Level by Opaque79.


Walkthrough by Josť.



Opening the first door. First secret.


Slide down the long ramp and shoot a vulture. Advance a bit and turn right (N) to see some green vines on a trunk, climb to the top and go to your left to see a wall switch at the other side; on the nearby branches pick up uzi clips and flares. Pull the switch to open the wooden door below.


Detour for a secret: go back N to the first branch near the vines and take a running jump E to grab the edge of another branch, go around the trunk to get SECRET #1: shotgun shells and a small medipack.


First lava pool.


Safety drop to ground floor (notice the far W door, for later) and advance S, shoot a tiger and continue until you find a broken rocky pillar with a small medipack. Go through the E passage first to a lava pool; from the bridge run and jump with grab to the S opening, advance a bit and turn around at the bottom of the ramp, hop back twice to trigger the rolling boulder and quickly run to the niche to your left with the flares to avoid it; now run up the ramp to a small lake area.


Moving spiked wall.


Jump into the hole in the lake, pick up the flares near the N wall and pull the underwater lever to open the door above. Go there, shoot a tiger and pull the switch to open the trapdoor at your feet. Slide and step on the corridor with the open door to trigger a moving spiked wall. Quickly jump back to the previous corridor and wait until the danger is gone (I think it's an error from the author to not trigger the wall some tiles further when the door closes). Continue and take running jumps over the blades to reach a room with 5 wall switches.


Five switches puzzle.


You can try by yourself to pull the switches one by one to see what trapdoors are triggered and finally discover that you need only pull the first and the third (from left to right). Now climb the block in SE corner, jump from trapdoor to trapdoor to reach the high niche with the switch in NW corner and pull it to open the high door at the other side of the room; jump there to get SECRET #2: shotgun shells and uzi clips. This raises a new trapdoor outside so, use it to jump to the E ledge and shimmy left (or crawl) to the exit. At the end of the passage a door opens, jump back to the wooden bridge in the lava pool and notice that the E door is now open.


Pool room with pillars and fire emitters.


Enter and find another pool room and four pillars with fire emitters on top. To lower the block at the other side of the room you must step onto all four pillars. Time the fires and if you stand on the very corners you are safe. Once the block is lowered pull the switch to open a door somewhere. No need to use the pillars again to go back so, jump into the water, climb the SW vines, back to the lava room and exit the way you came to the jungle area with the broken pillar where you picked up the medipack some time ago. This time go through the N passage to find a tiger and the open door.


Opening a door near the beginning.


Jump to the pillar with the flares, another running jump to the next ledge and use the switch to open another distant door. Go back the way you came to the area with the broken pillar and continue back S to the wooden door near the beginning of the level. The open door is to your left (N), go inside to find a large area with a cataract and a small lake.


Three movable blocks puzzle.


After the flyby shoot another tiger and a vulture. Find the trunk with the vines near the SE wooden gates and climb to the top. Your goal is a room at the other side of this higher level, and you can go all around clockwise or anticlockwise jumping onto the foliage ledges, but if you go N you can pick up the shotgun + shotgun shells and a small medipack near the NE corner. Anyway, once in the W room pick up the large medipack and move the blocks onto their corresponding colored tiles to open the trapdoor showed in the flyby. Safety drop to ground floor and go there (NW corner).


Opening the wooden gate in the cataract area.


Advance and in the room with the shotgun shells grab the monkeyswing in the NW corner to reach the niche with the wall switch at the opposite side. This switch will open the wooden gates in the SE corner of the cataract area so shoot a tiger, go all the way back there and shoot another tiger on your way.


The river.


Enter and soon you'll alert another tiger and a vulture; a bit forward you'll find a wide river with a couple of crocs. Jump into the water and look for a hole in a gray rock, near the W side, dive inside and go out of the water in an underground cave. Continue (notice a closed door to your left) to a pool room with movable blocks. Notice the closed doors in the E and W walls: in the E one are brown and green lights, and in the W one, green and blue lights.


Three switches puzzle.


Go to the S alcove with the switches and push the left block once to the E revealing a passage with SECRET #3: the uzis. The switches are lightened with colors too, so you know what switches to pull to open the E and W doors.


East door.


So use the first and second switches to open the E door, enter and approach to the edge; look down to spot a switch at the base of the nearby pillar. If you are not worried about the medipacks, you can directly drop from here to the ledge where the switch is to save time, losing some health. If not, you'll always can jump to the other side of the room and look for a surface with vines to safety drop down to the ledges near the lava and take a running jump to the ledge where the switch is. Anyway pull that switch and take a running jump to the E ledge, climb the vines to the top and place the now available movable block to the SE corner, climb it and pull the switch. That's all in this room; return to the alcove with three switches and shoot the tiger.


West door.


Now pull up the first switch and down the third switch to open the W door. Go inside and light a flare or use the binoculars with light to locate the transparent ledges over the lava pool and cross to the other side. Once there pull the switch but beware, the switch also changed the position of the transparent blocks, so take a look and use that new transparent blocks to get back to the exit.


Moving blocks.


No camera hints, but those switches you pulled in E and W rooms, raised blocks in the pool so you can move now the movable blocks near the walls onto the patterned tiles. When both blocks are correctly placed, the door you saw near the entrance of this pool room opens so, exit this room and look to your right to find it.


Reaching the other side of the river.


Save your game and sprint down the ramp with a boulder on your knees; at the end move yourself to the left opening and climb the vines to find yourself at the other side of the river. Shoot... yes, another tiger.


The first Jungle Key.


Advance W a bit to find a sort of gray pillar you can climb. At the other side of this pillar there is an open trapdoor, but you still need a key so remember it for later. From the top of the pillar you can jump to the high greenery; if you explore the very W side you'll find uzi clips, but the important task is to use the rope to cross to the top of the greenery in the N bank of the river. Near the place where you landed there are shotgun shells (a bit to the E), but your goal here is to find the opening in the very W side, run through the passage, drop into the water and pick up the first JUNGLE KEY. The exit opening is in the N wall so go back to the N bank of the river.


Using the Jungle Key.


Now you need to cross again to the other side. Do you remember? Yes, again swim through the hole in the gray rock, near the W side, dive and go out of the water in an underground cave. Continue to the (now) open door to your left and through the passage with the boulder (no boulder this time). Now go back to the gray pillar and look for the open trapdoor in its W side, go through the crawlspace and use the key to open the door.


Opening the trapdoors in the cataract area.


Light a flare to locate the movable block attached to the N wall and move it towards the center of the room so you can climb the pillar where the switch is. Pull that switch and a camera shows an underwater opening. That opening is in the river so go back there, jump into the water and locate the opening in the N bank near the E end of the river. A trapdoor opened there so continue swimming and once you surface shoot another tiger, approach to the E opening but take care with the boulder. Run up the ramp and pull a switch to see some trapdoors opening in another area of the jungle. That area is the one with the cataract so swim back to the river, go out of the water from the small ledge to your right and continue N to the wooden doors and to the cataract area.


Second Jungle Key.


Jump into the lake and swim through the underwater passage to a new room, drop from the W hole and take the NW opening from the pool below. In the next pool room go to the NE corner and drag the movable block onto the marked tile; a door opens in the N wall, go there and pull the switch to open a trapdoor somewhere. Go to the place where the block was and jump into the water hole, surface and pull the switches at both sides of the bridge: one of them opens the W door in the previous room and the other one the large underwater gates so you can swim back there. Do it so and behind the W door pick up the second JUNGLE KEY. Exit this room the way you came (S) and move yourself towards the E wooden doors. Use the key and advance to finish the level.


November - 8 - 2017