Level by Franky


Walkthough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk



You have the crossbow with 40 rounds of explosive ammo as you begin, so open the doors ahead by pushing the buttons and engage an army of cyborgs in the next room. Run around the room while firing, so that you get a clean shot each time without wasting ammo. They're fairly easy to kill with your pistols, but of course that takes more work. When the coast is clear, you'll find flares in the NE corner. Go to the middle of the E wall where it's darker and jump up into an antigravity field. Grab the opening at the top and pull up.


Push the button to open the door to a room with a glass maze. Shoot two aliens, pick up the revolver ammo dropped by one of them and go to the back (E) side of the glass maze. Shoot the panel with your pistols to enter. Go around and climb onto the central block. Turn around and jump up to grab the climbable surface. Climb up to a short passage and take SECRET #1 from the plinth. When you get back down, two more aliens are waiting, and they can shoot you right though the glass (and vice versa). One of them drops a large medipack.


Return to the large room where you encountered all those cyborgs, get the crossbow out and step into the helix in the central column. You're transported to a room holding four aliens, with a couple of cyborgs encased in enclosures that you can't target. Pick up 2 x revolver ammo and a large medipack, and flares near the W wall, then go to the E side of the central structure and find a pushpiece. Pull it back and push it aside to reveal a shallow hole where you'll find SECRET #2. Push aside the free-standing structure near the closed S door to reveal the CROWBAR.


A door has opened in the E wall, and when you enter the passage you hear agitated footsteps nearby. Push the button to open the door and enter a room with spinning globes and a half dozen aliens. There are two flare pickups, one at the dark SE corner. The marked tile against the E wall gives you some extra boost as you run over it to grab the crawl space in the NE corner. Pull up inside and crawl around to find a passage protected by lasers. When the near laser moves away, crawl forward quickly and take refuge in the passage to your right. For extra speed, bring Lara to one knee with the space bar and use the sprint key to make her roll forward. Use the same technique to reach the next opening on your right, although you'll of necessity take some damage as you pass through the lasers.


Hop down N into a wide tunnel and shoot three aliens. Pull down the wall switch at the E end of the tunnel to lower one of three blocks in the N wall. Pull up there and go around to find a FUSE. Pull down the wall switch at the end of the passage to lower the adjacent N block. Go there to find another FUSE and pull down the wall switch to lower the final block. The slope prevents you from reaching this passage directly, but you can get there by taking a back flip onto the S slope opposite the lowered block. Jump off to grab the ceiling and monkey swing to the N passage.


Go either right or left around the central structure and continue N to a pool filled with ice-cold water. Jump into the water and swim quickly to the far right corner. Enter the NE tunnel, swim up the shaft and pull out. Pull down the W wall switch to open a door in the pool and swim back there. Enter SE for a third FUSE, continue forward and up the shaft to a red-tinted room and pull down the W wall switch to open the door near the spot where you picked up the crowbar. The E wall switch lowers a block in the wide tunnel you visited earlier. Swim back to the pool, pull out and exit S.


Slide down into the wide tunnel and find the lowered block to your right. Pick up the REVOLVER and pull down the wall switch to lower a block in the room with the spinning globes. Exit the wide tunnel S, get past the lasers by going to your left (unless you wish to invest the time and effort of going right into the third opening for a large medipack) and drop down into the room with the spinning globes. The aliens you see are dormant and cannot be targeted and shot. Find the lowered block SW and pick up the revealed fourth FUSE. This opens the W exit door, so go there into the next room.


There are more dormant aliens in this room. The S door is open, but let's save that opening for later. The closed doors N and W are crowbar doors. Open the W door and climb the ladder to an upper room with spinning contraptions. Shoot six aliens, pick up the flares and find that the SW contraption is a pushpiece. Pull it S to reveal SECRET #3. There's an unmarked ladder at the NE corner (E wall) near the entrance shaft. Climb up, shift left at the top and drop down into an alcove. Turn left and push the unmarked pushpiece to reveal the YELLOW KEY


Jump to grab the ladder, climb down and exit this room via the ladder shaft. In the room below, open the N crowbar door and push the button to deactivate the laser. Enter a machine room and shoot four cyborgs. Go to the opening in the E wall and push the button to deactivate another laser. Climb the ladder and pull up into a passage leading to a translucent maze room.  Keep left as you make your way clockwise to the back of the room. Continue clockwise until you can hop onto a block for the YELLOW FUSE. Return the way you came to the W exit. Climb down the ladder and return to the machine room.


Enter the W opening and push the button to deactivate the laser. Shoot the alien waiting in the next room and locate the obvious (this time) pushblock in the W wall. Pull it into the room and push it aside. Enter the revealed passage and pick up the BLUE FUSE and...well, a block just rose to block your way. Clever. Go back and move the pushblock painstakingly in a clockwise direction onto the marked tile in the SE corner. You hear the sound of a door opening in the N wall. Go there for the BLUE KEY. The block has also lowered in the W passage, allowing access to SECRET #4


Return E to the machine room and stand on the square in front of the open S doorway. Face N and jump up in the antigravity field to grab the monkey bars. Monkey swing past the flame blowers to the N opening (I suggest saving your game periodically along the way, just in case) and drop down in front of a large medipack. Run forward and pull down the wall switch in the corner. Follow around to another wall switch that moves a device in the machine room.


As you go back the other way, Lara's attention is attracted to crossbow ammo in the passage. Go to the opening and jump up to grab the monkey bars. Instead of going back the way you came, turn right and follow the monkey bars to the NW opening. Drop down and follow the passage around to SECRET #5. No need to monkey swing back to the entrance. Drop down into the machine room and run across to the SE corner where you saw the device move in the cut scene. Stoop down to pick up the GREEN KEY and exit S to a previously explored room.


Now it's time to exploit that opened S doorway across the room. Follow the metallic passage around to a large medipack. Push the button to open the door and shoot the alien who drops crossbow ammo. Not far away is another pickup of 2 x crossbow ammo. Place the Yellow Fuse and the Blue Fuse in their respective receptacles to open the next door. Three more aliens await you in the control room. They drop crossbow ammo, revolver ammo and a large medipack. Near the entrance is CARD 4017 and crossbow ammo, and you'll find more revolver ammo at the W end of the room. At the E end of the room is a corner ladder. Climb it to a dark upper passage.


Follow the passage to a purple-tinted area with side passages. Take the first side passage to the right, follow to the N wall and turn right, take a left at the E wall and continue to a pushblock. Pull the block twice, enter the revealed passage and pick up the large medipack. Take the first left for revolver ammo and continue along the main passage to a wall switch that lowers a block that was hiding another pushblock.


Go back the way you came to where you first entered the purple-tinted area, turn right at the S wall and see the new pushblock. Go there, pausing for flares in the second side passage to your right, and push the block once to reveal a new side passage and the RED FUSE. Use the side passage to go around the pushblock and continue W along the passage to find flares in the corner. Turn right and continue to a third pushblock. Pull it once, go back the way you came to the E wall, turn left, then left again at the corner and pick up SECRET #6 that was revealed when you pulled back the previous pushblock.


Reverse roll, go back all the way to the S wall, turn left at the pushblock and exit this area E. Climb down the ladder at the end of the passage and loop around left into the alcove. Place the Red Key in the receptacle to lower a block over at the W end of the room, go there and place the Green Key to lower another block at the E end. Place the Yellow Key, then the Blue Key where the final block has lowered, and find that a S portal between the lowered blocks has opened up. Pick up 5 x revolver ammo and punch in the magic numbers on the keypad (4017) to open the next door.


Kill four aliens and a Tinnos monster in the front portion of  the next room and pick up the BATTERY dropped by the monster.  Proceed further into the room and deal with a half dozen cyborgs, which obligingly wake up one at a time as you kill them. You'll find flares between two blocks in the front portion of the room. Go to the back of the room for more flares and locate four wall switches scattered throughout this room. One is on the back of the throne-like structure where you encountered the cyborgs, another is on the S wall just to the left of the device containing a dormant helix, the third is in the dark NE corner (E wall) and the last one is on the W wall just beyond the last block.


The first block near the E wall has lowered, so go there and place one of your four fuses. Another block in the same row lowers, so continue in like fashion until all four fuses have been placed. Another block lowers near the NW corner, revealing another wall switch. Pull it down to lower the last block in the row of five. Place the Battery in the receptacle there to activate the helix in the device against the S wall. Go there and step into the blackness to end the level.