Level by LOTRKingluis


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with help from Doggett D. McDog's video walk



After the opening FMV, Young Lara slides down into a  valley amidst a light rainfall. Run forward and open the circular trapdoor. Drop down, run forward into a fixed camera and drop down into a harmless trench. Pull up the other side and climb the ladder into an area reminiscent of the TR5 Ireland levels. Loop around left and hop up into the pentagonal opening. Jump SW down to a stone ledge and hop down S onto a dirt path.


For a secret, safety drop onto the slab below and locate the pushblock in the corner. Push it three times to reveal a passage and go in to find the BLUE MOON ROSE for SECRET #1. Exit to the slab and splash SW through the shallow water to the opening. Vault up inside, climb the blocks and find yourself on a ledge opposite the dirt path you came from. Go around and jump into the same pentagonal opening, down to the stone ledge, along the dirt path to the W wall.  Get up on the block, jump up to grab the crack in the wall and shimmy right and around the corner. Pull up into the crawl space and follow around until you can stand up.


Take a running jump E and grab the stone ledge. Pull up, crawl forward and pull up right to attract a horde of bats. Remain crouched to minimize your health loss. When the bats have moved on, jump up to grab the monkey bars and monkey swing across the gap. Release at the end and follow to a slope. Slide down to trigger an FMV. When it's finished, find yourself overlooking an open outdoor area.


Run forward (W) past a well toward the closed gates. On the slab next to the N wall is a small medipack. From there, run SE between the well and a dead tree to find a narrow passage leading S near the corner.  Go through the passage (fixed camera) and near the end hop left into an alcove for a small medipack. Continue S to see a campfire ahead and what appears to be a quicksand pit on your right. Go past the campfire and jump S to grab the ladder. Pull up and turn around if you'd like to go for the next secret.


Take a running jump NE, curving left in midair to grab the left corner of the ledge. If you miss, simply climb the ladder and try again. Hop N over the obstruction and turn left to face the statue. Save your game before attempting a difficult jump to reach the statue (it helps to jump up once before initiating the running jump). Walk to the far side of the statute and take a running jump slightly NW onto the lower right corner of the sloped face tile across the quicksand pit. When your feet hit it a small explosion ensues. Turn right and quickly wade out of the quicksand pit. On the nearby marked tile has appeared the JULIA CHILD ROSE for SECRET #2.


Return to the ladder and this time climb down. Turn right and slide down into a lower area. Jump up S and climb up onto the roof of the small building. Step forward and drop down into the hole. Hop past the beams into a small room, loop around left and search the chest for a small medipack. Turn right and pull the middle CROWBAR from the NE corner. The small barrel behind you tips over and releases a myriad of rats, so beat a hasty retreat and pull up N onto the roof.


Walk out onto the ledge to your left and take a running jump into the NW alcove. The area to your left (W) is for later, so hop down NE onto the dirt path and follow around to the ladder. Climb up, turn around and take a running jump N to grab the ledge near the campfire. Pull up and run N through the passage to the open area with the well. Continue straight N to a gate near the NE corner and open it with your crowbar while a warthog nibbles at your heels. Don't attempt to jump the gap ahead. Instead, turn left, jump up to grab the slope and shimmy right until you can drop down onto a block. Take a running jump N over the spike pit and grab the ledge. Pull up and hop forward into a fixed camera.


Turn right and follow the path for a remote shot of someone lying facedown on the other side of the pit. You hear the flapping wings and raucous cries of an approaching bird of prey, but while it undoubtedly makes you nervous I found that it doesn't attack as long as you keep moving. Hang from the E edge and shimmy as appropriate until you can drop down onto a block. Drop down further S and ignore the ladder for now, as there's nothing to do down below. Instead, face NW and take a running jump down to the slope. Slide, grab and shimmy right until you can pull up onto the corner ledge.


Use the tightrope to get across E to the other side. When you're about halfway there you get a remote shot of one of those doughboy imps. However, it seems to have vanished once you get across.  Follow the passage around and climb the blocks to a ladder. Climb up to an outdoor area and loop around NW to find that prone figure you saw earlier. He's beyond help now, pick up the MANUAL OF RITUALS he left behind and see a gate opening. Examine the manual for instructions on curse removal.


Face the E building that bears a striking resemblance to the Alamo. For the next secret, go around it on the left side, ignoring the openings along the way. Just to the right of the NW opening is a flat spot you can reach with a standing jump up to the lower right corner. It may take a few tries, but it helps to keep the up arrow key depressed. Walk up to the highest corner and face NW. Take a "walking running jump" (walk key + up arrow key, release and immediately press the jump key), curving slightly right to land on a corner ledge next to the vegetation. Turn to take a running jump SW onto the roof of the mission and go to the NW corner. Take a running jump NW, curving slightly left, to grab the left corner of a ledge. Pull up and step forward into the slight depression for the CLIMBING ICEBERG ROSE and SECRET #3.


Slide down to the ground and enter the mission. Go to the back and take the chalice (here called the SMALL WATERSKIN) from the plinth. A cut scene shows a number of imps pouring from the side rooms, all of them headed for you, as well as a door opening. Exit the mission and loop around left to find the opened doorway near the SE corner. Go inside to the far right corner, past the partially opened coffin, to find the SLINGER CATAPULT (cut scene of a suspended cage).


Exit this room, turn right and enter the nearby E opening. Turn right and run past the cross and the SW gate you opened earlier. Loop around left in the next room and jump up to grab the slope. Shimmy right, pull up and take a rolling back flip. Jump off two slopes in quick succession and grab the crack in the wall. Shimmy right around the corner, release and jump off the slope onto a safe ledge. Loop around into the passage and push the floor lever to lift two platforms.


Return to the ledge and take a running jump onto the block in the SW corner. Pull up and run past the imps into the outdoor area. Run W past the mission and continue to the pit. Use the raised platforms to get across and continue the way you came, through the passage with the fixed camera, S across the spike pit and using more raised platforms to reach the open area with the well and the warthog.


Run straight across S and through the narrow passage with the fixed camera. When you reach the quicksand pit, take a running jump SW to get as far across as possible, then wade the rest of the way and pull out S. An FMV shows Young Lara making expert use of that Slinger Catapult to sever the rope holding the suspended cage you saw in the cut scene, causing it to tumble down to the ground and spring open. Drop down two times S and find the GOLDEN KEY that fell out of the cage. Hop up S, climb up onto the roof of the small building, loop around right onto the adjoining ledge and jump NW into the alcove.


This time, pull out W and crawl through to trigger another horde of bats. When they've finished chewing on you and have gone away, continue forward into a small room.  Use the Golden Key to open the gate in the S alcove and step inside. Take a running jump and grab over the spike pit, pull up and follow the passage around, past a wooden barrier. Loop around left over a short trench (not trapped) and pull up next to a timed wall switch. The timed door is around the NW corner, past a small spike pit, if you want to check it out first.


Pull down the switch, turn around and run down into the trench, stand jump out and sprint N toward the wall, turning left at the end and squeezing past the timed door as it closes. There's a huge pile of gold in the next room, together with the bodies of three stalwart knights who apparently fought each other to the death for first honors to the loot. Walk onto the pile and pick up the TREASURE COIN. Go back the way you came, jumping S over the long spike pit and crawling through the triangular opening. Run off NE onto the dirt path and run around to climb the ladder. Jump the gap and return to the open area with the well.  Run straight to the well, save your game and take a deep breath, then jump or dive into the well.


Swim down and E into an underwater maze of sorts. Turn left, left, right into a small room N, pull the timed underwater lever, flip turn and swim out, then left, left, left, right (staying high), left and diagonally NW through a narrow gap, loop around right and past the timed gate. Turn left, go up, turn right and follow to an air hole. Fill your lungs with much-needed air, but before pulling out go back into the water and swim E, around the corner and up a long shaft. Pull out and find a wall switch that lowers the block behind you, providing a short cut back to the open area with the well (although, as it turns out, it's not needed).  Jump back into the water and return to the air hole. Pull out into a picturesque room.


Step into the shallow water and fill your chalice to form the COPPER CHALICE (FILLED). Note that it can now be combined with something else, but don't do anything yet. Go to the cross in the NE corner, stand in front of it facing E, press the action key and watch what happens. Loop left around the fence and past the statue that was moved, and pick up the MISTER LINCOLN ROSE for SECRET #4. Now you can combine the Copper Chalice (filled) and the Treasure Coin to form the TREASURE AND COIN. If nothing happens immediately, press the enter key to trigger an FMV.


When it's over, you have the UNHOLY KEY in your inventory and you're back in the open area near the well. For a secret, run S past the well and through the narrow passage. Climb down the ladder and follow the dirt path around right to get back to the SW alcove and the W crawl space. Crawl to the small room, turn left through the door you opened with the Golden Key and retrace your steps to that wooden barrier you noted earlier. A knight has since arisen from the dead, so using your nubile body as bait, lure him to the wooden barrier and entice him to swing at you with the sword, shattering the wooden barrier in the process. Enter the S alcove and pick up the BLACK BACCARA ROSE for SECRET #5.


Run past the knight and return to the open area with the well (you should know the route by heart by now). Run diagonally NW across the area and find the statute near the closed gates you noted earlier. Insert the Unholy Key in the receptacle in its base to open the gates. Go on through and turn right to overlook a vast area ahead as the gates close behind you. Slide down N onto the stone path and turn left to find a cage. Move the cage all the way E, then all the way N, and get up on it. Don't jump N to the bridge, but instead save your game, face NE and take a running jump to grab the right corner of the ledge jutting over the water.  Pull up for a large medipack, then turn around and jump back SW onto the slope, slide and jump off onto the cage.


Take a running jump N (no grab) to land on the bridge and trigger another FMV. Three bolt-wielding boss knights have been unleashed, and they must be destroyed one at a time. When camera control is restored, run forward and turn right at the intersection. Continue past the boss knight positioned there and take a running jump to grab the E ledge. Pull up, run forward and pull up left into a short passage. Go halfway down, turn around and jump up to grab a slope. Pull up and take a rolling back flip to grab the crack. Shimmy left around the corner and pull up into the crawl space. Hang from the other side, where you're once again vulnerable to enemy fire, and shimmy left around two corners until you can pull up into an alcove. Pull down the wall switch to lower a nearby block.


Take a running jump W out of the alcove to land on a block. Pull up higher and take a running jump NW down to another block. Pull up, stand at a slight angle and pick up the TEMPLAR SWORD. One of the boss knights promptly meets an explosive end. Jump into the water and pull out onto the nearby W pier. Run forward and jump NW to grab the ledge where the block lowered. Pull up, step forward and pull up right. Take a running jump NE onto the first of two slopes in the water, slide and jump off to activate the jumpswitch that opens an underwater gate.


Swim S toward the columns and turn slightly right (SW) to find a small medipack in an underwater alcove cut into the trunk of the large tree. Continue SW past the tree and turn right at the corner to find the opened gate. Follow around and pull out to find a TEMPLAR SWORD that eliminates a second boss knight. 


Swim back the way you came and pull out onto the W pier once again. Run and jump to grab the ledge where the block lowered, pull up and this time step forward and pull up left. Walk out to the SW corner, facing the windmill, and look down to see a block. Hop down to it, stand jump NW onto a slope, slide, grab, release, grab and pull into the crawlspace. Follow around to a small room. Search the small chest for a small medipack, then take the TEMPLAR SWORD from the SE corner to restore peace to the land. After the final FMV, step forward to the intersection and pluck the PORTAL KEY from the air.


Turn right and take a running jump E once again to grab the stone ledge. Pull up, run forward, pull up left, run to the end of the passage and take a running jump slightly NE so that Lara slides down the slope backwards. Grab the edge, shimmy left and pull up in front of an opening. Follow the passage around to an outdoor area and approach the shrine that's surrounded by flaming pits. Insert the Portal Key in the receptacle and watch the ending.