Levels by AoDfan


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


There's a separate level called Lara's Home, but it's so basic that the only real reason for playing it is to move a crate away from the stairs on the main floor to find a BEDROOM KEY that gives you access to a closet in Lara's bedroom upstairs where you can choose among several different outfits for playing the game.  The default outfit is the one you'll remember from playing TR1 years ago.


A video walkthrough by KillerGameplayz can be found here


Level 1: CAVES


Note: You cannot save your game in the usual manner, but you start with five save crystals in your inventory, which you can use at any point to save your progress.


Follow the tracks past the dart traps to a skeleton where you'll find a small medipackWhen you pick it up two wolves attack.  Follow the tracks back the other way and turn left at the E wall.  Pull up onto the N ledge, pull up higher right and take a running jump W over the gap into a larger area and shoot two bats to your right. Go to the dark SW corner of this area and pull up onto the slab against the W wall.  Jump up to grab the crack in the wall and shimmy left until you can pull up into the opening for SECRET #1.  You'll find a large medipack in the far corner of this room.


Get back down to the cave floor and run N and around the corner until you reach an area with signs of civilization.  Note the closed door at the bottom of the E steps and pull up onto the blocks to your left in the NW corner.  Take a running jump E to grab the next block, pull up and take a running jump to land on a block at the NE corner.  Grab the crack in the E wall and shimmy right until you can pull up into an alcove. Pull down the wall switch to open the door below. turn right and follow the stairs down to a small medipack.  The door ahead opens when you step on the trigger tile.  Go out, turn right and go down the steps through the opened doorway.


From the higher ledge you can easily target and kill two wolves lurking below.  Go over three bridges and run past a closed wooden door.  Just beyond the wooden door is a small medipackSafety drop to the floor and kill a third wolf that didn't make its presence known earlier. Go to the NE corner and find an opening to your right. Enter to find a timed trigger tile that opens a disguised stone door in the N wall.  This may be a good time to use one of those save crystals, although the timed run isn't tight at all. Reverse roll over the trigger tile, run outside and loop around left underneath two of the bridges you crossed earlier.  Go through the opening in the N wall before the door closes.


Follow the tunnel and shoot two bats. Step on the breaktile at the end and drop down into a lower area with a closed W door. Go E past the greenery, turn right and find another closed door E and an opening at the SW corner.  Enter and follow the passage to a ledge overlooking a deep cave.  There's a bobbing purple crystal nearby.  If you stand against it and press the action key, you're given the option to save your game at this point.  From the opening, make your way around the cave in a counterclockwise direction by jumping from ledge to ledge.  At the S wall, jump up to grab the crack and shimmy left a long distance until you can drop down to a ledge.  At the SE corner jump over to a green ledge. Continue with a couple of long jumps, and when you reach the taller pillar against the N wall, jump down SW to a block with a small medipack and SECRET #2.


Safety drop from the block and slide down to the cave floor.  Run to the large SW opening and follow the tunnel to a corner slab that you can use to pull up E to a higher ledge.  Hop up SW and take a running jump E to grab a vine-covered alcove.  Pull up for a small medipack and jump back W.  Follow the tunnel and shoot three bats.  Pull up N and continue to climb rock walls until you reach the W wall.  Jump up S for a small medipack and pull up into the N opening. In the next room get on the shorter NW block, jump to the higher SW block, jump E to bounce off the slope and land on the highest NE block.  Vault up E and run up the stairs past more dart traps.  The room above has floor holes looking down into the area with bridges and wolves that you visited earlier.  Proceed through the NE opening and go down the stairs to a ledge overlooking a room down below.


Don't drop down or jump across to the S side yet.  Instead, note the closed door E to your left and walk from that closed door to the S edge, turn left and stand jump E over the slope.  Enter the room to your left and run across into the NE opening for SECRET #3 and a large medipack in the small room below.  Return to the previous room and pull down the NW wall switch to open the door. Go out, take a left and use the jutting ledge to take a running jump S and grab the ledge on the other side.  Pull up and shoot two wolves. Locate the SW wall switch and pull it down to open the exit doors. Reverse roll and use the rocks to slide down to the room below, on the other side of the dart traps.  Head through the opened E doorway to end the level.




You're given the opportunity to save your game before starting this level. The door in front of you opens, so step forward to face a bridge spanning a deep pit.  Run halfway across the bridge, turn right and take a running jump S to grab the alcove.  Pull up for a small medipack and stand jump back to the bridge.  The N alcove is empty, so turn right and go all the way across the bridge. Run up the steps and prepare to do battle with four wolves that charge from the room ahead that I'll call the hub room.  Enter the hub room and go to the S doorway to flush out a bear that tries to sneak up on you from behind.  In the S side room, pull up onto the ledge for a small medipack in the SW corner. Drop back down and exit to the larger room.   


Enter the SE corridor, shoot two bats and pull down the wall switch on your right. Go through the opened doorway, turn left and go up the steps to find three pushblocks in the room above.  Number them 1, 2 and 3 from left to right.  Push #1 once, turn right and pull #2 once, revealing a wall switch that lowers a central trap door in the room below. Go there and drop down through the hole into a cave. Go through the N opening and follow the tunnel to a block you can climb onto.  Pull up E and shoot two bats in the upper room. Step into the E alcove for the GOLD IDOL and get back down.  Return through the tunnel to the opening where you dropped down, and pull up through the opened trap door.  Go out N to the corridor and turn right. Follow the corridor, ignoring for now any side passages, until you approach a new area W with a closed door requiring a key on your right. Shoot two bats there, reverse roll and return a short distance to the small opening in the N wall.


Follow the passage, pull up onto a block at the end and pull up S into a higher tunnel which appears to be a small maze. Run around until you find a breaktile in the SW corner.  Fall down into a lower room for SECRET #4.  Get the large medipack in the NE alcove and pull down the SW wall switch to open the exit door. Exit to the hub room and enter the NW corridor. Turn left at the N wall (in front of the closed door requiring a key that you noted earlier) and find a small medipack up a small ramp at the NW corner.  Continue along the corridor, past another closed door, and find yourself back in the hub room.


Jump into the central pool and swim all the way to the W wall, flip turn and find an underwater lever on back side of a column.  Pull it to open an underwater gate. Swim back E through the tunnel and turn left to enter to opened gateway. Follow the tunnel until you can surface for air. Pull out of the pool and find the wall switches on the back sides of the columns. Pull both down to open the E door. Enter that room for SECRET #5.  Take 2 x shotgun ammo from the central slab and pick up a large medipack in the corner.  Jump back into the pool and swim back through the S opening and along the tunnel to the gate you opened earlier.  Turn right once outside and swim back to the upper room with the columns.  Turn right to see another underwater lever in the N wall.  Pull it to open the trap door above you and surface for air.  Pull out into a room with another save crystal.  Step up onto the slab and pick up the SILVER KEY. Pull down the wall switch to open the exit door.  Out in the corridor, turn left and return to the hub room.


Turn left and enter the NW corridor once again.  When you reach the N wall, use the Silver Key to open the door. Negotiate the dart traps in the next room and enter a large underground room where three wolves attack. Climb up onto the roof of the W shrine for a small medipack. Drop down, go across to enter the E shrine and negotiate the dart traps until you come to an indoor pool. There's nothing in the water, so go up the steps and jump E to pull up onto a platform. Continue in a counterclockwise direction until you reach an opening. Follow the ramp up to an opening overlooking the pool. Shoot two bats and take a running jump and grab across the gap to pull up onto a ledge in front of a room with a wall switch. Pull it down for a screen shot of a closed door.


Jump into the water below, pull out N and follow the tunnel back through the dart traps to the room where you shot the three wolves. Go straight across into the W shrine and get past the dart traps until you reach a pool much like the earlier one you visited. In this case, however, there are breaktiles for you to negotiate as you make your way counterclockwise along the ledges. When you reach the N opening, enter and pull down the wall switch to open that door you saw in the earlier cut scene. The remaining breaktiles appear to serve no useful function, so exit this room, jump into the water below and pull out N. Exit past the dart traps to the open area and go up the N steps.  Look in the alcoves to your left for a small medipack, then go past the opened door and the save crystal to find a gauntlet of swinging blades.  Get past the first one, and as you try to run past the second one a trap door opens and deposits you into a pool below.


Swim N to the next room and pull out.  Shoot the bear and find a wall switch behind both the SW column and the SE column.  Pull them down to open the S gate leading back to the swinging blades (which are now dormant). Go there and pull down the wall switch to open a trap door in the NE corner of the pool room.  Go there, drop down and enter a small room for SECRET #6.  Pick up magnum clips and a large medipack, then return to the pool room. Insert the Gold Idol in the N receptacle and go through the opened door to end the level.




Save your game before beginning if you wish.  Run along the tunnel to an underground stream. Go partially down the stairs to your left and shoot two wolves from a safe position.  Go back up the stairs to the upper stream.  Jump across it SE to the far bank (if you fall in the current will take you over the waterfall), then jump back SW toward the skeleton for SECRET #7.  Pick up the shotgun ammo, and now you can jump into the water.  When you drop down into the small lake below, locate the opening in the E wall and swim to an alcove with a small medipack.  Swim down the nearby ramp to a pool and pull out near a save crystal. Hop into one of the N alcoves for shotgun ammo.  Go up the steps through the E opening into the Lost Valley.  Shoot two approaching raptors.


From the S side of the entrance ledge, between the massive columns, jump to the S ledge and proceed E along the valley wall ledges. When you reach the opening, enter the small cave for a large medipack and the SILVER KEY. Exit the cave and drop to the valley floor. Run NE to a waterfall and jump to grab the block on the right side of the water flow. Pull up and jump NE to grab the crack, shimmy left and pull up onto the waterfall.  Run forward and turn right into the opening. Follow to a small cave for SECRET #8 and pick up the large medipack, magnum clips and shotgun ammo before stepping on the breaktile.


You'll drop into an underground lake.  Pull out and relieve the nearby skeleton of another SILVER KEY. Shoot the advancing raptor and go where it came from to exit S back to another section of the Lost Valley. Turn left and pull up onto an entrance ledge that looks much like the one you've already seen to draw out two more raptors. Go through the N entrance past a save crystal and jump into the water. Enter the NE tunnel and swim to the end for a MACHINE COG. Return, pull out of the water and find a small medipack near the NE corner. Exit and run S across the valley floor to an opening in the wall. Deal with the raptor waiting just inside and follow the passage E, pausing for shotgun ammo in an alcove to your left. Continue until you come to a save crystal overlooking the valley.


Hop down and run W a long distance past the entrance and a strange rock formation until you reach the original entrance. Turn right and continue N past the waterfall until you reach a wooden wall.  There are alcoves on your right and left where you use a Silver Key to open a door.  Taking the left (W) side first, use the corner slab inside to pull up to the first of several ledges.  Make your way to the top and pull down the wall switch.  Get back down and go across to open the E door. Go up the wooden stairs, then jump the ledges until you can pull up to face another wall switch. Return to the valley floor to find that the wooden wall has been raised, allowing access to a N section of the valley.


Go meet the T-Rex and stay away from its deadly jaws while you pour lead into its belly.  When it finally topples over, locate the opening in the E wall and climb a block to attract a raptor.  Continue E to a cave with an underground lake. Start with the blocks in the SW corner and make your way up to the SE corner for another MACHINE COG. The lake contains nothing of interest, but you can use it as a means of getting quickly down and out. Return to the valley floor and continue N to encounter two more raptors. When you reach a lake on your left, turn right and head E toward a temple entrance.  Two raptors emerge from the E opening.  Go there to find a save crystal, but there's nothing else to do or find inside at the moment.


Run W along the valley floor underneath a stone arch. Just beyond it is an opening in the N wall.  Enter and follow to a dark pit (past a slab and an opening to your left, for later).  Turn around and hang from the edge of the pit.  If you're directly over an opening below (if not, shimmy as appropriate), pull up, hop back and press the action key as soon as you clear the edge to glide into that opening. Step forward for SECRET #9. Pick up the magnum clips, shotgun ammo and uzi ammo, and follow the passage up some blocks to a breaktile. You'll fall down near the slab I suggested you bypass earlier. Climb up on it now and pull up N. Follow to a ledge overlooking the deep pit.  Take a running jump S and grab the ledge on the other side.  Pull up and follow the ledges until you're on the far side of the deep pit. Follow to a dead end and climb the blocks. Step out onto a ledge overlooking a room you explored earlier from below.


Take a running jump SW to the flat top of the arch, then another running jump SE to the far ledge.  Pick up the large medipack and jump down NE onto the block with the third MACHINE COG. Jump into the water, pull out W and exit. Hop down, run W past the stone arch and jump into the water. Swim SW and find a ledge you can pull out onto. Climb the block, jump W to grab the crack and shimmy right to pull up onto a higher block. Climb blocks toward the waterfall and get up onto the ledge.  Jump N across the water to the facing ledge and follow it around to the right and into a dark passage. Turn left, then right, then left again and follow to a bridge where you'll find another save crystal.


Go over the bridge, but don't pull down the wall switch until after you've placed all three of your Machine Cogs. Pulling the wall switch activates the completed cog machine. Safety drop to the valley floor and find the tall opening in the S wall. Enter and pull up right in front of the small opening. Browse the upper ledge for 2 x shotgun ammo and the elusive SHOTGUN. Drop back down, follow the tunnel to the end and pull up W into a higher passage. Run forward to end the level.




Save your game and follow the passage to a room with an opening ahead and a closed door on either side. Take a few steps into the W opening, reverse roll and beat a hasty retreat as a boulder comes rumbling down the ramp. The two doors open to release a pair of raptors. Enter the S doorway and turn right past the save crystal. Jump into the water hole in the next room and swim W to a large pool.  Swim across to the SW opening and pull the underwater lever to open a door in the S wall.  Return to the pool, loop around right and pull up S into the opened doorway.  Run up the water flow and pull the block once to drain the pool.  Get back down, run across to the NW opening and pull down the wall switch at the end of the passage to open another door.


Reverse roll, return to the empty pool and turn left. Step into the depression in the floor and push the block N three times. Turn right into the revealed passage and pull up higher. Follow to a trigger pad that opens the door in front of you. Jump SW to the column, turn around and take a running jump with grab into the SE alcove.  Pull down the wall switch to move one of the columns in the drained pool.


For a secret, drop down to the floor, enter the NE passage and pull the block back one time. Go across the pool and pull up into the S opening. Turn around and jump NE to the column. Take another running jump NE to land in the upper left opening in the E wall.  Follow the passage around and hop down. Pull the block back one time, turn around and go back the way you came. Drop down to the floor of the drained pool, enter the NE passage and find a large medipack for SECRET #10.  You now need to return the pushblock to its former position (in the alcove where the large medipack was), or you'll not be able to proceed further. So pull back up into the S opening, jump NE to the column and again to the NE opening, drop down at the end and push the block once. Return to the pool floor, go to the NE passage and push the block once, and now you're ready to move on.


Run across the pool, pull up into the S opening and push the block aside to fill the pool once more. Enter the NW opening and swim down the shaft to your left. Swim W over the spikes (although they appear to be harmless when Lara is in swimming mode) and pull the underwater lever to move the other column in the pool.  Return to the pool and swim into the NE passage. Pull out and follow to the opening. Take running jumps and grabs across the columns to reach the opening in the W wall. Pull down the wall switch in the next room to open a door in the boulder passage in the beginning room.


Reverse roll, jump into the water and swim across into the E opening. Swim up at the end and pull out.  Return to the beginning room and go across into the N side room where you'll find a save crystal. Turn left at the W opening and run over a breaktile. If you don't stop, the swinging blade at the entrance should miss you. Negotiate the dart traps ahead, note the closed door and turn right into the NW opening. The floor in the next room consists wholly of breaktiles, which all crumble and disappear to reveal a spike-trapped floor when you pull the N wall switch (so don't bother trying to save any for later).  Note the screen shot of an opening door. Take a running jump and grab to the W opening and pull up into the passage.


Follow around to a save crystal and negotiate the swinging blades ahead with timed stand jumps. After the second blade look right into the alcove for shotgun ammo.  Continue E into the next room and note the closed door.  Squeeze past the statue in the last alcove to your left and a door opens automatically. Go up the stairs and jump the swinging blade ledges W to a wall switch. Pull it down, jump the ledges back E and hop down to the floor. Go E into the next room to find the door there is now open.


Turn right and go a short distance up the ramp to trigger a boulder.  Reverse roll and run back left to safety, then go all the way up the ramp. Turn left as you enter the next room and stay close to the E wall so you won't trigger falling debris from the ceiling.  Safety drop through the hole at the S wall and find yourself in a familiar room.  Jump W over the breaktile hole and the swinging blade, run past the dart traps and enter the opened doorway.


Pull the pushblock into the room, get up on it and jump into the high S opening.  Run forward and pull down the wall switch to open a second door in the boulder passage in the beginning room. Get down, run E past the dart traps (the swinging blade is now dormant), hop over the breaktile hole, turn right and return to the beginning room.  Turn right again and go up the W boulder passage. Turn right in the upper room and go through the N passage to a room with a save crystal. Continue forward into the N opening and follow the passage to an underground lake.


Jump into the water and locate the nearby E opening underneath the waterfall. Swim inside and follow around to your left through another small opening until you can surface.  Pull out onto the N ledge and jump the ledges in a counterclockwise direction to the SW corner.  Jump up to grab the crack in the S wall and shimmy left until you can drop down to another ledge in front of an opening.  Enter and pull the block back once or twice to clear a path for later.  Jump into the water and swim back to the first underground lake.  Swim SW toward a bridge fragment and find shotgun ammo next to the skeleton in the nearby alcove.  Surface and pull out onto the ledge in the NE corner. 


Again, jump the ledges in a counterclockwise direction, past the pushblock you moved out of the way, until you can pull up W near what looks like a high diving board.  Jump S to grab that diving board, pull up and hop into the nearby NW alcove for a large medipack. Hop back to the diving board and take a running jump S to grab the tall block. Pull up, turn left and pull up to the higher ledge. Run forward and jump E over the gap to another ledge. Follow the ledge and connecting bridge along the wall until you reach a small medipack, then go back the other way and cross the second bridge W to a small room where a swinging blade is triggered at the entrance.  Pick up the GOLD IDOL inside and return across the bridge.


Safety drop in front of the SE entrance at the cost of some health, exit this area through the E passage, turn right in the next room and use the Gold Idol to open the W door. Follow the passage to a throne room.  Before doing anything here, loop around right and pull down the NW wall switch to open a door in the S wall. Go there for SECRET #11 and pick up the magnum clips and small medipack. Return to the throne room and take the SCION from the central plinth. Wait for the debris to fall from the ceiling and go to the E door which opens upon your approach.


More debris falls from the ceiling in the next room. The N and E passages are blocked, so head down the S passage and up the stairs as more debris falls.  Run up the ramp (yep, more debris) and into a room with a save crystal.  Step forward onto the ledge overlooking a pool and see Larson down below taking pot shots at you.  Resist the temptation to fire back and jump into the pool.  Swim to the S end and down into the hole.  Follow to SECRET #12 and surface to pull out into a small room with shotgun ammo, a large medipack and 2 x magnum clips.


Swim back to the pool and pull out to deal with Larson. The game ends with a conversation between Lara and a wounded Larson.