Level by Drobridski


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth


NOTE: The builder has disabled the save/load functions. If you wish to level the playing field a bit by enabling these features, an anonymous player has provided the following tip: Download the builder's first level, Plum Uncle, use the script.dat file provided for that game rather than the one for this game, rename angkor.tr4 in the data folder as library.tr4, and rename 006.wav in the audio folder as 108.wav.



Side flip right immediately after the game loads to avoid the descending spike ball. There's a compass in the corner, but you already have one. The extras you'll find as you progress are apparently intended as secrets. There's a crack in the wall you can jump up and grab, but there's nowhere to shimmy to. Exit SW but don't jump up the green slope (death trap below). Pull up on the left side of the adjacent slope, slide and jump off with a left curve to the next slope, slide and jump off with a right curve to the last slide and slide down safely.


Don't try to jump over the lava trench, but jump up to grab the crack in the W wall, shimmy right around the corner and drop. Go up the oversized steps and ramp to find a floating skull. When you acquire it you hear the sound of a door opening. Go back the way you came past the lava trench. Lara won't pull up onto the low slope on this side, and if you jump head-on you'll land on a death tile, so jump at an angle onto the slope and use the same technique as before with curved jumps to get back across.


The opened door is in the E wall of the beginning room, and another compass has magically appeared. Safety drop to the next room, which looks suspiciously familiar to the first one. Another compass is there for the taking. Exit SW and repeat the same tasks described earlier.


After you've endured this ritual a total of five times, you'll find a message at the opened door: Perseverence will always prevail! The next sequence is timed, but there's no warning of this. If you take too long you'll be set aflame, but the timer is generous.


Drop down and slide into darkness. When you reach the bottom, reverse roll and run into a room in the style of Angkor Wat. Go to the back left column, pull up W onto the platform and run jump onto the next one. Stand jump up to the corner of the next one, go around the corner and run jump SW to the ledge. Jump up to grab the crack, shimmy left around two corners and drop down the other side. Turn around and stand jump to the next platform and take a running jump SE onto the slope. Slide and grab and shimmy left to the corner. Pull up and back flip to the next platform. Jump up to grab the crack in the column and shimmy left around two corners to the platform on the other side. Drop down and take a running jump N to the flat ledge ahead. Turn right, run through the phantom wall and slide down to the beginning room. Follow the instructions on the wall to end this madness.