Levels by Talos


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth





After some opening dialog (it's Greek to me) in a library, step forward out of the alley and pay attention to the on-screen information about what's going on here (if your screen freezes up that first time, hit the escape key). Pass the nervously fidgeting blond, go up the stairs, pull up and note the closed window, then climb the ivy on the wall (left side) to an alcove.  Take a running jump slightly SW to grab the alcove there, shimmy right and around the corner and pull up into another alcove for the ADMIRAL PUB KEY.


Safety drop, enter the alley in that corner and hop down W into a sunlit lower alley where you can use the Admiral Pub Key. Go toward the comely wench and something round appears at her feet. Stoop to pick up the PROJECTILE FIRED (screen shot of that earlier window opening) and exit the pub.  Return to the square where you started and pull up to the open window.  Run forward to trigger the next level.





Run down the stairs and around the corner.  Look up at the yellow flowers to find a vine-covered ladder.  Jump up at the center to grab it and activate a jumpswitch that opens the door to an alcove.  Continue around to an area badly in need of landscaping. Run a long distance SE (not to the lower area but past the small purple tree) to find the alcove in question.  However, the door is now closed, which means the jumpswitch was timed, but at least you know the quickest way to get there.  Before returning, look up S to see a lion's head for later. Now repeat the jumpswitch routine and run back (you don't need to sprint) to the alcove for PERSEUS' SWORD


Run due N from here to the left of the small windmill and take a running jump onto the balcony with the white lattice fence.  Turn right and search the chest for the RAILROAD TICKET. Go to the other end of the balcony, hop down NW onto a ledge and turn right to see a window.  Shoot it and enter the alley to find a pushblock. Push it (you can't pull it) over the edge to open a door somewhere. Step forward and see the window in the building ahead.  There are vines below it, but not above it.  Nevertheless, the wall above the window is climbable, so take a running jump with grab.  Climb the ladder and pull up into an alcove.  Pick up ADMIRAL GRAVES' DIARY and try to examine it without much success.


Climb back down and enter the window opening. Use Perseus' Sword to open the window and step into a small sitting room. Search the glass cabinet for the MISSING LETTER. Go back to the opening and jump slightly NW into the passage where the pushblock was, vault up onto the crate and hop down in front of the Souvenirs shop. Insert the Missing Letter in the yellow mail receptacle and watch the flyby. Head to that lower SE area that I told you to avoid earlier and find the water hole you saw in the flyby. Jump in and swim into the alcove for the GOLDEN KEY.


Pull out of the water and go up the nearby steps into the house. Search the chest for the DONNA SUMMER VINYL DISC.  Exit the house and make your way back NW to the higher ground (watch out for illegal slopes along the way). The most direct route is by pulling up onto the sloped roof below the balcony with the white lattice fence and taking a back flip onto a flat surface.  Go W from there and turn right at the end into the area where you began this Level 2. Find the closed blue door and use the Golden Key to open it. Enter a kitchen and take the BOTTLE OF GROG from the small octagonal table.  There's nothing in the adjoining den, so exit and run up the steps to your right.


There are two closed doors requiring keys, or so it would appear.  However, the blue door on the right can be opened without a key, so enter a room and place the Donna Summer Vinyl Disc    on the stereo. Remember Hot Stuff? I do.  Pick up the OLD STATION KEY at your feet and go inside to use it in the N keyhole to open the gate to your left. Go down into the small station and place the Railroad Ticket in the left turnstile (stand a step back). The gate ahead opens, so step forward onto the dark tracks.  A locomotive is lurking in the distance, so sprint W and turn quickly right into the opening to avoid being run down. Pull up higher and pick up the HOUSE KEY. You have a pretty good idea where that goes, so exit the station and insert the House Key in the S keyhole upstairs.


Enter the opened doorway and run down the passage to a sun room with bookshelves. There's a keyhole in the far left corner, but you don't yet have the key to fit it.  Exit and return outdoors. Loop around right toward the red house with the green shutters and hop down into a little alcove.  Note the vine-covered ladder beneath the lowest shutter and climb down into the hole.  Find the opening and drop down into a lower area with a pirate's flag mural. Climb up N at the NE corner and activate a jumpswitch partially obscured by purple flowers.  Doors open to your left and a flyby reveals a museum area featuring a sunken derelict.


Go to the cannon next to the young lady in the adjoining room and place the Projectile Fired in the barrel.  The door to the pub opens, so enter and offer the Bottle of Grog to the barmaid.  In return, she leaves for you the PIECE OF SHOVEL (you must stoop to pick it up).  Exit the pub and go right into the room with the sunken derelict.  Turn left at the entrance, climb up onto the block and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing to the other side of the room, timing your way past two flame blowers.  (If you're wondering why you need to monkey swing, know that the sandy floor and ledges in this room are deadly.) As you drop down spikes are activated, so time a jump SW over them. Don't run ahead wildly, as there's another deadly surface ahead beneath the shutter.


Save your game for a tricky jump.  It's an easy matter to jump over the triangular patch into the hole, but if you slide back and make contact with the deadly surface you're toast. Aim for the far left corner and you should land safely. Take one step back and hop up W. Follow the safe wooden surface N and take a running jump NW onto the block. Turn left and take a running jump SW directly into the sunbeam toward that square white patch on the ground. Pick up the RISE OF THE TOMB RAIDER ARTBOOK (screen shot of an area in the sun room) and the N doors to the pub open. 


Go through the pub, turn left and then right, climb the vines two times, shift right around the corner at the top, back flip to the alcove and pull out N.  Run around left and return to the opened door next to the station.  Go to the sun room, loop around left and place the Rise of the Tomb Raider Artbook on the secretary.  The BOW appears at your feet.  Return to the village area and go all the way across to the lower SE area past the windmill.  Slide down to the bottom, get onto the flowery ledge below the windmill and face SE.  Draw your pistols and jump up to shoot the window in the building ahead.  Go there and use the vine ladder to get inside the opening. Find the jumpswitch in the NW corner of the room and activate it to open the gate to a window somewhere.


Exit this house, loop around right by jumping over the flowery ledge below the windmill, and enter the small alley where an onscreen message tells you to find the shovel.  Run past the guy flexing his torso and stand beneath the blue door where you get a fixed camera. Jump up to grab the window you opened and pull up inside. Shoot the chest and pick up the LASER SIGHT. Remember that lion's head you noted early in this Level 2?  It's in the upper SW area of the village, so go there. Pull up onto the ledge beneath the lion's head, combine the Bow and the Laser Sight and shoot the gem in the lion's mouth. The ORNATE KEY appears at your feet.


Now you need to backtrack NW to the sun room, where you can use the Ornate Key in the bookshelf keyhole. A door opens to another section of the library. Go inside and search the chest (with your back to the books) for the SHOVEL BLADE.  Combine it with the handle and return to the lower NE section of the village. Stand in front of the guy flexing his torso and offer him the SHOVEL to end the level.



Level 3: THE BEACH


Run forward and around (not between) the windmills.  To the left you can see three dudes guarding the beach.  Must be a private resort. Go from there to the SE corner and pull up E at the shutter.  Turn left and stoop to shoot the vase.  The trap door in front of you lowers, so hop down and pass through a bedroom into a living room.  Shoot the vase in the corner and pick up the TREASURE MAP.  Return to the dudes at the beach, present the Treasure Map to the one in the middle and sit back to enjoy the closing scenes.