Create a Classic 2019: LOST IN THE AMAZON


Level by Reggie


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by steven13575's video walk





Begin at a beautiful lakeside dock. Go right or left around the boathouse but don't try to push the spike-protected floor lever in the second hut. Go past it S to the dirt mound and jump W to grab the tree limb. Pull up and hop to the hut roof for a large medipack. Hop back to the tree limb and pull up higher into a fixed camera. Take a running jump SW to the grassy ledge and run forward to find a pile of gold coins for SECRET #1. The UZIS also appear in your inventory. Turn right, look up and you can see a target that will need to be shot later (as you can't reach it from here).


Drop down to the ground and use the tree limb to jump across the canal to the E campgrounds. Run up the hill and shoot three rats. Near the crate at the SE corner is a panel you can kick open. Draw your pistols, stoop down and shoot a target (1 of 5) similar to the one you saw earlier. You hear a funny noise when it shatters. Jump onto the nearby crate, take a running jump N to grab the higher crate, pull up and turn around. Jump S to grab the ladder and climb up to the tree limb. Jump around the tree limbs in a counterclockwise direction until a remote camera gives you a panoramic view of the surroundings. Continue until you can see a target (2 of 5) off in the distance slightly NE. Line up, stoop and shoot it with your pistols. A crow appears, so deal with it as well.


Turn left and see the E opening at the end of the tree limb. Go on through and follow to a computer area guarded by a worker. Push the button to lower a trap door and pick up the CROWBAR dropped by the worker. Go back outside and safety drop to the ground. The water isn't deadly in itself, but it's populated by piranha, so go as far N along the bank as you can before jumping into the lake. Look for four barrels clustered together on the lake floor. Nearby is a hole. Swim down before the piranha arrive (they won't follow you down) and follow around to a shaft leading upward. Swim up, pull out onto a ledge overlooking the lake and go around left to find a crowbar lever that opens a trap door in the roof of the boathouse.


Turn left and look up to see a target (3 of 5). Go back to where you pulled out of the water, draw your pistols and jump up and down while firing until the target shatters. Now you can take a running jump down to the S ledge and run forward and left to that crate at the water's edge. Get on it and jump to a flat spot across the canal. Go to the boathouse, hop up (you can't pull up for some reason) onto the roof and climb down the long ladder to the room below. A man and a woman seem to be conversing in different languages by short-wave radio. Open the small green chest for the MP5 and the SCOPE.


Climb back up the ladder to the roof of the boathouse and turn to your right. Remember that target you could see but not shoot when you picked up the secret? Combine the Scope and the MP5 and shoot the target (4 of 5) from here.  Hop to the ground and enter the first hut behind the boathouse. This is where you opened the trap door earlier. Hop down through the hole and follow down the steps to modest living quarters where you see another target (5 of 5) over the commode to shoot. The grate next to it lifts, so crawl inside and find a small chest to pillage. The ARMOURY GUN (apparently an artifact and not a weapon) is added to your inventory. At the same time its owner is alerted and he isn't pleased.


Crawl back toward the opening and shoot the worker from a crouched position with your pistols from this safe position. The ladder in the crawl space is blocked by a closed trap door, so exit the hut and go to the flat spot at the water's edge next to the large tree. Take a running jump SE into the water toward the arch, swim a short distance and pull out on the left part of the ledge (with the green surface, not the brown surface) before the piranha reach you.  Note the fenced opening ahead and find the tunnel to your right. Follow to a narrow passage where you see a trap door in the floor. Do not enter the passage to your left, or you'll be incinerated by a sentry gun right around the corner that you can't see from here. 


Shoot the lock with the MP5 and the trap door opens. Drop down for flares. When you step forward the trap door closes and rat beetles swarm at your feet, so monkey swing over the spike pit and drop down on the other side. Pull out through another trap door (it closes behind you) and approach the S opening without venturing too far to your left (where another sentry gun is lurking in the passage). Save your game before entering the next room, as you need to do battle with two black panthers, and if you touch the dynamite crates next to the entrance while hopping around you'll blow up and die. However, you can stoop and shoot them with your pistols, rendering them harmless, either now or later.


You can find uzi ammo next to the stairs leading up to the wall switch, and inside the armory you can get up on the crate for MP5 ammo and 2 x uzi ammo. Note the wall receptacle and open the small green chest for the HUT KEY and the GRENADE LAUNCHER. Exit the armory and loop around left into the area where the black panthers came from. Continue past a closed wooden door and find a large medipack at the end of the passage. Go back to the steps next to where the dynamite was, but before pulling down the wall switch jump S to grab the roof. Pull up and go to the SE corner for gold bars and SECRET #2.


Go back to the wall switch, pull it down and go through the opened doorway. There's a sentry gun staying dry under a tent to your right, but amazingly enough you can destroy it with a grenade. Go N into the next area and hop onto the crate to your right for grenades. Hop down NE onto that solid green patch in the quicksand and take a running jump to the other side. Blow up the sentry gun in the W alcove just beyond the crate and go there to pull down a wall switch that opens the wooden door down N.


Go on through to find yourself back at the canal leading to the boathouse area. Jump N into the water, pull out onto the left bank and run forward to the second hut. The receptacle there accommodates your Hut Key, so use it to open the door above you. Pull up inside and drop down through the hole into a partially submerged room. Open the chest for the ARMOURY LAUNCHER (again, apparently an artifact and not a weapon), then pull back up and exit the hut. Use the crate at the water's edge to jump W across the canal. Return to the boathouse and climb down the ladder as you did earlier.


Go to the empty racks E and place the Armoury Launcher and the Armoury Gun on either side to open the door between the racks. Pull up into the opening and pick up the HELIPORT KEY.  Climb back out, run S to the flat spot next to the tree and jump SE toward the arch and pull out in front of the opened wooden door. Go on through and continue all the way S past the quicksand to a crane near the edge of a slope. Opposite the crane is a receptacle for the Heliport Key. Use it to open the door at the bottom of the slope. Go there, slide down the first part of the slope and save your game when you reach the flat spot. 


Slide down further and jump near the bottom to bump against the wall ahead. When you land, jump again with grab to land just beyond the spikes. The helicopter leaves just as you arrive, so take out your frustration on the two workers. Climb the NE ladder into the alcove for the SHOTGUN. Hop SE into the adjacent alcove for shotgun ammo. Drop back down, ignore the E opening for now and go through the S opening to find a black panther. Pull up into the crawl space in the S wall near the SE corner and drop down the other side. Hop over the floor hole to your left to trigger a boulder, then engage a green ahmet.


Climb the ladder next to the boulder hole for 2 x uzi ammo. Shoot the lock to open the floor trap door and hop down. Stoop into the crawl space to start the next level.


Level 2: THE HATCH


Hop into the water hole and let the current carry you to an underwater labyrinth. Avoid the deadly mines as you swim down the corridor and take the first left (staying high because of the mine) for shotgun ammo. Continue along the main corridor and watch out for the currents that try to drag you left into the side passages toward spinning fans. Avoid the mine at the corner (swim under it) and grab the small medipack at the next corner.


You finally reach an air hole where you can pull out into a latrine. A door opens somewhere as you do so. Exit the latrine, loop around right before you reach the green light (that area is for later) and continue straight W to the far wall. Loop around right at the blinking light and go up the winding stairs to a control room. The door closes behind you, so loop around right and push the large override button next to the ladder. Search the small chest in the NW corner for a spare SHOTGUN, go back and climb the ladder to find two more override buttons in the upper room. You hear a door opening when the third button has been pushed.


Search the shelf near one of the buttons for MP5 ammo, then go to the middle of the E wall, stand at the fence opening facing W and pick up the SECURITY CARD. There's an explosion at the same time, summoning the invulnerable Seth downstairs, so hop back to avoid his deadly lightning bolts. Go around the perimeter of the room, save your game, climb quickly down the ladder and run into the opened S alcove to push a small timed override button. Poisonous gas is released as well, so reverse roll and sprint across the room into the floor crawl space before the timed grate lowers.


Crawl forward to the corridor, turn right and pull down what's marked as the trapdoor lever. Turn right and run past a fenced area. Climb down the ladder to a machine room and exit to the corridor. The door ahead opens for you, so turn left into a familiar corridor, take the second left and go all the way to the E wall. Turn right toward the green light and follow around to a ladder where the trap door opened.


Climb up to a fixed camera, go up the winding steps and follow the short corridor to another ladder. As you pull up you get a cut scene of the trap door closing. Follow to a crossing and go straight (W) all the way to the end. Pull back the pushblock on the left and climb over it to find shotgun ammo and a wall switch that lifts a timed gate near the ladder. Turn to your right, jump over the block at an angle, turn left and sprint down the corridor to the timed gate. Pry off the GENERATOR WIRES and the lights go out.


Exit to the main corridor, turn right (S) and at the wall turn left toward the blinking light. Crawl under the obstruction to the right of the pit and continue to a small room with flames and breaktiles. Run off onto the breaktile on your far right, wait for it to crumble and climb down the long ladder, timing the flame blower down below. Drop to the ledge, where debris may fall on you if you venture too far W along the ledge. Look down SW and see a crack in the wall. Don't try to grab and shimmy, or you'll get a nasty surprise. Instead, run off onto the slope beneath the crack, slide and grab and shimmy right until you can pull up. Kick open the panel to your left, crawl inside and find another crawl space.


Drop down into the fenced area you saw earlier from the other side and deal with the charging ahmet. Take the SUPAY KEY from the pulsating pile and return through both crawl spaces to the previous area. Wait until the flames subside in the SW alcove and take a running jump there (stay in the corner) to trigger and to avoid the trap I warned you about in the previous paragraph. Jump to the slope as you did earlier, slide and grab and shimmy right past the crate and around the corner to a climbing surface on the dark ledge. Climb down as far as you can and release to drop below an opening onto a step.


Go down the steps to a fixed camera. Turn right and approach the door that opens for you. Take the first left and loop around left in the machine room to find a ladder. Climb up to a familiar passage and run forward to the trapdoor lever and pull it back up. (Remember that earlier cut scene that showed the trap door closing?) Go back the way you came, climb down the ladder to the machine room and place the Generator Wires to open large doors somewhere. Exit the machine room, turn left in the corridor, take the second left, then the next left, and you're facing the opened S doors. Go past them to the wall ladder and climb a long distance to near the top (about a square down). If you had dawdled getting there, Seth may have had time to meet you at the foot of the ladder, but you can be sure he'll be waiting for you when you come back.


Take a rolling back flip to grab the ledge behind you, pull up and run forward to find a hole in the ceiling. Pull up to a room with a number of wall switches. However, only two of them work. Pull both down, one to open a door and the other to trigger something happening in an underwater passage. Get down and jump to the ladder. Climb down to the bottom, avoiding Seth's deadly bolts as best you can. Run to the N wall and turn right. Turn left at the next corner and loop around right to the door you opened. Go in a short distance, turn around and jump to grab the ledge over the entrance. For some reason Seth doesn't follow you inside. Pull up, turn around and see the platform alternately rising and falling back down.


Run jump to the platform while it's rising, then stand jump to the raised slab ahead. A suspended platform starts rising and falling in front of you. Run jump onto it as it's falling, then walk forward and stand jump to the next raised slab. Take one step back from the edge, save your game and wait a few seconds. The pile driver ahead is next to activate, but it pauses a bit after the fourth thump. It's then safe to stand jump and grab the pole, but quickly jump forward onto the far ledge before the thumping resumes. Run forward and pick up the AMAZONITE IDOL PIECE. Getting back is easy. Simply hop down from the end of the ledge and run underneath all the hazards. 


Back in the main corridor area, take the first right and run E all the way to the far wall. Turn right toward the green-tinted area, turn left at the corner and loop around to the ladder you climbed earlier. Climb up past the re-opened trap door and go up the winding steps to the upper corridor and around to the next ladder. Climb up, take a right at the Bay-D sign and follow the corridor S to the Bay-C sign. Turn right there to find the keyhole for your Supay Key. The door to your right opens, so go there and drop down a long shaft into ice-cold water.


Quickly surface and pull out into an alien room. You'll find the DESERT EAGLE on one side of the chair and 2 x desert eagle ammo on the other side. Go into the S opening to find another AMAZONITE IDOL PIECE. Jump back into the icy water and swim through the W opening. The water isn't as cold here, so you can take your time following the passage to double doors that open upon your approach. Take a right and follow the passage to the end where you can pull out. Step forward and get into the crawl space to return to the first level.


Level 1: PERUVIAN AMAZONIA (revisited)


Pull out, jump over or run around the boulder hole to the foot of the boulder ramp. Turn right and jump up to grab the crawl space. Pull up inside and hop out the other side (jump key + up arrow key) to find yourself in a familiar area. Run N through the opening ahead to the helicopter pad and turn left into the garage you avoided earlier. Walk slowly toward the N wall until a boulder is triggered to your left, then back flip out of its way.


Climb through the gap in the wall and wait for the crow to arrive. Take a running jump over the spikes to the roof ahead and pull down the wall switch to open the wooden door above you. Pull up into another familiar area. Turn left and loop around right into the armory building. Run forward and place the Security Card in the receptacle to open a trap door behind you.


Jump into the water and swim down to the E passage. Follow it to an eerie room where you'll find flares on a card table, a small medipack on a crate and the GOLD IDOL PIECE in the S alcove. Watch out for the mines while you're collecting these goodies. Return to the armory building, exit and go right up the steps into the next area, turn left and head N past the quicksand patch and slide down to the canal bank. Turn right and jump over the gap toward the tent where you'll find another receptacle for your Security Card.


The gates swing open, so enter and take a running jump across the pit (no grab). Run forward through the short passage and stand jump to grab the rope. Swing and jump to the temple structure, activating a spike trap. Time a run past it and take the TEMPLE KEY from the plinth. Go back across (run jump to the rope this time) and loop around left once outside to encounter a black panther.


Getting up the steep slope is a bit tricky. First, hop up left into the triangular niche, turn a bit right and hop up once more, face SE and run jump toward that green slab. Even if you don't get there, you'll land on a flat surface in front of it so you can vault up. Pull up right onto the tree trunk, turn around and run jump over the slope to grab the left part of the block. Shimmy right to a flat spot before you pull up, then jump to the grassy summit.


Search the alcoves ahead for 2 x uzi ammo, then continue around up the hill to the right and run jump grab over the pit and pull up. The way ahead is protected by three boulders (indicated by the trigger tile designs on the ramp), but you can trigger all three if you like so you won't have to worry about them later if you're obliged to come back this way.


Ahead is a breaktile field, but you can get past it without breaking a single one. Take a running jump to grab the W ledge, pull up for a large medipack, then take a running jump to the corner niche. Hop back, grab the edge and shimmy right until you can pull up and back flip next to a wooden bridge in a tunnel.  Cross the bridge, run up the ramp, turn right and run up a longer ramp to find a rat at the top. Use the Temple Key to lift the gate and step forward into a hub room.


Go right into the N room and shoot two bats. Navigate the flameblower gauntlet and run down the steps to an area with closed gates and a bay of wall switches. Looking from left to right, pull down switch #3 to open the gate immediately to your left. The flames inside move back and forth like spike traps, so time your way to the far right corner and move the pushblock onto the marked tile for a cutscene of the wall switch area. Return there and pull down switch #1 to close the previous gate and open another gate to release a black panther.


The switches are now in this position: down, up, down, up. Reverse the order so that it becomes up, down, up, down. The middle N gate opens. Run jump over the flames to grab the pole and jump forward to a safe area. Push the block onto the marked tile to open the adjacent gate and get back the same way you came. Loop around right and enter the N gate on the far left. Take the POWER GEM from the plinth and exit. Get past the flameblowers and return to the hub room. Turn right into the E room and find the receptacle for your Power Gem to your left (spike tiles to your right).


Place the Power Gem to activate the Mechanical Rat with Key that clears the way down the center of the room, reverse roll and run straight N without veering (the spike traps to your right and left are still active) and take the AMAZONIA MASK from the plinth. Reverse roll and go back the same way and exit to the hub room. Ignore the S side room for now and exit W to the entrance ramp. Hop up right to find a camouflaged crawl space. Crawl inside and use your crowbar to break up the brick wall ahead (nice touch). Step forward into the next room and place the Amazonia Mask to summon a rat.


Return to the hub room and now enter the S side room. The gates are now open, so proceed to a scenic outdoor area. Although this seems counterintuitive, jump down into the water far below. Pull out NW onto the grassy ledge and look up to find the monkey bars. Monkey swing across the water and drop down on the other side.  Vault up left onto the inactive flame tile and jump from tile to tile. The adjacent blocks are all pushblocks and can be pushed into the water, but doing so will activate the flames. All but the third (next to last) block, that is, so push that one into the water to lift an underwater gate in the N wall.


Jump into the water and grab the shotgun ammo in the SW corner before swimming through the opened gate. There's a closed wooden door at the end of the left passage, so swim forward and allow Lara to drop down onto a slope and from there to the water below. Swim forward as two crocodiles approach and pull out onto the tree limb to deal with them. Jump back into the water and swim toward the N fence. At the bottom is an opening you can squeeze through with some difficulty. Pull the underwater lever just ahead to lift another gate nearby.


Flip turn, squeeze under the fence again and pull out onto the tree limb. Turn around and take a running jump E to land on a breaktile just below the water's surface. Pull up quickly into the opening and pick up the gold skull for SECRET #3. Jump into the water, swim S toward the waterfall and pull up onto the ledge to the left of it. Turn left, jump to the next ledge and continue jumping the ledges around the pool until you reach the bridge with the monkey bars. Monkey swing across the water and drop down onto the ledge. Follow to the opened gate and pull up inside.


Just to your right are flares. Go to the wall and pull up right into the alcove. Turn around, jump to grab the slope, pull up and back flip into an upper alcove. Turn left to the wall and jump up to grab the crack. Shimmy right until you can drop down in front of the spikes. Time the spikes to go around into the W alcove. Pick up 3 x uzi ammo and the UZIS, go past the now dormant spikes and jump over the water hole (not deadly) to push a floor lever and open an outdoor wooden gate. Reverse roll, jump back over the water hole and over the traps (which re-activate). Safety drop from the slope and crawl back to the ledge overlooking the pool.


Go to the other end of the ledge, monkey swing back across the pool and turn left when you drop down to see the rope. Jump to it and grab it, swing forward and jump off to the ledge ahead. Find the overhead monkey bars, grab them and monkey swing back across the pool and

drop down onto the corner ledge. Pull up onto the overhead ledge, go to the other end and jump up to grab the unusual tree structure. Shimmy right around three corners and follow the crack in the wall to a ledge where you can drop down. Reverse roll and go across to find the GOLD IDOL PIECE on the plinth.


Go back a bit and jump to grab that strange tree structure. Shimmy left around corners until you can pull up at the same spot where you jumped up and grabbed before. But this time, instead of dropping down to the ledge, back flip to a ledge in front of the wooden door you opened with the floor lever. Depending on where you landed, you may need to drop back and shimmy left to pull up in front of the opened gate. Enter the N passage and go up the ramp to trigger ominous music in a red-tinged area.


A flameblower guy is stationed inside, and he's hard to kill. There are a couple of handy water holes nearby in case you get torched despite your best efforts. When the guy dies he drops a TEMPLE KEY. Proceed S past the fire traps and place the Temple Key in the receptacle to lift the grate to your right. Crawl inside, but don't jump out the other side. Instead, lower Lara down the edge and shimmy right around the corner. Drop to grab the crack below and shimmy right to drop down in front of a familiar spike trap.


This time, get past the spikes S and jump into the water. Swim along the passage, turn right at the wall and continue to a lake previously explored. Swim to the S wall and pull up in front of a ladder. Climb up to an outdoor area and shoot a green ahmet.  If you wish to go to the flares you can see E, have at it. I got stuck in the collision, so you may prefer to leave them be. Climb up onto the SW ledge and jump up S to grab the crack. Shimmy right around the corner and pull up in front of a ladder. Climb the ladder to the top and pull up.


Enjoy the scenery from this height and jump NW onto the temple roof. There's nothing to do or find up here, so drop from the E edge onto the bridge. Go across E to engage four green ahmets. Enter the temple and combine the two Gold Idol pieces and place the finished product in the receptacle on your right. Similarly, combine the Amazonite Idol pieces and insert the finished product in the receptacle on your left. The E gates open, so go inside to end the adventure.