Level by Franky


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth



After some opening dialog accompanied by a black screen (in my case), you begin in the transporter room with four guards shooting at you all at once. One of them drops a large medipack. Pull the dead alien away from the central tile and pick up the LASER SIGHT, the REVOLVER and revolver ammo. Note that you already have the crossbow with 40 explosive arrows in your inventory. Stand at the N edge of the central tile (where you can read "gravitational jump") facing S and jump straight up to open the ceiling trap door. Turn around when you land, jump straight up again and grab the opening at the top. Pull up to find the ALPHA KEY on a plinth, registering SECRET #1, and drop back down to the transporter room. Delete 002_BASE LEVEL.ogg from your audio folder if you wish to be free of the looping music.


Use the Alpha Key to deactivate the lasers and exit E. Push the button to deactivate the next laser bank and enter the hallway to engage three alien guards. Push the SW button to access the control room below and shoot two more guards, one of whom drops explosive arrows. Do the same in the NW alcove, but the two guards in this control room leave nothing behind. The wall switches at the N and S ends of the hallway deactivate the lasers in the opposite opening, but they're both timed.  The order in which you use them does not appear to matter.


Pull down the N wall switch, reverse roll and sprint into the timed S opening to find a pushblock. Pull it into the hallway and push it aside (without blocking the S wall switch, of course). Go where it was to find explosive arrows and another pushblock. Pull this one into the hallway as well as push it aside. A third pushblock is revealed, but first follow the passage around to a wheel that opens the door to a room filled with pods of some sort. Shoot the guard and find that the first pod on your left as you enter the room is pushable. Push it two times, squeeze by it to the right and zig zag your way to the S wall to find a large medipack.


The pod to your right is also pushable, so push it W, get past it to the right and follow to a third pushable pod. Move this one to get the GAMMA KEY it was covering, then retrace your steps to exit this room. Pull the third pushblock into the main hallway, push it aside and go get SECRET #2 (looks like a Skull Key) in the revealed alcove.


Now it's time to explore the timed N passage. Pull down the S wall switch and dash to the other side of the hallway to find another pushblock. Pull it back and move it aside (the S door closed while I was doing this). Pick up the explosive arrows and follow the passage to a large control room. Two guards are hiding in the NE alcove, where you see a ladder blocked by a ceiling trap door. One of the guards drops the UNIVERSAL KEY. Go back to the pink tile marked "gravitational jump" and stand on the S edge facing the entrance. Stand jump to activate a jump switch over the entrance that opens the ceiling trap door in the NE alcove.


Climb the ladder and back flip to a storage area. Shoot the large crate to reveal a large medipack and a pushblock. Pull back the latter to reveal an alcove with SECRET #3. Squeeze past the pushblock and small crates to the S wall for 2 x revolver ammo and flares near the NW corner, return to the ladder and climb back down to the control room. Return to the main passage and the the Universal Key to open the E door. Follow the passage to a receptacle for the Gamma Key. Enter the elevator room and shoot two guards.


Take Elevator 3 up first (the upper passages of the other two are presently blocked at the end by force fields). Pull the lever, wait for the elevator to go up and come down again (unless you're a lot faster than I was), hop on and run off at the top. Follow the arrows to a wheel that opens the door to the next area. Deal with the waiting guards and pick up the large medipack and explosive arrows they dropped. There are numerous openings blocked by lasers, with a wall switch next to each one. All lasers are blue save the last one on the left, which is green.


The openings with blue lasers all lead to essentially identical staterooms for the crew, but if you explore them you'll find revolver ammo (first one on the left), the ZETA KEY (after shooting a gourd in the second one on the left) and a large medipack (last one on the right). Enter the room with the green laser and use the Zeta Key to deactivate the S lasers. Follow around to explosive arrows and 2 x revolver ammo. Exit and push the terrarium away from the wall N for SECRET #4.


Ride Elevator 3 back down and get on Elevator 2. Ride to the top, follow the arrows to the wheel and prepare to engage a half dozen guards. Collect the spoils, 3 x revolver ammo, and note the numbered ports with companion wall switches. The order seems unimportant, so we'll proceed numerically. Port 1 contains two guards, one of whom drops a large medipack. Pull the NW pushblock two times to reveal an alcove with FUSE ONE. Climb the SW block for shotgun ammo.


Port 2 has two guards and shotgun ammo on the dark NE block. Port 3 has two guards, one of whom is exceptionally hard to kill, and revolver ammo on the dark NW block. Port 4 is opened by placing Fuse One in the empty slot. After disposing of two guards, stand on the Gravitational Jump tile at the S edge facing S, jump up and grab the ledge. Pull up and go left into a block "maze" where it's difficult to get lost. Push the button at the end to move the rocket in this point. Go back, jump to the NW alcove for flares, return to the ledge and jump to the ladder to get down safely. You'll find SECRET #5 in the space vacated by the rocket.


Port 5 has the standard pair of guards, one of whom drops a large medipack. The dark NW block holds the MOTHERBOARD. The SW block has a ladder, providing a clue that you can climb even higher. Sure enough, a ledge jump (hang and press the jump key) brings you up to the higher block, but further exploration brought me no reward for my discovery.  Port 6 has the usual two guards and the SHOTGUN on the NE block, and unseen enemies start shooting at you from somewhere. Flee from Port 6 and the shooting stops.


Exit this area, ride Elevator 2 down and go up Elevator 1 where the wheel at the end of the passage is now accessible. Enter the Engine Room and do battle with five guards, none of whom drops anything. The E door at the other end of the room requires two items. Follow the arrows to the N wall, pull the pushblock there into the room and move it aside. Stand on the Gravitational Jump tile with your nose against the N wall, jump up and grab the ledge. Pull up, hop to the E passage and go around to pull the pushblock onto the marked tile. A door opens in the room below.


Go around to the W passage to another pushblock. Pull this one once, go around to the N passage and follow to the hard-to-see GAMMA KEY (next to the pushblock) and continue forward for SECRET #6. Return to the gravitational field and drop down to the room below. The SE door is open, so go there to find another Gravitational Jump tile. Stand on the N edge facing N, jump up and grab the edge. Pull up to an upper room and move the pushblock around onto the marked tile. Enter the revealed passage, pull the second pushblock into the room and go back in to find the UNIVERSAL KEY. A step beyond that is SECRET #7 (but only if you'd moved the first pushblock onto the marked tile to lower a block in the passage). Drop back down to the Engine Room.


Place the keys in the N receptacles to open the door between them. Turn the wheel in the passage to open the door to the storage facility for the Photonic Missles. You have your usual assortment of guards, in this case three, who obligingly drop 3 x explosive arrows. At the E end of the room is a pushblock. Push it once onto a trigger tile, then pull it into the room so you can later access the revealed passage. First, go to the NW corner to find a KEY, then grab the second MOTHERBOARD against the S wall not far from the SE corner.


Enter the N passage and use the Key to open the next door. Light a flare as you enter the next room. The door closes behind you, so loop around right to find a button. Push it to turn on the lights, reverse roll and go to the two devices where you can place both your Motherboards. This in turn activates the transporter beam at the E end of the room. Step inside to be transported down to Iceworld.


You should have plenty of explosive arrows, so draw that crossbow and run around the compound, shrieking maniacally as you eliminate the posted guards one by one (I counted an even dozen). You don't have the keys for the Dune Roller (named affectionately for Mugs), so climb the column with the ladder next to the gangway, jump W to the next ladder and climb to the top for FUSE ONE (1 of 4) Turn around for a nice view of the Enterprise and climb back down.


Go around to the S side of the main terminal and enter. Shoot two guards near the N end and spy another FUSE ONE (2 of 4) near the E console. Stoop to pick it up, exit this building and go forward to the SW corner to the right of the lone truck and jump up W. Drop down into the ice hole and pick up the DISK (1 of 2). Get back down and go to the N side of this area where the trucks are parked. Find a nearby square that has a different appearance from the surrounding ice, face E and pull open the trap door. Use the ladder to climb down, follow to another ladder and climb up to an enclosed area where you'll find shotgun ammo. Pull up N, drop down the other side for the ROVER KEY and return to the main compound.


Go back S to the motor pool where all the vehicles are parked. One of them on the W side (with a gray tile underneath) responds to the Rover Key. Drive it forward, dismount and go around to pick up the FUSE ONE (3 of 4) it was covering. Run back to the operative Dune Roller, the one you saw when you came down the gangway, crank it up and drive it up the SE ramp. Dismount and drop down the nearby hole for explosive arrows, then drive down to a different section of the compound. Resist the temptation to run down the stationed guards, as it's quite easy to get the Dune Roller hopefully stuck in cramped quarters. Shoot three guards outside and two guards inside the starship hangar, activate the jump switch at the NW corner of the hangar to trigger a series of quick cut scenes. Go to the E wall near the SE corner and look around for a FUSE ONE (4 of 4), which again you'll have to stoop to pick up, then exit the hangar.


Get in the Dune Roller and drive it N, carefully run over six guards and dismount to find the DISK (2 of 2) behind the parked trucks (one of which moved forward when you pulled down the wall switch). Go to the passage E of the starship and place the two Disks at the entrance to open the door. Follow the underground passage, pick up 2 x revolver ammo and pull down the wall switch to lift the gate. Shoot the waiting guard and place the four Fuse Ones in the receptacles to open the next door.


Enter and shoot five waiting guards, collect the LCD TABLET and PORTABLE DATA they leave behind and combine the laser sight and the crossbow. Go toward the closed E door, about three blocks away, turn around and aim up toward the nebula panel near the ceiling. The explosion should cause the E door behind you to open, so go there and check the Portable Data for the code (3152) to punch into the keypad to open the next door. Run forward into the teleporter beam to end the level. According to the stats I missed two of the nine secrets.