Levels by Gabriel Croft


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth (with the help of Doggett TV's video walk




Slide down into a lush valley. Step forward to trigger a brief cut scene of the Great Wall and the retreating helicopter. Run past the dead tree remnant, jump into the water and swim left around the waterfall into the NW corner for flares. Swim back, wade out W and loop around left. Follow the upper ledge counterclockwise, through a cave and around the waterfall, hop the gap and continue until you reach the W wall. Look left to see the tiger waiting down below. You can target it from where you stand, but it will retreat out of range, so slide down to engage it at closer quarters.


Make the circuit back to the W wall as before and slide down S. But this time, jump off with a right curve to land on a flat block. Turn right and follow the ledge around to a S block.  Climb up on it, turn around and jump over the gap to a smaller ledge. Turn right and hop over E onto a grassy ledge. Follow to a crawl space, enter and turn the corner for the STONE DRAGON and SECRET #1.  Go back the way you came, jump the gap and climb two blocks to find yourself at the base of the Great Wall.  You may see a second tiger down below near the water, but unless you want maximum kills there's no need to go back for it.


Turn left and take a running jump S over the gap. Pull up W into the opening and step forward into the building.  Pull down the wall switch in the window to your right to open the nearby trap door. Drop down into the water and wade out E. Go up the stairs and take a running jump over the water to grab the SE block. There's a low ceiling, so it will likely take several tries to make the grab. Hang from the edge, pull up and reverse roll before making the jump, to give yourself a little extra running room. Save when you make the grab successfully.


Pull up into a fixed camera. Turn left, jump up to grab the crack and shimmy left around two corners. Drop down into the alcove and pull down the wall switch to open the door behind you. Reverse roll, jump into the water and swim across to exit through the opened W door. Step out into the courtyard and shoot two vultures (much harder to kill than the tigers). Slide down N through the opening in the wall and drop into the water. Open the E gate by using the action key and enter the next area. Swim left around the central structure and pull the S underwater lever.


A block rises to your right, preventing your retreat in that direction. Turn left and swim clockwise around the structure, through the W opening and into the alcove on your right for the CHAMBER KEY.  Exit, continue swimming clockwise, exit W and go up for air. Pull out, shoot the waiting tiger and go up the E hill for flares. Go back down toward the Great Wall, continue W and find uzi ammo just past the fallen dead tree. Get up onto the higher S ledge and pull up onto the Great Wall. Hop down and use the Chamber Key in the receptacle on your right to open the W door.


Enter and kill a couple of baby spiders. Go up the SW stairs and vault up onto the ledge. Pull up into the E window for a small medipack. From here you can shoot two baby spiders across the way. Hop down to the ledge and take a running jump NW up to the loft where the spiders were. Shoot another baby spider on the NE balcony below, hop down there and pull down the wall switch to open the NW gate down below. Get back down to the floor and exit through the NW passage to a room where three baby spiders drop down from the ceiling.


Pull the skeleton away from a large medipack and find the pushblock in the W wall. Pull it back and move it aside, enter and slide down right to the edge of a small canal filled with spikes. Hop down, wade to the W wall underneath a harmless dart trap, jump up to grab the crack and shimmy right over the spikes. Drop into the water and swim to the NE opening. Pull out and save your game in front of the breaktiles. An extended trap run awaits you.


Run across the breaktiles, turn right in the passage to trigger a pair of boulders, run toward the opening and jump (not from the very edge) over the spikes onto a slope. Jump onto another slope and slide down into another passage where spike walls are converging. If you're brave enough, pick up the uzi ammo before jumping into the E opening where a gate closes behind you. Run over the breaktiles and jump over two blade traps. Step forward into the next room, hop back into the passage and wait for the spike wall to pass by from your left, then enter and turn left for the JADE DRAGON and SECRET #2. If the looping action music is getting on your nerves as much as it did on mine, you can delete 115.ogg from the audio folder.


Face the E passage, stand right and sprint over more breaktiles as spike walls approach from your left. Slide down the slope at the end of the passage, turn right to face the wall when you land and hop back twice onto a corner breaktile as another spike wall approaches. Drop down into a lower area and catch your breath. Step forward into the cavern with the rolling blades and pick up the small medipack. Make your way past the blades (the skeleton blocking your way will cause you to stumble, so hop over it) into the next cavern and shoot three baby spiders.


Don't use the zip line yet, but instead go to the edge to the right of the zip line, hang and drop onto a corner block below, rolling as you land to minimize any health loss. Jump up to grab the crack in the W wall and shimmy right until you can pull up into an opening. Follow around and pull back the skeleton for flares. Continue S, vault up twice and jump to grab the ladder. Climb down to the very bottom and drop down onto a closed trap door. Pull up N and back flip into an alcove with a wall switch. Pull it down to open the trap door. Don't drop down from here, or the fall will be fatal.  Step back twice, angle slightly left and hop down onto the slope. Slide and grab, climb down the ivy-covered wall a bit and drop down to the lower passage.


Follow the passage to the cavern floor below the zip line. Turn right and run toward the E opening. Enter to find the GOLDEN DRAGON for SECRET #3. You've awakened the T-Rex, so exit to the cavern and draw it toward the passage. It takes quite a while to kill it with your pistols, so you need to use a little strategy in dealing with it. It will follow you into the passage, but only partway, so you can take your time pouring lead into it from there if you wish.


When it finally dies, run W across the cavern, turn left at the SW corner into the passage there. At the end, pull up E, turn around, jump to grab the edge and pull up into the W alcove. Turn around again, jump to grab the E slope. Pull up, back flip onto the facing slope and jump back and forth several times, making your way left so that you can back flip off the N slope into the alcove with the wall switch. Step onto the wood slats, jump to grab the ladder and climb to the very top.


Pull up into the passage, go around to the end and drop down onto the plateau near the zip line. Use the zip line to get across the cavern, drop at the other end and shoot two tigers. Go through the SE opening and follow around to a campfire. Approach the ornate design in the S wall to finish the level.


Level 2: VENICE


Click here for Doggett TV's video walk.


Slide down into an alley. Draw pistols, walk forward and shoot a dog. In the courtyard, turn left into the W alley and shoot another dog. Run forward into the canal area and push a button to open the door on your right. Enter, pick up the SHOTGUN and push another button to release a trap door. Before proceeding further, exit this room and loop around right to follow the canal.


You can see a ladder ahead N.  You can't quite reach it with a running jump, but the water there is shallow. Climb the ladder, follow the roof left and activate the jump switch to open a door in the previous area. Get back down, return to the room where you found the shotgun, climb the ladder there and back flip into a room filled with explosives. Push the button in the corner to open another trap door somewhere, then climb the ladder and back flip onto the outdoor patio. Shoot the E window, hop inside and find to your left the door you opened with the jump switch.


Enter the next room and shoot a dog. Shoot out the window, jump across the canal to grab the awning and pull up. Jump the awnings S, hop down to the balcony and push the button there to open doors down in the canal and to reveal a baddy on the upper courtyard balcony. You can't go back the way you came, so jump into the water, climb out E and take the same route back up toward the room with the most recent dog and the piano. Along the way, however, jump E to the awning overlooking the courtyard, shoot the baddy you saw in the cut scene and hop down to the balcony to pick up the CROWBAR he dropped. You can see into the next room, but you can't enter, so return to the room with the piano and run W over the covered bridge.


In the next room, take the small medipack from the plinth and locate the crowbar door in the W wall. Open it and go inside to find the BOATHOUSE KEY on a plinth. Go back over the covered bridge and shoot the thug waiting in the piano room. Get back down to the canal, jump into the water and swim W into the motorboat storage area. Pull out N and use the Boathouse Key to open the doors. A baddy appears on the jetty across the canal, so shoot him and go over to pick up the automatic pistol ammo he dropped before mounting the motorboat.


Drive out of the boathouse and turn right. Go through the doors you opened earlier and stop the boat. Get out there (delete + arrow key) and find a partially obscured opening near the SW corner. Swim inside, surface and pull out to find the STONE DRAGON for SECRET #4. Return to the boat and drive it through the passage to the S wall.  Dismount once more and wade up to the SW corner where the water is shallow. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing along the wooden tracks. Drop down onto the block at the end and stoop to shoot the grate blocking a crawl space.


Enter, crawl around the corner and shoot another grate. When you can stand up, turn right into the alcove for SECRET #5. Pick up the JADE DRAGON, a large medipack and a small medipack. Return to the block and monkey swing back to the boat. Drive it over the waterfall and enter the N passage.  Dismount in a sewer area, pull out onto the E walkway and shoot three huge rats. Push the wall button to drop an overhead trap door (for later) and release another rat.


Jump back into the water and look for flares in the pillar area. Pull out onto the W walkway to find a ladder and a pushpiece. Push the piece two times into the next room in front of a closed door. Shoot the baddy and pull down the wall switch. You hear the sound of rushing water as two rats come to the attack. Push the wall switch back up again and find the doors next to the ladder outside are now open. Drive the motorboat into the revealed small enclosure, dismount, return to the wall switch and pull it down once more to raise the water level in the enclosure and re-close the doors. Climb the ladder at the end of the walkway and pull out to find the motorboat waiting for you.


Get in, drive forward into the canal proper, turn left, then right, drive quickly through two gondolas blocking your path (they explode as you pass them), dismount at the steps to your left and shoot the baddy perched on the higher E balcony. Go up the steps, turn right and take a running jump E over the water to grab the low roof. Pull up and hop over to the balcony where the baddy was and take the HOUSE KEY from the plinth.


Get back to the motorboat, noting the closed door requiring a key other than the one you have, and drive back S a short distance. Dismount left onto the walkway and take a running jump onto the sloped platform. Jump W to grab the awning and pull up. Jump N onto the next awning and from there onto the bridge. Shoot the baddy lurking to your left and go across E into the courtyard to encounter a thug. Use the House Key to open the N door and go inside to find a hole in the floor. Drop down and pull back the table to reveal a button. Push it to lift a gate in the canal.


Pull back up through the hole and meet a baddy in the courtyard. He drops shotgun ammo. Exit the courtyard and return to the motorboat. Another baddy has materialized on the steps leading to the closed door requiring the key you don't yet have, and you can kill him from the wooden walkway. He doesn't drop anything, so don't bother to swim over and examine his corpse. Get in the motorboat and drive S, turn left and continue past the opening to your right, dismount left onto the walkway at the corner and shoot another baddy who drops more shotgun ammo.


Get back in the motorboat and drive N a short distance, turn right where the clothes are hanging and dismount onto the central slab. Face SW and shoot out the windows. Jump there for a small medipack. Jump back into the motorboat and take the first left into a narrow alley. Turn right at the wall and blow up more exploding gondolas. Dismount, swim to the SE corner, pull out and pull down the wall switch to open a door behind you. Turn with weapons drawn and shoot the baddy who emerges.


Go there, face E and pull up into the windowsill. Shoot the windows and enter for a small medipack on a slab. Shoot out the W windows while you're here and open the N crowbar door. Enter and shoot out the windows to your left to find the GOLDEN DRAGON for SECRET #6. Get back down to where you shot the last baddy, enter through the opened N door and open the floor trap door facing S. Drop down, swim through the passage and pull out to be greeted by two rats. Shoot the box in the SW corner for automatic pistol ammo and proceed N into a sitting room.


The harp in the NE corner is a pushpiece. Move it underneath the portrait in the W wall and watch it swing open. Hop into the opening and pull down the ceiling trap door at the end of the passage. Pull up right into an ornate room and shoot a thug and a dog. Grab the small medipack dropped by the thug and find shotgun ammo on the nearby plinth. Climb the ladder on the column as far as you can go and back flip onto the chandelier.  Shoot out the upper S window, jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing across the room. Drop down into the next room and shoot the baddy lurking to your left. Shoot out the lower window to clear your return path.


Push the button on the SE column and shoot the thug who emerges through the opened E doorway. Shoot out the windows and drop down onto a balcony with a cage. Pull the cage once so you can get back up, hop over the chair and take the BLUE ROSE from the plinth. Pull back up to the previous room and shoot the baddy. Now it's time to backtrack to the canal area (slide backwards out of the N opening, grab and safety drop to the floor, drop into the hole behind the ladder pillar, hop down into the room with the harp, through the archway into the water hole, swim to the other end of the passage and pull out next to the canal).  


Get in the motorboat, turn it around and drive a short distance S. Turn left into the narrow alley and turn left again. Dismount just past the jetty and use the Blue Rose in the empty receptacle to open the S door and jump into the water-filled room for the RED KEY as the door closes behind you. Climb the SW ladder into the upper room and shoot a thug and a dog. Pick up the large medipack dropped by the thug and move the cage underneath the button in the N wall. Push the button to open the N doors.


Jump into the water, pull out onto the jetty and shoot the waiting baddy. Pick up the automatic pistol ammo he dropped and jump into the motorboat. Continue driving E, turn left at the wall and turn left again. Stay left and drive up the wooden ramp to reach the canal area beyond the mesh fence.  Continue driving W to a narrow alley, turn left there (far end of the alley is blocked), go to the S wall past the dead baddy and turn right, take another right at the W wall and face a long alley with a clock on the wall and mines at the end. Drive fast into the alley but dismount before reaching the mines. The resulting explosion sacrifices the motorboat but allows you to swim further into the alley and pull the underwater lever on your left. A door opens elsewhere.


Swim back out of the alley, pull up right onto the steps and use the Red Key to open the door you noted earlier. Go inside, shoot the baddy and push the button in the windowsill to open the gate at the far end of the alley you drove past earlier. Grab the small medipack from the central table, return to the canal and jump into the water. Swim and wade E through the alley and continue swimming E once you reach the canal proper. Pull out left in front of the mesh fence and pull up E into the upper area you visited earlier. Run across and jump E into the canal, swim to the E wall and into the opened doorway where a spare motorboat is waiting.


Shoot the baddy, go past the wall switch and push the button in the N wall to open the exit door, get into the motorboat and back it up (jump key) to the ledge, get out and save your game in front of the wall switch. Pull it down to start the timer, reverse roll and jump into the motorboat, drive it forward into the canal and up the ramp you used earlier. On the other side continue W through the narrow alley cleanly (if you bump into the side wall you won't make it), turn right at the wall and continue through the timed exit doors. Dismount and go through the E passage to end the level.