BtB 2016 - 4 - Secrets of a Lost City.

Level by BtB2016 

Walkthrough by G&D Productions.

Instead of Secrets there are 3 Expert Challenges.

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder

Through the Caves.

Go left (N) into a dark tunnel, and at the building jump onto the brown rocks on the left. From there jump to the stone wall (left SW). Jump over the wall and go straight (S) into the cave. Follow through and slide down, two leopards attack, go where they came from (N) and loop around to the left and use the lever there to open a trapdoor. Back to the cave and climb the ladder through that open trapdoor.

(The tunnel opposite those big doors lead back to the leopard cave)

Deadly Pit, Spikes.

From the big doors go left (SW) into another area and climb up into the niche straight ahead and crawl through left, jump down (Alt+forward) and use the jump lever left of the wooden gate. You will fall through a trapdoor, so immediately jump and grab a slope, back-flip/roll and grab the ladder. Climb down almost to the bottom then backflip with a roll and slide down backwards and grab the edge. Hang left and backflip, immediately jump back with a hard left curve so you will end up in the alcove N. Turn around and use the jump lever, spikes disappear into the floor, go through the passage. More spikes in the next room. Do a side jump onto that slope right of the spikes from facing left (SE) and jump to grab the crack. Shimmy to the right and take a back-jump to the opening behind. Get down and crawl through and follow to a huge cave.

The Door Key.

Jump the ledges to the left alcove (SE) and find Persian Light Sticks. In the SW is a hole in the floor so make your way there, face W, safety drop down grabbing the edge, let go and grab again. Hoist up and crawl to 2 x Uzi clips. Crawl back and jump and grab the edge (N) to get back up. Head to the NE corner and find a small triangle opening, get in and through, turn around and grab up to the next one. Lower down at the other end, shimmy to the right and pull up. Make your way to the SE corner (the traps aren’t activated yet), jump into the alcove and turn around. Jump and grab the ledge above and shimmy to the right to pull up. Jump to the ledge left (W). Make your way to the SW corner and around the corner in the end get the Full Survival Kit. Go back a bit and jump to the ledge with the chain and from there to the one in the NE, there where a skeleton is, under it is the Door Key. Spot that block in the alcove N.

Using the Key, back up.

Get back to the floor where you came in (I did two of safety drops from the N side), go to the NW corner and use the Door Key. Get in the door and use the lever, when you jump out all the traps are fired up and sorry to say but you have to climb up again as your goal is way up on the N wall, where that platform went down. The flyby ends with a lever in a passage above.

So go back to the NE corner through that triangle opening, op to the first level. Face SW, hop to the spike ledge and side flip right to the corner ledge.

Use the slope W to shimmy to the ledge with the knives and pull up. Run jump to the somewhat higher ledge left of the spikes S. Turn left and hop over the slope to the next spike trap when you expect them to go up and run jump a bit right up into the alcove. Jump and grab up to the upper ledges again and jump via the hanging ledge to the one where you got the Key (savegame.0).

Mysterious Basement.

Get into the alcove N and once through the passage, climb the ladder and go through a door that will close when you step into the next room.

To the left behind the Tomb is a lever. The Tomb moves, so get into the hole in the floor, down some steps and down one of the poles. Down more steps and even more steps, hurry up as there are spikes beneath the trapdoors. In the next room, just walk to the door, it will open. Get in and the door in front of you closes on approach, so turn and run to the other one, that will close as well, Trapped….

Timed Lever Puzzle.

You’ll drop into the water, swim against the current to an underwater lever (S) and after using it swim up and get out.

Climb down the ladder on the right and shoot the leopard. You are now on the lower level of the room with the many spike traps.

There are 4 sections here, divided by walls with blocked openings.

Opening up the Route.

-Use the lever (SE room) and jump through the opening straight ahead (N).

-In the next room (NE room) and to the left are some Persian Light Sticks. Use the lever, and jump through the opening on the left.

-The statue in the corner of this room doesn’t have any fire; this is the one we start with in a bit. Use the floor lever here (NW room).

-Go back E to the NE room, use the floor lever there again.

-Go S to the SE room and to the right through the opening to the SW room and use the lever there. All blocks are now down so you are ready for the Timed lever run.

The actual Timed Run. 

Save at the statue lever in the corner of the NW room, pull and roll, run out left and get through the opening fast, into the NE corner for lever 2. Roll and through the opening S to the lever (3) in the SE room. Roll and left through the opening to the last lever (4) in the SW room, quickly hop back (savegame.1). A trapdoor went up in this same room, up W.

Up One level.

Stand left of the trapdoor and grab the crack, jump up and shimmy to the trapdoor. Jump onto the arches. 

Detour for Expert Challenge Star I: jump to the NE corner and into the opening there, follow through to a Spike trap with Shotgun ammo, Uzi clips and Challenge Star #1, obviously the Spikes will be triggered after a little while, so this is how I did it. Stand about two steps back (don’t touch the lower floor and you will have to find the correct spot yourself). I did a stand jump (no Ctrl) forward right on the spot so I could immediately start picking up. When Lara ducks to get the Star, press and hold back flip already (If you run onto the trap it gets triggered before you are on the right spot, so a jump in there will save you just enough time). Go out and jump to the arch.

Make your way to the SE corner and enter the opening. Go up the ladder, follow through and you’ll end up one floor higher. A running jump to the lower ledge a bit to the right and from there look for an opening left (W), take a running jump left of the opening and grab the edge and shimmy to the right to get in.

Around the corner, safety drop down and just slide down to the ground floor. Stand on the rock where you came down and jump to the alcove behind the sliding knives (S) and grab the edge. Pull up and turn around, jump to the ledge on the right. You have to be quick, as spikes will pop up shortly and you have to jump 2 more spiked ledges and grab the bridge (savegame.2) (Once the spikes are triggered the ledge becomes safe, so you can also just run off and go up again to jump from the now safe ledge). Once on the bridge a block goes up as a shortcut up later. Crawl into the fenced off crawlspace left for a Full Survival Kit and to the right, timing the emitters for a lever (use the “crawlspace roll” to get through). At the last emitter climb out backwards and shimmy to the left to use the lever. Safety drop down as the trapdoor opened on the ground floor.

Climb down the ladder and pick up some Persian Light Sticks. Near the wooden gate (E) are the Uzis and Uzi clips.

As you walk into the room, flyby starts and the trapdoor closes, three leopards attack. Go into the open gate W and to the left is a Stone Ornament. Then go to the other opening (E) and pull out that cage and push it as far as it will go to the W. Climb on top and take a running jump to the ladder to get out.

Quest for the Persian Scimitar.

Use the Stone Ornament to the right of the door. Go down the stairs and avoid the traps around the corner, you have a safe place after each of them. The next ones just don’t come too close and run through them (keep a bit right of the middle) when they are all the way up. Then two boulders will drop down, and you have a split second to avoid them by running to the left when the first one passed. Go through the door that will close behind you.

Go left (W) and around the corner climb the ladder. At the top backflip/roll and grab the edge, shimmy to the right and climb up around the corner. Hop to the right (N) and from there to the sand and kill the leopard. To the right, under the skeleton is Barbari Bread. Go left and loop around to the right to a Timed lever. When you pull it you’ll see some a table with a Sword. Now you know what it is all about, we have to prepare the route first.

Preparing for the Run. 

Go out down the steps and loop around right, pull up into the alcove near the pole. Turn towards the pole and hop back to run jump and grab it. Climb up, almost to the top and turn around 90 degrees, backflip/roll and grab the edge of the rock. Shimmy left and just around the corner stop, pull up and back flip to a slope and jump again to get to a safe place. Turn right and run through the dark corner to get to the next pole and get up on that stone block SW. Turn around and just hop to the pole. Climb up a bit, and turn left a quarter and back flip again. Jump to the slope W and shimmy to the right. Hoist up at the end facing a door, turn around and go to that burning pedestal with the Persian Scimitar.

Take a running jump with a left curve over the burning pedestal to the other side (E) and use the lever there to open the door near the burning pedestal. I jumped from the sandy corner to grab the edge of that burning tile and shimmied around to the W ledge again (you can also just run jump back). Get into the open door and jump over the rotating knives. Step into the light and you’ll be transported one floor down. Negotiate the traps, a run jump and a hop, and take a right through the corner passage, the door there (E) is also open. Sprint through the spikes and get into the light to get down to the lower level.

Go to the movable block (S).

Detour for Expert Challenge Star II: Look right behind that block and spot a crawlspace. Stand left against the wall and as close to the moving block as you can, face that crawlspace straight as you can and duck. Time the block and hold down “roll” (sprint key) to get into the crawlspace. Go around the corner and get to a lever, this will stop that block back in the passage. You should NOT see the block in the screenshot so the crawlspace is open.

Look to the right at the next block and spot the Challenge Star on the floor. Follow this passage over 3 spike traps (pick up Uzi clips) to a Timed trigger pad for the moving block behind the grate. Try to get it into the opposite alcove from the Star and stay on the pad. Stand back facing the spikes and run jump over the trap when the spikes are just up, run jump left around the corner over the next trap (which should just be down), and left around the corner over the third trap, try to run directly onto the Stone Ornament #2 with a 45 degree angle so you can immediately side flip or back flip after picking it up. Get out of the crawlspace and the block will start back up.

Go out S and left around to that Timed lever. Pull, roll and run right around into the open door, get through the block and run into the light, just keep running straight, over the traps and when outside left through the corner passage, left at the pole into the open door and through the traps into the light, straight and left around the corner over the last trap and get to the Persian Scimitar before the Flames come up again (savegame.3).

Using the Scimitar.

Either go back through the doors and traps, or find some spots to safety drop down to the lower level. Leave E into the cave, slide backwards in the middle and use the ladder to get down.

Turn around and go around the corner then straight to a terrace overlooking a big cave left. Take a right into the passage S and pick up Uzi clips left, then go down the pole to the next floor and back flip off. Go out N to the cave; spot a pillar with a Key on top and a burning lever right next to it. Go to the opposite side and place the Scimitar right of the doors, immediately jump away! 

For the Key to Ahriman’s Tomb. 

Enter and go down one step, look up and spot the boulder, sprint down the stairs and around the corner to let the boulder pass by. Go W through the open door and get to a mysterious passage where a lady is waiting in front of a closed door. Just run to her and you’ll get yourself into a nasty situation. But the solution is there as the trapdoor opens up. Save as you slide down 

Timed Target Shoot.

Now you only have a limited time to pick up the Magnum and Sight NE, combine them and shoot the 4 Gems before the spikes activate. A gate opens up E to a safe alcove (savegame.4).

After the Spikes popped you can run into the open gate W and down the shaft into the water. Up in the middle of the next room to use the underwater lever, roll and swim down into the tunnel, time the Spikes. Around the corner left are some Uzi clips, as well as in the opposite corner (NW). Follow through and left through a crawlspace, swim up and down to that Spike trap at the pole, go high up to the ceiling and up into the shaft taking some damage from the Spikes.

When you go out of the room (N) you’ll notice you are back in the cave with the Key on the pillar, water caused the Flames on the lever to extinguish. Use the lever to disable the spike trap on the pillar, so you can go up and grab the Key to Ahriman’s Tomb.

Ahriman’s Tomb.

Now you have to get back into the passage behind the Scimitar door (N). Luckily the spikes are disabled. Go up in the next room, first enter the passage N, get wet and pick up Uzi clips left, go back and now use that Key to Ahriman’s Tomb at the S wall to open the door left (E), the door closes after entering. Not playing the Expert Challenge, skip the blue part.

Expert Challenge III:

To the right are the two receptacles for Expert Challenge Stars, shoot some vase to place one of them. Enter and come to a room with flames on ledges. Two choices:

#1 - Sissy Route without Reward: There seems to be a Sissy route through the lower part of the rooms, drop down, follow through and get a Full Survival Kit and Uzi clips. In the next room, with the rope up above, go left into the passage, up the ladder and slide down into a pool. Go through the opening E to the room of this Paragraph; “The Heaven Symbol”, room with the many doors, skipping part of the level, so scroll down and start in that Paragraph.

#2 - The Challenge Route with a Reward:

Right and left of the tiles with the flames are ledges you can jump to, but blocks will fall, so you’ll have to be quick in getting to the other end and into the doorway.

Stand back and hop to the first right, curving left jump across to the left, roll and curving left across the room again, run passing the moving block and jump straight to the one in front, then I just hopped onto the safe corner of the last ledge with the flame, shimmy to the corner at the doorway and jump in. In the next room is a Timed trigger pad on top of the gold ledge, a Wraith might also show up, so watch the health. Run through the opening ahead, jump and grab the rope and swing into the Timed door. Go in, just run down the hole and on the Pedestal is the Vizier’s Staff, left and right is Ammo for it. Get out, first go straight W and pick up a Full Survival Kit and Uzi clips in that passage, roll and go back a bit. Left into the passage, up the ladder and slide down into a pool. Go E through the opening to the room with the many doors (scroll down to this Paragraph; “The Heaven Symbol”, room with the many doors).

Route without the Challenge:

The Tomb, Timed run for the Stone Key.

Go left to the door in the other end (N), shoot the vases on the ledge to the right and jump from that ledge to grab the jump lever, thus opening the door. Go down and run through the moving block, look behind the block and spot a Reach-in Switch on the left. Drop down into the lower section of the room and in the far right hand corner is a Full Survival Kit.

Climb the block there and you can climb up (E) to the door. There is a trigger pad in front of it, it will stop the block for a while. Let it stop all the way left, not in the middle and run jump to the safe spot in between the Spikes, a running jump curving right with Ctrl in the end onto the right hand higher ledge where the block is, run off and quickly grab into the right hand Switch (N) to get the Stone Key. Side-flip and drop down into the lower part. Go to the other side and climb up to use the Stone Key.  

Spike Alley. 

Go down the ladder and arrive at the next challenge. Stand left and sprint into the first alcove right, face the next alcove NE and get in there, now for the last stretch, NW into that alcove with the push wall, go when it is all the way inside of course. Let the block push you out and run (-sprint) the last part to safe ground. Climb the ladder and slide down into a familiar looking room. 

All routes come together:

The Heaven Symbol, the Sacred Four.

Go left (E) into the passage, and in the room with the many doors, take a right into the alcove with the sandy floor. Grab up to a crack right (W), jump and grab up again and then back flip to a ledge. When you step onto the first floor, a Hammer guy attacks, stay close and jump up and down while shooting him. NE is some Barbari Bread, on the pedestal is the Heaven Symbol.

Get back down below and place the Heaven Symbol on the back of the pillar E, a pillar goes down in the middle of the room. Go get the Sacred Four from the small table and examine it:

Sneaky and filled with poison the SCORPION can defeat even the biggest.

With his strong paw the BEAR can defeat even the most defending.

From above the EAGLE can get even the smallest, no matter how dangerous.

Secured by water the FISH is safe from many.

Each of them with their own habitat.

The weakest comes first, the king last.

The 4 doors also opened up…

NW: Water there; so the habitat of the FISH, use the lever and backflip away.

SE: Looks like the habitat of a BEAR, use the lever and backflip away.

NE: Hot and dry, looks to me the SCORPION lives here, use the lever and back-flip away.

SW: You can see the sky there, perfect habitat for the EAGLE; use the lever and backflip away.

The Tomb Keeper.

That door in the E wall of the main room opened up, get in there and go down to a room with a Full Survival Kit and Uzi clips. Go down the passage and run into the next room where that nice lady is waiting for you again. Well she isn’t what she appears to be. Shoot the Beast till he dies and pick up the Temple Key from the Tomb Keeper. The blocks and spikes go down E, so obviously we exit there. 

The Storage Room Key.

Follow to a room with an elevator, throw the lever to get up and go up the steps S, in the yard look right into the square there and spot a door with a gargoyle above, we’ll be back in a bit. Go across the yard to the wall S and jump over the slope in the wall. Shoot the vases in the corner left and pick up the Storage Room Key. In the right hand corner (SW) is that gate you tried to open at the start of this adventure, we are now on the other side of it

(If you are out of Ammo for the Magnum, use the block E to jump over the wall E and slide down into the Valley. Look for an open trapdoor SE, go down into the cave and shoot the Bandit to get his Magnum ammo. Climb back out, go (SW) through to another cave and climb up into the niche straight ahead as before and crawl through left, jump down (Alt+forward) and use the jump lever left of the wooden gate, this time the gate opens. You are back where you got the Key).

Storage Room, the Shotgun.

Go back over the wall (N) and left onto the square, shoot that Gem in the gargoyle and the door opens. Inside go right and open gate to the Storage. Inside are the Shotgun, a Full Survival Kit, 2x Barbari Bread and 2x Uzi clips. Go out and left, to the square and right over the wall again to where you got the Key. Use the block E to jump over the wall E and slide down into the Valley where you can use the Temple Key at the big doors left.

The Temple, Ahriman’s Skull.

Go in and either right or left around, after the flyby of the Boss getting a protective shield, two bandits appear. Go left into the corner for a Full Survival Kit, the right hand corner has Shotgun ammo (NE).

Taking down the Shield.

Up a ladder SW and back flip off, run to the other end of the landing and throw the lever after shooting another Bandit. Back towards the ladder but now jump over the fence on the left onto the ledge with spikes. Jump over the next fence; shoot a bandit and a leopard here. Go to the end (N) and jump left over the fence to a ledge.

Pick up some Shotgun ammo on the right. Take a running jump and grab at the last moment to the platform N (either left or right) and then one to the ledge at the N wall. Get into the opening there.

Avoid the two knives (run after the lower knife a bit to where you can hop over it when it comes back) and use the lever, see a block going down where you got the Shotgun ammo. So back through the knives (crawl and jump) and outside jump to the right, to that ledge and around to the right is now an opening. Slide down along the right hand wall, watch the darts and go through the circle blade.

Shoot the light and go straight (N) and use the monkey swing to get over the spikes (watch the health). Jump over the slope and in the next room shoot the light. Kill the bandit and the leopard and go straight (E).

Again shoot the light in the next room and the slide down. The whole structure is broken and the protective field around the Boss is down, so go kill him. 

Final Battle.

I used the ladder to get one floor up as it is easier to kill him from this point. Then jump over the fence to the platform and pick up the Ahriman’s Skull and a door opens. Safety drop down and leave S to end the level.

G&D, April 2016.