Level by Feder

Walkthrough by Treeble

From the starting position, turn around and gather some flares. Before heading down the stairway, face the top right roof and jump across the gap and inside a small alcove behind the tree to the right you'll find the SHOTGUN. Hop back to the stairway across, climb down the ladder and backflip about halfway down to land on a wooden ledge. From either end, jump to a rocky ledge hidden behind the ladder where you'll find a switch. Push it and drop down to ground level.

There's an opening to a caged area behind a dead monk's body, near the back of which there are some more flares and the AUTOMATIC PISTOLS. Be ready, as a sasquatch will ambush you once you pick them up. Head down the tunnel to the open door in the back to a dark room lit by a flame in a bowl (mind the white tiger!). Climb the column on the right side, turn around and jump to shoot the hanging bell. Jump into an opening in the dark corner, near the column, and go through a narrow corridor, defeat a sasquatch and use the switch to open double doors elsewhere.

Back off this room and return to the tunnel, facing and looting off two goons along the way, then head towards the next area. Along the way you'll find an opening to a room to the right, but right now there's little you can do other than retrieve a some ammo pickups from a ledge (we'll be back in this room much later). Cross the double doors and head up the stairs, shooting the bell from the top to open the gate behind you.

In the next temple yard, kill the two white tigers then look towards the right. Near the cage bars you can jump to a tall rocky block on the dark corner to the right, then climb up the tree branch and go around it. When you're on the other side, close to the wall again, do a running jump towards a small opening on the tree leaves in the corner. You'll land on a high rock; run inside the cave to your left to find the silver statue (

Go back to the ledge near the bars and this time use it to reach the upper ledge around the temple on the left corner. Run towards to the other end and jump to grab the crack on the wall dead ahead. Shimmy all the way to the left and climb in to stumble upon an eager sasquatch. Pick up the M16 clips behind the rock and then go through the open door. Collect the UZIS plus supplies near the pillars and carefully drop through a trapdoor on the other end (it opens when you step on it) and deal with two more sasquatches on the room below.

Once you are in the clear, collect the TIBETAN MASK from the pedestal. The door nearby opens, go out and defeat two goons for some more supplies, then collect the flares from a dark alcove and turn around and drop through the double trapdoors on the opposite side. Quickly defeat the sasquatch and collect the M16 ASSAULT RIFLE and a large medipack, then use the switch to open the door and you're back in the tunnel near the beginning. Head back to the temple upstairs and use the mask to open the second set of double doors.

Inside, climb the ledge near the windows to the left for more supplies, then go up the stairs on the opening to the right side from the entrance. As you step on the tile between the two red pillars, a trapdoor bridge will rise ahead of you but it won't hold. As you step on it, it drops you onto a lurking white tiger. We still want to get to the other side, so look towards the back left corner for a high slope facing the end of the bridge. Jump and bounce off it, then push the beautiful golden block to reveal the jade statue (

Go back and through the caves, minding the falling stalactites, and you come across a huge underground structure on a lake. Lara will look to a bell high up; that's our goal here. For now, take potshots at the three eels (the third might need some luring) on the lake, then dive in and find some ammo clips underwater. Return to the initial position and jump across the rocks around the perimeter of the room and the central structure on a counterclockwise fashion. From the first block attached to the building, jump to the slope ahead and bounce off at the end for a higher ledge above water level, and from the next block you can hop to an opening into the structure.

Don't be hasty, however, as a slope over spikes protects the entrance. Grab the crack dead ahead and shimmy to the left, then turn around and jump to the upper floor, going out through an opening near a samurai scroll. You're back to the rocky platforms around the cave, now on a higher level, and you still want to go counterclockwise around the room. After the three sets of stalactites, jump over the railings towards a ladder and climb up. From that ledge, turn around to a higher rock and use it to jump and grab the rooftop of the building, then go around the corner and save your game.

From the middle of the roof beyond the corner, there's a ladder leading down, but you don't need to climb down. Instead, let go from near the top, draw your weapons and keep shooting on your way down to the lake down below. Luckily, you'll hit the bell and a camera clue will show a door opening elsewhere. Otherwise, reload and try again. Go back through the small cave you came in, climb the ladder and go downstairs, heading towards the opening in the right to a backyard with a waterfall. Shoot the eel and grab the shotgun shells on the bottom of the lake as a white tiger comes to lurk on the surface level.

Two doors are still closed, so go through the one you've just opened. Climb the ladder in the back and you come to a room with a tight timed switch. But you don't need to go far at all. Push the switch and immediately sideflip to the left, drawing your pistols during the jump, roll upon landing and perform a running jump while shooting in midair. You should hit a bell in the back just in time, opening another door of this building. Climb back down and go through the rightmost door.

The hole immediately beneath you will be the resting place for a boulder in a minute. For now, walk through the spikes and climb up the slope in the back. The boulder will only start rolling after you shoot the next bell, so save your game. From the top, face the bell as you run downwards and keep your momentum, quickly holstering the pistols and grabbing the ladder below the bell to steer clear from the boulder.

The center door is now open. Slide down the opening in the back and keep jumping over the slopes as you make Lara face and shoot the bells on the the side openings. One will open the door ahead, and the other will close the trapdoor below you, allowing you to finally stop bouncing around like a flea. Use the switch to open a trapdoor above and transform the slope into big steps, so climb back up and go up the ladder.

As you step into the balcony, the camera shifts to show an angry sasquatch rushing towards you. Afterwards, retrieve the small medipack from the corner and ignore the obvious passage to the left just yet. Instead, walk on the perilous rocky ledge nearby and take a running jump to the lower tree branch in the back. Use the rocks near the waterfall as stepping stones to make your way to the golden statue (
SECRET #3), which also comes packed with the GRENADE LAUNCHER if you've collected the previous secrets.

Inside the building, head past the columns to the left into a dark room. The "danger" music warns you that three sasquatches will ambush you as you try to retrieve the GONG HAMMER from the center pedestal. There are some more supplies on a nearby ledge. Once you lay your hands on the hammer, however, two more goons will show up, so make quick work of them with your weapon of choice. Loot their bodies then climb the ledge with the flaming bowl and use it to boost to the upper floor.

Another goon is running around, dispatch and loot him and then drop by the balcony on the right side for a large medipack and some more ammo. Go through the open door in the back, defeat the white tiger in the cave and get on the bridge. About halfway through, you can jump to the tree branch on the left side. There are more ammo pickups in the left corner, but be warned as a bold sasquatch will make his way to you. You can keep backflipping onto the slope as you shoot him to avoid being pushed down to your doom.

Jump back to the bridge and cross it to the end and go downstairs to the chamber with the gong. Defeat two more sasquatches before using the hammer. The gong opens the gate back in that room near the beginning, so jump into either of the dark openings on the opposite wall to climb down through a trapdoor and then drop through an opening on the side and you're on the ledge where the pickups were.

Go down the next passage and save your game. Slide and jump to grab the bridge of jade blocks ahead (do the backwards slide and midair roll routine if necessary), retrieve the supplies near the fire to your right, and then cross this bridge to face the guardian. You should have enough heavy firepower left in your inventory to make this a breeze. Once the guardian goes down, the level ends.