Temple of Death

Level by Linn (July, 2001)

Walkthrough by Harry Laudie

start by sling down into room and get a flyby of a room ahead with a pool. Go west down the corridor and kill two ninjas that attack you. You can see two closed doors needing items and a closed gate. Dive into the poll and swim south into an underwater tunnel. Pull up into a dark room but do not go forward as there are spikes traps ahead of you. Go around the edge of the room and kill three scorpions. Use the floor lever and get a cut scene of a gate opening back near the pool. Get back into the water and swim north to the open gate. You may also notice two closed doors to the east. Enter the open gate and go through the crawl space. On the other side, drop onto a ledge in a room of deadly water. You get a flyby of the area. The platforms have spike balls above them. Face the water and start from the right side of the platform. Run and jump to the first platform. Run diagonally across it and jump to the long platform. Run and turn to jump diagonally to the safe platform with the ladder. This should avoid all the spike balls.


Climb the ladder at the north wall. At the top, the camera view changes and you see something move towards you. Kill eight scorpions and use the two floor levers to open the gate at the north ledge. Enter the tunnel and two ninjas jump out at you. Kill them and pick up a shotgun. Slide down at the end and go into a dark south opening. Use the rope to get to the other side of the pit. Pick up flares and use the floor lever. You hear a gate open. Swing back to the first ledge and enter the open gate.


You are in a small maze. Go north and use the floor lever. Then go south and east, pass a closed gate, and ignore the open gate for now. Go to the end and jump a fire. Use the floor lever in the corner and jump back over the fire. Go west to find the open gate and use the floor lever. Exit and go down either north tunnel to take the first east tunnel. Follow the tunnel to pick up the Hand of Sirius (Die Hand des Sirius). Now go back and enter the open gate at the south wall. Go up to another closed gate and see two floor levers. Use both levers and enter either gate. Follow the tunnel and jump over a mummy. At the end use the Hand of Sirius to open a gate and another mummy exits the room. Try to lure the mummies back into the first corridor. This way you can run past them and have more time in the room that you opened with the Hand of Sirius.


Go back to that room and face four fires on the floor. Look to the south-west direction and see an opening on the wall. Give yourself full health and run through the fires towards that opening. Enter and jump and you land in a pool of water. Pickup a small medipack from the pool floor. Climb up to a ledge and use a floor lever. You get a flash cut scene of two large doors. Pull up into the corridor and go south. Jump over the spike pit and enter the next room. Pick up the Hand of Orion (Die Hand des Orion) from the pedestal and a gate opens in the north wall. Get into the crawl space and follow it to a room. You see two poles, a receptacle, a closed door, and two closed gates in the south-west corner.


Climb the west pole and back flip into a room. Go north to a very dark opening. The monkey swing is a fake. Stand jump with grab to get over the spike traps and fall into some water. Just follow the underwater tunnel to pull up into a very dark room. You get a flyby showing you a puzzle piece. Go west up the stairs and Lara looks at a wall. Go up to behind the sarcophagus and kill two ninjas. Pick up Cartouche Piece 1 (Kartusche Stuck 1) and quickly jump back to avoid a falling spike ball. Go back to the hole in the south wall that Lara looked at. The floor below is deadly so run and jump into the water. Pull up on the other side and a fire starts on the floor. Jump over the fire and start to slide. Near the bottom, jump with a left curve into an opening to avoid a spike ball and a spike trap at the bottom of the slide. You slide again and hear a gate opening. It is pitch black and the flare bug is in effect. You can throw a flare for light. Go east and use the climbable wall to climb back into the room with the two poles.


Climb the east pole and back flip into a room. Get under the crawl space and notice the spike balls. There are two possible routes to survive this trap. Start from the second lane from the right as you look down the slope, Start and the spike balls start after you. The right lane spike ball is faster. When it passes you curve into the right lane to avoid the other spike balls. The other route is to sprint down the far left lane that is a lighter color. The slowest spike ball is in that lane. Either way, jump at the end to avoid a spike trap at the bottom. Now go the left lane. Slide down and jump to grab a rope. Swing and jump to land on the other side of the pit with a closed gate. More spike balls will fall beside you. The other parts of the ledge are deadly firetraps. Drop back and climb down into the pit. Use the floor lever and the gate opens. The rest of the pit floor is deadly. Climb back up the wall and go through the gate. Walk north and you can throw the flares for light. Stand jump over a dark spike pit to grab the edge and go up the ramp. Pick up Cartouche Piece 2 (Kartusche Stuck 2) from the pedestal and the gate opens beside you. Slide the slope and run on a floating bridge over the deadly water. Jump to grab a slope and use the slopes to reach a flat column. From there you can stand jump to a south-east slope and jump into the south doorway. You hear an earthquake and enter a very dark large room. Kill three scorpions as you run down to the south-east corner of the room. Pull up into a tunnel. Go to the end and climb the ladder to exit into the west pole room. Slide down the pole into the room with two poles.


Make the Ba Cartouche and use it to open the door. Enter the door and climb the blocks to the top. Pick up the Ba Cartouche (Ba Kartusche) and hear a gate open. Exit the room and go the south-west corner for the second open gate. Run and jump to grab the ceiling as a spike ball rolls beneath you. When it is past, release and drop to slide down the slope. Look to the west for a dark tunnel with wall darts. Crawl under the wall darts and jump over the spike pit at the end. Get into the crawl space and go forward until you can stand. Kill the ninja shooting at you. Pull up into a corridor and get a flyby of a door opening and then the starting room with the pool. Swim across the water to the open door. Get into the starting room and swim over the closed doors at the west wall. Use the Hand of Orion and the Ba Cartouche and the doors open. Run outside into the sunlight and the level ends.