Level by nusretsirin.

Walkthrough by G&D productions.

Mentioned savegames are in this Saves Folder.


Go forward along the path and drop down at the waterfall, climb out into the tunnel at the other side and follow through to a deep cave, hop left around the corner and then jump and grab the rope. Swing to the opposite side and jump into the cave opening (N), climb up the ladder at the other end and shoot two Tigers in the area with the Ruins. You need some keys for the gate. If you go up S behind the brook and up the hill behind the tree, you’ll find a small medipack.

Getting Inside.

Don’t go check out left of the Temple; there are illegal slopes you’ll never get out of. Instead go for that big tree right of the Temple and up the ladder, walk the leaf cover straight ahead (E) (hop left around the corner) and jump over to the tree E, go left and run jump/grab the climb wall (N), left around the corner and down to the leaves below. Jump around the corner and jump over to the ledge N, to the tree left and onwards to the wall of the Temple.

Go around to the other side and grab a small medipack from the N end of the wall (behind the plant cover). Back to the front and over the bridge to the entrance on the right (W); watch out for a spike pit inside…  Grab the plants on the ceiling to get over that one and take a left, go down a pole and find a small medipack next to the campfire where the skeleton is (S). Now go to the pool in that underground chamber.

Swim into a tunnel E, get out for Secret #1, Revolver ammo and Flares. Swim back to the pool.

Huge Temple, Gaining Access.

Swim into the opening N, follow through left and climb out into a large temple courtyard. Go up the rocky path far right (NW) and grab up to the wall, hop right onto the arch over the entrance and grab up to the roof S, shimmy left around to the front and drop on a block. Throw the lever there to open a gate in the courtyard below.  

For a Secret: grab back up to the roof and go left around the corner to where you cannot go further, pull up and back flip/roll steering hard right to land on a branch. Go to the other end and stand left, run jump with a right hand curve over the slanted part, landing on another branch. Hop and grab the edge of the roof there and shimmy left around the corner to some roots below, drop there and go into the niche, to the left is Secret #2, Shotgun ammo and a small medipack.

Make your way down safely and get back into the NW corner where that entrance opened up. Follow in and come to a steep slope in the dark end, not a real problem if you accidentally run onto the slope, you’ll have to go down anyway. It’s a pit below a set of broken Cutters. Climb a ladder S to the ledge above, jump over to the N end and get a flyby of a huge cave as you enter.

Open the Gates.

Left are closed Gates, so take a right (E) at the crossing and shoot the Bats, then enter the cave. Go straight to the cave E and run jump right to grab the crack, go left and around the corner to pull up on the corner ledge, run jump W and grab the crack in the pillar. First shimmy back, then right a bit and pull up in the niche to get the Shotgun ammo. Hang out and shimmy left around corners to a crawlspace, get in. Pull up straight, then left up the climb wall and on the terrace pull a block out of the N wall twice. Hop on the block, grab up to the ledge above and run jump to grab the opening SE. Pick up Flares and go around the corner to jump out to the tree.

Go around the corner and run jump into the niche N to flip the lever opening a gate. Safety drop down, get back on the push block and grab back up to the ledge. Hop into the open gate and jump right around the corner to where a big lever will open the Big Gates as a flyby will show. The shortest way there is through the crawlspace behind you, you can run jump and grab there from the square right of the lever (ceiling higher). At the end of the crawlspace do two safety drops down and grab the Shotgun ammo, drop one more time and you are on a tiny ledge above a pool. Hop down and swim down into the tunnel, up at the end and climb out, up once more and then left up the climb wall to get to a tunnel leading to the cave with the Big Gate. Pick up the Medipack just before the edge and stand right to run jump over to the bridge. Go to the right through the Gates.

The Engraved Key.

Follow through to where a flyby shows a high room. Go up in the fare left corner (SE) (S wall), grab up to the ledge on the right, run jump W and grab up right. At the other end of the ledge climb up left and find a push block, push it in and grab up left into a passage. At the end of that is a lever opening a small gate on ground floor.

Get back down, make your way down to the ground floor and enter the gate E. left (NE), next to a lever are Flares, use one so you can spot the Engraved Key on the ground between the two levers E, then throw the left lever to open a small gate further up into the main room.

For a Secret, back in the room (W) light a flare and go into the window SW, there’s a push block S you can push twice, go in right and pick up Secret #2, Revolver ammo.

Using the Engraved Key. 

Use the same route again up to the W ledge and then instead of left, jump and grab up right. Then to a crack E and shimmy right to that open gate. Inside follow through and slide down to the upper level of that cave with the broken Cutters and grab the crack in the right hand wall, go left and drop at the other end. Go left and into the passage (E) and follow through to a lever opening the gate left of you, two Tigers will come, shoot them and enter the Temple Courtyard again. Loop around right and use the key on the gate there

The Arena, Two Gates, Two Gate Keys.

Follow the corridor and at the crossing go straight S (closed gates left) to come to a large arena. The gate will drop shut behind you, shoot the incoming Bat and the lever on this ledge will switch the gates S and W.

In Random order, W Gate, Gate Key 1:

Don’t touch the lever, but go down the ladder right of it to the bottom of the Arena, to the right, next to the pile of cages and skeletons is a small medipack. Hop onto the nearby fallen pillar, then run jump onto the pillar supporting the ledge (S). Run jump to the open gate on the right (W), run up the slope and stay in the centre, duck in the hole in the floor to let the boulders pass overhead and proceed up the slope.

Courtyard with the Tree house, Push Puzzle. 

When you step down, a flyby takes over, go to the ground floor and right to the N side pool, swim into the tunnel E and throw the UW lever left at the gate, blocking the way back. So, swim to the S side pool and get out, back into the N side pool and into the tunnel again, left into the open gate and up into a push block room. Push the block in front once, turn right (S) and push that one all the way into a niche to have it out of the way. Go left and left around the corner to push a block N as far as it goes and you are at a lever (#1), throw it and see a gate open in the tree house. Turn around and back into the passage (perhaps light also a flare) push the block right (the first one you pushed), all the way to the water. Turn around and run straight against a block in the E wall, pull it once. Turn around and loop left around till you come to that same block again and push it once into the passage (N) where the lever is already used. Turn right and go into the new passage you opened to come to a lever (#2), throw it and see another gate open in the tree house.

Go back and straight W to the block in front of the water hole, pull it twice. Turn left and loop right around to get back to the water hole left of the block and swim back to the N pool.

Get out; go to the ladder SW and climb up to the ledge. Turn around and grab up to the monkey climb, follow that into the tree house and use the button straight ahead to open a first set of gates. Hop into the pool; get out and up a ladder NW. Run jump to the ledge W and shimmy along the edge to get to the other side of the pillar from where you can run jump and grab the tree house floor; push the second button.

Hop back and safety drop out onto the tree roots and head for the open gates W, the traps will only activate after taking the Key. Face the exit an pick up the Gate Key, look where the swing blades are attached to the ceiling and pass with jump along the other side. Go up E to the exit and down to the Arena, the earthquake will end when you reach that place (savegame.0). Run jump to the ledge, go down to the ground floor and up the ladder N to throw the lever on that ledge switching between the gates.


S Gate, Gate Key 2:

Go back down, from the fallen pillar N you can jump to the pillar S again, get onto the ledge and go into the gate S. At the spike pit jump and grab the crack right, shimmy left to a sloped part and pull up, back flip/roll and grab the crack in the other wall, Go right around the corner before you drop and come to another Spike pit. Stand right and jump up to grab the monkey climb, go forward to a crack and turn right to drop and grab the crack. Go left and into the niche and turn around. Run jump over to the opposite side and grab the crack, drop sown to another crack and go right to the niche and run jump/grab back to the other side, go left around the pillar picking up a small medipack behind the pillar and hop out right to the floor. Around the corner are parts of columns right, jump behind them to find Flares, then go up the wide slope and get a flyby, ending with the Revolver on top of a structure 

Push Block Puzzle.

Left around, SW is Shotgun ammo, then go to the opposite corner, NE and onto the pile of dirt to jump and grab a climb wall, go up and straight to the end. Slide out backwards (easiest), grab and pull up, back flip (no Ctrl) onto a ledge. From a low block on the right (NW) run jump to an arch N and climb into the window for a Medipack.

Jump back to the ledge, jump into the opening in the middle of the S wall and find a pushable cage right, push it twice. Go back and hop left onto the ledge and from the block NW you can run jump and grab an opening in the W wall. Go up the slope and left around the corner drop down, pick up a small medipack and push the cage out of the passage (N), down to the floor below. Hop out right to the ledge, from the block NW you can run jump and grab the same opening in the W wall again. Go up the slope a bit and grab up left into a window. Run jump out to the higher ledge of the central structure.

Get onto the broken block left (NE), run jump with a curve (no Ctrl) from the corner block into the opening in the N wall, crawl through and follow to another cage, push it as far as it goes. Return and jump out onto the central structure. Run jump into the opening SE and climb over the cage and push it out of the passage to the ground floor. To get down to the ground floor I jumped from the ledge N down onto the arch and slid down either side.

Timed run for the Key.

Move the cages through the trench to the lower tiles right and left of the gate N and a gate opens on the top floor of the central structure. So make your way back up; pile of dirt NE, climb wall, out to the first floor ledges and from the block NW into the opening NW, up the slope a bit and up left into the window to jump out onto the second floor ledges. The open gate is S and inside is a TIMED Cog wheel. Pull 6-7 times and quickly get to the N end of the ledges, hop down onto the arch, hop back to safety drop down and run to the gate, run (or roll) to get through (savegame.1).

After you pick up Gate Key 2, all hell breaks loose. Get out of the gate.

If you want the Secret, you’ll have to endure the earthquake and get back up to the upper floor of the central structure, next to the gate with the Cog wheel, a block went up. Climb that and stand jump up to the roof to get Secret #3, the Revolver. Make your way back down to ground floor.

Go down the slope S, get through the Cutters and at the Spike pit run jump as far as you can along one of the walls onto the sloped side of the pit below, just start jumping to get to the other end and near the ladder is a walkable surface, go up the ladder. At the next Spike pit, run jump left into the sloped niche, grab the edge and shimmy right to get to the other side and run into the Arena where that nasty shaking finally ends (savegame.2).

Exit with Keys.

Get down to the ground, go to the SE corner, E wall to pull out a cage from the wall, use it to climb up to the ledge above and go through the gate which is blocked by a piece of rubble. After you throw the lever at the end of this passage, the gate opens and to the right is another gate open, (left (NW) is a gate leading you back to the temple courtyard, maybe for missing Secrets?).

So take the gate right (E); that one brings you back into the underground chamber with the pool we came through before (skeleton and campfire). Go up the pole, back flip off and head into the passage NE, grab the monkey climb to get over the Spike pit and come to the bamboo bridge. Go into the building behind that big Setha statue and use the two keys on the back wall. The Statue comes alive and jumps down. Make your way down a bit and start softening her up from above, then drop down and finish her off, run into the open gates and end the adventure…