BtB 2016 - 5 - When Ancients Ruled the World.

Level by BtB 2016.

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

10 Secrets.

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder.

The level revolves around this huge area where we find The Tower and another area; the Temple. There are uncountable ways to go through this game, too complicated to mention all of them. But for every paragraph with Item names, we will also add which area it takes place…

Tower; The Iranian Coins and the Temple Key.

Go forward and cross over to the far right corner where you can shoot a vase to get Iranian Coins. In that cage nearby you can spot the Mosaic Plate (for much later). Head for the Market SW and stand in front of the woman, give her the Coins and the flute player will cause a rope to go up. Walk up to the basket, use Ctrl and Lara will grab the rope, go up and back flip onto the nearby grey pillar to get the Temple Key. Go to big doors in the middle of the S wall and use the Temple Key, go in, shoot the vase to clear the passage and a flyby kicks in when you reach the Temple. Both Main areas consist of several levels. So, now you know a little bit about the layout of this complex. This first part is pretty linear.

Temple; Garden with the Hut, the Apartment Key.

A vase near a door SW has Uzi clips, go through that wooden door (SW) and take a right/left, shoot the vase you see for Barbari Bread and step right through the curtains. Go to a pit which looks dangerous, hop down on the right and shoot a vase with Uzi clips. Jump the slopes to get to the other side and climb up at the brown vase, left in the corner is the Apartment Key.

The Hut Key.

Jump back and head to the far left corner of the garden where you can kick in a door, take a right, through the small door and right up the stairs. To the right is a door you can open with the Apartment Key. From the balcony jump down to that wall E and from there jump with a roll onto the roof to the right. Jump again to grab the white sloped ledge. Go to the right, near the wall and pull up, then just back flip and land on a ledge at the roof. Hang from the other side and back jump (down key) onto the terrace. On the small table is the Hut Key. You can guess where to use that. Drop into the pool below and go back into the door SE and up to the balcony.

The Garden Key.

Take a right, jump over to where you see the Persian Light Sticks. Turn around and run jump to grab the upper balcony, jump over to the Hut and use the Key. Take a left and jump to the balcony (NE). On the wall is a Yellow jewel, part of the Mirror Puzzle later, same as the door right of it.

Stand at the green vase and grab up to the roof above the canopy, shimmy to the right around the corner and pull up. Now jump to the pedestal with Secret #1, the Heart of the Ancient. Drop down to the balcony.

Open the small door, it’s dark inside and a warrior comes for you. A vase in the right hand corner has Uzi clips, then go to the room in the back (W). Left around the corner is a Full Survival Kit under a vase, on a ledge in the opposite corner are Persian Light Sticks, to the right a Timed lever to kill a Flame under a lever up in the SE corner. Pull, turn left while running and jump onto that roof close to the wall so you can run through and jump to the lever straight ahead. Pull and side flip left before the flame starts again. Go to the other end of the ledge and get the Garden Key.

The Garden, Mirror Puzzle.

Drop down, go out E and right to the balcony, from the corner of the sloped ledge and balustrade you can run jump back onto the wooden platform of the hut, go straight through and left in the end to open the door to the Garden.

First loop around right, through the small door and get Uzis and Uzi clips from the table left. Spot the mirror here, you cannot move this one, but you need to get that beam of light to this one.

Go to the NE corner of the room, there is a Mirror in the gap in the mirror ledge, pull it out and move it onto the raising block in the other corner (SE). Climb into the niche left and pull the lever (1) to raise the block. Push the mirror onto the ledge, climb up to the niche above the raising block and use the lever (2) there to raise a block under another lever (3).

Detour for Secret: Face the room, look up right and jump to that grate, climb left around and up, grab the edge of the roof and shimmy right to the end, pull up and back flip with roll to land at Secret #2, a Heart of the Ancient. Safety drop from the ledge to the mirror ledge below.

Push the mirror onto the next block and use lever 2 again to lower the mirror into the next section. Move it onto the block in gap in the mirror ledge. Use lever 2 once more to raise the block under lever 3 again and climb up to use lever 3. Now you can move the mirror to the end of the ledge so the light beam goes into the mirror in the small room and a door will open as you can see.

To the Top of the Temple.

Leave W, through the hut and jump over to the balcony NE again. Go into the open door right and shoot a vase to free the path and throw the lever on the right, see a  block go up and another block goes down to the left. Next to the vases in the back are Uzi clips and then enter NE. In that room, in the windowsill S are vases, one has Barbari Bread.

Secret: Climb the slanted block in the dark corner (NW) and face S, you can see a jump lever up to the right, stand jump forward and grab it to lower a block in the pool. Go there and down the hole to get Secret #3, a Heart of the Ancient. Get out.

From a block in the NE corner of the room you can jump into the opening in the wall (E, very hard to grab these slopes except at the exact middle, jump is also doable without ctrl) and pull up in there, drop out the other side, a leopard attacks. After dealing with it, go to the back and right, climb into the window and use the lever to open a trapdoor in the previous room. Through the fence S you can see a Gold Jug. Back to where you came in and onto the nearby pillar, jump back into the gap in the wall and into the room. Climb the slanted block and up through the open trapdoor.

Top of Temple, First block for the Relic Skulls.

Follow the passage, climb up straight and run up to a big button on the right, push it to raise a block and open the trapdoor in the shaft left. (The room S has a receptacle for an Hourglass, well get to that much later). We are now in a passage above the Top floor of the Temple. Drop down into that shaft and find yourself in front of a receptacle (for Relic Skull), hop down E onto the slanted floor and that block you raised is nearby, it is there to get back up to that receptacle pillar later when we have the 3 Skulls. On this terrace is a Cog wheel for later, it will open a Timed door at the ground floor of the Temple, you’ll see that door when you approach.

Top of Temple; Water Area, for the Dagger of Time.

Climb the White block next to the statue NE, run jump straight over (no Ctrl and hold down the forward key) to the door on the balcony E. Left in the vase are Persian Light Sticks, go through the door now and over the walkway into the structure, to the right are Persian Light Sticks in the window behind that vase. Look out to the right (SW) and spot a door which is an important exit we need to get to later.

Preparing the Route.

Back to the walkway (NW) and jump to the right over the ramparts onto the base of that column. Hop E onto the balcony and get the Uzi clips, then jump N onto that red Climb wall (NE). Turn right and run off along the left side onto the slanted ledge below. Jump to that corner ledge straight ahead. Turn right and jump grab the crack in the blue pillar, back jump and jump again to grab the top of the blue pillar. Go over the top and slide jump onto the balcony, climb onto the corner of that brown block left. Turn right and stand jump to the small balcony you can see NW, just left of the opening you came through. Use the big button there and see a block go down at the Dagger of Time.

To the Dagger.

Jump back, get Persian Light Sticks from the window right and Barbari Bread from a pedestal in the back. There’s an alternate route to the Dagger, but that is for you to find, so go back to where you got the Light Sticks and open the floor trapdoor at the ladder, climb down and just drop into the water.

One of the routes back up: Roll and swim to the far right hand corner (NW) and climb onto the grey ledge. Jump and grab the pillar with the cracks (S) and go up once more, back jump onto a balcony. Turn left and jump to grab that red climb wall. Drop and grab and climb in, it is in fact an illegal slope, but if you jump correctly you can just jump up the other side and throw the lever to open a trapdoor at the water level which will provide another way back up from the water level.

Get out of there and into the water, swim across to the SW corner and into an opening under that gargoyle. Swim to the other end of the tunnel, up through that trapdoor you just opened and turn around to climb the ladder. Jump to the blue ledge and go get the Dagger of Time from the crawlspace.

Getting Out, open the Exit.

Go back to the same corner where you just climbed up from, hop to the wooden pillar E and jump left to that ledge with the Crowbar lever. Use the dagger to raise a block at the gargoyle, get there and climb up. Jump left to a lever and open the exit door with it (at a grey slope up SW). Hop onto the slope next to the lever to slide to a Full Survival Kit. Jump to the other side to use the lever there (opening a trapdoor in the room we visited way up, this providing the route up to the alternate exit and we need to use that, it is the only way to get a Key we need) and get Uzi clips.

Hop back into the pool, go to the ladder E, up into the room above and drop through the trapdoor in the back (S). Follow the route you took for the Dagger and at the end of that ledge climb up left at the gargoyle. Jump and grab up W and just roll, then run jump onto the blue slanted platform with the column. Turn and side flip onto that grey sloped ledge to shimmy to the door that opened.

Top of Temple, unreachable balcony; the Chamber Key.

Go through to a balcony near the Giant statues (only way to reach this balcony), go left and climb up near the Statue. Turn right and spot the Full Survival Kit on the hanging platform, start running against the balustrade, turn right a bit and jump to grab the platform, pick up the Kit and jump to the last platform to get the Chamber Key. Run off from the SW corner to land on the white block next to the statue.

Temple Second Floor (red lamps).           

Get next to the statue and drop down onto to that gold ledge with the vase beneath the giant statue. Run off left so you’ll land inside the structure, have a look in the room S, a target we have to shoot. To the left are 2 packs of Persian Light Sticks, to the right Normal Arrows. So we’ll be back…

Small Gold Jug.

Go out and take a right (E), run over the balcony (Barbari Bread left at the corner) to get to a small room with the Small Gold Jug.

Top of Temple: Cog Wheel Run, Timed Door Ground Floor.

Go back S and at the S side climb the gold block with the vase, look down just behind that block to spot the grey slanted ledge. Climb up left to the Cog wheel. Pull about 7 times and turn left, take a step forward and then hop back over the edge and just over the edge hit Ctrl, you should land on the grey slope and just slide off, roll and turning right a run jump towards the closing door, hit roll to roll through (savegame.0).

The Ruins.

Run down the sloped passage and hop into the pool, climb out in the right hand far corner at the wall torch, grab up to the block left and grab up in front to a crawlspace, out the other side and get Normal Arrows, there is also a lever on the wall, use it to lower some blocks below this balcony. Climb back through the crawlspace, jump to the corner block, jump to the ledge N, drop down to the ledge at the central structure and get Uzi clips (behind the fence you can see a Relic Skull). Hop up to the roof left or right of the window and go jump to the grey ledge on the W wall, to the right and jump over to get the Full Survival Kit there.

The Laser Sight.

Run off onto the block below so you can get into the opening under the red balcony (S). Wade through, go left up the ramp for a bit and grab the Persian Light Sticks there. Back to the water and left to come to a sunken Temple. Hop into the water and swim down under that small tower SW and find Uzi clips on a small balcony, then swim into the diamond shaped tunnel just left of that balcony to get the Laser Sight. Back out and into the diamond shaped tunnel at the left side of the structure for Persian Light Sticks.

Up in the Room.

Now get air before you attempt the tunnel in the middle, bending up and down it is hard to navigate, in the end go up and face N or S to use the underwater ceiling lever and lower a block. Swim back out, to the far left corner (NW) and on the ledge is a lever raising some blocks. Swim to the ledge NE and get out, jump to the blocks you raised SE and grab up to the dark walkway above, a lever on the S wall will raise a block at the entrance (down N).

The Crossbow…

Dive down into the water, swim NW and use the lever there again to lower the blocks. Turn around and jump to grab the block you raised and roll, jump to the ledge with the vases and shoot them to jump to the block with the pedestal and grab the Crossbow. Standing there look up S and spot that Star up over the statues, use the Crossbow and Sight to shoot it and some oil lamps drop through a trapdoor. Jump to the walkway with the Lamps and pick one up, ignite it at the wall torch. Then jump left to the walkway where the lever is. Drop the Lamp for a bit to throw the lever again to lower the block at the entrance and pick up the Lamp. Save and run off the N side landing where those blocks went down, it should still be burning, walk off and swim to the entrance.

The First Relic Skull.

Wade to the right into the passage and get Persian Light Sticks (if you didn’t yet), go to the end of the passage and ignite the water pipe. Watch the show and drop the Lamp. Go back and take a right at the water, climb over the ledge and hop into the pool. Swim right or left of that part of the structure that is still standing, and under the ledge above is a hole in the floor and down there is a Relic Skull.

Getting Out.

The floor gives way, swim in E, follow through to a room with two columns, go into the passage in the back, right. Follow through swim into the gap over the white block and through the last star object go up and climb out to the right. Grab up to the higher ledge (door SW is the exit after a Secret later), walk forward a bit, turn around and open the hatch in the ceiling. Climb up at the side of the hatch and go right to the W side of the Ground Floor of the Temple.

First Floor Temple; The Chamber, Quest for Relic Skull II .

Loop around right and find a raised block, climb up, turn left and jump to grab up to a balcony with a red carpet and a door. Use the Chamber key to open it. Inside to the right is a cage in an opening, pull the cage once. Roll and go to the cage in the opposite wall, push it in so you can enter.

Opening the Shortcut.

Go right and straight to a dark fire lit cave, jump down onto the sloped block sliding to the flat ledge behind it. Now turn around and back flip, landing on a sloped block, slide and jump to grab the crack, go around to the other side and back jump with roll to grab the grey block, pull up into the gap. Crawl and stand up at the other end. Stand jump and grab the crack, ledge jump up and pull up over the middle of the slope to jump and grab a jump lever. You’ll land in water, follow that tunnel and get out. A Warrior will come for you, shoot him and go up a little mound in the NW corner.

From there jump onto the one S, close to the wall. Jump S to the ledge in the far corner, turn left and jump to grab the smoking wall over the water hole. Shimmy left and pull up at the end, from there run jump onto a rock ledge in the lava pool. Jump to the column, right onto the block and jump back, this time on top of the column. Run jump onto block with the lever in the right hand corner, a door opens up above. It takes some courage, but you CAN run jump back to the lower column ledge, just make sure you stepped all the way into the corner of the block first.

The Cage Puzzle.

Onto the block S again to get up to the top of the column and jump up to the next. Jump to the ladder E and get inside. Go straight and then right to that cage you pulled, push it once and go back through the shortcut passage, left around the corner and open the door, go left to that cage you pushed, pull it back once. Now pull the other cage, in the room, away from the N entrance after you shot the vase. Go in and all the way around left to the cage you can now pull once into the shortcut passage. Back around to the room and straight into the S entrance where you can now get into a room.

The Snake Pit. (No weapons, Flares here)

Drop into the pit, grab the Ruby Key and blocks lower releasing snakes, they are an endangered species so you are not allowed to shoot them. Just lure them away and get to 3 wall levers and a jump lever before they start bothering you.

The levers are SE between the pillars, outside on a pillar NE, outside on a pillar S and a jump lever up on the E outside wall, a block goes up allowing you to get out of the pit. Go into the room and left to use the Key and get Relic Skull II.

Temple First Floor N: To the Quest for Relic Skull III, opening Doors.

Go out E and back in the Temple (first floor) take a left, follow the balcony to a door N. Straight, in front of the fountain is a vase with Uzi clips, now go through the door and come to the first floor of the Tower.

Tower First Floor.

Straight ahead, in the central tower are only closed trapdoors. So from the door take a right and just around the corner of that wooden gate, look right and spot a sandy ledge (you can also jump to the opening a bit left of that if you don’t want the secret). Jump to the sandy ledge and follow to Secret #4, a Heart of the Ancient. A door opens, go right (E) and through that door, straight ahead is a door we have to open for a Timed run from the Cog wheel left of that door (also notice the wooden door E). Go back from the cog wheel and right/right to a balcony. Jump and grab those plants on the terrace at the central tower, turn right and run jump with Ctrl at the end into the opening in the fence of the bright lit room left of where you came from, you now bypassed that door at the Cog wheel.

One Level Up.

Follow through left and shoot a leopard, at some closed wooden doors go left to open a small door, keep right and jump out right to grab that bridge with the plant. Jump straight (W) onto the terrace. Jump from the gold tiles left to the bridge S, and onwards to the balcony (SW). The floor lever there will open one of those big wooden doors in the outer corridor (E side). To the right and down the steps into the outer corridor and right is the Cog wheel door. But we’re not done yet in preparing the route.

From the white block left of the lever (E) you can run jump onto that bridge NE, go right/left and around the corner at the wooden gate jump into the E side again. Go to that big wooden door you opened (near the cog wheel) to get one level up in the Tower.

Tower Second Floor; Open the “Run doors”.

Up there, take a right and hop to that little roof, jump straight to the balcony in the corner and left to get onto that wall. Lara looks right, drop onto a blue ledge and use the floor lever to open a big wooden door (behind you and down in the outer corridor).

First climb back onto the wall and go W, shoot that white vase left and hop down to the small roof in the outer corridor. Run jump left up onto that balcony and follow that wall to the lever S, that one opens “Run door 1” near the Cog wheel.

Go back over the wall, at the small balcony jump from the wall down onto the little roof left and drop down on the other side to the first floor, roll and go N, around the corner you can use the lever to open “Run door 2”. Behind it is that big wooden door you opened, left.

Up one Level, Third Floor.

Go in and hop over the fence into the water, follow the tunnels (straight through the central tower of the Tower and up to a small room. In the NE corner are Uzi clips, now go out N and you are one level up in the Tower. Jump over to grab the right hand corner of the central tower, use the lever there to open “Run door 3” (the one in the W outer corridor).

For a Secret: Climb up S, stand on the corner facing N and do a curved jump around the pillar with the lever to a small ledge behind it, pick up Secret #5, a Heart of the Ancient. Run down onto the balcony below (SE).

Cog Wheel Run.

Drop down onto the balcony right of the lever and jump back into the right hand opening W (the bright lit room is closed off), go left to the Cog wheel. Pull it 7-8 times, run N into the outer corridor and follow around left to the Timed door in the W side corridor, turn right at the door and roll through the corner (savegame.1).

Inside you can use a little slope right of the fenced off Skull to jump over the fence (or just a side flip) and get Relic Skull III. Hop out, on the ledge S is a vase with Uzi clips, down in the next area is a vase with Persian Light Sticks. Open the double doors left to get back to the outer corridor.

Back to the Temple, More Unfinished Business.

Go right, left up to the balcony and use that white block again to jump to the bridge NE. Take a right (S) into the passage to the Temple and just through the small door, look up and grab up to the floor above, the red light floor.

Temple Second Floor S; “Face your fears”.

Straight ahead is that door with the target above… (pick up Arrows and Persian Light Sticks if you didn’t yet). Shoot the target above the door, go in and take the Attention Note, examine:

The following area is constructed to make you face your own fears from previous adventures. It will read your mind and instantly adjust itself according to whet it sees. Nothing is as dangerous as it seems, it’s all about twisting your mind. It lasts all the way until you reach the Main room again.

The Ancients.

A block went down behind the pedestal, drop down, light a flare and meet your first fear, rolling balls. Run down the sloped passage, as soon as you see the Arrows, stop, pick them up and aim for a target in the dark in front of you. Now aim again and shoot another target in the dark there. A door will open behind you, so roll and go to your next fear, a button over a trapdoor…

Push the button and just let things take their course and just in time before your next fear, drowning, the trapdoor opens.

For a Secret, try to swim around along the sides (so when the trapdoor opens you are in a forward motion), close to the wall and as soon as you land on the trapdoor below or on a side slope (may take a few tries), side jump or back flip and keep jumping till you are outside the slopes. Under a vase NE is Secret #6, a Heart of the Ancient. Hop back into the central shaft.

Or just wait and you’ll drop into a shaft. Swim through the opening S and go around right to the NW corner where you can climb out S. Climb up left in the back corner and go around clockwise to the opening S.

Just slide down to a flatter part, jump a bit left towards that lever and hop over the domesticated snake to the lever. A trapdoor opens below the slope you came from, go there and drop down… Wait for it… Now push the cage, go around, use a Lamp (torch) to ignite the scone left and take the Lamp with you when you go through to a room with a bunch of gates.

Dark Dungeons. (you cannot use Flares here, so you’ll have to make use of the Lamp and after using the jump lever guns are disabled too)

Take the Lamp inside and to the right is a wall scone, ignite it opening gates and some big creature starts stumping around. Go in S, take a right and find a cage. Move it into the opening with the burner (S), leave it there. Back out and right around corners to get to the cage again, pull it out of the opening and once to the right (E). Now you can reach the lever using the cage to stop the flame in the opening. We’ll have to get to the passage behind the flame in the other room, NW. Drop the Lamp close to the lever so you’ll have a little bit of light there.

For the Star Emblem.

Use the Timed lever left of the opening and get into the opening, easiest is to run jump a bit left over the corner of the wood block left and get into the passage (savegame.2) where you’ll find the Well Handle in front of the big gates. Now you have to go get your Lamp back from the room with the cage through almost complete darkness…. Go back to the first room, N and left into the second opening and use the Handle to fix the Well, go to the basket and pick up the Sewer Key. Go out and use it in the Hall (E side), a block goes up left behind you. Climb up and run jump to grab the ladder, up and get Persian Light Sticks up there. To the right, in the back is a small switch (W), flip it and go back down to the hall. Drop the Lamp close to the crawlspace to the right of the keyhole and go through. Climb the lower crate and jump to grab the gap above the other crates (flashing light) to get the Star Emblem there.

The Crypt, the Exit.

Get back out with the Lamp and left to the end of the S passage, left there and use the Emblem in the back. The Tomb will slide aside, throw the Lamp down and go down after it. Take either opening and just run till you find a hole in the floor and run in. Turn around and run into the light where you come to a lava pool.

Scary Pillars.

On the pedestal right are Uzi clips, next to it a lever, blocks go up in the lava pool. They will stay up, but as soon as you jump to the next, it will go down (part of the fear factor so you’ll think they are timed).

Secret hunters should take the Lamp to the other side.

As soon as you approach the door straight ahead, it will close, just wait a bit…. Go in and find a hole in the floor.

Jump over the water hole to the door ahead and ignite the water pipe, the door opens and inside is Secret #7, a Heart of the Ancient.

Hop into the hole in the floor and swim to the back and up left into the opening, now go up through several caves finding the open corner every time and you’ll end up in the passage above the Skull receptacles, Top of the Temple. Push the button left to raise a block and open the trapdoor next to you, drop down (you can place a first Skull if you like).

For the Large Gold Jug.

Go to the Cog wheel, drop from the edge to the golden block (second floor Temple). Jump to the gold block with the green vase and drop onto the bridge below, roll and go to the door E (on first floor).

Temple First Floor E; Garden area, Large Gold Jug.

Straight ahead is an opening with a Full Survival Kit and Fire. Under the skeleton is a Sword, but you cannot take it yet! To the left of the opening we need a Sword.

Go climb up the white wall left of the opening, side flip over the ramparts into the upper part of the garden, in the fenced off part S is the Large Gold Jug. Get back to the lower part of the garden and W back into the Temple.

Temple Ground Floor E; McDutch Kebab, Scales Puzzle, Fill the Pool.

From the bridge drop to the ground floor and open a blue crowbar door E, a Warrior comes for you. Straight and on the red counter is a Mc. Dutch Kebab, (for later, but you should pick it up before you do the scales puzzle! You cannot get it after solving that). Go around a drained pool to the back of the room. Left and right are fountains, only 2 are active. That is the clue to the amount of water we need. Go back, out of the door and straight through the Ground Floor of the Temple into the Garden W. Left around the pool and hop into the water, there is a shallow part where you can stand.

Fill the Large Jug, combine with the small empty Jug, and you’ll have 2 litres in the large Jug. Out the door E to the Hall, straight through to the Scales room.

Put the 2 litres in the scale and use the valve on the right hand wall (S), that drained pool will flood.

Temple First Floor E; Garden area, the Persian Scimitar.

Go back there and look up to spot a trapdoor in the ceiling. It is the trapdoor near the sword pickup and the only way to get that Sword.

Go back to the Hall, use block W to get up to the balcony and go around left, grab Uzi clips SE and go through the door E to the garden. First open the trapdoor, check your health, step back and pick up the Persian Scimitar, run into the open trapdoor and land in the pool.

Back with a Secret: Swim into the narrow gap S near the bottom, tricky, but once in keep swimming up against the ceiling and you’ll get through, follow the tunnels and climb out. Up on the wall is Secret #8, a Heart of the Ancient. Side flip in to get it, jump out and you are in a familiar place, climb up through the trapdoor up to the Ground floor Hall of the Temple.

Without the Secret: Swim down the hole in the bottom, follow through and climb up at the trapdoor up to the Ground floor Hall of the Temple.

Use the block W again to get to the balcony and around to the door E into the garden and left of the fire opening you can place the Scimitar (NE).

Back Up Again: Using the Relic Skulls.

Blocks go up in the upper part of the garden, go to the entrance door and grab up to the roof left of it (there are double doors here which lead to the upper floor of the temple). Go left onto the slanted ledge at the statue and jump to grab the pillar with the plants on top, shimmy left around the corner and pull up at the next. Hop to the raised block, to the next and right to that pillar NE, run right onto the raised block there and face S. Side flip onto the slope and jump to grab the monkey climb. Turn around and drop to grab the crack in the corner pillar. Left around the corner and ledge jump up. Turn around, and hop onto the roof and grab up to the ledge with the columns.

Detour for a Secret: Go to the right hand corner and run off onto the small roof NW, turn around and jump to grab the roof there, go right around two corners and from the middle of the back side, ledge jump up to a jump lever. A block goes down, the one at the monkey climb. Under that block is Secret #9, a Heart of the Ancient. Jump there and get it. Hop back to the ledge NW and from there jump onto the slope under the monkey climb so you can make your way back up to that blue ledge with the columns.

Go left and then jump to a balcony W.

Passage On Top of Temple.

Climb the ladder up to an opening, follow through, shoot a vase and get Uzi clips, turn left, use the button left to raise a block on top of the Temple and open the trapdoor to the right. Drop down and place the Skull, get down to the floor and use the two other raised blocks to get to the other receptacles. Doors opens up N, hop down and jump to those doors.

Top of the Tower, Quest for the Two Gold Emblems, the Ruins Key.

Go up and through the door to the top of the Tower, walk towards the central tower and turn right over the red white ledge. From the left corner jump to the ledge at the corner of the roof (NE).

Secret: Shimmy right along the edge to those baskets, pull up and hop/roll over the baskets, duck to grab Secret #10, a Heart of the Ancient. Get back to the corner.

Go shimmy along the side to the other end of the roof, to the corner where you cannot go any further. From there a curved run to jump and grab a ledge N. Left up to the balcony (double door exit) and jump over to the one W. Go over the bridge to the tower and up on the block left is a lever opening the door. Hop back onto the bridge, run jump to the ledge with the gargoyle right of that door and from there to the balcony W. From the corner (SE) you can jump and grab into a closed off section of the tower, with the pedestal and grab the Ruins Key.

First Gold Emblem.

Go inside and right, over the bridge and left to where you can open the door now, shoot a Warrior and get Uzi clips from a vase. Go into the back, and just right around the corner grab up to the pillar. Climb up to the roof and open the trapdoor there, drop in and swim through the tunnels, picking up a Full Survival Kit on the way, climb out and in that room is a Gold Emblem. Open the doors S and step out, jump to the balcony W, over the fence to a ledge W and onwards to the receptacle on the far wall. Screen of doors on the W balcony.

Second Gold Emblem.

Make your way back through the tower to the S side, left into the ruins and up to the roof again. From close to the trapdoor, jump and grab the blue ledge of the tower, shimmy left and pull up onto the white part. Hop up to the middle and go right, jump onto the ledge sticking out (E) from where you can jump onto the dark roof with the pedestal. Grab the Gold Emblem and get back to the Tower (couldn’t do the jump from the SW corner (seems to be possible, but it will take some tries), so I went via the balconies N route as before.

Use the Emblems.

Go to the small entrance door S and right at the tree, jump the grey blocks to the receptacle and place the Emblem, jump back, go left through the Tower and over the bridge to the balcony N, left over the grey blocks to the second receptacle, the door opens up on the W balcony.

Tower, W Balcony; The Hourglass.

Get back into the tower, left to the pedestal and from there jump and grab the balcony W. Inside are Uzi clips on a pedestal, then go left up the dark passage and the wall close up behind you. Two sword yielding Giants attack, shoot them and a door opens E, go get the Hourglass. Drop through the opening in the floor into the passage over the Top of the Temple and place the Hourglass there. Go left, over the hole and take a right into the passage with the carpet. Through the door and climb up into a dark room with cages. First go right, shoot a vase and get the Barbari Bread, then go back and right into the room.

Cage Puzzle.

The idea is to get cages in front of the ones NW so you can pull the upper one out of there and after that the lower one. Start with the single one near the wall torch S and move it to the NW, against the ones already in there. Pull another one (near the wall torch S) out once and move it N, get one more to the N wall. The last two go against the W wall. Pull that NW cage out and aside, pull a lower cage back out and around to the far S wall so you can push the upper cage once more to the wall torch. Now clean out the lower cages out of that passage so you can pull out the last one and climb over it. Follow the passage with the too big steps up and open the double doors.

Upper Level of the Tower.

Jump to the balcony E, to the big statue N, follow that obvious path over the ledges till you can jump onto the bridge. Go to the tower and loop around right onto the other bridge and find the Stone Prayer. Back to the Tower and to the back side of the central structure, place the Stone Prayer…

The Mosaic Piece. (savegame.3 - you can use this in case you had problems getting the Kebab)

Swim through, take a left and climb a ladder up to where you can find the Mosaic Piece.

Ground Floor Tower; Mechanic Horse Puzzle, Yuck!

Back down the ladder to the water, swim straight and go up in a pool near the door where you can place the Mosaic Piece. Inside go left and next to the horse is the Instruction Manual.

This mechanic horse is a Beta-product of a new technology. Its purpose is to check food quality without risk for living beings. Just put any food on the sensitive plate and it will simulate a realistic reaction.

Through the opened door and right to put the McDutch Kebab onto the sensor plate in the gap so the horse can test it…  Go out and find out the horse filled the pool…(Nothing wrong with that Kebab, I resent using it in this way!). Hop in without fear and find the Yuck! in a gap N, get out fast, S side…

Looking for the Ancients.

Go left to the door SE and open it, inside get 3x Shotgun ammo and the Shotgun before going down the slope.

Those creatures can be killed before starting to push, or attempt the task at hand with them running around (also doable if you keep an eye on the health. Those two shrines have to be pushed, the shrine near the entrance goes to the wall first and then left 3 times (clear path in the grass). The one in the opposite corner goes twice W towards the entrance and once to the wall. Run into the door that will open.

The Ancients; Hammer Hall, Ancient Seeds.

Run to the end, you can pull the chains you see, they only show what the hammers do.

Slide down and grab the Ancient Seeds, the Ancients appear near the chains and they control the Hammers from now on. Jump the Hammer traps to the far S wall, no way back so shoot that Sword yielding Giant as fast as you can while running to the middle of the platform every time. The door opens, jump in to get out of there….

G&D, March 2017.