Level by Franky


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the assistance of DoggettTV's video walk


NOTE: For some reason the provided FMVs and closing credits did not play in my game.



Turn around and go away from the stargate into a sprawling area that looks somewhat like Midnight in Moscow.  Four albino aliens are guarding the area, but they're dormant at the moment. It's best to approach them individually and deal with them one at a time as they awaken. One of them drops a large medipack.


From the square where the aliens were gathered, go E past a central monument to find a structure surrounded by sloped ice pillars. Push the structure aside to reveal SECRET #1. From there, go S to find another structure surrounded by sloped ice pillars. Pull up upon the S pillar and back flip onto the top of the structure for flares. Get down and continue S to find a similar setup. Push the structure aside to reveal a COMPUTER KEY. 


Go W past a central monument to find a similar setup. Push the structure aside for 3 x revolver ammo. For there go W past a central monument to find a similar setup. Pull up onto the N slope and back flip onto the top of the central structure for a second COMPUTER KEY. Get down and go N along a wider alley past a central monument to find a similar setup. Pull up onto the N slope and back flip onto the top of the central structure for a large medipack.


Get down and run all the way E to find two receptacles for the Computer Keys. Use them to open the large doors and enter. Run down the ramp to the corner. There's a ceiling hole there, so turn to face W and jump up to grab the unmarked ladder. Climb up, shift left and drop down into an upper passage. Pick up the large medipack and continue S through the phantom wall. Climb the unmarked ladder to your right and back flip into a still higher passage for SECRET #2.


Get back down to the ramp the way you came and continue down to an elevator shaft. Stand right, turn around, hop back to grab the edge and climb down until you're hanging over the opening (Area 01). Release, grab and climb down to the next opening (Area 02). Release, grab and pull up into the opening. Push the button at the end to turn off the lasers. Run quickly to the first pillar in the next room as a boulder rolls by from your left. Turn around and shoot the boulder, then note that similar boulders are perched in all four corners of this room. Shoot them all and gather the REVOLVER, the LASER SIGHT, revolver ammo and a large medipack. Just for the fun of it, you can trigger and shoot three additional boulders by walking up the ramps toward the corners.


The other three openings in this room are blocked by active lasers, so exit N the way you came and jump across the gap to grab the ladder. Climb up to the N Area 01 opening and push the button at the end. Shoot the waiting alien, run forward a bit to awaken a second alien and deal with him as well. Pick up 2 x revolver ammo they drop and push the SE button near the entrance. Shoot the panel above the ramp with the black dot and enter the R2D2 area. The trenches are safe, so make your way back to the NE corner, run past the skeleton and through the N phantom wall into a passage leading to a laser and a button.


Push the button but don't enter (lasers ahead). Go back through the R2D2 area to the entrance where you encountered the two aliens and push the SW button. Pick up the revolver ammo to your right and shoot the panel above the ramp with the black dot. This area is patrolled by those electric carts, so get behind one of them (making sure there's a sufficient gap between this one and the next one) and follow it around into the SW corner to find flares near the S wall.  Continue around into the NE corner to find a pushblock in the N wall. Push it forward, but during the pushing animation press the down arrow key so Lara won't fall past the breaktile onto the death tile below.


Shoot the screen panel ahead, jump over the gap and shoot the next screen panel. Step inside for SECRET #3 and return to the entrance the way you came. Loop around left and push the middle W button. Go inside and to the right for revolver ammo. You can exit and push the middle E button, but there's nothing inside, so push the NW button for the large medipack inside. Finally, pushing the NE button leads to an empty interior as well.


Return to the R2D2 area via the SE opening and go through the phantom wall and passage to the doorway leading to the lasers I warned you about earlier. Wait for the laser to come from your left and then retreat. Step into the passage and look right. When that laser comes and goes, run forward and left into the side passage. Turn around, wait for the laser to go by to your right, loop around left and enter the next side passage. Go to the N wall and jump up into the antigravity field. Grab the edge at the top and pull up into the passage.


Follow around to a button to turn off the laser door. Since you now have plenty of ammo, draw your revolver, enter the next room and prepare to engage eight skeletal aliens that explode when they die. Go around the room and hop onto the four corner pillar fragments to lower a block in the center of the room. Go there for SECRET #4. Exit this room S and drop down into the antigravity field at the end of the passage.


Facing the laser banks, wait for the laser to retreat to your right. Follow it while looping around right into the next passage. Go around to the NW corner and find a pushblock. Pull it two times toward the opening, turn around and time the laser banks to loop around left into the previous side passage. Go around to the NW corner as before and find the new passage revealed when you moved the pushblock. Watch out, as there's a flame tile at the intersection ahead. When the flames go out briefly you can scoot around the corner (or jump around the corner to be on the safe side) into the E passage. Pull the pushblock at the end of the passage one time and make your way carefully back around to the NW corner to find another pushblock. Pull it two times toward the entrance.


Turn around and time the laser banks to loop around right into the other passage. Push the pushblock two times and follow the passage past the second pushblock to a plinth with flares. Behind the flares you'll find SECRET #5. Return to the laser bank opening, turn right  and time your way past the banks, using the passages as needed, to reach the W wall. Turn right to find another antigravity field. Jump up, ride the field to the top and grab the opening. Pull up into the passage, keep to the walls and find a large medipack in the next room. Save your game and top up your health for a timed run. Step on the trigger tile with the black dot, get back down, take the inevitable damage by running through the laser banks to the E wall, turn left and use the antigravity field to reach the timed door above. Go around the corner to find the blue ZPM on a plinth.


Hop past the plinth and push the button to turn off the laser. Slide down the slope into an antigravity field. You're back at the E wall next to the laser bank passage. Time your way W and turn right into the last passage before the W wall. Hop down two blocks into a lower passage and push the button to turn off the laser. You're facing a room with a deadly floor and pillars (most of which have flame burners).


Jump out left and grab the first pillar. Pull up, turn right, stand at the edge and jump up into an antigravity field. Pull up into a crawl space and follow around to SECRET #6. Go back and drop down onto the pillar. The pillars against the W wall aren't used, so stand jump with a right curve back into the entrance opening. Take a curved running jump to your right to grab the first E pillar. Shimmy left around the corner and pull up in either corner. Face N, wait for the flames to subside and jump up through the antigravity field. Grab the opening and follow the long crawl space to an opening at the other end.


Drop down onto a safe pillar in the previous room and jump S through an antigravity field to grab the central pillar. Shimmy right around the corner, Pull up and push the barrel onto the adjacent tile. Pick up the COMPUTER KEY it was covering and stand at the SW corner. When the flames ahead go down, stand down onto the sloped pillar and jump to grab the pillar against the S wall. Pull up, stand at the NE corner and stand jump with a right curve into the entrance opening. Pull up the blocks to the laser bank passage.  Go out left and take the first right to leave this area.


Follow the passage and go through the phantom wall to return to the R2D2 area you explored earlier. Exit to the alien area and turn left to exit S. Back at the elevator shaft in Area 01, jump S across the gap and push the button to turn off the S laser. Take one step forward and stop as the camera angle changes, as the entire floor area ahead (not just the flame blower tiles) is deadly. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing your way past the flame blowers, turn left at the corner and drop down at the end.


Push the button to turn off the laser and step forward into a passage with large pushbuttons. There are numbers on the tiles in front of each button, so push them in that order (right, left and middle). The laser blocking the N passage goes off, but re-appears when you go past it, just as the one did by which you entered this area.


You're facing a maze of intersecting passages. Go all the way N and enter the alcove just to your left. Stand at the edge of the tile with the black dot, facing any direction, jump up and ride the antigravity field to pull up into an upper alcove. Get into the E alcove, turn left and push the block once. Reverse roll, pull the S block once, get around and behind it for SECRET #7. Turn left and push the second block one time N, reverse roll and go around to pull the next block one time E. Get around and behind it for what looks like another blue ZPM but appears as LOAD in your inventory. You're done here, so drop back down through the antigravity field.


Down at the bottom, exit N and stay left until you reach a laser at the end of a long passage that disappears upon your approach. You're back near the elevator shaft at Area 01, so turn right and jump across the gap to grab the ladder. Climb down below the opening to your left, shift left and climb up to pull into the opening. Run forward and push the button to turn off the laser. Step forward into a room with freezing water.


Turn right and take a running jump into the SE alcove. Turn left and jump from alcove to alcove, using the action key to glide into the gaps or grab as necessary, pick up the large medipack at the NE corner and jump into the icy water. Turn right into the N opening, take the next right as well and swim up to pull the underwater lever. Go back the way you came, swim across to the S side of the pool and pull out at the entrance.


This time go the other way and jump into the SW alcove. Jump N to the next alcove for revolver ammo. Continue to the NW corner and pull down the hard-to-see wall switch to turn the water to ice. Hop down and climb the central column from the S side. Stand at the E edge and jump up to ride the antigravity field to an opening. Pull into the passage and run forward to find a blue ZPM on the plinth. Drop back down onto the column and exit S to the elevator shaft.


Jump SE across the gap into the opening at Area 02 and enter the boulder room you explored earlier. Shoot the S and W panels of the cage on the central structure and beware of the boulder suspended overhead. Hop up onto the structure and back flip immediately to avoid being crushed. Shoot the boulder and hop back up to pick up a COMPUTER KEY. Jump to the S sloped column, turn around and jump to grab the ladder. Climb up for revolver ammo and shoot the four boulders perched in the corners at this level. 


Hang from the ladder and, before Lara's feet can get "set," ledge jump up (tap the jump key while holding down the action key) to grab the ladder surface above the gap. Climb to the top for SECRET #9 and while you're up here, shoot the four diamond-shaped prisms perched in the corners at this level. Climb back down to the floor and find that the lasers blocking the other three openings have been turned off. Go up the W stairs for a COMPUTER KEY. Go up the S stairs for a blue ZPM (for some reason this shows up in your stats as SECRET #10). Go up the E stairs for another blue ZPM.


Exit this room N and climb down to the floor of the elevator shaft into Area 04. Enter the SE opening and take a running jump S into a antigravity field. Grab the sloped edge, pull up, slide a bit and jump into another antigravity field. You'll land in front of a plinth bearing another COMPUTER KEY. Push the plinth forward to reveal SECRET #11.  Turn to face NE, stand jump onto the first sloped pillar and keep jumping from slope to slope until you reach the entrance ledge. You can ignore the row of sloped pillars on the other side of the room, which serve only as a red herring.


Exit N and go across the elevator shaft into the NE opening. Climb down into a lower passage and push the button to turn off the laser. Deal with two waiting aliens and use your Computer Keys in the four terminals to open the iris door. Step through to alert two more aliens. One of them may disappear behind the iris door before you can kill it, which happened in my game. Enter the W alcove to lower the block in the E alcove. Go there and jump up to ride the antigravity field to an upper passage that seems to lead to a dead end. However, there's a barely discernible switch on the S wall. Pull it down to lower a block on your right. Drop down to find yourself in the same area you just left. Go across into the E alcove where the block lowered and jump up once again.  A plinth has magically appeared in the passage, where you'll find SECRET #12.


Enter the W connecting passage and drop down through the hole in the floor. Enter the NW alcove and place a ZPM in the receptacle. A block lowers to your right, revealing another receptacle. Place another ZPM and the same thing happens, only this time an alien is released as well (but only if you encountered the phenomenon described in the previous paragraph). Place the third ZPM, then the fourth, and the iris door opens. Step through and follow the passage to a laser. Push the button to turn it off and enter the next room where you're attacked by a veritable army of skeletal aliens.


Go E up the ramp, loop around right and jump W off the marked tile to ride the antigravity field to an upper alcove. Turn right and jump across into the other alcove and climb up left. Enter the crawl space and climb down the other side to find SECRET #13 (13 of 12, so I can only assume that the blue ZPM mentioned earlier was not intended as a secret, which makes sense). Get back through the crawl space to the alcove and jump slightly SW to grab the wall to the right of the companion alcove. Shift right and climb up to an opening. Pull up, hop down into the hole and push the N and S buttons to activate the stargate.


Climb back out and down, drop to the floor and run E up the ramp and into the stargate to end the level.