Level by Scourge05


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett TV's video walk



Begin in front of a dark opening. Refrain from turning around and climbing the NW bridge support to see what's on the other side, as you'll find yourself stuck with nowhere to go.  Likewise, you can grab up to the S ledge, but there's nothing up there. As you enter the opening you hear the sound of spikes being activated around the corner, and two natives attack from behind you.


Stand on the ledge overlooking the spikes, just right of the hanging vine, and take a running jump E to land on a slope. Slide and jump

off to grab the N climbing wall. Shift right and drop down onto a block. Turn right and take a running jump E over the spikes to grab the next climbing wall. Shift right and drop down into a passage leading into an open outdoor area.


Run straight forward until you encounter another native. Go back toward the entrance, loop around right just before you get there and pull up S past the foliage onto a stable ledge. Walk forward and pull down the wall switch to open a nearby door. Drop down and go back S past the dead native to find the open door. Enter a jungle area and run forward past the large tree and look right just before the green wall to see a crawl space up past a mound. Jump up there, crawl through and follow to a room with a statue.


Use the short ledge in front of the statue to reach the upper ledge where you'll find the RED CRYSTAL on a plinth. Drop back down and exit via the crawl space. Slide down to the jungle and head right in a generally SE and then SW direction until you eventually come to a dead end with a wall switch that opens another nearby door. Go back the way you came and turn left at the N wall to find the opened door.


Enter an underground lake area and jump into the water on the right side. Swim past the first two pillars and turn right to find a small opening partially obscured by vegetation. Enter, turn right and follow to SECRET #1 and 2 x small medipack. Return, turn left and pull out onto the ledge. Stand left and take a running jump W onto the block. Turn right and take a running jump onto the slope. Jump off immediately, grab the N wall, shift left and drop down onto a block. Hop to the W ledge, hang from the edge and shimmy left along the crack (or crawl through), pull up at the other end and jump SE onto the block. Hop to the SE corner block and pull down the wall switch to lift a platform somewhere.


Jump into the water and swim back to the ledge. Pull out and run back the way you came to the large outdoor jungle area. Turn right when you get there and enter the E opening. Make your way clockwise around the ledge and jump W to grab the higher block. Pull up and find a wall switch that opens a door in some remote area. Get down, and since there's nothing in the water but a closed N gate, exit to the jungle area and run all the way across to find a N opening to the area you just now saw in the cut scene.


Jump into the water, swim across and pull out onto a flat spot right or left in front of the opened door and enter the building to shoot a bat. Pull up W, then N, and pull down the wall switch at the end of the short passage. Go back, exit the building, jump into the water and locate the floor hole at the SE corner. Swim past the opened trap door and pull out into another building.


Run S up the dirt mound and jump to the E ledge. Go around to find a wall switch on the near pillar. Pull it down for an underwater cut scene. Go to the next pillar and pull down a second wall switch for a similar cut scene. Hop to the ledge with the statue for shotgun ammo, and since you can't shimmy past the statue, go back around to the W ledge to find two more wall switches. When the last one has been pulled you see an underwater door opening in the cut scene. Get more shotgun ammo on this side of the statue and drop down in front of the water hole.


Swim back N, pull out E and return to the outdoor jungle area. Continue across to the E section you visited earlier and jump into the water when you get there. The N door you noted earlier is now open, so swim inside and pull out at the end of the short passage. Run forward into an outdoor area and cross the bridge (jumping to the platforms you raised) to another room with a statue. This one comes to life when you approach the E crawl space, so pause to deal with it. Pick up the uzi ammo and small medipack on the ledge where it was standing.


Crawl into the floor crawl space and follow around to the next room. Flames erupt behind you as you exit, making escape via the same route impossible. A spike ceiling is descending, so quickly pull both wall switches to open the S exit door. Note the suspended boulder and save your game. Run E down the ramp and turn right at the corner. In the next open area two natives attack, and one of them drops shotgun ammo. Continue W, and the opening on the right leads to the SHOTGUN


Jump into the water hole at the end of the passage and swim N past a closed door. Continue to an underwater lever that opens the door, go back and work your way past two circular blade traps. Pick up the SANCTUARY KEY before pulling out and go up the E ramp to an opening that overlooks a waterfall area. Hop over the slope into the water below and pull up onto the E ledge for shotgun ammo and a small medipack.


Go through the E opening between the waterfalls and come to a lake area with a fixed camera. Hit the look key to break the camera, turn right and find flares in the SW corner. The monkeys are friendly, so jump E to one of the platforms, continue to the smaller central platform and hop to the far ledge. Pull down the wall switch to open an underwater door near the NE corner, jump into the water, find the small opening and swim along the passage to a shaft. Swim up, surface and pull out in front of a door that opens automatically. Step out to deal with a native, pick up the uzi ammo he drops and find 2 x shotgun ammo on a nearby limb and near the NW tree.


Enter the SW crawl space for flares and continue to a room with an unfriendly monkey. Grab the large medipack and small medipack on either side of the statue, note the closed door in the NW corner and find a pushblock in the SW corner. Pull it back to reveal a floor crawl space. Crawl around to a spike trench and flame blowers. Jump up to grab the ceiling and monkey swing past the two flame blowers. Drop down at the end, pull down the wall switch to open the door in the previous room and go back the same way you came.


Loop around left to the opened NW door and go down the ramp to a room with a low ceiling. Drop down through the hole in the floor to a lower room you explored earlier and open the NW door by placing the Red Crystal in the hard-to-see snake-head receptacle to the right of it. When you step into the next room, side doors open and three natives emerge.  Pull down wall switches in two of the alcoves to open the door in the third alcove.


Torches light up as you step inside, and four more natives come to the attack. Go to the NE opening and come to an outdoor area with deadly water. Stand left and jump N to grab the slope. Pull up, slide and jump to the safe corner block. Take a running jump E to the slope, jump back and forth between the two slopes, using the arrow key until you land on a flat ledge. Hop up SE and climb the block to a ladder. Climb up, shift left and drop onto a ledge. Take a running jump N to the next ledge and continue to a room with a grated floor and a descending spike ceiling.


You can either go back into the opening and wait for the ceiling to come down and disappear, or you can quickly run forward and pull down the first four wall switches (counting from left to right) to open the floor trap door in the center of the room. Jump in and swim E into a room with a spike wall immediately ahead of you. Make a sharp right and pull the underwater lever to open the S door so you can swim through, surface and pull out left before the spike wall arrives.

Shoot two crocodiles on the other side of the ledge.


Jump into the water and swim carefully and tightly around the SE corner. If the current grabs you you'll be dragged onto death tiles. Pull the underwater lever in the N wall and swim around in a wide counterclockwise loop, keeping close to the walls, to another underwater lever in the S wall. Pull it to turn off the current and take the second SANCTUARY KEY from the raised slab. Swim up past the opened trap door and pull out E into a familiar area.


Go through the SW crawl space once more, continue down the NW ramp in the next room and drop down through the floor hole. Go to the large SW door and place the Sanctuary Keys to open it. Follow around the lattice fence, approach the plinth and watch out for falling debris as two natives try to push you off the narrow ledge. Take the explosive arrows from the plinth and go through the N doorway to awaken a statue. Ran past it, and it may get stuck in the doorway to save you some ammo. Go to the RED CRYSTAL and pick it up. Place it in the N snake-head receptacle to open the door and slide down to an outdoor campsite.


Go past the tent on the right side to avoid the flaming barrel (after picking up the flares on the tree root) and note the crouching but harmless natives. Jump toward the waiting helicopter to end the level.