Level by Tombraiderfreak


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with help from Josť locating the three secrets



After the flyby, step down from the crates toward the fuse box you can see in the far corner, and engage an assassin.† Note that the shotgun is already in your inventory, together with dual revolvers that seem to perform no better than pistols. Pick up the shotgun ammo dropped by the assassin, shoot the fuse box and pull down the wall switch to open the door leading to the next compartment.† Jump the gap, climb the ladder, turn around at the top and jump over to the top of the first compartment.† Shoot the baddy and pick up his small medipack.†


Jump back across to the next compartment and lift up the trap door. Safety drop into the compartment and pick up the nearby crossbow arrows under the shelving. Head W to draw out a ninja who drops shotgun ammo. There's a large medipack under the nearby shelving. As you approach the W door, it opens automatically and in pops another assassin (small medipack).†


Jump over W toward the Close Encounters-like green mound and shoot the baddy posted at its top.† If he was carrying anything I couldn't reach the top to find out. Shimmy past the green mound and pull up on the other side.† Hop over to the next compartment, shoot the fuse box and pull down the wall switch to open the door beside you. Rush inside before the assassin has a chance to come out and push you to your death. Grab the flares he dropped, then locate the small medipack in a lower N crawl space (enter in the usual manner and exit by facing the opening and hitting the jump key).† Shoot the fuse box and pull down the wall switch to open a ceiling trap door. Accessing it requires knowledge of the wall jump. Stand at the edge of the small crate next to the fuse box.† Stand jump N to the taller stack of crates, and when Lara makes contact hold down the down arrow key to make her turn around in place and jump forward. Grab the opening created by the trap door and pull out onto the roof of this compartment.†††


The companion trap door won't open, so continue W and shoot the baddy guarding the roof of the next compartment.† Down below are two assassins, so try to shoot them from up where you are before dropping down. If you like, you can first take a running jump with grab to the roof of the next compartment and take the large medipack dropped by the baddy. Otherwise, hop W to the next compartment, where vehicles are being stored. There's nothing to do or pick up here, so continue W toward the next compartment.† The door opens as you approach and a ninja (small medipack) comes to the attack.† This compartment, as the first compartment, is filled with crates. In a S crawlspace gap are crossbow arrows. Approach the W door to make it open and release a baddy (shotgun ammo).


Hop across to the next compartment, shoot the fuse box and pull down the wall switch.† Enter the compartment and run down either the left or the right side to arouse an assassin (uzi ammo) and a dog.† The W side ladder leads to a closed trap door, so approach the W door to open it. Hop over to the open compartment stacked with crates and shoot the approaching assassin.† Continue past the crates to draw out a ninja and a dog.† A baddy is shooting at you from the next compartment. Pick up the CROWBAR he dropped and shoot the fuse box (if you didn't do so earlier while firing at the baddy).† Pull down the switch to lower a block somewhere and reveal a set of keys.


There's nowhere to go but back E, so retrace your steps through the previous compartment to find another assassin and two ninjas (uzi ammo and shotgun ammo).† When you reach the compartment with the stored vehicles you'll find two more assassins waiting. The door to the next compartment is closed, so climb the ladder to the left, run across the roof of the compartment and drop down the other side.† Shimmy past the green mound and hop to the next compartment.† When the E door opens a ninja pops out. Lure him inside the compartment so you can pick up the shotgun ammo he drops. In the next compartment with all the crates is another assassin. This one drops a very hard-to-see CEILING HATCH KEY. Here is where the block lowered, but if you want the secrets in this level, don't pick up the keys yet but return W through the compartments.† You'll meet two assassins in the compartment where you have to repeat the wall jump.


When you reach the compartment with the central column creating alleys to your right and left, go down the right alley and use the Ceiling Hatch Key to open the trap door above the ladder around the corner. Climb up to the roof and find the AMETHYST ROSE for SECRET #1.†† Go back down and hop E to the compartment with the stacked crates.† There's a crowbar door about halfway down on your right (S) that reveals a fuse box. Shoot it and pull down the switch to raise a platform on the N side of the train, back E near the closed compartment with the ladder on the left side of the door.† Hop there, shoot the fuse box and pull down the switch to open the companion trap door you saw earlier.


Use the ladder to climb to the roof of this compartment and drop down through the open trap door.† Find the RUBY ROSE for SECRET #2 and push the nearby floor lever to lower another block near the one you lowered earlier.† Make your way back E one more time to the compartment with the stacked crates where you began this level.† Go all the way to the rear of this compartment to find the lowered block and the SAPPHIRE ROSE for SECRET #3. You can now turn around to the other lowered block and pick up the JEEP KEYS to trigger a flyby pointing out the vehicle in question.† Unfortunately, the level also ends here.