Level by Astraf


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett TV's video walk



Begin in what appears to be a jail cell. Pick up the flares in the doorway and pull up N into a crawl space. Crawl to the other end and drop down into a bathroom. Open the door and step out into Bay D. Go across and open the opposite door to the shower room for a small medipack and uzi ammo. Pull the cabinet from the SW corner to reveal an opening. Pull up for SECRET #1 and follow around for desert eagle ammo and a large medipack.


Return to Bay D and go N to alert a dog and an MP (uzi ammo). Go out to the helicopter landing pad and find more uzi ammo near the crates. Another MP arrives on the scene, or you may not encounter him until a bit later. Shoot the S trash can for a small medipack and grab the nearby uzi ammo. Go up the NE ramp, shoot the wooden barriers (for later) and drop down onto the SW corner block. Take a running jump E over the water and grab the next block. Shimmy left around the corner and pull up for desert eagle ammo. Hop N to the ledge, walk around to the other end and jump to the NE triangular opening to find the BLUE LIQUID inside.


Jump into the water and find another triangular opening in the W wall that contains shotgun ammo. Pull out on the nearby ledge and return to the helicopter pad. Let's first explore the W section of Bay D. Note the closed NW garage door that requires a key, then go around left to the open section of the glass windows. Loop around right, note the closed door requiring a key card in the SW bay and continue around the corner to see the motorbike beyond a closed gate. This is where you'll encounter the MP if he didn't show up earlier.


Leave this area and go over to the E section of Bay D. Go up the ramp and meet an MP (small medipack) at the first landing. Go S where he came from to Bay E and go outside onto the catwalk. Pass the radar stations to the W and turn left into the second opening. Shoot the fuse box and pull down the wall switch to raise a waste bin back inside the first opening. You'll go there later for a secret, so for now exit this room and continue N along the W wall.


Hop over the fence at the end, shoot the wooden barrier ahead and take a running jump N to grab the crawl space. Pull up inside and follow around to a storage room. Pull the dead guard away from the alcove to reveal the GARAGE KEYS. Return and drop down from the crawl space in front of the garage door. Open it and shoot the small crate inside for the UZIS. Pull up onto the ledge behind the truck, pick up the PETROL CANISTER and mount the motorbike.


Drive outside and go SE to the E section of Bay D. Go up the ramp to the first landing, turn right and go up the short ramp to raise another waste bin for no discernible purpose. Dismount to pick up the GREY CARD KEY, then drive back outside and to the W section of Bay D. Park the motorbike in front of the SW bay and lift the gate with the Grey Card Key. Enter on foot and crawl S underneath the laser to Bay C.


Shoot the MP and go W down either corridor to the back. Loop around and place the Blue Liquid in the receptacle to lift an underwater gate. Reverse roll and jump into the water hole surrounded by the wooden barriers and swim S. Loop around left for the SATELLITE ACCESSOR and return for air. Swim S again, loop around right, take the left fork at the W intersection and follow the wall clockwise for uzi ammo. Go back for air once more, take the right fork this time and follow around for SECRET #2. Pick up the DESERT EAGLE and desert eagle ammo and return for air.


Pull out and go to the E end of Bay C. Exit N past the laser and return on foot to the E section of Bay D. Go up the ramp and loop around right at the first landing to Bay E. Go outside W and into the first opening where you raised the waste bin earlier. Use it to pull up onto the E ledge. Hop up NE onto a higher ledge and take a banana jump N around the fenced barrier. Follow the ledge to SECRET #3 and pick up the small medipack, uzi ammo, shotgun ammo and the SHOTGUN.


Go back, take a banana jump to get around the fence and hop down to the lower ledge. Run forward and turn left into the large fenced area with a strange central structure. Note the Stealth jet craft parked on the roof of the adjacent building. Hop to the top of the central structure and down into the hole. Push the S button to raise a small rocket in the bay next to the raised waste bin. Go there and enter the bay. Pull back the dead soldier to reveal the KNIFE.


Use the waste bin to climb up E once more, loop around left and take a running jump W to grab the ledge with the larger radar screen. Pull up and place the Satellite Accessor in the receptacle to move the radar screen. Go to the revealed floor hole, pick up the nearby flares, hang from the edge and note the flaming grill down below. Shimmy around to the W edge, drop and grab twice and pull up into the lower crawl space for the YELLOW LIQUID.


Drop down the other side and push the button to raise the small rocket in this second bay you visited earlier. Exit and shoot the guard, then use the raised waste bin next to the first bay to get back to the floor hole near the large radar screen. Hang from the W edge and this time drop and grab only once. Pull up into the crawl space, drop down the other side and shoot the waiting MP.


Hop down into a room with a giant spinning fan and shoot the dog. Climb the S chain and back flip into an upper duct. Follow to another chain, run off to grab it, slide down and find yourself on the other side of that giant spinning fan. Pull the dead soldier away from the RED CARD KEY and return via the chains to the previous area. Pull up in a crouched position in the W opening to avoid the laser, crawl around to a control room and hop down for shotgun ammo.


Go around to the NE alcove and place the Red Key Card in the receptacle to lift a gate. Crawl back through the laser passage, lower Lara down the other side and drop down. Use the chain to get to the upper duct, run to the N end and go left up the W ramp. Shoot the MP, slide down the chain at the other end to a passage guarded by another MP and go W past the sliding contraption. Place the Yellow Liquid in the receptacle to open an underwater gate.


Safety drop twice to the room below, jump into the familiar water hole and swim S, looping around right toward the opened gate. Surface there and pull out W. Loop around right to shoot the guard, then use the knife to pry the PIPE off the W wall. Swim back the way you came, pull out at the back end of Bay C and go E to the exit passage guarded by the laser. Return to the motorbike, combine the Pipe and the Petrol Canister and place the SPECIAL PETROL on the motorbike. Drive out to the helicopter pad and gun the motorbike (action + sprint keys) up the E ramp to clear the gap and end the level.