Level by Scourge05


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, with the help of steven13575's video walk



Lara slides down into a pool. Pick up the shotgun ammo and small medipack on the nearby crates, then swim through the NE channel and pull out to your right for flares. Check your inventory to find that you already have ample weaponry (although you lack ammo for the uzis) as well as the ICE CARBON. Jump back into the water and continue along the channel to the NW corner. Pull out onto the triangular ledge to your left and hop over N. Vault up higher and enter the cave. Shoot a baddy to your left and locate the pushblock near the entrance. Pull it away to reveal another SHOTGUN to add to your arsenal.


Follow the cave to a flooded area, jump in and swim around to your right. Pull out at the end and run up the ramp to trigger a couple of boulders. Run off right or left into the trench and wait until they pass by. Continue up the ramp and climb the ice wall to an upper area. Shoot two baddies as a door opens at the top of the stairs. Go on through to find another pushblock. Pull it two times S and push it W into the corner. Hop onto it and pull up into an outdoor area. Go W under a bridge, vault up W and hop up N two times.


Enter the opening and follow the passage down a ramp to an area guarded by another baddy. Loop around left from the entrance and push the corner block S as far as you can to reveal a room with the only SECRET in this level.  Pick up flares, shotgun ammo, a large medipack and a small medipack and return to the previous room. Follow the NE passage, vault up left onto the ledge and pull down the wall switch to open the W door. You can ignore the dog, as you can't target it and it exhibits strange behavior anyway. I used an explosive arrow to put it out of its misery and to stop the racket it was making.


Enter the N area and follow the NE passage to a pool. Jump into the water and swim into the S opening. Surface and pull out to face another pool. Jump to the corner block, and from there to the S ledge. Pull up to find a wall switch that opens the underwater door beneath you. The water is ice-cold, so quickly swim through and pull out into a cave. Run forward S into a mine dig and shoot two baddies. Enter the NW passage and come to a conveyor belt area. Go around to the far side to encounter an alien that can be killed as you would a knight, by shooting it in the chest.


Go back to where you entered this area and locate the pushblock. Pull the block E and move it clockwise around the passage (going the other way won't work because of a dip in the floor) onto the marked SW tile. A cut scene shows a door opening down in the dig, my screen locked up so I saved my game here and then reloaded so I could move along.


Exit N and return to the dig. Hop down to the lower metal ledge and take a running jump from the SE corner to land near an opening to a control room. Enter, note the receptacle next to the radar screen and go around to find a crawl space. Pull up inside and follow around the corner to face a couple of red lasers. Continue to crawl underneath them, but don't crawl into the alcove with the fan or you'll find yourself stuck with no way out. There's another crawl space in the wall to your right (W) just beyond the lights, so position yourself underneath, wait for the lasers to move away, stand up and pull quickly into the opening.


Crawl past a closed grate, grab another SHOTGUN in front of the fan and follow the N passage before the flame blowers have time to activate. Get through the crawl space at the other end and climb down the ladder to a small storage area adjacent to the control room. Search this room for a small medipack and shotgun ammo, pull the wall switch to open a short cut back to the control room, shoot a baddy and exit S to a room with ice-cold water. Go straight across the bridge to the S wall switch that opens that grate you crawled by  earlier and causes two baddies to materialize in the alcoves behind you.


Return to the previous room and climb the E ladder. Time your way past the flame blower and enter the S crawl space for the KEY CARD. Go back the way you came, past the flame blower and down the ladder, N into the control room and insert the Key Card in the receptacle you noted earlier. A door opens in the dig area, so reverse roll and walk to the ledge overlooking the deep pit. Jump up left (SW), loop around left to the upper ledge and follow it counterclockwise to where you shot the baddy earlier. Hop down S to the lower gray ledge and hang from the edge over the opened doorway. Release, grab and pull up into the opening.


Follow the passage to what looks like a train station. Jump to grab the top of the train car, pull up and go left to near the N end, turn around and jump S to grab the upper berth. Pull up to face two laser banks. Crawl underneath them and continue to the S end, where you'll find a wall switch. Pull it down for a cut scene showing that the water in the dig pit is now pure. Go back N, drop down onto the top of the car, hop down W and note the opening with a closed door in the W wall. Exit via the W passage by which you arrived and jump down into the water below.


Surface, swim W and pull up in front of the door you opened earlier. Continue to a dark room where a N door opens automatically. Go on through and continue to a well-lighted area guarded by a baddy. Pull up N onto a ledge between two statues, walk forward and slide down to an underground area. You appear at first to have come to a dead end, but if you'll pull up onto the ledge to the left of the statue you'll find a cleverly hidden passage leading to a new area with a gold pit. The gold surface isn't deadly, so make your way over to the N wall switch (there's nothing else of interest in this area) to open the trap door behind you.


Hop back a couple of times, slide, grab and safety drop to the room below with a modest loss of health. Jump to the NE windowsill for a large medipack, up NW for flares, then exit via the E passage. In the next room the shimmering gold surface is indeed deadly, so take a running jump NE into the opening and hop down to the ledge on your right. Take a running jump to the W ledge and hop down NW. Runjump to the NE block and hop up SE to the ledge. Enter the opening and follow to a large room with ledges and platforms.


Drop down one level and hop down to the SE platform where you'll find a wall switch that opens a nearby door. Drop to the floor to find a second wall switch directly below the first one. This one drops a platform literally on top of you and raises a platform up in the S wall. Pull up to the next higher level and stand beneath the raised platform. Face S, jump up to grab it, pull up and make your way across the room to the door you opened in the N wall (it also has a raised platform in front of it). Get past the circular blades and swinging spike bags to a wall switch that raises more platforms in the previous room.


Go back the same way you came (easier in this direction), and once out onto the raised platform turn right and jump to the W ledge. Pull up higher and make your way around either clockwise or counterclockwise until you reach the raised platform in front of the E wall switch. Pull it down, hop back and drop to the ledge below, find the raised platform S and take a running jump to grab it. Pull up and run forward into the passage to find a wall switch to pull down. Reverse roll, go to the raised platform and hop down to the ledge below.


Drop down further into the water and swim through the opened NE door. Surface and pull out into a dark room. Grab the shotgun ammo and note the nearby receptacle. Climb the ladder on the S face of the central column, shimmy left and pull up onto the ledge for uzi ammo. Shoot the eagle and jump N into the opening that leads to a submerged area. Loop around right and move the cage from the SE corner underneath a ceiling opening against the N wall. Get on top of the cage and pull up into the N opening, then follow around right to a molten gold room.


Turn around and jump up to grab the ledge extending over the entrance. Pull up and shoot the approaching Tinnos wasp, enter the chamber it came from and find revolver ammo and a large medipack. Exit S, turn left and then right in front of the gold field to slide down to a lower gold trench. Note the ladder ahead, turn left and jump over the deadly tributary hidden in the darkness. Go to the E ledge and take a long running jump SE to the next ledge. Shoot the waiting baddy and pick up the KEY CARD he dropped.


Take a running jump NE to the lone block, jump N from there to the dark ledge and go around left to the W alcove. Face N and jump to grab the higher ledge. Pull up, run forward and the door ahead opens for you. Enter and place the Key Card in the wall receptacle for a cut scene back in the area you just left (if you look hard you can see Lara in the upper left corner). Go back to the S ledge overlooking the molten gold and stand jump down to the lone block. Take a running jump SE to the ledge where you shot the baddy and see that the S double doors are now open.


Go there and see two blocks rise in front of you. Jump into the water and pull up S between two cages. Push the one to your left onto the marked tile and the nearer raised block lowers again. Reverse roll and run to the other cage on this ledge. Push it onto the marked tile in front of the other raised block to lower it. Push the same cage two times W onto the other marked tile. Now move the two cages situated on the ledges running N-S to their respective marked tiles at the other end of the ledge.


A gate has opened in the underwater S passage, so jump into the water and swim to the OCEANIC MASK. You remember seeing the receptacle for it earlier, so swim back and exit this room as the blocks are raised once more (which you can ignore). Back in the molten gold room, make your way NW and loop around left to face the ladder you noted earlier. Jump to it, grab and climb near the top. Take a rolling back flip and grab the upper N ledge. Pull up, turn right, pick up the shotgun ammo in the alcove, jump over the gap and find more shotgun ammo in the NE alcove.


Jump across to the SE ledge for uzi ammo and turn right to find flares in the alcove. Jump W over the gap and go around to hop into the NW alcove for shotgun ammo. Hop back to the previous ledge and jump NE to the next ledge. Loop around left to face the W opening. Jump there, go forward and the door ahead opens for you. Drop down onto a ledge overlooking an area you explored earlier. A mummy is stumbling about down below, and the eagle you thought you'd killed is still whimpering pitifully.


Safety drop to the ground, deal with the mummy and eagle by using a single explosive arrow and locate the receptacle in the central column. Place the Oceanic Mask to open a door in the S wall. Go there and follow the passage to another molten gold river. Turn left, hop onto the blocks at the end and use the blocks in the river to get over to the S side. Enter the short passage and drop down through the hole onto a gold block. Hop to the floor, locate shotgun ammo in the NE corner and exit W. Look to your right for flares in the alcove and head S into an outdoor area.


Shoot two Tinnos wasps approaching from your left and find a small medipack on the NW block. Go through the SE archway into the next area, find a large medipack on your right and go up to the N opening that overlooks a molten gold river. Take a running jump NE down to the ledge, shoot a baddy and jump to the SE opening into a new area. Hop to the SE ledge for a large medipack, look around the corner to see a SW ledge and take a curved running jump to land on it. Jump to grab the E ladder and climb to a crack. Shimmy left around two corners to the other side and back flip onto a tree limb.   


Jump NE to a grassy ledge, go around to the corner and jump up to grab the ceiling. Monkey swing W and drop in front of an opening. Follow the passage to a ledge room with molten gold down below. As you approach the central plinth something explodes, debris falls from the ceiling and a demigod starts shooting at you. When he dies he explodes as well, leaving you free to pick up THE HUWISM (or maybe it's HUWJSM, whatever that is).


Pull down the E wall switch to open the exit door in the N wall. Hop inside, using grab, and slide down the slope ahead. Climb the N ladder, shimmy right to the ledge and pull up. Run forward and place your shiny artifact in the block receptacle to open the N gates. Run forward into the woods to end the level.