Levels by LarySuh13


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth (with the help of kapil4417037's video walks)




Click here for the video walk.


Lara slides down from her Jeep into an open-air burial area. Note the N crawl space, presently blocked by a grate. Climb the S ladder (the corner jugs are empty) and take a rolling back flip from the point where Lara's hands are just below the teal band. Grab the top of the column and pull up. Take a running jump N to grab the N column, pull up and hop to the ledge that wraps around part of this room. Go near the S end and jump up to grab the crack in the W wall. Shimmy left and pull up into the opening. Walk forward to trigger spikes at the entrance to the next area. Time your way past them and loop around left for shotgun ammo on a plinth. Run past the lone tree into the W alcove. Pull the statue out of the alcove and push it aside. Go to the middle of the S wall and step of the trigger grate to open the door in the W alcove. Go there and enter another open-air section with a pool at the back.


Loop around right to find a wall switch on the column. Pull it down for a static cut scene and the sound of a door opening in the N passage. Jump into the water at the back of this area and find the underwater lever near the middle of the W wall. Pull it down to open another door in the N passage. Get out of the water and climb one of the short columns. Take a running jump to grab the taller W column (or a take straight running jump if you chose the nearer short column), pull up and jump with grab to the W ledge. Push the floor lever to lift two gates. Get back down to ground level, enter the S opening and pull down the wall switch. Reverse roll, loop around left and enter the S crawl space.


About halfway down the passage pull down the wall switch to open the gate at the end of the passage. Crawl on through and hop up to another wall switch. Pull it down and return to the former room. The last red door in the N passage has opened, and your presence there opens the door allowing access to another open-air room. Step on the central slab to trigger a flyby that takes you through the N passages. Before going there, however, head to the dark SE corner and pull up into the crawl space for SECRET #1. Go around the room for shotgun ammo, a small medipack and a large medipack, revolver ammo, grenade gun ammo and explosive arrows. Go back, flip out into the previous room and enter the left N passage (the right passage is still blocked by a red door).


Side flip past the three giant cigar cutters and pull down the wall switch in the open area. The red exit door opens (as well as the grate back in the beginning room), so pick up the uzi ammo on your way out through the other passage. Go all the way through this room and the S passage, turn left in the next room and go through the room with the tree and past the spear trap to the beginning room. Safety drop to the ground (unless you want to take the long way around that you used to get up here) and enter the now open N crawl space. When you can stand up, run forward and slide down to the next level.




Click here for the video walk.


Jump off near the bottom of the slope to clear a gap with deadly water down below. Grab the W ledge and pull up. Run forward through the passage and take the second right through the phantom window for SECRET #2. Pick up 3 x uzi ammo, the UZIS, and shotgun ammo on a plinth. Return to the passage and loop around right into the dark alcove for flares. Continue to the W end of the passage and activate the jump switch on your left with no visual or audible cue as to what just happened. Go through the nearby S opening and shoot the hammerhead shark swimming about in the pool. Jump in and open the N door. Swim inside, turn left and follow the passage to another pool. Surface, turn around and pull out onto the E ledge. Enter the irregular crawl space opening in the wall for explosive arrows.


Return to the ledge and save your game in front of the S wall switch for a timed run (even though it's not at all tight). Pull the switch down, jump into the water and swim through the E opening, follow the passage to the first pool, pull out N, run through the opening and turn right to run E down the main passage. Enter the last opening on the right past the timed gate and take the CROWBAR from the plinth. Hop back immediately to kill the cut scene showing the released ahmet, because if the timed gate slams shut while you're still inside there's no escape for you. The ahmet will not follow you outdoors, so shoot it from just outside the passage entrance.


When it's dead, jump over the carcass, return to the pool and swim back to the second pool. Continue across and pull out onto the W ledge. Activate the crowbar switch (face N) and enter the nearby crawl space for shotgun ammo.  Swim back across, pull out E and find that a door has opened to your left. Enter and take THE TIMELESS SANDS from the plinth. Turn around and shoot the scorpion that was trying to sneak up from behind, then shoot another scorpion that seems to have slipped and fallen into the pool. Jump back into the water, swim through the passage to the first pool and pull out in front of the N opening as before. Go back down the main E passage and find that the gate has opened in the last opening on your left. Enter to find two statues. Place The Timeless Sands in the statue with the empty hands to open gates on your right and left.


It doesn't matter which opening you use, so enter the next room and shoot a bat. Activate the jump switch in the NW corner to open the S gate in the middle of the main passage. Go there and enter a room with deadly water. Stand a block away from the S end of the ledge, stand jump onto the breaktile and continue with a running jump to the far ledge. Side jump past the giant cigar cutter into the next room. Step on the trigger tile in the NE corner to light the nearby torch and purify at least the SE section of the pool so you can hop in for the flares. This room apparently serves no other useful purpose, so exit and take a running jump over the deadly water to grab the N ledge. Pull up and return to the main passage. Turn left twice to return once more to the pool.


Jump in and swim to the second pool. Pull out into the opening in the S wall where a gate has lifted. Go through the dark passage to another pool room. One would think that you should need to drain the pool in order to activate the submerged jump switch, but no -- if you hang over it from the edge and release with grab, the switch goes down while you drop into the water. This is certainly not what the builder intended, so you may wish to save this jump switch for later.


Pull up into the W alcove for flares, hop down and search the floor holes for crossbow arrows and revolver ammo. Pull up into the E alcove to trigger a series of flame blowers. Jump straight up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing left to the back of the nearest flame blower and activate the jump switch. While you're in the water, grab the shotgun ammo in the SW corner and uzi ammo in the NE corner. Pull out NW, jump to grab the W climb wall and shimmy left to pull back up into the opening. Turn around and jump up once again to grab the ceiling. You can avoid the first flame blower by going around past the jump switch. However, even though there's a slight time lag between the next two flame blowers on your right and left, I could not get past them without being set ablaze. Your only bet may be to hang near the left flame blower, continue E, drop to the ledge, quickly take the LOAD KEY from the plinth to your left and side flip into the water to extinguish the flames.


Restore your health with a medipack, pull out of the water and use the climb wall to exit this room. In the previous room, use the key in the receptacle next to the N entrance to lift one of the gates in the S passage. Continue N through the passage, jump into the pool, exit E to the first pool and pull out N. Return to the main passage to find that a gate has opened in the dark N alcove where you found the flares earlier. Enter the room, hop onto the ledge at the far wall and activate the jump switch at the E end. Backtrack via the first pool, the second pool and the third pool (which has now been drained). Activate the E jump switch the legitimate way and the pool is immediately refilled (so you can get back out).


All gates in the S passage are now open, so go inside and push the floor lever to open the S gates in the pool. Jump in the water and swim through the narrow passage to a fourth pool where a hammerhead shark is waiting. Quickly pull out and shoot it, push the NE floor lever and jump back into the water for the flares. Return through the narrow passage and pull out N. Run forward down the passage to the second pool, swim back to the first pool and pull out in front of the N passage. Go to the main passage and find that the gate to your left is now open. Light a flare and run W until you hit the trigger that carries you to the next level.




Click here for the video walk.


Run forward, pull up into a higher passage and continue until you're attacked by an assassin. Pick up his uzi ammo and find the wall switch in a nearby alcove that triggers an outdoor cut scene. Note the receptacle and the closed door at the end of the W side passage. Go N and grab flares at the end of the W side passage. Go through the N crawl space into a room guarded by a demigod. Pick up the GOLDEN VRAEUS he dropped and use the ladder in the W wall to reach an upper ledge. Squeeze past the broken column by running and jumping in place, follow the ledge around to the NE corner and pull down the wall switch in the alcove with the closed door. A burst of action music seems to warn of impending danger, but it merely signals an easy timed run. Go back around the ledge and through the timed N gate next to the broken column. Take the GUARDIAN KEY from the plinth at the end of the passage, return and side flip over the fence if you don't mind a little health loss. Otherwise, squeeze past the broken column once more and climb down the ladder.


Go back through the crawl space and locate that receptacle you noted earlier. Place the Golden Vraeus to lift the gate to your right. Enter to confront another crawl space. Go on through to find yourself in the outdoor area you saw in the cut scene. Run NW, drop down into that hole in the ground and push the button for a quite unnecessary remote shot that confirms the hole is now filled with water. Pull out and head to a dark NE passage. Activate the high jump switch and take a look at the static cut scene in the room with the broken column. Return there to find that a passage has been revealed up in the N wall.


The giant cigar cutters are activated when you get close to them.  Side flip past them, and in the next room go around right (going left leads to a dead end) and jump into the water hole. Swim N past four giant cigar cutters, over a horizontal blade, under a scissor blade trap and between two horizontal blades as a sword drops from the ceiling. Pull out at the far end and run through the passage to the next room featuring closed doors and a central pool. The water isn't deadly, so go through or around it to the closed door in the far N wall. Place the Guardian Key in the receptacle on your left to open the trap door at your feet and drop you into the darkness.




Click here for the video walk.


There's a slight rumbling as you slide down the slope, but no danger awaits at the moment. Run forward toward the closed gate and look right to find a crawl space. Enter it and activate the N jump switch in the next room. Return to the previous room to find that the W gate is now open. Enter a partially flooded room and climb the column ladder to an upper passage. Follow around to a wall switch. Nothing seems to happen when you pull it, so return to find that the partially flooded room is now completely flooded. Jump into the water and pull out E.


Take the left path to a waterfall area. Don't jump into the water because of the strong current. Follow the green ledge to a crawl space. Enter and continue clockwise past the waterfall opening to SECRET #3. Pick up the revolver ammo, explosive arrows and shotgun ammo, then go back the way you came and stand up at the waterfall opening. Hop NE onto the green ledge and pull down the wall switch at the end. Get onto the ledge to your right, hang from the E edge and shimmy right along the crack until you reach a ladder. Note the closed gate ahead, climb down the ladder and jump into the water (there's no strong current here).


Swim E past the arched opening, pull out onto the ledge, follow the passage around to a crawl space up in the dark SE and pull up inside. Flip out the other side and go W (the other way leads to a dead end) to find the CROSSBOW on a marked tile for SECRET #4. Go back through the crawl space, light a flare on the other side, go N and turn left into an alcove with a wall switch. Pull it down to open that gate at the top of the ladder. Return there, climb up and go on through to an open-air area with a bridge and lava down below.


Go across the bridge to a closed gate and a wall switch on either side. The one on your right doesn't work, so pull down the other one and wait for the gate to open. Go on through and shoot a couple of wild boars.  Continue W into the next room and deal with an ahmet and two crocodiles. Grab the flares near the entrance and pry the GOLDEN STAR off the wall near the NE corner. Pull up onto the ledge at the NE corner and pull down the wall switch inside. Do the same at the SE corner next to the entrance. Exit both rooms, go across the bridge and return to the ledge with the ladder.


Hang from the edge and shimmy left along the crack until you can pull up into the opening. Hop down to the green ledge, jump with grab past the waterfall and crawl around left to the entrance to this area. Follow around to the flooded room, jump in and swim W through the diamond-shaped opening past the opened gate. Surface, turn around and pull out. Go through the SE crawl space and follow to an opening. Hop down and crawl to a closed gate. Place the Golden Star in the receptacle to be taken to the final level.




Click here for the video walk.


Step forward to trigger a flyby around a stepped pyramid. Drop down lower and run down the long dark ramp to a room with a closed gate. Shoot a bat and go down the passage on the left to push a floor lever to open a door in the passage on the right. Enter the latter and push another floor lever to open the central gates. Go up the steps into a large room to alert two Flying Atlanteans and an indestructible Seth boss. Your best strategy is to retreat down the steps where the monster won't follow, so that you have to deal with two enemies rather than three.


When you've eliminated the Atlantean threats, go back up into the larger room, turn left and activate the S jump switch over the closed door before Seth has a chance to draw a bead on you with his deadly lightning bolts. Retreat down the steps, noting the ladder to the left of the entrance on your way out, and wait a bit for Seth to calm down. Then go back in and turn right into the N doorway to find another jump switch. Activate it and retreat once more. Finally, rush back in, loop around right and climb that ladder. At the top, shift left, release and grab again quickly so you can shimmy left along the crack. Pull up into the corner opening where a door was opened with the second jump switch. Activate the third jump switch to open that door in the S wall.


Drop down, dash into the S room and find the BREAST PLATE in the SE corner. Push the NW floor lever to open a trap door and a nearby door somewhere, push your way past Seth and go around to the far (N) side of the central structure. The W room has only an otherwise empty pool, presumably for the purpose of dousing flames should you be set ablaze.  Pull up past the opened door and climb the ladder to an upper area where Seth and another Flying Atlantean are waiting for you. Dispose of the latter with explosive arrows and use the column to hide from Seth while you restore your health if necessary.


Your next task is to activate the jump switch near the NE corner to open a trap door. If you have time, you can pause for a small medipack on the ledge near the NW corner. Climb the blocks against the W wall past the opened trap door. Jump E to the central ledge, where you'll see a ladder on the column. However, there's a closed trap door you need to open, so wait for an opportune moment to jump across to grab the N ledge (Seth is likely prowling about there now). Activate the NW jump switch to open that trap door, jump back to the central ledge and climb the ladder to the next level.


Shift left around the corner and drop down. You can see a jump switch up in the NW corner, so make your way there and activate it. Another trap door has opened, so jump back to the central ledge, jump to grab the ladder and climb up to the highest level. Climb the nearby blocks and jump E to the next block. Pull up onto the ledge and slide down a long slope. Pull down the wall switch to open the door to your right. Enter a hatchery and shoot the Atlantean Crawler that emerges from the exploded egg.


Go around to the SE alcove and pull down the wall switch there. The door to your right opens, another egg explodes and an Atlantean Centaur is released.  Go up the steps and get past a set of teeth doors. Jump the ledges and pull down wall switches near the NW (Flying Atlantean) and SE (Atlantean Crawler) corners. Doors are opened at the SW and NW corners, so pull down the wall switches there to open the S door down below. An Atlantean Crawler is waiting just inside the entrance to pounce on you. Enter a dark tunnel with a fixed camera. There's some rather useless uzi ammo on the left side if you wish to pause for a final pickup. Continue down the tunnel to end the level.