Levels by Dreamfall


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth





Begin in a small bedroom-study adorned with Hanna Montana posters.  You are apparently someone named Lindsay.  Open the door, step out into the hall and grab the CONCERT TICKET from the plinth (cut scene of the garage).  The door at the end of the hall (the other one requires a key) leads to an empty bathroom.  Go downstairs into the kitchen where Mom is busy at the counter and take the GARAGE KEY from the plinth in front of the fridge.  Use it in the NW keyhole and enter what is presumably intended to be the garage.


Pull up into the windowsill and pick up the key to MOM'S ROOM. You know where that is, back upstairs next to your room.  Go there and take the CAR KEYS from the armoire.  Go back downstairs to the garage, get in the car as the garage door opens automatically, and drive outside.  Before venturing onto the street, get out of the car and go to the rose garden.  Stand at the SE corner of the two-bush trench, facing W, and jump up to grab the lower corner of the small roof (you have to be positioned just right).  Pull up to find a SECRET ROSE.


Drop to the ground, get in the car, drive to the street and turn left.  Follow past a Walmart, through a narrow gate opening and down into a parking garage.  There are a couple of spaces left, but I chose to park illegally.  Get out and open the NW door.  Push the button to start the elevator, get in and ride up to the lobby of the Diamond Hotel.  Go up the stairs to your left.  The hallway straight ahead leads to a couple of empty rooms, so don't bother.  Instead, turn right and go into the SW hallway.  The door at the end leads to a bathroom where you'll find a small medipack.  The doors here all lead to private stalls (one of them occupied).


Return to the hallway, turn left at the opening and go up the next flight of stairs. Follow around and up the next flight of stairs, where you'll meet up with Aunt Emily and engage in a brief exchange.  Push the button behind Aunt Emily to open a door somewhere.  Go downstairs to the first landing above the hotel lobby and turn left at the end into a small dining room (the door closes behind you).  A maid is standing behind the counter.  Approach Grace, standing in the NE alcove, and engage in some conversation. 


Push the button to open the door behind Grace and run around the landing and downstairs to the hotel lobby.  Grab the small medipack in the NW corner and find the open SW doorway.  Go downstairs to a door that opens upon your approach. In a room filled with shelves, locate a button in the E wall.  Push it to open a door in the S wall.  Enter and push another button to open a timed panel up in the NW corner.  Hurry there and hop inside before the panel closes. 


You've entered a room fraught with danger.  Avoid the deadly green floor at all costs.  With your back against the wall, side flip right, slide and jump to grab the ladder.  Shift left around the corner and, with your hands at the same level as the ledge, shimmy left until you can pull up safely.  Jump NE to the next block, note the receptacle in the far corner, jump SE to the left of the ladder to the ledge, and from the far end jump SE to the slope, slide and jump and grab the S crawl space.  Pull up inside to find something apparently unknown to the builder, but you know that it goes in that receptacle you saw in the far corner. 


Lower yourself from the crawl space and quickly shimmy right onto the ladder.  When your feet get set, climb up, shift right around the corner, drop onto the slope, jump off to grab the N ladder, and make your way around the room as you did earlier.  But this time, jump to the receptacle in the NE corner and insert the CODE DISK to open Aunt Emily's door.  To exit this room, simply take running jumps SW, NW, SW, SW again to the slope and jump to the exit.


Return to the hotel lobby, up the stairs, right at the landing, left at the corner into the hallway, right into the opening and up the stairs to Aunt Emily.  Enter her room, turn left into the adjacent room and approach the bed to trigger a cut scene at the hotel lobby.  Search the nearby armoire for a COIN and return to the hotel lobby.  The front doors are now open, so exit to the street and turn right.


Run under the bridge past an alley to your left and look for an open doorway to your left.  Enter an office of some kind and continue through the NW doorway (there's nothing upstairs).  Approach Kevin and ask him about his crowbar. You can see a jump switch N above a ramp, so stand jump (not jump straight up) forward to activate it to open a nearby door.  Jump up NE and push the button to raise a block near Kevin.  You can see the inaccessible crowbar to your left. Get up on the raised block to find the door you opened on the upper level.


Pull out the cage and move it W onto the raised block. Push the button in the S wall to raise a block on the lower level.  Drop down next to the cage and return NE to the first button and push it again to lower the block and the cage.  Move the cage onto the nearby raised block (pull it twice and push it once) and get back to the upper level by standing on the raised platform with the chair on it. Push the S button again to lower the block with the cage, get down and move the cage onto the green trigger tile. The N door under the jump switch opens, so go there for the CROWBAR.


Exit this building and, once back out on the street, hop onto the SE block next to the gate and insert the Crowbar (face N) to open a section of the gate.  Pull up onto the ledge overlooking the street and jump over the railing.  Insert the Coin in the NE post to lift the gate there. Enter, loop around left and push the button to raise a block SW of where you're standing.  Go there, get up on the raised block and take a running jump E across the street to grab the pharmacy ledge.  Pull up, turn right and run to the S end for a SECRET ROSE


Drop down to the street, return NW to the parking garage, get in the car and drive it through the opened E gate to end the level.




You're still in the car, so drive a short distance to the barriers, get out, jump over the barriers to trigger a lament, and turn right to run E down the street.  Turn right at the auto repair shop and go S down an alley.  Loop around right at the end to find a ladder. Climb to the roof, jump E over the railing to the next building, vault up onto the roof and run forward to find a floor trapdoor next to the wall.  Pull it open facing S, drop down and find a red pushblock.  Move it aside and pick up the BATTERY it was covering. Use the ladder in the E wall to climb back out, back flip to the roof and get back down to street level.


Run W back down the street, turn right and just past the alley turn left into the W building. Run around (not up) the stairs and find a receptacle for the Battery.  Now you can run up the stairs and find the door you just opened.  Jump over the railing, because the door is in the way, and enter a passageway.  Jump into the open window, take a running jump (no grab) over the alley to the next building, pull up right and overhear the unfolding of a plot against Hannah.   


Run N near the end of the balcony, jump up to grab the roof and shimmy right around the corner until you can drop down onto the adjacent ledge.  Run to the E end and jump over the gap. Continue to the end of the wooden ledge and take a running jump E to reach the next balcony. Find a gap in the railing and use the tightrope to get on the other side of the fence. Don't drop down yet but continue to the end of the rope.


Run W across the roof and jump from the NW corner to the much smaller building. From the SW corner of that building jump SW to the balcony occupied by one of the conspirators. Pick up something unknown to the builder at the other end of the balcony, jump back to the smaller building and drop down to the ground.  Hop into the small garden area next to the smaller building for some flares (not that you'll ever need them). 


Go to the entrance of the adjacent building (apparently a theatre) and insert the Concert Ticket in the receptacle to open the door.  Open and the door closes behind you.  Go down the stairs to your left, past a door requiring a key, and open the left hand door in the N wall.  Enter the bathroom and open the door to the last stall. Pull up left onto a balcony that overlooks the action taking place onstage.


Run to the other end of the balcony and take a running jump N to grab the ledge jutting from the wall. Pull up and take a running jump NE onto the suspended platform.  When you run to the other end you get a fixed camera, so back up a few steps to restore camera control.  Take a running jump W to grab the sloped platform, pull up and take a running jump N to land on the next ledge.  Turn right and jump E into the suspended platform.  Go around to the other end and take a running jump N to grab a ledge extending over the stage. Pull up, step forward, pull up higher and slide down the other side.


Drop down E or W and locate a door located around the middle of the N wall. Open it and start heading down the hallway.  You can see a conspirator ahead with his back to you, so open the W door and enter a small dining room.  Grab the NW small medipack and exit this room.  Enter the room across the hall and push the crate just ahead one time.  Turn left and pull the second crate two times in front of the first crate.  Go around it and pull up into the N crawlspace.  Jump out the other side (jump key and up arrow), but look out for the deadly floor ahead.


From the W end take a running jump N and grab the opening.  Pull up, turn around and jump up to grab the ceiling.  Monkey swing S to the end and drop down into an upper room.  Run to the far wall, turn right and save your game in front of the timed floor lever.  Push it and jump forward over the floor lever and into the trench past the first set of flame blowers before they ignite.  Wait for the second set to stop spewing flames, jump up onto the ledge and continue with a running jump to the next ledge and down through the timed doorway.   


Go around to find an opening that overlooks the conspirator waiting in the hallway down below. Save your game to be on the safe side, crouch at the edge facing N and push the jump and up arrow keys while holding down the crouch key.  You should do a handstand and crash down on top of the conspirator, knocking him out and shaking loose the PISTOLS he was carrying. Open the door near the N end of the hallway and enter Hannah Montana's dressing room to find her inside.  After a few frantic words, warning her of the plot against her, take the OFFICE THEATRE KEY from the SW plinth and exit this room.


Run S down the hallway to the backstage area, continue onto the stage and hop down to attract two thugs and two dogs.  Shoot them all, being careful not to wound any of the performers or members of the audience. Run up the SE steps past the startled audience, and at the first landing near the bathrooms, locate the keyhole you saw earlier and use the Office Theatre Key to open the door. Enter the office and push the button in the rear corner to open a door.  Exit this room, return to the stage area where the audience is just now beginning to settle down, climb up onto the stage and go to the backstage area. Run N down the hallway past the clobbered conspirator and find the open doorway at the end.


Go up the stairs and prepare yourself to shoot two dogs and a thug in the room above.  Pick up the SHOTGUN dropped by the thug and hop up onto a crate near the middle of the E wall for a large medipack.  Head S to alert two more dogs and a thug. The thug drops uzi ammo. Continue S, and in the next-to-last room you can climb up onto a crate next to a woman's dresser and enter the crawl space for shotgun ammo


Get down and enter the last room S.  Note the upper fence-enclosed catwalk encircling the room.  Climb up on the single crate ahead and slightly to the right of the entrance. Turn to face NE and jump up to shoot the corner panel.  Jump from the grate to grab the opening and pull up into the passage. Go around to the right and insert the CODE DISK you've been carrying in the receptacle.  The door opens to your right, providing access to a SECRET ROSE. Run around the passage in the other direction and note for later the timed button at the far end.    


Get down to the room below and shoot a dog and a thug. Go to the SW corner of this room, where a fork lift is parked, and look up to see a crowbar door.  Directly underneath is a timed block that rises when you push the button noted earlier.  Go back there, save your game, push the button and get down to hop onto the crate opposite the fork lift.  Face SE, jump to grab the raised block, pull up and open the crowbar door before the block starts to lower.  If you get there in time your momentum will carry you into the upper passage even if the timed block has already lowered.


Go around the passage to a button (not timed) that opens the door directly below the crowbar door.  Drop down and enter another section of this huge storage area. Run around a bit, hopping over crates as necessary, to flush out two dogs. Go to the far NE corner and push a timed button that opens a door at the far SE corner.  There are many obstacles in your way, so determine the most direct route in advance and get there as quickly as you can before the door closes (it's not that tight a run).


Run W and open the door. Run downstairs, then upstairs, veer left at the top and open the E door.  Step outdoors and shoot two dogs.  Go to the green trash bin SE and push it forward to reveal the UZIS.  Hop onto the trash bin, jump over the fence, and look for the E wall ladder in the building across the street.  Climb up to the roof, shimmy left past the slope and pull up.  There's a small medipack in the nearby corner. Run to the N end to awaken a thug.  Pick up the key to the HOTEL BACKYARD he dropped, as well as the uzi ammo he was guarding.


Jump E over the railing and use your key to open the door. Step inside to trigger the rants of an hysterical female. Drop down into the courtyard below and do battle with two thugs and two dogs while doing your best to avoid Sophia's bolts.  There's shotgun ammo NE and NW, and an extra pair of UZIS SE and SW.  When Sophia finally succumbs she leaves behind another key to the HOTEL BACKYARD.  Before using it, jump into the central hole occupied by the phantom fountain and pick up a SECRET ROSE. Now use the key to open the W door and step out into the street.


Go around the W structure either right or left and join the party where everyone is gathered around the dead dogs you shot earlier.