The Tomb of Queen Fufutiti


Level by Paul Zotz (January, 2001)


Walkthrough by Michael Prager


Start by shooting the benches for a revolver, ammo and lasersight. The doors open on approach. Enter and grab 2x red shotgun ammo from the sarcophagus while two skeletons approach. Jump up on the right side for Secret #1 (Grenade Gun and ammo) among the plants. Then jump up on the other side, drop into the hole and slide down.


Deal with a harpy and pick up a small medipack, Uzi ammo, Revolver ammo and the Ornate Handle scattered in the room. Again the door opens on approach, traverse the next empty room, watch the flyby and then go right and climb up the long ladder. Shoot more benches for a shotgun and red shotgun ammo and get rid of two skeletons. Use the low hanging jump switches to open the nearby door and enter.


Inside, pick up the big medipack in the corner, use another jump switches, enter the door that opens and blow up another skeleton before you pick up the Hathor Effigy at the end. Go back out and combine Hathor Effigy and Ornate Handle and then use the resulting Portal Guardian to open the next door.


Inside shoot another bench for Uzi and ammo and also pick up flares and a small medipack in the corner. Then enter the next room and be greeted by a Golden Lara statue, a harpy and two skeletons. Use the grenade gun to blow up the skeletons and then the revolver with lasersight to shoot the harpy quickly, as it attacks the statue and that will diminish your health.


Pick up the Pharos Knot from the sarcophagus and return all the way to the double doors where you can place it. Enter and shoot another harpy. Drop into the big hole, slide a bit and jump at the right moment to avoid the burning floor. There is some floating ammo in the NW corner that you cannot pick up.


So, go through the opening east, see a short flyby of two skeletons, but you can just ignore them, go up, use the monkey swing and drop at the other end into the water. No need to get out (nothing there), so just swim through (north) and get out, another door that opens on approach and a demigod welcomes you. Once the first one is killed the second demigod wakes up, so kill that one too.


Collect another Pharos Knot from the sarcophagus and use it on the opposite side and then slide down to finish the level.


(Note that the standard Settomb Level will start automatically).