Level by abbath81


Walkthough by Phil Lambeth, assisted by Doggett TV's video walk



Begin just inside the front door of Lara's upfitted mansion. All the furniture has been repossessed. Open the S door and enter the huge dining room. Run to the far end and open the SW door. Turn right in the hallway and run to the N end. Kick open the W door and pull the NW cabinet into the music room. Go around it to push a button (or pull down a wall switch, hard to tell which one by the animation) to open a door somewhere.


Exit this room to the hall and take the first left into the dining room. You hear a strange noise but can't detect its source. Continue to the main entrance and the noise stops. Go up the stairs and take the flight to your right. Open the NE door and then open the next door to an outdoor balcony. Step over the corpse and pick up the SHOTGUN. Go back downstairs and open the door in the N wall. At the end of the next room is the door you opened with the switch/button, but first, pull the table away from the curtained opening and squeeze past the zombie (takes a lot of beretta rounds to kill it, but it can be done) to pick up a first aid spray (small medipack) at the end of the passage. Exit and loop around left into the opened doorway.


Restorative work is badly needed in this hallway. Shoot two dogs and kick in the door at the end of the hallway. The next door requires a key, so kick open the next door and enter the bathroom to find another zombie. This one is much easier to kill for some reason. Pick up the shotgun ammo he dropped and return to the hallway. Continue around and push open the doors at the end. Deal with another zombie and kick open the first door on the right. There's another zombie just around the corner.


Open the NE door and search the small chest inside for shotgun ammo and a first aid spray. Go up the nearby stairs and shoot two zombies in the upstairs hallway, one coming from your left and the other from your right. Go N down the hallway and kick open the door on your right. Face the lion's head mounted on the wall and jump up and down while firing to shatter the jewel in its mouth. There are two closed doors in this room. Kick open the one on the left (N) and find a switch/button in the corner that opens a door in a previous corridor. The S door leads to a small bedroom with shotgun ammo.


Return to the hallway and go left (going right leads to a closed door). Kick open the S door near the top of the stairs. Loop around the bookcase for magnum rounds and open the door to another hallway. Go left and kick open the door on your left to provide a short cut to the stairs. Continue down the hall and encounter two zombies, one easy to kill and the other quite hard. Open the first door you come to and enter a room with colored floor tiles.


There are pushpieces in the corner alcoves. Move the SE one onto the green tile in the middle of the E row, and the SW one onto the purple tile at the far end of the W row. The S gate opens to allow access to the YELLOW MANSION KEY. Return to the hallway, turn right and follow to the next door that leads to another hallway and another closed door. Kick it open and shoot the zombie approaching from your left. Go where he came from and open the SW door.


Pull the cabinet away from the wall and push it aside. Enter the revealed passage and pull down the wall switch (cut scene of the main entrance room). Return to the hallway, go right and right again through the open door to the S wall, right again to the red-carpeted hallway and left to the stairs leading down to the main entrance. Don't go down, but go around to the S wall and open the double doors that lead to another landing. Go around right and use the Yellow Mansion Key to open the W door. A zombie is waiting around the corner. Go around the railing and into the hallway. Turn left into the first room and shoot the jewel in the lion head's mouth. Use the button/switch to open a door somewhere.


Return to the hallway, turn right and go down the stairs. Turn right at the bottom into a fixed camera. Turn right again and open the door to a small bedroom. Search the chest for a green herb (large medipack) and shotgun ammo. Go back to the fixed camera and go W down the hallway to meet up with two zombies. Turn right at the corner and camera control is restored. Open the E door on your right and loop around left to find the COLT PYTHON (sure looks like a revolver to me). Go back to the hallway and open the N door to another intersecting hallway.


Take the N passage to find a zombie and magnum rounds for your colt python. Go back and take the E passage to flush out another zombie. Go where he came from underneath a pair of lifted gates and open the door. Vault up where you see a lion statue and pluck the BLUE GEM from its snout. Go back to the hallway and kick open the S door. Shoot the zombie inside and use the switch/button on the N wall to open a door somewhere.


Return to the hallway and turn right. Use the switch/button to open the door and turn right in the hallway. Take the first left into the dining room (those strange noises again), turn left and continue straight through the main entrance room and the N doorway. Continue into the hallway in desperate need of repairs and follow around to the better-maintained hallway you visited earlier. Continue to a hallway with a wooden floor. The door you opened is at the SE corner, but first shoot the zombie in the dead-end W passage.


You find yourself in yet another hallway, but this one is dotted with switch/buttons. Use all four to get a surprise after each of the first three: two bats and three dogs. The fourth one opens the E gate so you can pick up the RED MANSION KEY.  Crawl S where the dogs came from, past a closed gate, and pick up a second BLUE GEM at the end. Crawl back to the hallway and return to the other hallway with the wooden floor. Go past the door requiring a blue key and take the next left. Go up the stairs, turn left at the top and follow around to the door you opened somewhat earlier.  Open the next door to a sparsely furnished den and find the BLUE MANSION KEY (called LOAD here) that someone carelessly left on the piano keys. Turn around and deal with two soldiers.


Go back along the hallway to the stairs, go downstairs and E into the connecting hallway, loop around right and use the Blue Mansion Key to open the door. Search the small chest for the T-VIRUS SAMPLE, then turn around and deal with three soldiers waiting in the hallway. Go back upstairs, and this time turn right at the top. Turn left at the corner, through the doorway into the next hallway and left again. Follow past the open door to your right, continue around and take the doorway to your left. Go on through and up the stairs, and use the Red Mansion Key to open the door.


In the next room shoot a bunch of baby spiders and find a pushblock in the NW corner. Pull it away from the corner to reveal a third BLUE GEM. Look in the SW corner next to the barrels for the GREEN MANSION KEY. Picking it up attracts two giant spiders. Exit down the stairs and straight through the S doorway to meet two soldiers. Continue to the red-carpeted hallway and turn left toward the main entrance. Go down the stairs and shoot two more soldiers.


Go through the doorway in the N wall, along the decrepit hallway and into the hallway with the wooden floor. Use the Green Mansion Key in the keyhole straight ahead to open the door. Go outside to the waiting helicopter to end the level.