Level by Scourge05


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of Doggett TV's video walk


Note: If you want to get rid of an annoying looping track, delete 129.wav from your audio folder.



Slide down to an underground area, which I'll call the hub room. Turn right into a lava room and go around right to jump S to grab a protruding ledge. Pull up, turn right and climb the ladder to an upper passage. Pick up the SHOTGUN at the corner and continue around to an opening. Jump S to a ledge, shoot two baby spiders and hop to the S platform for a large medipack. Hop back and search the ledge for a small medipack and uzi ammo. Jump down to a flat surface either at the NE or the NW corner and jump with the grab to the lower S ledge.


Find a pushblock and push it all the way W to open the E door. First, jump to the S platform for uzi ammo, then stand at the E entrance facing W and save your game. Slide down back backwards, step forward and immediately jump back up the slope as a boulder comes crashing down. Turn around and jump to grab the ladder. Climb over the top, and without sliding jump with a midair twist and jump off the facing slope with the action key depressed to land safely without bumping your head. As you step off left you hear spikes snapping. Save your game again.


Jump into the water and carefully swim E between the tips of the spikes to the far wall. Turn left and as you enter the next room turn right or left into the corner alcove while a spike wall passes by. You can't surface for air here, so quickly swim N over the spikes (the face tiles to the left of the spikes are deadly) and all the way to the wall as another spike wall advances from your right while at the same time a spike ceiling is descending. Take refuge in the right or left corner, and when both hazards have gone, swim up toward the ceiling and then S to the wall opening. Pause for the UZIS if you have time, or come back and get them after surfacing for air.


Pull out of the shaft and the door ahead opens automatically. In the next room get past the swinging spike bag for the INFERNAL CRYSTAL, awakening a demigod. As you enter the E corridor a block rises behind you and spike bags start swinging. What's more a spike is coming toward you, and the side alcoves are all lava pits. Hang from the edge of a nearby lava alcove until the spike wall passes by, then pull up and get past the spike bags to the W slope. Save your game.


Slide down and jump to activate the jump switch. A cut scene shows a gate lifting somewhere. Go around the corner at the closed door and climb up onto a ledge in a familiar area. Run NE across the corner and jump to grab the N opening. Pull up, run forward and drop down into the lava room you visited at the beginning of the level. Get down to the hub room and find the lifted E gate. Go inside and deal with three ninjas. Find the snake-head receptacle in the left alcove and insert the Infernal Crystal to open a door in the N room of the hub room.


Go there and in the next room pick up the large medipack. Locate the pushblock and move it to the other corner where the medipack was. A door opens up in the N wall, so get on the block and jump into the opening. Follow past a closed door (and an invisible block) to another lava room. Jump the ledges counterclockwise (that grated tile is deadly) and continue with jumps off two slopes to land on a safe ledge. Jump E to grab the higher ledge and pull up. Walk up N and take a running jump NE to a jutting ledge, pick up the uzi ammo and run jump SE to a ledge around the corner. Take a final jump to the NE corner and pull the switch to open a trap door (that grated tile I mentioned earlier). Hop back, safety drop down to the ledge, turn around and jump from the edge into the water hole.


Swim along the short passage and pull out at the other end in front of a lava trench. Take a curved running jump NE into an alcove, but stop right there because of the activated flame blower. When the flames subside, jump N to grab the flaming slope. Pull up as the flames are beginning to subside, slide and jump to a corner ledge. Turn left and face an opening with more flames, beyond which is a swinging spike bag. Time a running jump W into the right corner of the opening, time another jump past the spike bag and turn right to face a swinging blade.


Stand at the edge facing NE and stand jump in front of the circular blade trap when the swinging blade swishes to your left. Side flip past the circular blades and go up the ramp to another lava trench. Hop NE to the flat spot to alert two Tinnos wasps, reverse roll and hop back to the ramp to give yourself more fighting room. Hop back to the flat spot and time a jump SE past the flame blower to a slope. Jump back and forth between the facing slopes as debris falls from the ceiling, using the arrow key to bring you to a flat ledge. Back up to the wall as another Tinnos wasp attacks.


Time another jump SE past a flame blower to the safe corner alcove. Face the swinging blade and take a running jump N past it. Follow the winding passage to the W opening and vault onto the raised slab for the MASK OF CHAOS. Search the N and S walls for a small medipack and uzi ammo, then slide down W to a door that opens for you. To the right is a lava room you've already explored, so go left and hop down to another room you visited earlier. Return S to the hub room and turn left into the E side room.


Use the Mask of Chaos to open one of the eye doors and enter an underground area with ice pillars. Climb the ledges ahead and pick up the ICE CARBON. Turn around to see that the ice has turned to gold and note that the floor is now deadly. Light a flare to see the translucent platforms and use them to reach the W ledge. Go to the N end, jump NE to the next translucent platform and hop into the N opening. Follow the dark and winding passage to a large open area (the Underworld Pit, one assumes) where you hear the fluttering wings of three approaching Tinnos wasps


Note the floor lever enveloped in flames and go around the outer ledge in a counterclockwise direction. Watch out for the many gaps in this dark area and hop toward the chain that's bathed in a blue light. Go past it to the SE corner and hop to the nearby ledge for SECRET #1. Pick up the grenade gun ammo and 2 x shotgun ammo, then back flip to the previous ledge. Ignore the chain on this side and go back around clockwise, taking a final running jump to grab the ledge with the N chain. Pull up and ignore this chain as well for the moment. At this point, since I was out of flares and since there are none to be found here, I manufactured an unlimited supply by using the GUNS cheat. Your choice.


Your objective is the ladder you can off to the distance near the NE corner. Hop to the nearby ledge, hang from the edge and shimmy right to the other side, pull up and take a curved running jump to grab the ladder. Climb to the bottom, drop (it's safe) and go around to find a wall switch. Pulling it provides no clue as to what may have just happened. Climb back up the ladder, shift left as far as possible near the top, and back flip onto the previous ledge. Shimmy left to the other side as before, pull up and jump back to the ledge with the chain.


Slide down the chain to alert two more Tinnos wasps, then locate the pushblock and move it onto the marked tile next to the SE pillar. A cut scene shows a door opening. Pull the wall switch on the NW pillar (again, with no clue as to what happened) and climb the chain to back flip onto the upper ledge. The flames surrounding the floor lever have disappeared, so jump to the S pillar and from there SE to the central ledge. A force field keeps you from getting to the artifact on the block, so loop around and jump SW to the pillar with the floor lever. Push it, turn around and take a running jump to grab the S ledge.


Pull up, turn left and make your way with running jumps and grabs to the E wall switch that's bathed in light. Shoot two Tinnos wasps in the distance (for some reason they didn't approach in my game) and jump S to where they were. Go through the opened eye door for SECRET #2 and shoot two more Tinnos wasps that aren't bashful as the others were. Go around the floor hole (you can drop down into it but you can't get back out) and pick up the GRENADE GUN, explosive crossbow arrows, the CROSSBOW and 2 x shotgun ammo.


For another secret, exit this room and jump back to the N ledge. From the lower NE corner, take a running jump NE down to a lower ledge. Follow the ledge N past the ladder for SECRET #3. Pick up 2 x revolver ammo and shotgun ammo and wait for the inevitable pair of Tinnos wasps. Return to the ladder, climb it on the right side, pull up, note for later the opening ahead and turn left. Go N and jump over to what looks like a sundial. Climb the ladder to the left of it. At the top, hop NE to the adjacent triangular ledge and activate the jump switch on the other side. Wait for the arrival of the Tinnos wasps and go back S to where there's a ledge jutting out W. Take a running jump NW to the platform with the raised block, go to the NW corner and take a running jump with grab down to a block with the wall switch you used earlier, go around to the left and climb the long ladder.


Shift left near the top and back flip onto the ledge. Make your way back to the ledge with the chain as you did earlier, jump to grab the S pillar and continue to the central SE section. The force field has been removed from the block, so you can now hop up and get the WATER CRYSTAL. Get down and jump from the SE corner to the ledge with the floor lever. Jump across to the S ledge with the chain. Pull up and make your way E along the ledges to the platform with another used wall switch.


Take a running jump from the NE corner down to the lower ledge and follow N to the ladder. Climb up and enter the E passage, follow to the next room and use the Water Crystal to open the eye door. Slide down to end the level.