Level by Reggie


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the assistance of DoggettTV's video walk



Episode 1: LARA'S HOME


Begin in the upstairs library. The interior decorators have been hard at work, as Lara's home has been substantially improved. Go to your right and use the book switch next to the fireplace. A small bookshelf moves aside somewhere. Exit E down the steps, ignore the patron examining the books in the side room ahead, turn right to the outer hallway and turn right again. Enter the SW opening and go up the stairs to the attic, which has been converted to a guest bedroom. Notice how much the lighting has been improved.


The picture of the tree, revealed by the bookshelf you moved earlier, is actually a button. Push it to open the outdoor gates. On the way out, search the chest in the SE corner for the H&K G36 (whatever that is) and ammo for it. Go all the way downstairs to the main floor and push the button near the front doors to open them. The button just outside doesn't close the doors, but it sets up a force field that prevents re-entry.


Resist the temptation to get on the motorbike to your left. Instead, turn right and find the opened gate ahead to your left (opposite the obstacle course). For a secret, go to that gray patch near the wall next to the paved area of the obstacle course, climb the N wall there and pull up into a hidden opening. Pick up the SPAS-12 (another obscure weapon) for SECRET #1 and get back down.


Enter through the opened E gates and turn right into a fixed camera. Stand at the corner near the wood pile and pick up the SHOVEL HANDLE. Go over to the lone tree and find the SHOVEL BLADE near the trunk. Combine them, back up a few steps, face the fence at the bare patch of earth and start digging. Hop down into the hole and pick up the TREE STONE.


Exit W, turn right and run S all the way past the mansion to the hedge. Enter the maze area and turn left, keep turning left when you can until you reach a straight stretch W toward what appears to be a dead section of the wall. About halfway down is a dark patch on your right which is really a reach-in switch. Activate it to open a trap door and release a horde of rats. Continue W and stay left until you reach a bare section of wall on your left. Turn right at that spot and find the opened trap door as more rats surge out of the pavement. Drop down into the hole and run around the corner as a door opens in front of you.


Hop over the hole, pull up into the next room and vault up onto the platform next to the horse statute. Insert the Tree Stone in the vacant part of the receptacle to open a trap door in a pool. Reverse roll, drop down into the hole you jumped over and face the closed N doors. Find the hidden crawl space in the E ivy-covered wall and follow to a water-filled trench. Jump into the water and find 2 x Spas-12 ammo and a First Aid Kit. Pull out E, turn around and jump up to grab the ceiling. Money swing across the water, drop down at the end, jump right back up to open the ceiling trap door, and pull up left or right into the outside part of the maze area.


If you go N you'll return to the front of the mansion, but if you want a go at the obstacle course you'll need to head S.  A timer appears at the top of the screen as you approach, which you can ignore if you're not interested in navigating the course with all due haste.  Whether you chose the N or S route, enter the mansion via the front door. Go through the left archway, turn left into the kitchen and loop around left to find a button. Push it to open the pantry, go inside and shoot the boxes in the corner for a First Aid Kit and a Sterile Dressing.


Exit the kitchen into the huge ballroom and go across S into the pool room.  The wall alcoves each contain a statute, but one of those in the E wall provides a fixed camera when you approach it. Shoot this one to get a cut scene of the pool. The statue also vanishes. Jump into the water and swim into the hole at the bottom. Follow the passage to a ceiling hole and pull out.  Note the Roman numerals on the wall (III, I and VI) and pick up the SCOPE, the SOCOM and 3 x socom ammo. Jump back into the water, swim S and up into an underwater passage.


The side alcoves are identified by Roman numerals and contain underwater levers. Pull the first one on the right side, the third one on the right side and the one opposite the third one on the left side (I, III and VI, in that order). A gate opens in the NW passage, so flip turn from the third lever, loop around right, swim inside the passage, follow up the shaft and pull out. Shoot the corner boxes for blast grenades and spas-12 ammo and note the E crowbar bar. Pull the chain to drain the previous area, safety drop through the hole with a slight loss of health and go back the way you came (this time on foot).


Crawl through to the corridor with the lever alcoves and go to the S wall. Climb the ladder and move the cage onto the marked tile to open a door in the hedge maze. Reverse roll and pull into the crawl space for the CROWBAR. Turn around and exit the crawl space facing forward. Climb back down the ladder, go to the other end of the corridor and pull into the NW crawl space. Follow around to the shaft you swam up earlier. There's no climbing surface here, but not to worry. Place your back against the wall and jump either E or W against the facing wall. Keep the jump key depressed, press the down arrow key and Lara will turn and jump to grab the facing wall. Repeat until Lara reaches the upper room.


Open the E crowbar door (neat animation) and enter a canal area to a lilting solprano melody. Climb the NE ivy-covered portion of the wall and pull up into an upper outdoor area. There's a closed W gate that you can open by shooting the lock, but there's nothing to do inside yet. Locate the bare dirt patch near the NE tree and stand at its edge facing E. Use your shovel to dig a deep shaft. Climb down the ladder into a fixed camera, pick up the M4 CARBINE and pull up into the W crawl space.


Crawl forward to alarm a swarm of bats you can do nothing about, go into the alcove where they came from for spas-12 ammo and continue W along the passage, drop down lower and watch out for falling debris. Near the end of the passage are two alcoves you can crawl into for 2 x M4 carbine ammo. SE is a plinth with 2 x flares. Open the sewer trap door and drop into the water. Swim to the E end and pull the underwater lever to flood the previous area and open a gate. Quickly swim back, up through the sewer trap door and E into the room with the chain and forward into the sewer area with the singing soprano. Swim all the way E into the alcove and pick up the GARDEN KEY.


Surface, pull out and shoot the lock to open the W gate if you didn't do so earlier. Enter and find the gazebo with the receptacle for the Garden Key.  A flyby takes you through the hedge maze and a portion of the mansion. Exit and go past the tree where you dug the shaft and find a NE panel that you can kick in. Do so and crawl inside. It appears you've come to a dead end, but press the jump and up arrow keys and you'll hop down into the hedge maze.


Go forward and slightly left to find the opened trap door once again. Drop down and follow around to the gate that opens upon your approach and closes behind you. Drop down further and go through the doors you opened by moving the cage earlier. In the basement is a fenced-off area SE and a stairway passage NW that leads up to the mansion. Take the latter, push the button at the landing and continue up to the main floor of the mansion.


Go upstairs, loop around to the SE doorway, turn left in the music room and go up the steps into the library. There's a hole in the ceiling over the S wall painting. Facing N, jump up to grab the ladder surface and climb up to an upper room. Push the button to open the door and step forward to open the crowbar door. Turn right in the next room and take the ARMOURY KEY from the plinth (screen shot of a bedroom).


Push the button to open the N door. Just beyond are breaktiles, so run forward to the wall and jump up to grab the ladder. Climb up onto the roof and slide down E. Go either right or left and make your way to the E side by hopping along the ramparts. Locate the hang glider and ride it down over the outer wall. When you land, go back W and the small gate opens upon your approach and then closes behind you.


Enter the mansion and go upstairs. Turn left at the landing and enter the N doorway. Loop around right past the bed and place the Armoury Key in the receptacle.  Enter the Armoury and take 4 x sterile dressings from one plinth and 2 x flares from the other. Search one corner chest (the other is empty) for 6 x M4 carbine ammo and the S shelf for the H&K LAUNCHER and the FRONT GATE KEY. Exit, loop around right into the bathroom and enter the stall for a quick shower if you like.


Go back downstairs and into the kitchen. Approach the NW door leading outdoors and it opens for you. Turn left and run to the E end of the obstacle course. Use the easternmost wooden obstacle and the N wall, employing the back and forth grab and jump routine used earlier to reach the top of the wooden obstacle. Take a running jump N over the wall to land in an outside area.  Slide down and go either right or left to the far end of this area. A door opens upon your approach (it doesn't matter which end you choose). Go on in, there's a sensation of a level change and SECRET #2 appears in your stats. Run forward as a horde of rats spills out of the pavement, go around the corner and through the door that opens upon your approach, and you're warped back to the library.


Exit, go down the stairs to the main floor and out the front door. Go to the large front gates and use the Front Gate Key to open them. Go back to the motorbike, get on it and drive out the main gate and into the sunset to end the level.