Level by Franky


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



No compass. Grrr.


Step forward, draw your pistols as you run down the steps and shoot two beasts. Loop around right at the bottom of the steps and pull the block from the wall. Go around it and push it forward to give you room to open the floor trap door.


Climb down the ladder, turn left and run to the end of the tunnel. Push the block to reveal a side passage. Reverse roll and loop around right until you come to a second pushblock. Pull it once and go back around the outer perimeter marked by the flaming pots. You'll come to an intersection with pushblock 2 ahead, pushblock 1 to your left and a third pushblock to your right. Push block 1 into the passage with the ladder, turn around and go to block 3. Pull it back two times to give you a clear path around. Reverse roll, loop around left and come to a new passage revealed when you moved block 3. Watch out for this flame pot, for unlike the others it'll set you on fire.


Walk carefully past it, close to one of the walls, and drop down into the hole. Take the first secret (SEGRETO) from the plinth and climb back out. Go back around the perimeter and push block 3 back to its original position. Turn around, go back to block 1 and pull it back two times. Run around and exit to the ladder. Climb out and go to the back end of the outdoor area. Behind the dead tree in the left corner is a block you can pull up onto. Step forward and jump up the slope into a hole for a fixed camera angle and a large medipack. Step forward to pull down the wall switch, turn around and climb back out, slide down and turn right. Run to the right of the stairs to the short block, climb up on it, turn around and use the raised glass platforms to make your way up and around to the right. Hop down to the last glass platform and jump to a block in front of an opening with a wall switch.


When you pull the switch down the stargate below is activated, so slide down and enter the green field to be transported to a cave. Turn left and follow the passage past a vehicle on your left until you reach a wall where you can hop up left. Turn to your right, take one step back from the edge and take a running jump to grab the pole. Swing around and jump off onto the higher ledge ahead. Continue into the cave and pass a red-tinged area with a closed gate on your left. Continue to the rock wall, turn right and continue until you slide down in front of a hole. Hop down into a fixed camera, pick up the large medipack and turn around to pull the wall switch.


Pull out of the hole, turn around and jump across, turn right and jump up to a flat area. As you run past the red-tinged area you see that the gate is open. Go back to the vehicle you saw earlier (a huge unicycle) and you can now mount it. Drive it to the opened gate, back it up to the wall and save your game. You need to drive the unicycle forward, without ever stopping, over four gaps into a snowy area. When you get there, drive the unicycle left or right around (left is easier) and loop around to drive up the steep ramp. A winged dragon and an ahmet await above, but keep going past them until you reach the summit. Dismount and shoot the blue ornament that blocks your way to a wall crack. Jump up to grab the crack and shimmy left around two corners. Drop down, shoot the blue ornament, enter the alcove and take the second SEGRETO from the plinth.


Shimmy back to the unicycle and look across the gap to see that the stargate across the way is now active. Take a running jump there (keep the action and up arrow keys depressed), pull up and enter the green field. You're warped to an outpost guarded by aliens. You can run through the steel-mesh enclosures, but before you've gone more than a few steps you're bounced back outside. The aliens can be killed, but you have to hit them direct in the chest, and they move around so much that this is difficult. If you save and reload during the battle the corpses disappear, so I can't provide an accurate head count other than to say there were at least four of them. There's a closed door at the end of a purple-tinged tunnel in this area. Watch out for openings nearby, as the fall will kill you if you should drop through.


There's a ladder in the side of one of these trenches (the second one opposite the side passage), but if you haven't killed all the aliens you'll likely be pushed to your death looking for it. Anyway, climb down to find a wall switch at the bottom, opening the door in the purple-tinged passage. Climb back out, go through the passage and enter a room filled with energy-draining R2D2 robots and aliens. Run to the enclosure in the far right corner. On the back side of the flashing green column is a ladder. Save your game before climbing it. At the top of the column is the third SEGRETO. If you climb back down the ladder, you may find that the exit door is closed, trapping you inside. If you jump forward over the plinth to the ground, hopefully the exit door will still be open.


Back outside, find the trench with the ladder and climb back down. Go to the other end of the trench and find another ladder at the corner that leads down to an underground area. Follow the passage to a pushblock. Push it three times to reveal a passage on your left and a crawl space on your right.


Enter the crawl space and drop down at the end for the fourth SEGRETO. Get back out and follow the revealed passage to a closed door and another pushblock. Push it two times to reveal yet another passage with the first pushblock at the end. Go around past the closed door and pull the first pushblock to block the crawl space. Go back around to find a third pushblock. First, push the first pushblock (the one on your right) two times into the entrance passage. Reverse roll and pull the third pushblock two times. Go around and find a revealed passage with a wall switch at the end. Pull it down to open that closed door. Go there and step through the stargate into a futuristic room.


In one of the corners is a raised block beneath a ceiling trap door. Jump up to open it, turn around in place and jump up to grab the opening. Pull up to find two crawl spaces. Enter the one on your right and wind up in a lava room. Cross it on the tightrope and turn left when you reach the far ledge safely. Hop up right into the opening at the end and follow around to your right, sliding down in front of a closed door. Pull up into the triangular crawl space, drop down the other side (the door opens as you do so) and take the fifth SEGRETO from the plinth. Get back out and follow the metallic passage up until you reach a long stretch. It's an obvious boulder trap, so go up about halfway so you can reverse roll and trigger the boulder. Sprint back down the ramp, turn left into the side passage and continue until the boulder comes to a complete stop. Squeeze past it (or simply shoot it - thanks, sonnyd83) and go back up the ramp, then go down and drop through the hole at the end.


Take the other crawl space and watch the surroundings change from metal to stone. Emerge in an outdoor alley with a green lake at the end. Three giant fish are swimming around inside, so try to kill them before jumping in. You may have to jump in and pull out several times to lure them into range, but the water is frigid so you can't stay in it for long. Across the lake in the far right corner you can see a cluster of green formations on the lake floor, illuminated by random sunbeams. You can swim up a shaft there to find an underwater switch. Pull it to retract the bars blocking your escape route and climb back out at the spot where you jumped in. If you like, you can turn around, hang from the edge and shimmy right to the corner for a large medipack. Shimmy back left, drop into the water and find the opening high up in the wall ahead. Swim up the long shaft and pull up right into a mirror room.


Follow the path you see in the mirror (the rest of the floor is spike trapped) to the sixth and final SEGRETO, and note that the exit door down below opens on your way to it. Go back the same way, swim down the shaft and pull up at the valley entrance. Run forward and crawl back to the metallic area, drop down to the room below and find that the lasers formerly blocking access to the mech warrior suit have disappeared. Before getting into the mech warrior suit you can play chicken with the moving lasers if you like to get another large medipack.


In any event, climb into the suit and rumble your way past the lasers and through the lava trench, taking care to avoid the flame blowers (the suit won't protect you from them) while being fired upon by the R2D2 robots. When you reach the far end of the trench, step out of the lava and exit the suit by hitting the end key. In front of you are two numbered keypads, and the clues for them lie beyond the passages to your right and left.


Hop onto the Level 00 elevator and ride it down to the bottom. Look for an opening in one of the corners and run into it at an opportune moment. The door ahead opens, allowing you to step into a research area of some sort. The door closes as you enter. Loop around right, avoiding the electric floor sweeper, and drop into the shallow hole in the dark corner. Pull down the wall switch to open the door at the far end of the room. Go there, past a storage area for mech warrior suits, and crawl into a room with a pole. Climb the pole and back flip into an upper room. Push or pull all four blocks aside to reveal formulas on the wall. These are the clues for one of the numbered keypads, and they require you to do a little math, but it's not taxing. For example, 1n=(10-5) means that the first digit to be entered into one of the keypads is 5. Completing the sequence, you come up with a code of 5341.


Return to the elevator through the mech warrior suit closet and the research room (the exit door is once again open). Wait for the elevator to arrive, hop on and return to the keypad area. Get onto the Level Alpha elevator and ride it down to a large room with more of those damnable R2D2 robots. Go up the steps to your right into the first of four perimeter areas. Stop at the red letters on the floor that say "Ramp 3 - 04" and pull down the wall switch there. Continue to the next perimeter area to the letters "Ramp 3 - 03" and pull down that wall switch. Go to the third perimeter area, find the letters "Ramp 3 - 02," pull down the wall switch and go to the final perimeter area with the letters "Ramp 3 - 01." Pull down the wall switch and exit to find a series of rising and falling platforms outside.


In no particular order, mount a platform and face the nearest tall green pillar. As you near the top, take a running jump to grab the climbing surface of the pillar and climb to the top to find a formula. Make a note of the formula, jump back to the platform and make your way to the next pillar. Continue until you've visited all four. The Station Alfa (sic) pillar has 1n=4, the Station Beta pillar has 2n=1, the Gamma pillar has 3n=3, and the Station Delta pillar has 4n=2. So your code for the second keypad is 4132.


Get down to the floor, exit this room at the elevator where you see "Level Beta" and ride up to the keypads. In the one to your left use code 5341 and in the one to your right use code 4132 (yes, opposite from the sides where you got them). Start by using the action key, and when you've finished entering the numbers use the enter key at the bottom right corner. The door between the keypads opens, so enter, turn right and run down the ramp to a large medipack. The door ahead opens, releasing five soldiers. Your best strategy is to stay where you are and make them come to you. One of them (the last one in my game) drops a CARD with the code for the keypad at the other end of the hall. Run past the caged animals and use the code 4017 to open the door.


Enter the control room and hop into the console straight ahead. Pull the block to your left, jump over it and crawl to a hole where you can climb down a ladder to a lower room. Pull down the wall switch on the pillar to lower a trap door. Drop down into a lower passage, pick up 2 x large medipack, 3 x uzi ammo and the UZIS, and step forward to open the door to the final room. There are six soldiers inside, R2D2 robots roaming the upper ledges, and a couple of electric floor sweepers.


After eliminating the soldiers, pull up onto the ledge on one side of the room, go around to the corner nearest the entrance and pull down a wall switch. Do the same on the other side of the room, then hop down to find two more soldiers waiting for you. Run up the central ramp and through the activated stargate to end the level.