Dark City Part 2 Demo

- Official Walkthrough -



level built by: Milan Penčić Lima from Serbia

official walkthrough: Irina Hinrichs a.k.a. Nina Croft



STORY: After youíve obtained the Monastery Key in Part 1, enter the high-tech underground facility and gain access to the dig. Solve the secrets of the ancient underground city and find the gates of the Hell. Close the gates and stop Lucifer from starting a new war against the Heaven. If Lara should fail to close the gates of the Hell, the entire Earth will be wiped out of existence in the cosmic war between the hosts of the heavens and the armies of the doomed...


On her way to the dig and monastery sheíll meet the Guardian Angel, who guards the gates of the Purgatory and the portal between the worlds. He will ask Lara to help him locate the souls stolen from the Purgatory and send them back to where they belong. If Lara accepts this side quest, the Angel will be able to help her in her quest of saving the creatures from being consumed during the war against the Creator...



IMPORTANT NOTE: You will find two separate walkthroughs here. The first walkthrough is a minimum-spoiler walkthrough, and the second is a full and detailed walkthrough. The minimum-spoiler walkthrough is intended for experienced players who prefer to finish the game as independently as possible. In this walkthrough I only provided a list of tasks to be done, the important pickups and hints regarding their location. If this is not sufficient for you to finish the game, if you really get stuck, you can refer to the full walkthrough below, where I explained every location and solution in detail.


BEFORE PLAYING PART 2, please finish Part 1 first. You can start Part 2 and play it normally without Part 1, these are two separate games, but you will find your way around Part 2 better if you already played Part 1. The story will also make more sense and youíll also know better what to expect from Part 2 if you already finished Part 1.



Minimum spoiler walkthrough



Level one: Underground Area

Goal: find three Plugs to activate the generator and access the Generator Area

The Generator room with entrance to the generator area is behind the locked door at the Parking area. Find Plug #1 near the trucks. At the Curve, to the left, there is an elevated Office area, also locked. To the right there are scaffoldings and Tunnel entrance. Above youíll see some Pipes.

Find the Office key in the Tunnel area. A switch on the Pipes opens a trapdoor at the Parking Lot. Warning: Use this switch on the Pipes before you pick up the mines!!! (in case Lara wonít use this switch, you must reload a savegame before Lara picked up the mines, or even play the level from the beginning if you have no useful save. Pick up the mines only after you've used this switch!). Go through the trapdoor above the parking lot to get some fresh air.

Find the first red Stone in the Valley with flying rocks and open the Cave.

Plug #2 can be found in these caves, along with an ID Card.

Return to the Curve and climb into the Office. Disable the lasers with the ID card. Find the Laser Sight and Generator Room key in two small offices. Note another card reader and office behind the glass.

Find Dr Limaís card in the Generator room and use it to unlock Dr Limaís office. Take Plug #3.

Place three plugs to start the generator in the next area. Make sure to enjoy the breath-taking cutscene between the levels


1a) 3 secret keys (blue dice, counted as secrets in Statistics). Two dice can be found near the Curve, and one is in the Caves.

1b) 3 magic hands (exchange a die for ammo/health). One is in the ducts at the beginning, one is above the Curve and one in the Tunnel area


2) 4 Lost Souls (to open the portal and access the Parallel level): One is stumbled across at the beginning. One is above the Curve and another above the Parking Lot. The fourth is hidden in plain sight in the Caves.



Parallel level one: Parallel Underground Area

Goal: send four lost souls to the Purgatory

The Guardian Angel asks you to help him locate and return the souls of prominent historical characters to the Purgatory, because Satan stole them, hoping that these souls would join him in the war against the Heaven. To that end, you must access the Parallel level and use four skeleton receptacles.

The first is located near the portal. The second is inside the ducts near the Curve. The third is in the thorns at the Curve. You can drop near the fourth Soul Captor from the ducts

Mega secret

The Library Key is located in Dr Limaís Office

Award from the Angel (Sun Symbol)

Youíll meet the angel beyond the burning portal. Youíll get from him the Soul Locator, to locate Lost Souls in real-world levels and Soul Captors in parallel levels.


Burning portal in the tunnel

Note: the Death is immortal, how else?



Level two: Power Generator Area

Goal: find four Starters to start the Generator and access the Worm Hole.

Raise the level of toxic water in the passage ahead. Find a stone plate in the room beyond.

Starter #1 is in the room where you killed the clawed mutant

In the room with the huge Generator, youíll find a Control Room Key. In the Control Room youíll find Starter #2 and Stone Disk

Starter #3 is located in the Water tank area

Starter #4 is located above the Water tank area, in the room with the orange portal

Use four Starters in the Elevator area


1a) 3 secret keys, one in the room beyond the toxic pool, one in the passage to the room with clawed mutant, one in the Generator Room

1b) 3 magic hands, all three in the deep shaft in the Elevator area


2) 4 lost souls, one in the area beyond the toxic pool, two in the Generator room and one in the ducts to the clawed mutant



Parallel level two: Parallel Power Generator Area

Goal: send four lost souls to the Purgatory

Soul captor #1 is just down the ladder

Soul captors #2 and #3 are located in the area outside the glass tube

Soul captor #4 is near the Elevator

Mega secret

The Library Key is located in the Generator Room

Award from the Angel

The Sun Symbol is in the passage to three magic hands. Youíll get a Magic Flute which you can use to replenish Laraís health in real-world levels. In parallel levels, the flute shows the location of dangerous enemies, but you may only use the Flute if your health is at 100% (otherwise, Lara will die).


Burning portal near the Elevator






Full walkthrough


ammo/health pickups: bold green

keys, tools, puzzles, interactive items: bold blue

traps/hazards: bold pink

enemies/kills: red (immortal: bold red)

secrets (blue dice): bold purple, magic hands: purple

bonuses and rewards: bold orange




STARTING INVENTORY: You have a Monastery Key in your inventory, which you found in Part 1. Also, you have an extra blue die (Secret Key) in your inventory, which can be exchanged for some ammo. You have some health supplies, dual pistols, Shotgun, Grenade gun, and crowbar. What you donít have is a compass (until level three), so this walkthrough will provide directions from Laraís in-game perspective. IMPORTANT: In the Inventory you also have Food and Water, which means that Lara will get hungry or thirsty from time to time. When you see that message on the screen, enter the Inventory and give her to drink/eat. However, you cannot feed Lara if sheís climbing or monkey-swinging or swimming or crawling or shooting. She must stand peacefully in order to eat/drink. If you donít give her food/water immediately, sheíll start to lose health, although slowly.


As you can see in the initial flyby, the game starts exactly where Part 1 ended: in that lake where we had to kill that nasty dragon. Finally, Lara manages to enter the underground facility...


ENTRANCE: When you gain control over Lara, run forward and through the door on the right. In the next hallway you can look through the window and view the area you'll soon explore. Near the entrance youíll see a ball of ďsparkling mistĒ. Take it and enter the Inventory. As you can see, youíve just collected Lost Soul #1. Proceed around the corner and find a trapdoor on the floor. Open it and descend down the ladder into the ducts. Select the Shotgun from the Inventory and take the only open way. Just around the corner, after the flyby, kill the crawling mutant with one shell. At the end of the duct youíll find Magic Hand #1, where you can exchange your blue die for some Shells. In the alcove with the skeleton you will find the ID Card (stand above the skeletonís head facing its legs and pick up the ID Card).


Return to the ladder and climb back into the entrance hallway. Just around the corner youíll see a closed gate and a card reader. Open the gate with the ID Card of certain Dr Jessica and enter the area you could see from the windows earlier. Make a right turn and go down the stairs.


Video walkthrough for the section between one asterisk * and two asterisks ** can be watched here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nuvCL0saXm0


* PARKING LOT: Lara will be puzzled by the sparkling orange circle by the stairs. Itís a portal to the parallel reality, but you canít open it yet. Notice the locked control room on your left. That is your ultimate goal here: unlock this control room and use three starters to activate the generator and life support systems in the high-tech facility (second level). Take out your guns and proceed carefully toward the trucks. Between the trucks, turn to the left and shoot to wake up one giant fly. Kill it and hop back / jump back as you shoot until itís dead. Donít proceed forward toward the trucks, because youíll wake other such flies. Once the first fly is dead, proceed further toward the corner beyond the second truck. Turn left and shoot to wake up the second fly. Kill it in the same way and then wake up the third fly that sleeps in the same path.


The parking lot is now clear from the enemies. Crawl behind the last stack of cardboard boxes on your right, to find some Drugs (100% health) in the crevice. Proceed carefully down the road toward the single-standing truck between two curves. Two more flies sleep just to the right of that truck, one is on top of the crate, the other just behind that crate. You can wake them up one by one and kill them with taking no damage at all.† Once theyíre dead, you can climb on top of the truck (from behind) and pick up some Red Viper clips. Drop to the ground and go to the right.


Just beyond the second curve, on your right, youíll find an opening in the natural rocks. Jump over the steep rock and crawl into the opening. Take Secret key #1 (blue die) and get out. Continue uphill toward the tunnel. Just behind the stack of cardboard boxes on Laraís left, youíll meet another giant fly. Kill it and search this stack of boxes (approach it and press Action) to find Secret key #2. Continue uphill and wake up the last giant fly. Kill it and finally, enter the tunnel. On the wall on your left you can shoot the grating and enter the ducts. Here you can exchange a Secret key at the Magic Hand #2 for some Viper clips. Drop down to the road inside the tunnel. Notice a strange star symbol on the road in the tunnel. Make a mental notice of the location of that symbol.


Exit the tunnel and look to the right. You can see the ladder behind the climbable scaffolding Jump to grab the grating and pull up onto the planks just to the left of the ladder. Stand jump diagonally to grab the ladder and climb to the top of the scaffolding. Turn to face the tunnel. Run jump diagonally to the right to land on the protruding metal ledge above the tunnel entrance. Facing the same direction, run jump diagonally to land on the natural rock on the right-hand side of the tunnel (when facing it). Then turn left and walk along the natural rocks above the tunnel entrance, and when Lara cannot walk any more, stand jump to land near the skeleton. Pick up the Office Key and carefully line up the diagonal running jump to land back on the wooden scaffolding.


PIPES: Run along the scaffolding to the opposite side, walking around the stack of boxes. Once on the other side, run jump diagonally to the left to land on the perpendicular and lower scaffolding above the road. stand jump diagonally to grab the pipe above Lara. Pull up and drop to hang on the other side of the pipes (Note: donít crawl backwards here to grab the edge of the pipe, Lara could fall down and die. To ensure her grip, stand and hop backwards with Action to grab the edge). Shimmy to the right and around the corner and pull up onto the next pipe.


Keep going left and jump diagonally on the perpendicular pipe. From here, jump diagonally to the right to the next pipe. Finally, jump diagonally to the left to land on the pipe with the switch. Use this switch to open a trapdoor nearby. BUG ALERT: If you followed this walkthrough, no bug will appear here. However, if you picked up the mines along the way, Lara will refuse to use this switch. You can skip this pick-up altogether, or later climb to the scaffoldings and add this ammo to your inventory).


Donít drop from the pipes, because itís a long way down. Go to the other end of that pipe and drop to hang on the right-hand edge of the pipe. Shimmy to the right and around the corner, all the way to the end of this last pipe. Lara must drop on a greenish ledge near the window, and not on the white and lower. Once on this greenish ledge, go left (if facing the window) and make a left turn around the corner. When you approach the ladder, youíll hear crawling. Draw your guns and wait for two crawling mutants to approach you. Hop back as you shoot and kill them both, but donít fall down to the road or lower ledge. You can kill them both with no damage with dual pistols, if you start to shoot immediately when they appear and when you hop back toward the windows.


Once theyíre dead, go up the stairs and exchange one Secret key for Drugs at Magic Hand #3. Down the stairs and around the corner into the passage out of which the crawling mutants came out. Pick up Lost Soul #2 at the end of the passage. Return to the greenish ledge and from here, drop to the white ledge below. If you want, you can climb over the wooden crate and go around the corner to unlock the Office with the key you found above the tunnel, but youíll see that lasers block your way to the offices. Therefore, return to the curve and go uphill. Near the stack of boxes on your left, where you found the blue die, you'll see white stairs. Go up and jump up to grab the lower pipe above Lara. Pull up, then climb onto the pipe and onto the greenish pipe between the pipe and the window. From the edge of the greenish ledge make a standing jump to grab the scaffolding ahead (perpendicular to the road). Climb up, go to the other side, drop onto the lower scaffolding and pick up mines from the stack of boxes. Safely drop to the ground and go back to the parking lot.


Climb the higher crate near the nearest supporting pillar. Run jump to grab the edge of that pillar and pull up. Walk around the narrow pillar until you stand on a metal grating. Run jump diagonally to the right to land on top of the nearest truck. Jump on the next truck, then turn left. Run jump to land on the next truck, then again jump to land on the last truck. From here, jump onto the metal grating near the other supporting pillar. Walk onto the pillar and around its corner to the right, and pick up Starter #1 from the open fuse box on the pillar. Drop down to the ground.


Again, climb onto the metal crate and run jump to grab the edge of the first pillar. This time, when you pull up, turn around and hop back. From here, perform a running jump with a left curve in mid-air, to land on a triangular natural stone ledge below the window. Climb up to the window and go left (uphill). At the end of the window turn left and line up Laraís next jump. Run and jump from the triangular natural stone ledge to land onto the pipe above the parking lot (you can also grab this pipe if easier for you). Go left and jump diagonally to the left onto the perpendicular pipe (ceiling too low on the right). From here, jump diagonally to the right on the next pipe (press Action if necessary). At the other end of this pipe, crawl under the low rocks and along the right-hand edge of the pipe. When Lara stands up, carefully slide the rock hugging the wall on Lara's left and jump over the hole in the ground. In the small cave beyond the gap youíll find Lost Soul #3. Return to the pipe where you entered and go to the intersection.


I donít recommend jumping to the next pipe. Itís safer to hang on the left-hand edge of this pipe and shimmy to the left and around the corner, and then to pull up onto the perpendicular pipe on the left, because the ceiling is too low for jumping. Go to the other end of this perpendicular pipe, kill the fly that wakes up and jump onto the last pipe (or shimmy around the corner and pull up onto it). Here you will find the ladder leading upward and the dropped trapdoor. Climb the ladder and go out into the open.


You can watch the video walkthrough for the section between two asterisks ** and three asterisks *** here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dz0ID8KXr1w


** VALLEY WITH FLYING ROCKS: Run jump to land on the rocks in front of the passage. Jump over some steep rocks into the passage and follow it around the corner. Watch the flyby at the entrance into the valley with flying rocks. Save your game here, since the next sequence is pretty dangerous. As you step out from the cave, look to the right. A light beam from the statue on the other side of the† valley hits a spot in the rocks here. You can also see a thin golden pedestal below the light beam. As you can already now assume, we need to place something here to refract the beam...


It is absolutely possible to get to the other side of the valley without being scratched by the rocks, but to achieve this, you must carefully observe the cycle in which the rocks go up or down or across your way. Here's how to do it:


From the entrance, slide down on the left. Turn right, to face the valley. There is a rock on Lara's left where you can see a herb. Wait for a large stone to pass above this rock and jump onto it over the steep side. Pick up the herb and run jump to land on the lower path ahead, directly in front of the tree. Wait in front of that tree for two big rocks to pass above the next herb. Once they're away, pick up the second herb. Quickly slide down before the rocks return, and go right. Wait for the rocks to go up, then take another herb from the ground and notice a closed white trapdoor at the bottom of the valley.


Here, where Lara picked up the herb at the bottom of the valley, the statue should be on Lara's left and entrance on her right. Go to the steep rock nearby and then sidestep to the left. Look up and wait for a very large and dangerous stone to pass across the above path, and jump over the steep rocks to land on that path. Go a bit to the left, then turn right and stand jump over the steep rocks to land on the above path just to the right of the tree. Here, turn left and sprint/run/jump toward the statue.


When you approach the statue, youíll read a message on the screen. Take note of that message, because it gives you some important hints. Memorize that the sun symbol is actually the symbol of the Guardian Angel (such symbol can be seen on this statue as well). This piece of information can be precious later on several occasions.


Near this statue, youíre safe from the rocks. Go around and find the Red Stone. You could also get a glimpse of this stone in the previous camera flyby scene. Go to the front of the statue and face the valley with flying rocks. On Laraís left there is a closed cave entrance. Use the newly obtained stone to open the gate and enter. Again, it is useful to save your game.


CAVES: The path diverges at the entrance into the cave. To avoid backtracking, first take the lower route, by sliding / jumping onto the golden pillar in the lava pit on the left (ignoring the path on the right-hand side for now). Drop from the pillar to the safe ground and turn Laraís back to the pillar. Take the tunnel on the right to find Secret key #3. Then take the other route and proceed into a darker passage. Ahead is another lava pit and a tunnel on the left. It doesnít matter which path you take first, both are required to gather the necessary items.


Slide down into the pit with lava pool straight ahead. You must jump counter clockwise around the lava to reach the dark passage on the left. Start with running along the first long ledge. Steer hard to the left, jump and land on a steep triangular ledge. Then run along the longest side of the triangle, slide hard to the left and jump. In mid-air, slide slightly to the right and land on a safe ledge behind the protruding rock. Jump diagonally onto the next safe ledge and from there, a running jump, steering to the left and landing onto the dark path. Follow the dark path to another lava pool.


Stand jump onto the man-made island with statues and pick up another Red stone. Run jump with grab back to the path and return to the previous lava pool. Perform same jumps only backwards and clockwise, until youíre back on the main path.


The other path leads to a lava passage. Itís not particularly complicated, but just in case, make a nice save somewhere. At the end of the left-hand passage, jump diagonally to the left onto a rock in the lava. Go around the corner to the left and run jump to land on the next rocky island. Around another corner, then stand jump to jump over the lava stream between two diagonal edges. From that island, run jump to land on a long rocky path that goes along the lava stream. Youíll emerge eventually on a rocky bridge that leads to a man-made square platform with holes.


When you cross the natural rocky bridge and turn left toward the square platform, go uphill until the other corner of the platform on Laraís left is near. The point is that you must be able to land on that platform if you side flip to the left from the rocky path. This is a particularly useful position and move, since a monster is approaching, a big circle-headed creature with maces in both hands is approaching and the ground is shaking... But donít panic, itís far easier than youíd expect, you can easily kill this monster with dual pistols with 0% health loss, the monster has a huge disadvantage over Lara: it cannot jump...


So, reach the upper corner of the flat platform on Laraís left and start shooting. The monster must go along the path, and the path goes all the way around the cave. So, stand on the path and turn Lara facing uphill, toward the approaching monster. Shoot all the time, and wait. When the monster approaches, side flip to the left onto the platform and keep shooting. Shoot as the monster goes back along the path to reach you on the flat platform. If you donít kill the monster by the time it approaches, side flip to the right to land on the rocky path and keep shooting. The monster will die soon.


Pick up the Golden Mirror from the platform and return all the way to the entrance into the cave. Just repeat everything you did the first time, only in opposite direction, making sure to press Action during jumps if you must jump into lower openings etc. This time, when you climb onto the golden pillar, run jump over the lowest steep rocks onto the darker path above, but donít go out (to the right). Take the upper part (to the left) and enter another cave.


Donít panic (yet), these smaller flying stones are harmless, in case you didnít notice that back in the caves with that circle-headed monster. So, stay calm and follow the narrow middle path ahead carefully, because the edges are steep and Lara can easily slide down into her death. Youíll hear two mummy-type enemies lurking near the closed gate. You can easily outrun them, or even shoot them down into the openings (use Shotgun for that) if you want. Climb onto the raised block to the left of the closed gate and use the red stone you found deep down in the cave to open the gate. Now save before you proceed.


The stones flying in the next cave are dangerous and can hurt Lara or knock her off the safe path. And the path is tricky by itself, so take a few seconds to observe the cycle of the flying stones, and proceed once the biggest stone flies across your path (these stones fly around the rocky path youíre taking).


Once you reach the man-made square bridge with red statues, stop. Youíre safe from the flying stones near this man-made platform, but the platform itself is dangerous. If you take a careful look at the tiles on the bridge, youíll see the circular mines. Every step on this bridge is deadly for Lara, so disable some mines first. Take the guns and shoot to break all four red statues of demons in the corners of the platform, and wait for a few seconds for the mines to explode and reveal a path. Carefully cross the bridge following the safe path and avoid contact with dangerous tiles. The gate on the other side of the bridge is closed. When facing the closed gate, go left to the edge of the safe path and drop on the lower stone next to the corner block where the red statue used to stand. Pick up a red stone and use it to open the gate.


Climb the vertical pole and jump back from the pole into the cave above the entrance. Approach the statue of the Angel and take a good look of it. This is the statue depicting the Guardian Angel, the guardian of the gates of Purgatory, who will turn out to be Laraís best ally and support on her impossible quest: finding and sealing shut the gates of the Hell... The magnificent Guardian Angel points with his sword toward a book. Take the Divine Book and read it. The Angelís name is Nalim, and he seeks Laraís help. Some souls from the Purgatory got trapped in the intra-dimensional overlap and ended up in the world of the living. If Lara collects these lost souls and send them back into Purgatory before Lucifer steals them and mobilize them in his war, Nalim will help Lara save her world from destruction. NOTE: These missions of collecting souls and returning them back to the Purgatory are completely optional. You can finish the main game even without completing these side quests and collecting other bonuses and rewards.


Along with the Divine Book, you will collect one Red Stone and a Crystal. However, you need another red stone, because the gate behind Lara closed when she entered the cage with Nalim. Therefore, turn so that Nalim is on Laraís right and closed gate behind her. Shoot to break to thin cage bars near the floor and jump over onto the natural rock near the lava pool. Pick up Lost Soul #4, another Red Stone and another ID Card. Jump back into the cage, use two stones to open the gate, slide down the pole and return carefully across the bridge into the cave. Once again, carefully avoid flying rocks as you cross the slippery stone bridge and avoid two mummies in the next cave. Follow the path back to the entrance to the cave.


This time, when youíre back in the valley with flying rocks, save and spring / run-jump along the valley toward the entrance (opposite the statue) as fast and as best as you can, avoiding† the rocks and healing Lara if necessary. Once youíre on the other side, jump over steep rocks until you reach that thin golden pedestal you saw when you entered the valley for the first time. If you donít know what I mean, just follow the light beam from the big four-arm statue to the natural rocks just below the huge man-made circle above the valley. Lara must be exactly there where this beam hits the natural rocks below the giant circle.


Open the Inventory and combine the Mirror with the Crystal. Place this Mirror on the golden pedestal to refract the light beam and watch the event that follows. Unfortunately, the rocks did not land and theyíre still flying and theyíre still dangerous. And you must go through the valley once again, for the last time. So save, and slide down the valley as fast as you can, avoiding the rocks, and safety drop through the open trapdoor onto the pillar in a dark cave. Pick up another herb from this pillar. Safety drop from this pillar onto the slope and slide down. Kill a crawling mutant (Shotgun works best) and go through the dark tunnel to emerge back at the parking lot and the tunnel. ***


OFFICES: Once youíre back, go straight ahead, up the white stairs just below the windows on the right. Follow that long white walkway around the corner to the left, jump over the crate and go around the corner on the right. Unlock the office if you havenít done it already, and then disable the lasers with the card you found in the caves. Open two small offices using the switches in the hallway.


In the first office you will find PDA, Laser Sight and Starter #2. In the second office you will see a small closed windowed office of Professor Lima, and a card reader next to a sealed door. Since you cannot get there yet, search the pile of cardboard boxes to find the Generator Room Key.


Leave the offices and return to the parking lot. Unlock the control room near the orange portal. You will see another steel door in the control room, and three sockets for the starters. Search the cardboard boxes in the control room to find Professor Limaís ID card, and go back to the offices. Use this card to open Professor Limaís office and find Starter #3, Red Viper and Professor Limaís Notebook. You can read the Notebook if you want, since it contains important hints and clues needed later in the game.


Before you leave and proceed to the next level, go to the bonus level if you want. If you collected all four Lost Souls, you'll be able to open the orange portal and visit the bonus level. However, have in mind that you can return to this level only if you complete the bonus level successfully, and bonus levels in this game are not easy to finish. They are also optional, and if they are too hard for you, you can skip them altogether. However, I still recommend visiting and completing the bonus levels, because it will be much easier to finish the main game with Nalim's assistance than without it.


When you're ready to leave, place three starters in the computer console and open three switches. Use them to unlock the steel door. Go down the stairs and open the main gate. In the glass tube beyond the gate, use the lever switch to descend even deeper under the ground...





To open the orange portal and enter the parallel reality, you must place four lost souls on four circles around the portal (from the outside, facing the portal in all four cases). Then stand on the portal and be teleported into the parallel level... Your goal is to send four lost souls back to the Purgatory, then find Nalim, take the reward and get the hell out of here (pun intended).


Before you do anything on the parallel level, take a good look around yourself first. No sudden moves, because the level is packed with extremely dangerous thorns. To be quite honest, these thorns are the most dangerous ďenemiesĒ in parallel levels, and if you get scratched by the thorns, youíll see why I said that. One small scratch by the thorns means blurred vision and rapid loss of health, meaning that you must spend a medipack to heal Lara. There are some powerful enemies on parallel levels, mortal or immortal, but they are less dangerous than the thorns. Even if a shooting enemy hits Lara, she wonít be dead instantly (unless the Death himself grabs her), and you wonít have to use a medipack right away. But if a thorn scratches her, youíll have to use a medipack right away, because you wonít be able to see anything and itíll only get worse from there. However, it is also possible to finish and find everything in parallel levels without being scratched once by the thorns. It is not easy, but it is possible. I will describe it in this walkthrough, and I also provided a video where I played this entire level with 0% health loss. Video available here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWbzUHuzcO8


Now, carefully approach four souls and pick them up from the receptacles. As you can see, the portal is a one-way portal, and you canít use it again to get back into the material world. Obviously, you must find another similar portal for your return trip. But for now, letís find a way to return these four souls to the Purgatory...


Turn around and find a pedestal with a skeleton and a cross, just to the left of the control room. Approach the cross and press Action. Lara will place one lost soul in the ribcage of the skeleton and the skeleton will start to levitate and spiral up toward the ceiling. A page will open in the Divine Book, telling you that this was the soul of Alexander the Great. Youíll also see that the inscription on the floor also says ďAlexander the GreatĒ. This pedestal is also called Soul Captor, or a highway to the Purgatory :)


Now go around the parked trucks toward the bend. You can go through the safe passage between the thorns on the right and a single-standing truck on the left. Youíll emerge near two crates. Note this location for now, and go right, toward the wall of poisonous thorns. If you really want to know, there is an immortal enemy lurking nearby, the very Death seeking to kill every living being in this treacherous place. The Death is at this moment in the tunnel, but it can obviously smell Lara, since it is slowly starting to descend toward her. Therefore, be as fast as you can, making sure that Lara doesnít get scratched by the thorns. Carefully approach the Soul Captor #2 in the middle of the thorns and place the soul of Winston Churchill in the ribcage.† From here take a look to the left and note another Soul Captor standing on the elevated white walkway below the windows. You canít approach it from here due to the thorns, but note its location.


Return to those two crates near the single-standing truck. Just next to these two crates there is a damaged grating covering the ducts in the wall. Shoot to break it and be very careful when standing on the higher crate. Some thorns protrude from the higher crate, so follow these instructions carefully, and Lara wonít get hurt. Stand on the lower crate and face the broken grating (the duct). Approach the higher box and sidestep almost to the right-hand edge (not all the way to the right-hand edge, but almost). Press Action to climb the higher box. Make exactly three walking steps toward the ducts and do a standing jump to grab the elevated white walkway above the duct. The thorns shouldnít scratch Lara this way. Pull up and sprint to the left, since the Death has come closer in the meantime.


Once again, the Death is immortal. Donít even try to kill it. Avoid it by all means. It can shoot, but this is harmless, compared to other hazards. If the Death is close enough, it can kill Lara instantly, even from greater distances than you think! It follows Lara and it is determined to kill her, but luckily, there are some areas where the Death cannot reach you, so use this to your advantage.


Once on the elevated walkway, run toward the office, jump across the wooden box and enter carefully through the open door. Walk into the laser hallway avoiding the thorns. Climb onto the step in front of the first office. Turn so the first office door is on Laraís left. Stand as close as possible on the left side of the block and run jump to clear the thorns and land at the entrance to the second office. Use the switch to open this office and walk in carefully, squeezing between the thorns on the left-hand side of the doorway. Walk toward the supporting pillar and climb on the pillar. Walk around the pillar on the right, avoiding the thorns, and drop on the other side of the pillar. There are some pile of boxes here. Face the metal pillar, then turn to stand diagonally to the left (between the entrance door and professor Limaís office). From here, side flip to the left over the fence. Enter the office of professor Lima and find Library Key inside. Leave the office area and go outside to the wooden box on the elevated white walkway.


Donít drop down yet. There is a slight problem we must solve first. Jump over the wooden crate and keep going down the white walkway toward the ducts where you climbed. But donít go far from the wooden crate. Stand somewhere where you can take a good look at the bend and the Death. In most cases, the Death will wait for Laraís return near the ducts where you climbed to the white walkway. And that is exactly the place Lara must be at the moment. But you canít go there, because Death will kill Lara in a split of a second. Therefore, remain on the white walkway and observe. The Death is obviously intelligent. It will immediately notice Lara and head toward her. Since it cannot jump, it must walk to her. Watch as the Death goes through the thorns and uphill, toward the stairs to the elevated white walkway. When the Death reaches the Soul Captor on the white walkway, run jump to land on the lower wooden box in front of the open ducts. Maybe youíll lose a fraction of health, but itís much better than to jump onto the higher crate, because the right-hand half of that crate is under thorns. Be fast at this moment, because Death can zip and kill Lara from the elevated walkway.


Simply turn to face the open duct, sidestep to the right-hand half of the higher crate, climb on the higher crate, make two walking steps toward the duct, and stand jump with action to land in the duct unharmed. Sprint in and escape the Death :) At the intersection, go left, then left around the corner, and find the ladder on Laraís right. In case you didnít notice, you are now in those ducts where you entered the first level. Up the ladder and go right. In the big windowed hallway youíll find Soul Captor #3. Place the soul of king Stefan Uroö of Serbia here and go left from the Soul Captor. Donít go down the ladder this time, but continue forward, making a left turn around the corner. At the end of the windowed hallway, near the thorns, you can go through the broken window.


Once outside, go left, then left around the corner. Use the ladder on Laraís left to reach the higher ledge. From here, make a running jump to grab a robe dangling from the ceiling of the cave. Slide down to the end of the rope, turn Lara a bit diagonally to the right, so that she can grab the pipe between the concrete ceiling pillar and the thorns (the ceiling is too low on the left). Swing once and jump to grab the pipe. Pull up and jump diagonally to the next pipe. Jump clockwise from one pipe to the other, but donít jump to the last (short) pipe next to the window. Shimmy to that pipe instead, all the way to the window, so that you can drop onto the greenish walkway next to the window. Pray that the Death is not too near. Drop onto the white ledge near Soul Captor #4 and place the soul of Maximilien Robespierre in the ribcage. Close his biography by pressing Escape, roll and spring toward the tunnel.


Drop/jump from the white walkway onto the road and spring uphill into the tunnel. The Death is following, so donít waste time sight-seeing, youíre on its territory now. In the tunnel, youíll see the burning orange portal (four active burners means that you placed all four lost souls in Soul Captors). Yes, the burners can hurt and kill Lara :) The portal is not open yet, so simply run across and toward the back side of the tunnel. As you approach the sun symbol on the asphalt, Nalim will emerge from the ground and greet Lara. He will thank her for returning four souls to the Purgatory and the reward will appear before her. The Angel then opens the portal and sinks into the ground. By now, you could notice that the sun symbol denotes the place where Nalim appears in the parallel world to give Lara an award, and the star symbol indicates where the exit from the parallel level (burning orange portal) is located. Use these two pieces of information to your advantage on next parallel levels.


Pick up the Soul Hunter the angel gave you and read the description in the Golden Book: it helps you locate the lost souls in the real world, and in the parallel world, it helps you locate the Soul Hunters (powerful enemies, but you wonít meet them in the Demo version). When you take the prize, run back to the now activated portal and be teleported back to the Underground Area because the Death reaches you...





Between the levels we can see a cut-scene with some heavily armed soldiers massing outside the Worm Hole, while Lara descends in the elevator into a high-tech facility with controlled environment. As long as you're inside the tubes, you're fine, for the area outside the tubes is deadly for a human being (bad air, high pressure, etc.). And the soldiers you saw in the cut-scene will soon have a pleasure to meet Lara.


When the elevator door opens, step outside. There are four passages, each of them accessible at any time. You can choose your own route through this level, but the Walkthrough describes the intended (shortest) route, with all pick-ups and least backtracking. If you search the stacked crates around the elevator, you will find two boxes of shells. Take them as soon as possible, since you're going to need them.


The main goal: find four starters and start the systems in the Worm Hole, so that you can enter it.


TOXIC POOL (Marble Block): As you step outside the elevator, take the passage directly ahead. As you approach the door and its switch on the left, take a look at the panel on your right. The inscription says: Locate a block. (Lima provides a lot of clues in the game, have that in mind once the full version is released). Open the door and enter the passage with a toxic pool.


Crawl and shoot to break the valve on the pipes directly ahead. If you're bad at this, use Red Viper with laser sight and shoot the black ring behind the huge valve. The level of the toxic liquid raises, so jump onto the block ahead. Crawl under the pipe and jump up to grab the crevice in the wall. Shimmy all the way to the left, around several corners, and drop onto the safe tile at the entrance in the small room ahead. Bug alert: if you can't stand jump onto the metal tile in the water once you've raised the pool level, it's a bug that appears if you play on newer systems (Windows 8 or 10). In this case, instead of jumping forward, side or backflip onto that tile and proceed normally.


Enter the room with uneven floor carefully! The room is full of those gigantic flies, and if you wake a lot of them at once, you'll lose a lot of health. Instead, choose a good weapon (Red Viper is the best) and enter the room. Turn right and make a few steps forward. Shoot the fly in the corner as soon as it wakes up. Turn around and walk toward the nearest left corner from the entrance. You'll wake up another fly, so dispose of it fast. There is another panel to the right, that also says: Locate a block. Go behind that panel toward the next corner (far left from the entrance). In the corner, turn right. Now you can switch to dual pistols. Walk and shoot to wake up the nearest fly. Kill it, then repeat the same until you kill five more flies.


Once the room is safe, go through the greenery in the far right corner and find SECRET KEY #1. Back into the room with uneven floor and dead flies, go into the near left corner (from the entrance) and jump into the duct. Shoot to break a few gratings and proceed carefully when near the burner. When the burner is off, drop into the duct and shoot to break the gratings on the duct ahead. In this duct, you will find LOST SOUL #1. In the duct with the burner, stand in the higher duct hugging the wall on your right and run jump to land into the higher duct ahead when the burner is off. You should land into this duct instead of grabbing its edge.


Once back in the room with uneven floor, take a look at the floor. Notice some hot steam rising from the higher corner of the floor. Stand in the corner above the steam and observe the floor carefully. There is a block with a sun symbol and also, another block with an arrow pointing at the sun symbol. Stand on the block with the arrow facing the steam. When the steam is off, press Action and Lara will use the crowbar to break off the MARBLE BLOCK. Go around the hot steam and pick it up when the steam is off. Leave the room and jump onto the metal block in the toxic pool. Face the wall on the right and sidestep to the right. Jump up from here to reach the crevice. Shimmy to the left, drop to the lower crevice and keep shimmying toward the entrance. Drop and return to the elevator.


STORAGE AREA: As you enter the elevator room from the toxic pool, go right. Enter the passage directly opposite the radar. Open the door ahead and follow the passage to the first bend. Just before the bend, you'll see gratings on the ducts on the right-hand wall. Shoot to break it and follow the duct to find SECRET KEY #2. Use Red Viper with laser sight to break the gratings above Lara, exactly there where you've found the secret. Climb into that duct and pick up LOST SOUL #2. Return to the passage and go right and around the bend.


As you approach the green patch in the passage, take the guns and wake up the first gigantic fly. Kill it, then wake the second up, then the third. Proceed down the passage and drop/climb down onto the stairs. Down the stairs and open the door of the storage with the switch. Before you enter, take the Shotgun.


One giant mutant with poisonous claws will attack Lara as soon as she enters, followed by two orange-suit workers. Kill the mutant quickly and then the workers. BUG NOTE: It can happen that this mutant disappears if you don't kill it right away. If this happens, proceed normally, the mutant doesn't carry anything and it will not attack Lara later in the level. Pick up some ANTIDOTE pills from one dead worker (very handy on parallel levels and whenever poisoned). The other dead worker carries STARTER #1. Around the storage, you'll also find three HERBS and in the stack of crates you'll find very useful Red Viper CLIPS.


Since the door of the Storage closed behind Lara, and since the switch that opens it is broken, we must find another way out. When facing the door, find a red-white stack of cash on the left and push-pull it against the wall next to the stairs (to the left of the stairs). Climb on the stack of cash and push the metal block that stands just to the left of the closed door. It will fall into the pit behind it and Lara will be able to leave. Up the stairs and up the ladder, and proceed down the passage toward the elevator.


Along the way, you'll see a cutscene: soldiers reached the elevator area and wait Lara in ambush. These soldiers are really dangerous. They shoot, but even worse, they throw grenades, and they can kill Lara quickly and really damage her health. Therefore, use the best weapon you have: Red Viper, and dispose of four soldiers as quickly as possible. They don't carry anything, though. Alternative: if you have a flash grenade, use one grenade to blind the soldiers, and then kill each of them with dual pistols. However, these grenades are very scarce, and you'll need them in the later levels, these soldiers are not the last you'll meet.


Video walkthrough for the Generator room can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qA8h6FCy8Nw


GENERATOR ROOM: Take the passage to the right of the radar (when facing it). At the T-intersection, look up and take the tube on the left, we'll first visit the Generator room (to reduce backtracking). Follow the transparent tunnel to a closed door and a switch. Open the door and enter the Generator room. This room is full of orange-suit workers, so dispose of them quickly (they are particularly vulnerable to Shotgun). They can easily knock Lara off the stairs and it's a loooong way down. Therefore, kill them quickly as you go down the stairs along the huge generator. You'll also notice a locked Control Room on Lara's left at the top of the stairs. Just go down and kill six workers in total on the stairs. There is a worker running in circles on a ledge on the opposite side of the first large landing. Kill him from a safe distance. Now the room is safe.


Go down the second-to-last flight of stairs. There is a large landing here, with scaffoldings and climbable fence. If the generator is behind Lara, go through the passage between the climbable fence and the left-hand wall. In the far left corner you'll see a ladder. Climb all the way up, then keep Up pressed, so that Lara can grab the ceiling. Turn around and monkey swing toward the opposite wall. Hugging the wall, drop and grab the edge of the duct. Climb in and pick up Lost Soul #3. Climb down the ladder to the big landing with climbable fence.


Now, climb the fence near the long ladder you've just used. On the scaffolding, search the stack of cardboard boxes to find the CONTROL ROOM KEY. Drop down to the landing, go to the generator and take the stairs up (they'll be dead ahead). Go up the stairs to the upper big landing with scaffoldings. Keep going to the left. Just in front of the next flight of stairs, there is an edge of the floor you can grab by dropping to hang. Shimmy all the way to the left to clear the supporting pipe beneath Lara, and fall onto the metal ledge below the supporting edge pipe.


From here, run jump to land on the next metal ledge along the wall. Then run jump on the third such ledge. Shoot to break the grating behind the horizontal pipe ahead. Run jump with Action to land inside the pipe and find LOST SOUL #4. From the edge of the duct, turn a bit to the left, and stand jump to clear the corner pipe and land on the metal ledge next to the wall. From this ledge you can jump onto the stairs leading up.


Once on this flight of stairs, go up, but don't take the stairs on Lara's left. Instead, turn right and jump up to shoot the gratings on the pipe in the wall. Stand jump to grab the edge of the pipe and pull in. Find SECRET KEY #3 inside the pipe, then jump/run jump out of the duct to land on the stairs.


This time, go up the stairs and unlock the Control Room. (note: the door animation here sometimes starts too early, but this bug depends on the system you're using. As you can see in my video, the door animation works on Windows 7).


Once inside the Control Room, approach the white scanner and press Action. Lara will place the stone block onto the scanner and activate it. Find the lever switch to the left of the scanner and use it. A round stone will appear near the lever, so pick up the STONE DISK along with STARTER #2. However, your actions alerted two orange-suit workers, so kill them before you leave and pick up ANTIDOTE pills from one of them. Now you can leave the generator room and return to the T-intersection in the glass tube. (the video walkthrough ends here).


MAGIC HANDS: If you have three magic dice, you can exchange them now before going into the Water Tank. Since the exit is located in the Water Tank, this is your last opportunity to exchange the magic dice for ammo (or you'll have to backtrack from the Water Tank to the elevator later, and that is not a short distance).


At the T-intersection leading from the Generator Room, go right, toward the elevator. Enter the passage which is now on Lara's right. Follow the glass tube and then enter the dark passage leading to a long shaft made of natural stone. Walk to the edge of the passage, and turn away from the shaft. Make one step ahead (away from the edge). Release Walk button now and press Down to make Lara hop back. She'll hop back over the edge of the passage. Once the edge is cleared, press Action and land into the passage below. Kill a fly that wakes up as you enter. Use three magic hands here to receive a MINE, SHELLS and Red Viper CLIPS. Save your game before you try to jump back up into the above passage.


Walk to the edge of the shaft. Hug the wall on Lara's right and sidestep thrice. Now, pivot Lara to the left slowly, until you see the camera angle changes and showing some natural stones behind Lara. Once you've found this angle, back flip onto the natural stone and bounce off of it. In mid-air, press Left slightly to land into the above passage. Return to the elevator and back to the T-intersection.


This entire sequence (dropping into the lower passage and jumping back into the upper passage) is shown in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xosKJCq5ZFA


WATER TANK: At the T-intersection, go right and follow a very long passage, and then the glass tube to an intersection. The pipe on the right leads to the end of the level, so skip it for now, but make a mental note of it. Proceed further toward the green patch with some plants. You'll find two HERBS here and also notice a ladder going up, attached to the glass wall on Lara's right. For now, don't go up, but follow the glass tube and make a left turn around the corner. Follow another long passage until you enter the water tank. Go around the water tank and search two piles of boxes here to find STARTER #3. Note: If you haven't picked up that Lost Soul in the passage leading to the Warehouse, you'll be able to see it through the grating in the Water Tank.


Return to that ladder on the green patch you saw earlier. Go up and follow the tube to a closed door. Open the door and proceed carefully into the room with the orange portal.


Three huge insects will crawl out of this room as soon as you enter, so back off and kill them back in the passage, where you have more space. Then enter the room again, carefully, because there are three giant flies waiting for you to approach. Kill them one by one. If you search the far left corner from the entrance, you'll trigger another crawling insect, but it'll stuck in the corner and you can kill it easily. Pick up the HERB from this corner. In order to pick up the HERB beneath the orange receptacle, you must crawl and pick it up. If it doesn't work, place one Lost Soul in the orange receptacle, and the receptacle will vanish. Pick up the health item now.


On the crates in the back of the room you will find Starter #4. Be careful, though, the plant in the middle of the room is toxic and the pool beneath this plant is deadly, so don't fall in. Now you're good to go, you can now end the level. Or you can visit the parallel level if you want. Anyway, save your game here, because maybe you won't be able to finish the parallel level and you'll have to reload this savegame, to be able to proceed with the second level.


If you exit the second level from this room (without visiting the parallel level), then go down the ladder and left, toward the T-intersection after the green patch. Climb down the ladder and enter the control room where you can place the starters. The systems in the Worm Hole are now activated and the gate will open. Enter the long glass tube to end the level and the Demo.


If you played the parallel level and finished it, you'll return through the portal and end up near the elevator. From here, go back to the Water Tank and at the intersection before the green patch, turn right and go down the ladder to place four starters and open the Worm Hole. In the glass tube the second level ends, and the Demo version as well.





This parallel level is accessed through the orange portal located in the Water Tank area. This parallel level is much harder than the first parallel level, but it is still possible to finish with no damage at all, or with small losses. This time, if Lara gets poisoned by the thorns, you have some ANTIDOTE pills to heal her, to save healthpacks (and the pills don't count as medipacks used in the Statistics). The pills don't restore Lara's health, but they heal her when poisoned, which prevents further loss of health and heals the blurred vision.


Once you're teleported into the parallel reality, pick up four Lost Souls from the receptacles around the portal. The thorns block your way through the door, so go around. Go into the far left corner (from the entrance) and around the crates. Climb onto the block with the pipe and drop on the other side. Jump over the stacked boxes and go around the poisonous plant. Make a turn right toward the door and walk between the open door and the thorns. This is absolutely possible to clear without being scratched by the thorns.


Once outside and inside the glass tube, go down the ladder. Now, this is very important. Whatever that you do in this tube, and whichever route you take, you should know that Death lurks in this tube and waits for Lara. I highly recommend following this walkthrough to detail, in order to avoid being killed by it.


In the tube below the ladder, the way toward the green patch is blocked by thorns. If you look to the left (when facing the ladder), you'll see that the glass is broken and you can go out. However, I recommend waiting with it for now. Instead, go left and up the ramp. Find the Soul Captor in the corner and use it. Now return to the broken glass and go out. Well, I guess that the environment is safe for humans in the parallel reality after all ;)


As soon as you step out, turn right and jump diagonally onto the lower ground, keeping away from the thorns. If you look to the left, you'll see scaffoldings and a truck. Go toward the truck and find a metal supporting pillar to the left of the truck. Climb on this pillar and walk along its left-hand edge. From the other side, jump diagonally to the right onto the road, to land safely between the thorns. You should be safe from the Death here, but still, there are other enemies here as well. Go left and around the bend, and uphill. Avoid the thorns as you approach the second Soul Captor. A skeleton bird will attack, so shoot it. If you're lucky, it'll get stuck in the thorns and won't be able to attack Lara anymore. You can stop shooting at it if this happens, you can't kill it (the thorns seem to protect the bird from the bullets, is this a parallel reality or not, huh?)


Place the second Lost Soul here and return to the stone pillar via which you came here. Look to the right, just to see where the Death is (in the glass tube, walking back and forth and waiting for Lara's return). The Death can shoot at Lara at this point, though, so be quick. From the metal pillar jump diagonally to the right to land on the scaffolding. Run along the scaffolding and make a left turn. Another skeleton bird will attack from above, so drop down and run into the corner straight ahead (up the pile of dirt). Jump over some steep stones and once you're higher, kill the bird. If it happens to fly away, you'll meet it later for sure! (most probably on your way to the Generator Room).


Once the bird is dead, turn to face the large cave and the tube where the Death walks. On Lara's right there is another pile of dirt, and the road is just on the other side of it. Climb on that pile of dirt and kill another skeleton bird. Finally, slide down to the road and use the third Soul Captor to return the Lost Soul to the Purgatory. From here, go left, around the pile of dirt and toward the truck. Just keep going straight, toward the scaffolding, and the tube with the Death is on Lara's right all the time. Under the scaffoldings, turn right toward the glass tube and run to the crates and boxes. Observe the situation first. If the Death is in the left-hand half of the glass tube ahead, you must lure it to the other side. Lara is much faster, so use it to your advantage. If the Death is in the left-hand half of the tube, you must run around the cave back to the opening in the glass where you left the tube. Wait for the Death to head to your direction, and once it is in the right-hand half of the tube, sprint back to the other end of the glass tube, where you can re-enter.


Once you're back at those crates and boxes near the left-hand end of the glass tube, go around them and jump over the steep rocks on the left. Slide down near the corner of the glass tube and kill another skeleton bird sneaking in the thorns. Once again, make sure that Death is not nearby. When the bird is dead, jump into the pipe through the broken glass and sprint up the ramp on the left. Make a left turn around the corner and hug the left-hand wall, to avoid a thorny ball. Go around the thorns and left, until you're back in the tubes. Follow the tube to the T-intersection. The fourth Soul Captor is near the elevator (left) and the Generator room is ahead. You can leave the parallel level now, or first take the Library Key from the Generator Room. This is not that easy, so be warned. Make your choice now and proceed with the walkthrough from the respective paragraph.


LIBRARY KEY: If you take the challenge, here's how to do it without a scratch. A video of three tricky jumps to the Generator room and three tricky jumps back can be viewed here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTioziw25CY. I don't save in my walkthrough videos, but you definitely should, as you must perform six tricky jumps to get the Library Key on this parallel level. Repeat the jumps until you can do it with least damage possible. This is really important, especially if you want to keep your savegame for the full version of the game. In the full version of the game, you must be careful with your health supplies, there are some pretty tough enemies and tricky sequences where losing health is inevitable. †Therefore, save, try to perform a flawless jump, save when you're successful, then move to the next. Especially if you've run out of Antidote pills. As you can see in the video, it is possible to get there and back without being scratched. Good luck!


From the T-intersection, follow the pipe to the Generator room and walk between the right-hand wall and deadly thorns. The moment the thorns on Lara's left are cleared, make one step forward and very careful second step forward, because the thorns ahead are deadlier than you think. Hug the wall on Lara's right and pivot to the left, toward the opening in the tube wall. Line up Lara carefully, so that she faces the broken glass in the perpendicular tube. She must face slightly to the right of the edge of the glass. Then run, jump from the edge of the pipe and in mid-air steer to the right at the last possible moment to land inside the pipe and clear the thorns that are blocking the way (on Lara's right during the jump). Once inside the pipe, follow it around the bend and walk. The thorns prevent you from entering the Generator room from this side.


Approach the thorns as far as possible and pivot to the left. You must jump onto the thin metal ledge on the central shaft, but it is also infested with thorns and it's hell of a jump. So, use Look button and face the side with no thorns (lateral thorns below the window are slightly to the left). Run and jump to land onto the central windowed shaft (keep Up pressed during the jump, she can make it without grab). The next jump is even worse. On the tiny metal ledge where you landed, the window is on Lara's left, and the entrance to the Generator room is on Lara's right. Now look to the right, but don't change Lara's direction. You must jump onto the "safe" metal ledge between the big red thorns and the tube. There's a relatively easy way to do it.


Walk back toward the thorns as far as possible. Pivot Lara a bit to the left, as if you want to go through the window (diagonally to the left). Press Up and Left to run. As soon as Lara starts to make the second running step, release Left and steer hard to the Right. Jump and steer to the Right (but don't overdo it) to make her land on the metal block near the thorns. Now, carefully walk into the passage, and squeeze between the thorns (sidestep laterally or walk between the thorns). As soon as you clear this last thorn obstacle, you can breathe again. No more thorns in the Generator room. Simply go down the stairs all the way as they go. From the last landing drop down to the floor and find the LIBRARY KEY at the bottom of the shaft. A sun flare indicates the exact location of the key. Return back to the top of the Generator room and prepare for more tricky jumps.


Squeeze between the thorns at the entrance to the Generator room and walk to the opening in the glass tube wall. Keep as close as possible to the edge of the glass on Lara's left. Face the thorny ledge ahead, then hop back. Run and jump, and steer a bit to the left in mid-air to land on the tiny ledge to the left of the red thorns. This time you must perform the same S-shaped jump to land back into the pipe, as you did in your last jump to the Generator room. Again, step back as long as it goes, run toward the window (keep Up + Right), during the second step release Right and steer hard to the left. Jump and steer to the right, to land into the pipe as close to the edge of the glass as you can. Proceed around the corner. Just as you did it the first time, face Lara a bit to the right of the edge of the broken glass, run and jump, then steer a bit to the left in mid-air to clear the thorns and land into the pipe as close to the edge of the glass as possible. Walk carefully between the thorns on the right and the wall, and go toward the T-intersection.


The only thing to worry about now is the location of Death. By this time, it managed to catch up, and you will most probably find it in the elevator room, just near the last Soul Captor and the portal. If this is the case, you can lure it back into the Water Tank and use the area outside the glass tube to trick it and escape it, like you did earlier. Then you can sprint back to the elevator area and do the rest of the job more relaxed. But it is also possible to evade Death even if it is in the elevator room, if you like a more challenging gameplay.


THE EXIT: If you didn't go for the Library Key, the Death will be far behind you when you reach the elevator. Be careful as you enter the elevator room, and avoid the left side of the entrance. Go toward the portal, but be careful, the burners are deadly even on the parallel level. Take the passage toward the toxic pool and squeeze between the thorns in the glassy tube. Find the fourth Soul Captor. Then take the passage just next to the orange portal (toward the deep shaft of natural rocks). Approach the Sun Symbol and the Guardian Angel will award Lara with the Magic Flute. It restores Lara's health in real-life levels (once per level), but you'll be able to use it only in the full version of the game.


Once you've picked up your reward, return to the elevator and use the portal which is now active and ready to teleport Lara back to reality.



--- The end of the DEMO version ---


Nina Croft, July 2018, Niö