The Secret of the Desert Temple

Level by Philipp Romero (October, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

You start by sliding down a slope and jump forward over a camouflaged hole. Pick up red shotgun shells, large medipack, and the Guardian Key. Then hop back to the north and safety drop into the hole. You land in a very dark room. Go west and turn north into a dark tunnel. Watch out for wall darts and fall into a hole. Cross the water and climb a ladder up to a room. Go west and use the Guardian Key to open a door. Enter the door and get secret #1. Shoot the vases for two red shotgun shells, blue shotgun shells, and the shotgun. Enter the north room and shoot the vases for four Uzi ammo and pistol ammo. You also reveal a button on the wall. Press the button and kill a ninja that appears. Enter the west room to kill three scorpions. Pick up crossbow normal ammo, crossbow poison ammo, crossbow explosive ammo, and the crossbow from the ledges. Shoot the vase to get a laser sight. Enter the south room and kill a crocodile. Pick up revolver ammo, Uzi ammo, and two flares from the floor. Shoot the vases for the revolver, revolver ammo, two Uzi ammo and Uzis. Exit the area and climb back down the ladder. Return to the starting room and pull up onto the west ledge.

Go south and kill two ninjas. Slide down a slope and jump over the water. Use the reach-in switch at the south wall and get a flyby of the area you are in. Dive into the water and follow the tunnel. You get a flyby of the area ahead. Swim into the room with cubes and notice a closed door in the south wall. Swim into the hole in the bottom of the floor. Then swim up a long shaft and go east past a closed gate. Go into a south opening and swim to the right and the water current carries up upward. Swim to the surface for air and pull up to a ledge. Drop into a north-east tunnel and follow it to a room. Press the button on the south wall and exit. Swim back down to the open gate and swim inside. Pull up on the east ledge and run around the dark east area. You should collect and kill ten ninjas. Go to the south-east corner and press a button on the east wall. Go north to kill three crocodiles and find the open door.

Enter the door and up the steps. At the top, go north-east and down the steps. Be careful of the scissors trap and pick up Canopic Jar 1 from the floor. Return and go down the west tunnel. Enter a room and kill three scorpions. Be careful because parts of the sandy floor are deadly. Follow the sides of the walls around the electrical arcs and enter a tunnel in the east wall. Follow the tunnel to a large area and the camera view changes. Climb behind the three statues to place the Canopic Jar. You hear a door open. Climb out and go north into the open door. Cross a bridge over some deadly water and slide down a slope. Climb either north wall but be careful not to slide into the pit, as there is no way out. Grab the ceiling and monkey swing north and then south to drop onto a block. Drop into a hole and use the reach-in switch and hear a door open. Get out and monkey swing north into the open door. Go into the room and the door closes. Press the button on the wall and get a cut scene of the room with the cubes.

The door opens beside you so enter the tunnel.
Look east and pull up into another tunnel. Follow the tunnel and at the end slide down a slope and land at the bridge over the deadly water. Go south into the tunnel and get pass the electrical arcs. Go down the stairs into the dark room and go west to the water. Go south and then west to swim down the long shaft back to the room with the cubes. Swim into the open door at the south wall and the level ends by crashing to the desktop.