Create a Classic 2019 - GREEN ADVENTURE


Level by Croftyboy


Walkthough by Phil Lambeth, with the assistance of DoggettTV's video walk



Lara slides down into a jungle clearing. Run forward through the tree tunnel and shoot three tigers on the other side. Go all the way to the closed W door and find a button on the other side of the keyhole block. Push it to open a trap door somewhere. Go back through the tree tunnel, turn right and find the opened trap door near the E dirt wall about halfway down. Drop down and go through the E opening.


Turn left at the bend, shoot a bat and proceed to a deep pit. Jump left, slide and grab the slope, and shimmy across to pull up on a flat spot. Continue along the tunnel, shooting three more bats along the way, and come to a W room. Climb the pole past an empty room and back flip into the upper room. Step into the E passage to trigger a gauntlet of swinging blades. The last one is dormant, so hop up left onto the dirt pile and continue to an outdoor area.


Shoot the tiger and find a crawl space in the N wall. Get in and follow around to the end. When you can stand, pull up into the passage ahead. Follow to a pushblock and push it over the ledge into the next room. Drop down into the room below and exit W to the adjoining room. One of the blocks in the W wall is a pushblock. Move it to the SE corner of this room, get up on it and pull down the E wall switch. A floor trap door opens, so go there, drop down and pull out the other side into a wide passage with a ramp on either side. 


Run W down the passage until you're ambushed by a tiger from your left. Go where it came from and Lara will look up at the SW corner of the large room ahead. Safety drop from either side of the ledge and shoot another tiger. Jump into the water hole near the NW corner and find a small opening in the N wall near the ceiling. Enter and swim forward slowly until you trigger spikes just past a closed door. Time your way past them, and past the next two set of spikes as well. Pull up at the end into an empty room and shoot a crocodile.


Pull down the N wall switch, jump back into the water hole and swim back the way you came, past the spike traps. Turn left just past the third trap into the opened doorway, surface and pull out in front of a ladder. Climb the long ladder to a bamboo-enclosed courtyard and run clockwise around the exterior until you reach a wall switch that drops a trap door that was blocking a ladder somewhere. Go back the other way, climb back down the ladder, crawl backwards into the water (you can't merely hop in) and swim down to the opened door.


Turn left into the passage and return to the submerged room. Pull out of the water hole into the large room and see the ladder and opened trap door high up in the S wall. Use the steps to get up to the ledge at the base of the ladder and climb up past the trap door to find yourself inside the bamboo-enclosed courtyard. Find the button next to the small bamboo enclosure at the foot of the waterfall. Push it to release a trap door next to you, flood the large room below and also to attract a vulture.   


Hop over the bamboo fence into the water (or climb back down the ladder) and pull out quickly to deal with a crocodile. Jump into the water and swim down through the hole in the floor. Go back through the small opening high up in the N wall and get past the three spike traps once more. Swim up into the flooded room and get air when needed in the ceiling air hole. You'll find 3 x shotgun ammo, a large medipack and the SHOTGUN on the NW column for SECRET #1. Leave this room, swim past the spike traps for the final time and continue S to the far wall and through the small opening.


Return to the flooded large room and see the shotgun ammo on the SW pillar. Grab it and then find the underwater lever on the NE pillar. Pull it to open the double doors near the small opening in the room down below. Swim down, through the opened doors and up the underwater steps. Pull out as a block rises behind you to prevent any retreat. As you advance into this room two Shiva statues come to life. Put that shotgun to good use, then go up the steps and take the ORNATE KEY from the plinth.


Go to the NE corner and pull the unmarked pushblock from the wall. Get up onto it and pull down the N wall switch to lower the block in the water. Swim back to the flooded large room, go across and pull out E onto a ledge in front of a closed door. Use the Ornate Key to open it and follow the passage to a ramp. Slide down into the water and swim to where you can pull out in front of a plinth. Take the GOLDEN KEY and go around the plinth to jump E into the water. Swim to the wall and pull out right. If Lara doesn't grab, swim down and back up and try again.


Follow the tunnel, slide down and continue to the pit you saw earlier. Shimmy across as you did earlier and continue to the S wall. Turn right and go up through the trap door to the outdoor area where you began the level. Go through the tree trunk tunnel to the closed door in the W wall and use the Golden Key to open it.


Carefully negotiate the bridge crossing the lava pool, as there are blade traps to be triggered along the way. Or, you can simply sprint across with minimal damage. Pull down the wall switch at the end to open the next door and look out into a dangerous dark room.  Turn slightly left and take a running jump to land between two flaming lion statues. Face NW and hop back holding the action key so you'll glide down onto the ledge below. Push the nearby button to raise a block behind you.


Turn around, stand jump to grab the raised block and pull up. Push the button to open a nearby door. Turn left and jump N to the corner block. Climb down the ladder and follow the passage around to the bottom of the lava room. Climb down the S face of the central hole and in the room below navigate past the two swinging blades to climb the N ladder. Pull up to face another lava room. Safety drop from the other side to a ledge below.


Jump the ledges in a counterclockwise direction until you reach the center ledge. Continue SW to find a spare SHOTGUN. Return to the center ledge and jump from there to the NW corner. Hop up onto the awning, run forward and pull up into the W opening. Pull up left and run up the obvious boulder ramp until the boulder is triggered, then turn right into the alcove for safety. Continue up the ramp and follow the passage to a closed door. Push the button to open it.


Hop down to the ledge below and continue to the valley floor where you see an abandoned tent. Shoot two tigers and note the blocked ladder in the E wall for which you need a key. Jump into the water at the base of the waterfall and swim down left into a triangular opening. There's a ceiling air hole here if you need it. Light a flare to find another small triangular opening SE, swim in and left to face partially buried pendulum blades, turn right into the next room and swim up for air.  Look down and see a hole at the S wall in front of the Shiva statutes.


Swim down through the hole and open the SE door. Follow the passage and swim up at the end to find yourself in a huge outdoor pool. Pull out at any convenient Shiva statue alcove and deal with the approaching crocodile. You might need to jump back into the water to flush out two more crocodiles. Go up the E steps and take the KEY OF GANESHA from the plinth. Before leaving, however, swim across to the W end and pull up next to the kneeling Shiva statue. Squeeze your way into the alcove behind it for SECRET #2. Pick up 3 x uzi ammo, the UZIS, a large medipack, then squeeze your way back into the water (continuous side jumps worked for me).


For another secret, swim back to the E steps leading up to the plinth, look down right and see the underwater lever. Pull it to drain the room, climb out and go down to the columns in the NE corner. Push the button on one of those columns to lower the block behind you, providing access to SECRET #3. Enter the alcove and pick up the REVOLVER and a generous 4 x revolver ammo.


Run to the NW corner and jump into the water hole. Light a flare and swim all the way down, then up into the flooded room. Continue through the W opening and turn left to find the narrow floor space and the triangular opening, continue straight through the next triangular opening and up to surface at the waterfall. Climb out and shoot the waiting soldier. Pick up the SHINY KEY he dropped and wait for a second soldier to appear. This one drops what's called crossbow normal ammo but looks like something entirely different.


Go to the E ladder and use the Key of Ganesha to open the door above. Climb the ladder to a passage, turn around and take a running jump to grab the tree limb. Pull up and run forward to the tree trunk, turn right and follow the next limb to the zip line. Grab the handle and ride down while two boulders tumble harmlessly down. Grab the tree limb at the end and pull up. Shoot a tiger to your right and jump around the tree to shoot the soldier hiding on the other side. Pick up a spare REVOLVER and 2 x revolver ammo.


Search one of the nearby skeletons for a small medipack and get down to the riverbank next to that SE bamboo fence (without falling into the water, or the current will grab you and the piranhas will eat you). Jump W to a higher flat surface next to the zip line. Save your game and take a curved running jump over the river to the other side. Search the dark bush against the E wall for SECRET #4, a small medipack and 2 x large medipack.


Run along the riverbank to the W wall and stand jump NW to a ledge jutting out into the water. Save your game again and take a long running jump NW over the water to an alcove. From there jump NW to the block in the river and a take a running jump and grab to the W block. Pull up and jump slightly NW to an opening next to the grated wall.  If you like, you can take a running jump and grab S across the water, pull up and run through a phantom wall into a Lara-themed room. However, there's nothing to do here, so jump back across to the N opening.


The passage is blade-trapped, so sprint through to an outdoor area guarded by two soldiers who drop 2 x crossbow ammo. Nearby are the CROSSBOW and 2 x crossbow ammo. Go to the skeleton near the W wall for a large medipack, a small medipack, the UZIS and 4 x uzi ammo. You figure there must be a reason for all this firepower, and you're right. Run to the NE corner past the Shiva statue and use the Shiny Key to open the trap door at your feet and drop you into the water.


Let the current carry you down to a closed trap door and head N down the passage. Turn right at the end and run up a long ramp that's not a boulder ramp for a change. Pull out at the top and go out to an area with deadly water all around. As you enter the Boss Man descends from the dome ahead. Get out your revolver and start firing at him immediately. Side flip as necessary to avoid his lightning bolts. He should die about when you start running out of ammo. When he dies the deadly water becomes safe after a short wait, so swim over to where he was and grab the CRYSTAL.


Swim toward the closed S gates. As you pull out of the water the gates open. Jump over there and go up the steps to a opening that overlooks a clearing below. Two soldiers are firing at you from below. You can kill one of them from up here, but the other is taking cover behind a tent so that you can't target him. There's nothing to do but climb quickly down the ladder and engage him at close quarters. Get into the quad bike and drive S up and over the hill to end the level.