Level by Larysuh13


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett TV's video walk



Lara slides down to a fixed camera and is immediately attacked by a lion.  Run forward to break the fixed camera and face what is presumably the Ancient Temple. Pick up the small medipack at the SW corner, 2 x uzi ammo at the SE corner and revolver ammo at the NE corner. Climb the block at the NW corner and turn to see the ladder surface in the nearest column. Jump to grab it, pull up for SECRET #1 and run forward for 2 x shotgun ammo and 2 x flares. Get back down to the ground and light a flare to find a pushblock in the S wall.


Push it twice to reveal a button to your right. Push it to cause a brief earthquake and some structural changes to the temple.  Get on the block holding the large jar to the left of the closed entrance doors and jump up N to the raised block. Hop onto the roof and loop around right to find a wall switch that gives you a remote cut scene of the temple. Go S to a second wall switch that opens the temple doors. Get back down and enter the temple.


There's shotgun ammo on a block against the S wall and a switch on the N wall next to a crawl space that opens the S door to the right of the block. Go there and Lara looks at the spike wall to her right. Sprint down the hallway as debris falls from the ceiling and quickly pull two wall switches to lift the S gate and take refuge just inside (being mindful of the deep drop and deadly floor below) as the spike wall passes by. It's now safe to pick up the grenades you may have seen in the hallway.


Return to the entrance to the S room and stand jump to grab the breaktile. Pull up and take a curved running jump SW onto the next breaktile, then continue while turning in one fluid motion with another running jump NW to the W wing of the temple. There's a closed gate between two Poseidon statues in the W wall. Against the S wall there's a button in the SW alcove that opens that gate (for later), a gate to the left of that one that opens automatically when you approach to pick up the small medipack, and a wall switch in the SE alcove that opens the adjacent door. We'll go there first.


Follow the passage to a large lava room. Run jump S to grab the sloped pillar. Pull up, slide and jump to grab the block. Pull up and run jump to grab the crack. Shimmy left around three corners and drop down onto the block. Reverse roll and run jump E to the slab in front of the next block. Pull up twice to grab a crack and shimmy left around corners and along the E wall until you can pull up N in the corner alcove. Save your game and take a long running jump W to grab the upper ledge. Pull up and run forward for SECRET #2 and a plethora of supplies: 2 x uzi ammo, the UZIS and flares.


The next move is unorthodox but allowed by the natural physics of the game. Stand facing N with your heels against the edge, hop back and press action when Lara clears the edge to glide onto the ledge below near a wall switch. Pull it down to open a door in the NW corner of the room with the Poseidon statues (which I'll refer to as the hub room hereafter). Walk W through the fixed camera, stand at the SW corner of the ledge, save your game again and jump slightly NW with a right curve to grab the unmarked ladder in the N wall. Climb up as high as you can and release to grab again immediately so that Lara's hands are level with the crack to the left. It may take several tries, but it's necessary to get it right. When you achieve success, shimmy left around the corner and drop down to the opening passage.


However, you're not through with the lava room. Repeat the moves described two paragraphs up to get back to that E block with the slab in front of it. Pull up onto the block with the crack going to the left, but this time save your game and take a difficult curved running jump SE to grab the jutting platform. Pull up near a wall switch that opens the gate between the Poseidon statues. Take a running jump to grab the S ledge, pull up and climb the ladder past an opened trap door to a dark passage.


Follow around and slide down past a spider web to a cave guarded by two giant spiders. Search the immediate area for 2 x uzi ammo, shotgun ammo and flares, whereupon you're attacked by two more giant spiders. As you venture further into the cave for more flares, a large medipack and a small medipack, two more giant spiders are aroused (they seem to operate in pairs). Finally, as you approach the revolver ammo in a niche to the left of the W exit, you'll engage another pair of giant spiders. You'll have surely noticed that when each one dies, Lara says "nope" for some reason.


Anyway, jump up the W slope and enter the passage. Follow to the end, drop down and return to the hub room. Enter the NW side room for SECRET #3 and the GRENADE GUN. Stand at the gate entrance between the Poseidon statues for a remote camera shot. Break the camera by hopping down to the valley where two raptors are waiting. Search a bush next to the W tree for grenades. Note the closed trap door in the nearby mound and hop onto the low block against the N wall. Make your way counterclockwise along the perimeter by jumping from block to block, enduring the annoying fixed camera along the way.


When you reach the SW corner (Lara looks left just before you get there), take a running jump SE with a right curve to land in the alcove ahead. Pull down the wall switch to your right to open the trap door you noted earlier. Safety drop to the ground and jump into the water past the opened trap door. Swim down and follow around through the triangular opening to an open area where you can surface at the S wall. Pull out into a room with a bay of wall switches, a NE opening that's presently blocked by a force field, and a SW gated opening that Lara looks at when she gets near.


You can climb the blocks with the wall switches to access the corner alcoves for grenades and revolver ammo. Pull down the middle switch to open two of the SW gates and go there to push a button that drops the gate to your right. Go back, push the middle switch back up and pull down the switch on the right to open all of the SW gates. Go to the end of the SW passage for the GREEN KEY. You hear a warning sound when you pick it up, so ready a powerful weapon for the two lizard men that come to greet you.


Jump back into the N water hole and swim back to raptor valley. Go S into a larger area with a central pool where three more raptors are prowling about. After removing that threat, go to the closed S gate and climb the blocks to your left. Jump into the NW alcove and pull down the wall switch to open the S gate. Side flip right, hop back, enter and follow around for the REVOLVER. Note the poor guy crushed in the crevice with the dead raptor and return to the open area.


Run past the central pool to the waterfall and find the opening in the W wall to the left of the middle water flow. Pull up inside, loop around right and come out to a higher opening with a fixed camera. Step out onto the ledge, turn right and jump to the S ledge. Work your way to the S wall and jump to grab the crack. Shimmy left through another fixed camera, pull up into the opening and pull down the wall switch to open the W door in the central pool and summon a raptor.


Hang from the edge, continue to shimmy left along the crack until you reach the small triangular opening in the corner. Pull up inside and crawl forward for SECRET #4. Go around the room and collect 2 x uzi ammo, shotgun ammo, revolver ammo, a large medipack and flares. Return to the triangular opening and the ledge below, drop down to the valley floor and engage the raptor. Jump into the central pool and, even through you opened the W door with the wall switch, enter the S opening and come to a maze of sorts. Take the first right, an immediate left, grab the LASER SIGHT in the E alcove and go N to the wall. Turn left, follow to a corner panel, loop around it and come to a room with an underwater lever. Pull it to get a cut scene in a dark unfamiliar area.


Return the way you came to the central pool for air and pull out (we'll return later). Run N to the area with the mound and the trap door, hop up E to the wall at the palm tree and pull up into the hub room. Go straight forward past the fences and turn left to push a button to raise platforms you'll soon need. Go back and through the middle S opening (the one where the gate opened upon your approach). Turn around at the wall and jump to grab the ladder. Climb up to a red-tinted passage and face a gauntlet of swinging spike barrels.


First, grab 3 x uzi ammo in the alcove to your left. Step on the gray tile (one of three that act as a trigger to open a door) in the opposite alcove. Enter the red-tinted passage, step on the gray tile and run past the first spike barrel, then the second, step on the third gray tile to hear the sound of a door opening, then crouch and back up a bit to pick up the grenades. Enter the dark connecting passage, pick up shotgun ammo to your left and follow to a button at the end of the S side passage (where the door opened) to open a gate near a lava room.


Return to the main passage, grab the flares and lower Lara down the NE crawl space. Drop down to the temple entrance room and use the Green Key in the E receptacle. The door to your right opens to another swinging spike ball passage, but this one also has giant cigar cutters to negotiate at close quarters (but you can actually jump over them). Make your way past the traps to the opened gate you saw in the cut scene. Enter to a fixed camera and a warning sound. First, go around the room for a small medipack and 2 x uzi ammo, note the snake head receptacle in the N wall, then pick up the GOLDEN KEY on the central slab.


A lizard man lumbers into the room. Deal with him and get past the traps once again to the temple entrance room. The Golden Key doesn't fit the N receptacle, so go through the S opening (Lara looks right for no apparent reason as she enters) and follow to the room where you used breaktiles to get across earlier. Use the raised platforms this time to get across to the W hub room. Go straight W through the opened gateway between the Poseidon statues.


Drop down into raptor valley and go S to the central pool. Jump in and swim through the W opening for the first time. Follow to the other end, pull out and shoot a lizard man. Climb the SW ladder and back flip onto a balcony with a large medipack at the far end. Drop or climb back down to the floor and go down the NE ramp to a barren room. Pull the E pushblock onto the marked tile to start a brief earthquake.  


Go back up the ramp to the previous room and climb onto the block in the NW corner. Face E and stand jump to grab the balcony. Pull up, run to the far end and take a running jump SE to a veranda with an E wall switch. Pull it down to open a gate in the N wall, reverse roll and go to the break in the fence. Combine the laser sight and the revolver, look across the room and shoot the gem in the mounted lion's head.  The W door underneath the lion's head opens, so safety drop to the floor and go there.


In the next room loop around left and climb the corner block. Take a running jump N to grab the ledge jutting over the entrance, pull up and take a long running jump to grab the crack in the N wall. Shimmy left around the corner and pull up onto the column. Take another long running jump to grab the W ledge. Pull up to find a wall switch and a receptacle for your Golden Key. Place the key to open the door below you, then pull down the S wall switch to open a gate in the cut scene area we saw earlier.


Safety drop to the floor and step forward into the W room for the GEM OF APHOLIES. Exit E to the lower room, loop around left and climb onto the NW block. Jump to grab the higher E ledge and pull up to enter the N door you opened earlier. Slide down the ramp to face another trap consisting of swinging spike barrels and giant cigar cutters. This one is much easier, however. Pick up the large medipack and flares in the alcoves to your right and left, then simply crawl underneath the flame blowers to the right or left of the swinging spike barrels (pausing for uzi ammo held by the first skeleton) and side flip over the giant cigar cutters into the next room. 


Slide down E to the opening, run into the next room and look left to see the spike wall approaching you from the left. Wait for it to pass by and then simply vanish, pick up the MYSTICAL FLOWER at the N end of the hallway (the nearby crawl space isn't needed) and pull down the wall switch in the SE alcove to open the S gate. Loop around left in the next room to find a pushblock. Move it along the irregular floor to the vertical crack in the W wall, then push it one time S. Get up on it and use the S ladder surface to reach an upper alcove with a wall switch that opens another gate in the earlier cut scene area.


Hop down to the ledge and enter the W passage. Climb the ladder to an upper passage, and the door at the other end opens upon your approach. Safety drop to a familiar room and jump into the water hole against the E wall. Swim back to the central pool in raptor valley, pull out and run N to pull up E into the hub room. Run straight across and use the raised platforms in the pit to get across to the N hallway. Follow around to the next room with the column torches and negotiate the traps beyond the E opening once again to reach the snake-head receptacle in the next room.


Place the Gem of Apholies to open the N gates and go through either opening. Save your game, hang from the edge and pull up to give yourself a little extra running room to reach the jutting ledge with a difficult running jump and grab. Save again when you do it successfully. Climb the ladder in the N wall and back flip to an upper room. Go across to the S side where more traps await you.


Get past the row of giant cigar gutters and take a running jump to the E alcove for a small medipack. Note the closed W gate across the way, jump back to the previous ledge, jump S across the lava pit and crawl underneath the flame blowers to the next row of giant cigar cutters. Wait for the flame blower on the other side to subside, side flip over and immediately hit the crouch key. When it's safe, stand up and make your way along the ledges to the NW opening, being mindful of the debris falling from the ceiling. Get past the next set of traps, not as difficult as earlier, and climb the N ladder to an upper room.


Take a running jump over the spikes to land in the central hole against the N wall, slide down to a large room with a descending spike ceiling and quickly run forward to the wall switches. Pull down all three to open a trap door in the floor behind you and run there to drop into a lower passage. Follow to a wall switch that lifts another gate in the cut scene area. The gate to your right also opens and closes again as you pass through. Continue to a crawl space that leads you back to the room with the column torches.


I hate to tell you this, but you now need to negotiate the traps beyond the E opening yet a third time. What's more, in the next room you have to repeat that long running jump to the jutting N ledge. After doing so, climb the N ladder, back flip to the upper room, get past the first row of giant cigar cutters and look right to see that the gate you noted earlier is now open. Jump there and you also realize that this is the area you've been seeing in all those cut scenes.


Follow the W passage past the opened gates to the next room. Get on the W block and pull down the wall switch for a view of a now-accessible key in the hub room you may have seen earlier if you'd done some extracurricular exploration. The problem now is getting there. Return past the row of giant cigar cutters, jump to the ladder and climb down, jump S across the gap to grab the opening (much easier in this direction), pull up and negotiate the W traps yet again to reach the room with the column torches, go through the S opening to the hallway, use the raised platforms to get across the pit to the hub room, enter the SW opening and go around to claim the JADE KEY.


Retrace your steps, using the raised platforms to get back across the pit to the room with the column torches, and place the Jade Key in the N receptacle to open the adjacent door. Enter a room cluttered with blocks. Your reward for all the hard work you've done up to now is a rather laborious pushblock puzzle to celebrate the final stages of your adventure. Your goal is to move an upper block, presently in the E wall near the SE corner, all the way over to the NW corner so you can access a ceiling hole.


Begin by moving the lower pushblock in the row you face upon entering this room (there's only one) against the E face of the lone block in the E wall. You now have a bridge that allows you to pull the upper block from the E wall. Move the lower block around into the gap in the E wall, allowing you to start the upper block on the N leg of its journey. Pull the upper block three times, then get down and move the lower block to complete the bridge running E - W. Move the upper block as far as you can W, then push the lower block two times N and two times W to complete the bridge. Now you can move the upper block to its intended destination and use it to access the ceiling hole in the NW corner.


Face E, jump up to grab the ladder and climb up to an upper passage. Follow around and safety drop down the hole at the end into a room where foreboding music starts playing. Go across the room to find two GEMS OF APHOLIES on raised slabs flanking the N gates. Place the Gems in the nearby snake head receptacles to open, not the N gates but the W gates. Go there to find the Quad Bike but first, loop around right and pull down the wall switch to open the N gates, start an earthquake and cause debris to fall down from the ceiling.


Go to the main room and take the AMULET OF GODS from the central platform, return to the Quad Bike, mount it from the right side and drive it past the N gates and up the ramp as more debris falls. Continue up the right side to jump the gap and follow around left, jumping another gap as you make your way toward the green S wall. Dismount there and run right toward the W opening and up the ramp to your left. When you reach an opening that overlooks raptor valley, Lara's theme music starts playing.


Get down to the valley floor and approach the closed gate in the S wall. Place the Mystical Flower in the receptacle on the left to open the gate. Run up the ramp and go right to an outdoor area. Go around the central rock formation and up the W ramp to end the level.