the Energy Rod.

Pull out that cage in the left wall twice. Go behind it and into a room with a trapdoor. Open it at the handle, make a save and swim through the tunnel and come to a large room with pillars. Up in the corners are air pockets and on the pillars are 8 UW levers. In 3 of the walls are large doors, surrounded by symbol tiles. Each tile represents one of the UW levers, so make a note of each wall without pulling any of the levers yet (see UW-levers.jpg).

N: when facing the wall those tiles should represent the lever on the S pillar (7) and the one at the entrance E (5). The door in the N wall opens. Go there and use the UW ceiling lever.

W: the levers are, N(3) and SE(6), go use that ceiling lever W.

S: The levers are W(1) and NE(4), go use that ceiling lever S.

If you want to just pull the correct levers in one go, use all except 2(NW) and 8(SW).


A trapdoor opened in the ceiling inside the central pillars, you can enter through an opening down at the NW corner, and swim up through that trapdoor. Shoot a Demigod up there and find the Uzis in the NE corner, the Energy Rod in the SE corner. Swim back down, pick up the Desert Rose from the bottom and swim into the lever room, out through the tunnel E and up to get back to the room with the Golden block. Climb the cage you pulled from the wall and get up to the walkway above. There is another cage in the wall (S), pull it out and aside (only possible if you visited that passage behind the moving block at the start). Notice the receptacle in the NE corner.

Lava and Spikes, the Conductor Case.

Go into the passage where the cage was, down the ladder to a Cave with lava and spikes on pillars. There are 5 levers to lower those spikes. From left (W) to right (E), you need to use 1/2/5 to lower all of them. Jump the pillars minding the low ceiling and the burners and when you hit the fore last one, save! Because when you jump to the last pillar, a platform goes up left, those platforms are Timed! The lever will raise two more platforms. So you値l have to time the burner, go use the lever and jump to the corner and then to the right to grab that opening in the wall (savegame.0).

Right around the corner is a lever, use that to lower a block in the exit, first go there (N) before you pick up the artifact. The opened exit is behind you. Now go back into the room and save before you pick up the Conductor Case from the pedestal. A Wraith shows up, so hurry out the exit N, jump over the pillars again, because a door near a lava waterfall is now open. Enter it and run into the pool to get rid of the Wraith. Back over the pillars and to the levers N, right into the passage and up the ladder to the room with the Golden block.

The Dagger of Time (Crowbar).

Go to the corner (NE) where that receptacle is and combine Conductor with the Energy Rod to create a Baghdad Battery. Place that in the receptacle. A block lowers in the wall below (N), get in there and follow through to a room on the left where you値l find the Dagger of Time, Barbari Bread, a Laser Sight and an Assyrian Credit Roll.


No one on Earth or from other worlds should use the Time-Twister, because it could change Time and this could bring around Time paradoxes and they could bring around the collapse of the whole Universe! I'm not joking!

(I'll add a real joke after, so you can realize the difference). Sincerely yours

Chodor Owt.

PS-Only the second and the last guardian (from the left) keep the door's keys.

Don't use Venerables' Time-Twister and prevent anyone else

using it!!! Or the last thing you'll see will be a Time and Space collapse!


Back in the passage, the door left opened up.

Secret Detour: Go back down the stairs to the room with the Golden Block, right and up the stairs to the place with the moving blocks. Go to the right hand side and look left, behind the first block. There is an opening up in the back, so run and jump to get in there. Turn around and Look up to spot a jump lever. When you use, it you値l hear a trapdoor opening. Jump out to the right, right around corners to the E side and jump in the passage behind the second moving block and find that hatch open. Face E and jump up to grab a crack, jump up again (Alt). In the room above you値l find Secret #1, the Jewel of Tigris on the wall. You can take it using the Dagger. Make your way back to where you left off (ground floor of the room with the Golden block, through the N passage).

Enter the new door (W) and follow through to where you get a flyby of the Time-Twister and a Giant who is off to steal it. Down the stairs and before you shoot the Gems S, remember the line in the PS... 登nly the second and the last guardian (from the left) keep the door痴 keys. Just shoot the second and fifth Gem. Near the fifth one behind the pillar you can get Magnum Ammo. Go through the open door, pick up Shotgun ammo at the bottom of the stairs, take a left and in a cave is some Vizier痴 Staff normal ammo. Back into the room, jump into the Time-Twister.

BC (Before Civilization).

Cascade Cave.

Pick up a Cuneiform Plate from the water.

Good idea jumping in a Time Crunch Storm, but you jumped too early! Try again and you値l be luckier of course. Because time is attempting to fix itself. Sincerely yours,

Chodor Owt.



A snake will appear, then go into that wide area W and shoot the 3 Leopards. Go to that lake with the two waterfalls (S) and on the right hand rock face are hanging plants, grab up and climb to a crack, shimmy right, jump up and go to the right into a crawlspace. Best have the Magnum or Uzis ready and follow through, get some Shotgun ammo, shoot a camel spider at the corner, get Uzi clips, around more corners, shoot another critter just before you take the Persian Light Sticks, Then proceed to a ledge out at the tree tops. Turn left, jump and grab the next ledge (N).

From the ledge jump to the crack NE, shimmy right to where the leaves touch the wall and back flip onto the branch. Look SE to spot a bright light, run jump there and then hop to the next bright light E.


Secret Detour: Face the N rock wall, run and jump (with Ctrl) into a hidden passage behind the hanging plants, follow through and pry Secret #2, the Jewel of Amu Darya from the wall. Go back, run, jump and grab platform in the tree.

Run jump to the next light S, now turn right (W) and do a run jump and grab to the next bright light. From here another run jump and grab straight S and then left onto the ledge at another crawlspace in the rocks.


Push Puzzle for the Time Twister.

Crawl down; come to a Cave with an Enemy. A Giant with a Hammer attacks, shoot him while keeping an eye on the health. Grab the Plant of Immortality he will leave behind. In the right hand corner in the back (SE) is Shotgun ammo.

In the other corner is a pushable statue (NE); it goes to the colored taller grasses: the blue grass S, the green one next to the blue, the red one N, the yellow and orange grass SW. A sphere appears above indicating you did it right. As you can see, the Time Twister activated.

Go back through the crawlspace to the Cascade Cave, run jump left into the lake and wade out E, jump into the Time Twister..

Sightseeing around the Arabian Nights.

泥amn Venerables

The Mansion, an Hourglass, Iranian Coins.

Go left into a passage with arches, in the far left is a small door. Open it and the next one too, in the courtyard through the door straight ahead (N), up the stairs and first door left, inside to the right is a Full Survival Kit under a vase you can shoot. The next door left in the corridor has an Hourglass left and the EnKiDu (Enchanted Kinetic Dumper) right on the mother of pearl tables right.

Part of the Secret Hunt: go to the carpet on the floor, stand on the N side facing S and just a bit away from the carpet. Pull it (Ctrl) away and reveal a small hole in the floor, pick up the Mosaic Piece.

Back to the corridor, you can step through the curtains in the corridor to have a look on the terrace if you like. Go back down the stairs and to the door left on the courtyard. Inside this Kebab shop and left, shoot the small vases in the corner and some Iranian Coins fall out. Go out and left through the doors back to the arched passage.

The streets, First Star Emblem.

Go straight and down the left alley (S) and shoot the two Bandits, one drops Explosive Arrows. Use the Dagger of Time on the blue door E, go upstairs and shoot all the vases to get some Barbari Bread. Through the door N, more vases to shoot and you値l find the First Star Emblem. Secret Hunters, remember the ladder and hatch in the back.

The Market, the Second Star Emblem.

Go back and up the alley to the passage with the arches, loop left around down to a market square. To the left is a lady in front of her stall, to the right of the stall are vases, shoot them to get Sugar Cubes. In the other end is a small table with Flatbread Kebab (W), take one. Shoot the vases on the right for some Uzi clips. Now go down to the back square (SE) and find a flute player there, stand in front of him, face him and give him the Iranian Coins, he will play and a rope appears from the basket. Shoot those vases in the alcove above and jump to grab the rope. Back flip into the opening, grab the Full Survival Kit and crawl in. Go straight and around the corner to the right and stand up in the end, jump up to grab the hatch and when it is open grab up to climb into the room. Grab Magnum ammo, the Vizier痴 Staff, Vizier痴 Staff Flash ammo and the Second Star Emblem. Back down.

For a Horse.

Follow the crawlspace to the right, drop into a square go right around the corner and shoot the Warrior on his chariot. He will leave behind the Ornate Key. Make a note of the door E that needs the Iron Key. Go to the doors W and open them with the Ornate Key.

Bedouin Camp Site, the Well Handle and the Iron Key.

From the Market back up the stairs right to the passage with the arches, left around into the third opening, you値l get to a Camp Site, left behind the camels, small vases with Barbari Bread. In the next corner, shoot the big vase holding the Crossbow. Behind the big tent SW, shoot a vase for the Well Handle. Up on a ledge SW is a crowbar lever; use the Dagger of Time there and the doors open to the right of you. Go into the desert valley and two Bandits come from behind, best take then back to where the tents are, because one drops the Iron Key and it can be hard to find in a sandy area with slopes.

Horse Ride, the Heaven Symbol and Relic Skull.

Now we need a horse, go back to the arches and then take the middle passage to the market, through the big door on the left where the Warrior with the horse was. Open that door E and give the Sugar Cubes to the horse. Ride the horse, go through the door to the Market and right up the stairs to the arched passage, loop left around down the other stairs to the Camp Site, through the doors W to the Valley and go left up the slope. Follow through, around a nasty pit and over a broker rock bridge to come to an Oasis. There is a Well. Use the Handle to repair the Well and go pick up the Heaven Symbol from the Basket. If you are not going for the Secrets, you can just ride back to the village.

For the Secret Hunt: Best leave the horse for a bit because a Giant Rooster appeared in the previous valley. Check the health before going in and take care of the monster. Pick up the Relic Skull it left behind (I ran straight under the creature and shot it from there).

Then go get the horse and ride back to the village. In the arched passage take a left and come to the square with the Mosque. Leave the horse.

The Mosque, re-activate the Time Twister.

Use the two Star Emblems (next to the green vases) to open the door and enter the Mosque, behind that Tomb is a pedestal, place the Hourglass there, the Tomb slides aside so you can open that trapdoor. Climb down, drop into the water and climb out S, get the Persian Light Sticks there. Take a right, pick up a Cuneiform Plate and place the Heaven Symbol (found in the Well) on the back wall (this will activate the Time Twister on Mosque square again). Not going for the Secrets, go back up to the Mosque and skip the blue part below.

The rest of the basement is related to the Secret Hunt:

Turn around and at the next crossing crawl left underneath the blade. Go to the left around the corner and find Shotgun ammo. Turn around in the back and look up for a Timed jump lever. It will open that trapdoor in the room where you found the first Star Emblem.. But the given time is short, so we値l have to get there fast. Use the jump lever, run right and right again, I was lucky with the Blade, it was all the way back; so I could just run around the corners to the pool. Swim up at the ladder and climb up. Out of the mosque and a bit right into the passage with the arches. Run into the last alley right and down to the courtyard. Into the opposite blue door and left around up the stairs, run straight to the back room and jump up to grab the ladder at the trapdoor and climb up (savegame.1). Crawl through a crawlspace, down a ladder and pull a lever to re-open the timed trapdoor (for the way back) and then get Secret #3, the Jewel of Indus. Now we go for the last secret.

Make your way back to the mosque and down to the passage with the Blade.

When the Blade goes into the passage, quickly place the Mosaic Piece in the receptacle (you cannot duck under the Blade there because it rotates and kills you). Side flip away right before you get seriously hurt (maybe also take a Medipack while you flip away) and pick up a Full Survival Kit around the corner. Go back to the pool where a block went down under the passage you came from (S). Use the underwater lever (S) and swim into the opposite passage (N) and climb out. Get to a room with Hammers. Make your way through those one by one and reach a wall lever. Save and pull the lever to open another door in the pool, a Wraith shows up so get back through the hammers fast (I did jumps and watched the health).

In the pool the door left (E) opened up, at the end you have to time a burner (possible without burning), get out and place the Relic Skull, back flip into the water. The last door opened in the pool (W). Get a Full Survival Kit and then climb up into a Hall with a Demi god. You値l have to dodge his bolts (it痴 hard to kill him) and go for Secret #4, the Jewel of Euphrates on the S wall (SW corner). You can see it from the safe waterhole. In case you are on fire, just take medipacks with the #0 or #9 keys and get back to the water. Now you池e done here, get back up to the Mosque via the ladder.

Go out to the square and step into the Time Twister

Wibbly_Wobbly_Timey_Wimey stuff.

(Note by the Author: 撤eople assume that time is a strict progression of cause to effect, but actually, from a non linear subjective viewpoint it's more like a big ball of wibbly wobbly, timey wimey...stuff.

Well, ask Steven Moffat what does it mean or what he was thinking about when he wrote that. I think some friends of mine will laugh when they値l find these words, even if I don稚 know if they will play the level. It痴 more likely they will download it when I値l be allowed to tell them which kind of level I made and its plot.)


Pick up Shotgun ammo at the bottom of the stairs, go to the Time Twister on the pedestal and take it, that Giant comes out of a cave left, shoot it dead. Go back up the stairs to that bright light and a block goes down left, follow through to the far right (NE) and come to a room divided by a Time barrier, run into the other you and forward to restore Time

G&D, Jan 2017.