Level by Larysuh13

Walkthrough by Treeble

Lara slides into a secluded area right in front of a pool. Before dropping in, climb to the flat spot on the left side, close to the wall, to throw a lever and open an underwater door. Now take a dip and swim through the opened pathway. As you enter the first room, a block raises and seals you in.

Collect the small medipack from the alcove to the left and climb out of the water. There are a few closed doors near your current position, but right now all you can do is turn around and jump across the platforms to the other side. From the climbable block, jump to a slope ahead. On the lower level, take notice of a closed blue door to your right and monkey swing over the pool to activate a switch that opens a nearby trapdoor. Monkey swing back and bounce off the slope to climb up a ledge above, then proceed to throw a second lever. Although you get no camera clue, this raises a gate near the trapdoor.

Drop into the water and return there. Enter the open gate and pick up the TORCH. Use the nearby flaming torch to light yours and then ignite two other torches in this room. The one on the wall to the right reveals the VILLAGE KEY, behind the brown door; and the torch behind the fenced off area opens the adjacent blue door for
SECRET #1 (all secrets in this level are golden roses).

You will need the torch again, so drop it somewhere easily accessible. Immediately to the right of the wall torch you lit up is a movable block, indicated by a dark brown stripe. Pull it backwards four times and then push it once to place it beneath the open trapdoor. Climb up into a dark room and locate a jump switch on the NE corner, near a derelict cart. Go through one of the coffins to collect a large medipack and then climb the ladder, backflipping off the top. Collect the CROWBAR from one of the corners and make your way down to the room with the pool.

Negotiate the jumps across the ledges again to reach the blue door near the monkey swing and use the crowbar to pry it open. You enter a bell tower and you have to perform a series of jumps across ledges and slopes to climb all the way to the top. Along the way, you'll no doubt spot a jump switch up on a corner ahead of you. Use the hanging platform in the center to reach it in order to open the exit trapdoor on the ceiling. Quickly backflip to safety, return to the hanging platform and jump to a ledge on the south wall, then do a running jump with no grab to reach the flat spot beyond the slopes and finally climb through the open trapdoor.

At the top, push the lever to ring the bell. You need to make your way down to ground level safely now. Climb down through the trapdoor and walk to the edge, keeping Lara as close to the fence on the left side as possible. Jump forwards and tap (don't hold) the action button. Lara will land on a slope below, quickly jump angling towards to the left for another slope, slide to the end and jump off to grab a flat platform in the distance. Turn around and jump back to the slope, this time sliding backwards, and grab the edge to safely drop to the platform below and finally to the floor.

Return to the pool room and a new underwater passage is now accessible, right beneath the blue door you came through. Swim in and climb out on the other side. An imp will chase you around this area from now until the end of time, but it should be no more than a minor nuisance. Anyway, retrieve the BONE DUST on the SW corner near the brown doors, and swim back. Place the bone dust in the bowl near the pushable block to open the last brown door in the initial room. Grab your torch and jump inside.

[Comment by Ryan: I discovered a potentially "useful" bug in the room where you first encounter the imp (although I'm not entirely sure how useful it is as you can only utilise it after the fact). If you light the two wall torches in that room, the imp seems to completely vanish into thin air, leaving you free to complete your explorations undeterred.]

Ignore the massive hole on the floor for a minute and light up a torch on the left wall to open the door ahead. Walk out to a small balcony and throw a lever, then retrieve your torch and drop through the hole. Go straight through the yard to a pair of closed doors. You don't have the key yet, but you can use your crowbar to activate the broken lever in the nearby corner. Grab your torch again and go up the sloped wooden passage on the East wall.

You are back in the room with the imp. Drop your torch and use the village key to open one of the brown doors. It will close right after you step outside, but worry not. With your torch, head to a small door on the East side of the village and light up the adjacent torch to open the door and find the
SECRET #2. The torch is no longer needed from this point on. Head back outside and locate the open blue door near a campfire. Inside, collect the CHURCH KEY near the broken cabinet.

To return to the church, head back to the double brown doors from where you entered the village. Use a jump switch located on the West side to open the door, hop over the water pit and down the wooden passage. Use the church key but, before dropping inside, jump through the wall above the sandy mound to the left of the hole to land inside a narrow corridor where
SECRET #3 is located.

Drop through the triangular hole and open the door ahead of you. Climb down a long ladder and save your game, as you now have to face a series of spike traps with different timing patterns. There are safe spots between each set, so take your time and save upon clearing each set of spikes. On the other side, you'll be in a room with a waterwheel, so follow the catwalk to the left end and drop to the floor below. Enter the Southern hallway to reach a lava-filled chamber.

For now, ignore the lever immediately to your left and cross the bridges, go towards the Eastern gates and drop off the left side for a hidden lever. This opens the Western gates. Climb back up and head North. The gates there open upon approach and you can collect a small medipack inside. Proceed through the Western gates to reach another tower.

Much like the previous one, your objective here is to reach the top. Jump across the platforms, then monkey swing to the hanging block, let go and immediately grab the block to climb it around and up. At the top, an ominous tune will play before you jump across a lava pit. There are two jump switches in front of you. The one to the left, near the horned man, is a trap, so ignore it and activate the one near the multiple faces to rotate the giant gear in the bridges. The camera fly-by will also point towards the lever we previously ignored, so make your way safely to the bottom and return to the room with the bridges.

Activate the lever we'd previously ignored to open the Eastern gates. Inside is a small cave room with nothing but a lever which deactivates the waterwheel. We're done here, so head back to the bridge room and through the Southern passage. Now that there's no current, you can jump into the water. Retrieve the large medipack near the bench, swim past the skeleton and emerge on the other end. Activate the switch beneath the torch to raise a block back in the village.

Swim back to the waterwheel room and climb out of the water near the small round piece, then proceed through the stairway on the West end to return to the top floor. You need to retrace your steps through the spike traps again, climb the ladder and head up the wooden slope on the East wall to return to the village.

The risen block is located behind the house with the open blue door. Use it to reach the rooftops, then turn around and face the Southern building. Do a running jump to grab the red-lighted rooftop and shimmy to the flat spot on the left and hop upwards to the opening on the wooden barricade. Bounce off the slopes to reach a higher ledge where you'll find TOWER KEY 1, then return and climb back up to the first rooftop.

Jump to the flat spot on the rooftop and head East, jumping towards the dark rooftop across. Near the middle of this rooftop you'll find the TOWER KEY 2. Safely drop down to ground level and head towards the gates on the West end and use both tower keys to get in. Run past the next pair of gates, which conveniently open upon approach, to finish the level.