Create a Classic 2019: THE PYRAMID OF HORUS


Level by Sabatu


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk



After the flyby, follow the short valley to the pyramid and enter. Turn left just past the second opening and pull into the E opening. Drop down at the far end and find a water hole. Jump in and swim S into a large underwater room. Swim down and into an opening that leads underneath the ramp to find the GUARDIAN KEY on a raised tile. Swim back the way you came, exit the water hole and climb the short ladder to get back to the opening you pulled up into. Hop down and go S down the ramp to the closed door. Use the Guardian Key to open it and progress further into the pyramid.


Loop around right for flares when you reach the fenced-in area. Continue into the E room and find more flares in the near left corner and shotgun ammo in the near right corner. Climb the wall ladder to an open-air area, shoot a bat and find a small medipack next to the N wall. Enter the NE opening and proceed outdoors where you'll trigger a flyby of the area. Turn right into the structure that might serve as a garage for chariots, and pick up the shotgun ammo.


Continue NE and N into a cave. Hop down through the floor hole and slide to an underground lake. Jump into the water, find the opening and swim to a small medipack. Swim down the shaft, surface and pull out to find the DUSTY GOLD STAR KEY. Light a flare so you won't fall into the deep pit and jump down to a floor lever that opens a door to the pyramid. Take a running jump back to the ledge and pull up in front of the Star Key plinth. Return to the water and swim back to the underground lake. Wade out at the corner and jump up the slope to the cave. Face N, hop back and jump to grab the sloped ledge. Pull up and back flip to a flat surface.


Exit the cave and head SE toward the great pyramid and the opened door you can see in the distance.  On the way you'll pass over what appears to be a closed trap door. Go around the pyramid on its left side and stop at the deep pit. Carefully jump the flat surfaces all the way to the E wall, then hop up NW into the opening and go down the dark passage to a metal fence. Note the symbols on the ceiling in the room beyond. Go back and turn right into the opening to see similar symbols on the wall. Make a note of them, from top to bottom: duck head, long-necked bird and submarine. Go back around the pyramid the way you came, using the flat surfaces as before.  


Go to the opened front door of the pyramid and get inside with two standing jumps. Before entering, however, look right and left for two pyramid slabs that both have a faint bird design. These are trigger tiles that lower a block in the next room, so jump to make contact with them both. Return to the opened door, run down the ramp to the room below and shoot a scorpion. Without venturing into the shallow central pit, follow the ledge around right to the lowered block in the N wall. Get past the scissor blades, turn right for SECRET #1 and pick up uzi ammo and the UZIS.


Get back to the S entrance, look up at the ceiling and in the shallow pit stand only underneath those symbols described in the previous paragraph, and in the same order: duck head in near left corner, long-necked bird (facing left) in the middle of the last row, and the submarine at the N end of the second row. If you do it correctly the E door should open. Go there without straying elsewhere in the shallow pit, or the door will close again.


Go down to the bottom of the ramp, turn around and climb down to a ledge overlooking a dark room. Drop down and shoot the jar in the N alcove for shotgun ammo, the jar in the S alcove for flares, and find a second DUSTY GOLD STAR KEY on the W ledge. Climb back out, go up the ramp and exit the pyramid. Back outdoors, go to the right side of the pit opposite the front door, look down NE to see a flat surface and hop down to it. Hop down SW and then SE into the opening and run forward to lower the trap door you saw earlier. Pick up the small medipack. Instead of pulling out at the trap door, turn around and look down N from the edge of the pit.


Hop down to the ledge and place the two Star Keys to open the E door. Walk slowly down the ramp and look down at the end to see the spikes below. Run off NE with grab to land on the ledge with a fence. Hop back SW to find a small medipack. Jump across the pit to the E ramp and go up to a dark room. However, torches light up as you advance. Shoot two jackals and find flares behind the pillar near the SW corner. Go across the room to find a hole in the floor against the N wall. Drop down, follow, drop down again and follow to SECRET #2 for 2 x uzi ammo and shotgun ammo.


Retrace your steps, climb back out and continue E into a partially water-filled room. One of the jars hides a small medipack. When you pick it up three scorpions attack at once. Jump in the water and find flares on an upper ledge. Down lower is an underwater lever that opens a trap door somewhere. Exit the water. The area E is for later, so go back up the W steps and continue down to the bottom of the ramp ahead. Run off SW with grab to land in the S opening. Follow around to a water hole and jump in.


Swim along the only available path to the opened trap door and pull out. One of the nearby jars hides flares, the other releases a scorpion. Go backwards up the obvious W boulder ramp, and when the boulder is triggered run back down to the right or left as it rolls into the water hole. Go all the way up the ramp to a treasure room and find more flares in the SW alcove. Continue through the W opening into a larger room with ropes and ledges.


Go partway up the S bank and turn to jump to the first rope (you need to be lined up rather precisely). Turn a bit to your right to face the W ledge, swing forward and jump off to land on it. Shoot one of the jars for shotgun ammo and jump to grab the second rope. Turn to your right to face the N ledge, swing forward and jump off to land on it. The nearby trap door falls open when you land (either on it or next to it). Don't pull down the wall switch yet, but instead take a running jump to grab the NW opening that's shrouded in darkness. Light a flare and follow around to a wall switch.


Yes, pull this one and get back down to the floor of the previous room. This time go all the way up the S bank and crawl into the triangular opening at the SE corner. Pull up into a higher crawl space and follow around to drop down into a passageway encircling the main room. Side flip past the giant cigar cutter for SECRET #3 and pick up the uzi ammo, a large medipack and a small medipack. Return to the main room, pull up N past the opened trap door and save your game in front of the timed wall switch.


Pull down the switch, reverse roll and slide (not jump) down to the ground. Run forward a bit, turn left and sprint outdoors through the W opening. Continue straight forward into the pit (again, without jumping)and run forward before the lowered block comes back up. If you're too late, pick up the flares on your way back to try again. When you're successful, pick up the CROWBAR and backtrack all the way E past the treasure room to the water hole. Jump in and swim to the other end, pull out and walk to the edge of the spike pit.


Jump up N to grab the slope, shimmy left to pull up onto the flat spot, reverse roll and take a running jump to the E ramp. Turn and jump up into the S opening, run up the ramp and pry the CRYSTAL START (sic?) from the wall. Run back down the ramp, hop down left and head E through the water room into the area we didn't explore earlier. Take the flares from the middle alcove and place the Crystal Star in the next alcove to open the N door.


Go down the ramp as the door closes, the screen shakes and you think incorrectly that a boulder is chasing you. In the room below you see a trap door that needs to be opened. Jump over the spike trap just beyond the E opening, shoot a bat, light a flare and jump slightly NE past the pit and into the opening that leads to a room with another pit containing deadly water. Take a running jump to grab the rope. A bat is triggered, but there's nothing you can do about that until you swing forward and jump off far enough to clear the slope ahead and land on the E ledge.


Turn left and slowly walk forward, noting the spike traps ahead as a door opens in front of you to reveal a wall switch. Don't simply jump over the spikes, or the door will close. Jump right to the darker square next to the sloped block, jump up to grab the invisible crack ahead and shimmy left around two corners to drop onto another dark square. Jump SW to the next dark square and step forward to pull down the wall switch. The trap door lowers in the previous area, but before leaving, hop up past the opened W door for SECRET #4 and 3 x uzi ammo.


Don't try to use the rope to get back across the deep pit. Instead, look down to the right of the rope to find the raised platform. Jump down to it and from there to the W ledge. Return to the cave, without forgetting to jump over the spike trap at the entrance, and shoot the aroused bat. Drop down through the opened trap door and shoot a scorpion. Enter the N passage and shoot two more scorpions, one coming from your right and the other to your left. Pick up the flares in the shallow water to your left and find the hole in the floor. Hop down and look for a trigger tile with the faint bird design that disables the spikes above.


Pull back up and proceed N through the now-safe spike passage to a new area. Angle NE as you progress and come to a depression with the SHOTGUN at the bottom. As you approach to pick it up, a giant scorpion attacks. After dealing with it, go up where it came from and pull down the wall switch to open the door in the NW corner. Go there, pausing for a large medipack at the end of a SW passage if you wish, and run up the ramps to a ledge overlooking a partially submerged treasure room.


Safety drop to the floor and shoot the harpy. One of the nearby jars hides flares. Jump into the water and find uzi ammo NE on the ledge. Swim lower and find an underwater lever on the back side of the NE pillar. Pull it to open a trap door. Go down to the floor and search the corners of the room for shotgun ammo and uzi ammo. Surface and pull out. Go to the E opening and down the ramp to the opened trap door. Turn around and shoot the harpy before jumping in, then swim to collect the GUARDIAN KEY.


Pull out, return to the treasure room and note the closed W door that requires two hand artifacts. Locate the W ladder to the right of that closed door (near the jar you shot) and climb up to a small room guarded by a jackal. Pull up into the S opening and hear a door opening as you do so. Follow around and take a running jump to grab the E entrance ledge. Pull up and jump to the NE ledge. From the NW tip, take a curved running jump to grab the rope. Swing and jump to the ledge ahead, noting what looks like (but isn't) a spike trap. Go around there and pull down the wall switch to open a door.


Hang from the S end of this ledge and shimmy right along the invisible crack and around the corner. Pull up onto the ledge for SECRET #5 and pick up the large medipack, uzi ammo and shotgun ammo. Safety drop to the floor and find the opened door N between the Anubis statues. Go on in but stop in front of the spike field. Shoot all the jars on either side for shotgun ammo, 2 x flares, a small medipack and 2 x uzi ammo. Use your binoculars and look up at the ceiling in front of the closed N exit door. The near left corner is a safe trigger tile, so step on it to open the door.


Get past the scissor trap to find that the passages to your right and left appear to be spike-trapped. However, the tile to your far left (E) is a safe trigger tile, so jump to it to open an underwater door in the treasure room. Return there, jump into the water and find the opened door between the underwater Anubis statues. Swim there and follow around to wade out into a new area. Walk forward a bit, turn around and shoot the harpy that had materialized behind you. Proceed into the room and deal with a demigod lurking in the corridor to your right.


When you pick up the DUSTY GOLD STAR KEY, beetles erupt from the floor, so go S toward the closed pit (the closed door beyond is presently spike-protected), hang from the edge of the pit and shimmy back and forth until the beetles have all fallen in. Pull up and go to the W area. Light a flare and avoid the spike traps as you make your way to the wall switch with the ominous death head (indicating a timed run ahead, so save your game here). You hear platforms being raised as you pull the switch down.


Reverse roll, jump over the spike trap, turn right into the N area, turn left at the wall and climb the ladder, pull up and follow the passage around until you reach a ledge overlooking the room below. Turn right, stand jump to the first raised platform, then to the next, ignore the third one for now and stand jump slightly left to grab the crack. Shimmy left, pull up, turn around and jump to the next room where a demigod is waiting. When he dies he drops another GUARDIAN KEY.


Drop down through the hole in the center of the room onto a slope. On your way down spikes are triggered, so allow Lara to land without jumping and make your way past the other still-active spike traps to repeat the timed exercise with the wall switch. This time, however, jump to that third raised platform and continue to the fourth one and into the opening in the S wall. Pull down the wall switch to trigger the spikes in front of the door below. Take a running jump down to the floor, sustaining a bit of health loss (or use the "jump back with action key" trick to glide down onto the floor in front of the closed door with no health loss), then take a running jump S over the gap to grab the ledge. Pull up onto the harmless spike field and place your Guardian Keys to open the door. Go inside and pick up the second DUSTY GOLD STAR KEY.


Jump back across the gap, pull up, run forward and turn right. Yes, it looks as if we have to do the timed run one more time, but read on. Pull down the W wall switch, reverse roll and jump over the spike traps. Continue S into the water (hurry, because this task is timed as well), swim forward and left through the opening into the treasure room, swim up and a bit to your right, and just below the underwater ledge is an opened door leading to SECRET #6 and 2 x shotgun ammo. Exit and surface.


Pull out onto a convenient ledge and go W toward the exit door. Place the two Star Keys to open the door and go up the steps to the edge of a pit. Take a running jump and grab the other side, pull up and run forward quickly (else you die prematurely) into an enclosed treasure room guarded by a demigod. The SW golden urn is a pushable. Move it 2 x N onto the tile with a faint bird design, and the W door opens. Go on through to end the level.