Level by LionGirl_90

Walkthrough by Treeble

Lara, in a dashing red variant of her Legend outfit, begins in series of hedgy pathways. As you run through the initial one, shoot the vases on the left for a small medipack and notice the locked door ahead, we'll be back promptly. Taking the branch to the right, collect the flares from the floor depression and dive into the pool ahead.

Swim through the narrow crack at the bottom then make a hairpin to the left side and locate the hard spot GOLD KEY on the ground, between the bushes. Before returning back to the surface, swim past to the opposite side and through a narrow opening on the ceiling to find the SILVER DRAGON (

Backtrack to the locked door and use your key to gain access to a bike. Ride along the hedgy pathway, doing your best to dodge trees and pools alike, until you get to the beach. You can go for a dip and retrieve a small medipack in the back, if you like. Hop back on the bike and follow the side passage, riding by a pool with flares and up a steep slope in the end.

Ride down the stairway and park your bike there for a while. Grab the large medipack in the pool and then shoot the two trash bins to climb up and over the small hedgy wall behind them. Go right to the next yard and drop into a hole right in front of the gun shop.

Crawl inside to reach another area of this resort hotel and retrieve some supplies from the pools, then locate the triangular underwater passage in the NE one (behind flares). Swim in and you'll end up in a small cave-like area, make an angled jump to grab the edge of the grey block in the back and crawl up.

Follow the corridor to the next area and notice the monkey swing on the ceiling. There's nothing on the water below, but if you fall you can climb back up easily from the top of the sunken stairway. Swing all the way to the end of the monkey swing, then turn right and let go. As you slide, jump while steering to the left to land on the slope, slide backwards and grab the edge. Shimmy all the way to the right, then backflip with a mid air roll steering to the left to land on the next slope, and immediately backflip (no roll or grab). You should land right on top of the green block. (savegame)

In the next cave, climb up through a hole in the ceiling and wade across the corridor. Go around the wall and again climb to a higher level where you can shoot a fuse box and activate a switch inside to open a gate back in the area with the pools. Retrace your steps back there.

Head inside the building for some ammo right by the beds, then to the the next room with the two couches. There's an opening in the ceiling through which you can crawl and collect the JADE DRAGON (
SECRET #2). Drop back down and head into the next room, which looks like a bathroom with no doors, and collect the GOLD KEY from the floor.

We're done here, so head back through the crawlspace on the West wall and open the gun shop with the key you just got. Grab the ammo and weapons inside and activate the jump switch on the wall to the right to open the path to your bike.

Retreat a little further to your bike and ride all the way to the end, where you will be forced to leave the bike behind to climb up a hedge wall. Get the small medipack from the vases and dive to swim through the floor and emerge inside a grotto, where two tigers will face you. In the back side of the room, climb through an opening in the ceiling and as you do, you'll hear mutant wasps approaching.

Use the highest tree trunk to reach the ground level above and zoom by the shacks, dealing with a series of wild animals along the way. In the end, go through a small opening on the West end for a series of simple jumps. First do a running jump to grab the ledges on the left side, then grab the slope on the other end and jump and grab the ladder from the end of the slide. Keep making your way up and past the hanging block you'll see your goal, the GOLD KEY. Dive into the water and quickly back out as a crocodile now lurks around.

Back out to the previous area and use the key on the nearby lock. Kill the dinosaur, then crawl to the next open area, where more dinosaurs roam free. Try to also clear the water of crocodiles as we'll be doing a bit of swimming next. First, swim to the SE corner to locate a narrow passage with a blue face texture, swim into it and you'll find the HAND OF ORION. Then, swim to the other end, past the green rocks in the NE corner, and locate a deeper hole housing the last GOLD KEY.

As you go back to surface, you might find a new mutant wasp flying above your head. Locate the closed doors on the NW side and use the Hand of Orion to unlock the GOLD DRAGON (
SECRET #3), and then proceed to unlock the other door nearby. Go inside, weapons at the ready, as you deal with any and all threats in your path. There is a large medipack in one of the vases, should you need it. In the back garden, kill the dinosaurs in your path and find a jump switch on the backside of a column on the right side.

You'll hear another dinosaur trotting by, you'll shortly find it as you retrace your steps back to the previous open area. A gate is now open in the South end, just beyond the two rowboats, so head inside, past the colored statues, and claim the ARTIFACT before you walk out the exit. I suppose Lara could have just entered from this side instead, but the adventure lies within the journey and all that, eh?