The Tomb of Lonos

Level by Sascha Linn

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Pull the switches on your left and right. Enter the Tomb of Lonos. Climb the planty ladder on the right of the entrance. Pull the switch in the room behind it. There is similar ladder on the opposite side of the room. Climb it. In the room behind it, collect Ba Cartouche and pull another switch. Go back to the main chamber. Avoid the tiles painted with a pharaoh face (death zones). Draw pistols and kill a ninja behind the exit door. All the lower tiles in the next room are death zones. Jump over the fire to land on a raised piece of floor. Hop into the pool. Swim SW to find a hole. Resurface, get out of the water. Kill 2 red scorps, pull the switch. Camera shows you the open door - fall into the water and swim S to go through it. Now resurface in the big opening above you. Get out of the pool, jump into the hole in the NW corner of the room, go down the ramp, DON'T stop and jump on the blocks in front of you to avoid being squashed. Enter the green corridor, climb the block and swing the pole to land either on the slope, or on the raised piece of floor in front of it. If the first variant occurs, jump out of the slope to land on the mentioned piece of floor. Then, avoid the mummy. Jump into the water, swim to the very bottom and then through the crawlspaces on the E, the first one - at the bottom, the second one - below the ceiling. Proceed through the passage beginning near the S end of the 2nd crawlspace. Resurface when possible, get out of the water, place the cartouche in its receptacle and go through the open door. Camera shows you another door. Don't mind it - obviously, this is the passage no longer in use. You gonna get to the other side, but by taking another path.

Go left on the junction, passing by two mummies. When you see the grate, pull the lever on the S of it to raise a door (not the nearest one!). Get back to the junction, go ahead to find a planty ladder on the E wall and watch out for another mummy on your way to it. Climb up. On the upper floor, get through the open door and into the crawlspace. On the other side, thre is a scorpion to kill, an urn to shatter and another ladder to climb. On the 2nd floor, there are 2 more scorps and 2 more urns. Climb the next ladder. On the 3rd floor, there is 1 more urn and 1 more scorp. Fall into the pit and, using the S side of the pillar ONLY, descend to the bottom. Shatter another urn and grab a small medi from under it. Pull the lever (raises the first grated door and opens the nearby carved door to prevent you from backtracking), descend to the bottom and return to the first grated door. Go through it, enter the pool, swim through the N passage, avoiding blue squares (activate spikes), resurface when possible and get out. Drop down to the top of the high block. As you can see, the whole floor in this location is deadly. Swing the two ropes, land on a slope and jump out of it to rest on the platform with The Hand Of Orion on it. Drop down and DON'T stop on the ledge (to avoid falling spikeball), but jump on the rope and swing it to get across the pit. Pull the trigger on the top of the raised block (this is the only one place in the whole level when you can safely stand on a tile marked with a pharaoh's face). In front of the exit, avoid two transverse death zones marked by stretched texture.

In the next room, fall into the pit on the other side. Descend carefully using the ladder on the pillar (any side allowed). Pick up some Crossbow Explosive Ammo and a crossbow itself. Put The Hand Of Orion in its slot to open the door in the upper room. Blow up 4 mummies on your way to it. Finally, find yourself in burial chamber. Stand on the sarcophagus to open the exit and feel the earth moving. Get out of here and across the collapsed room to find the pool. Choose the passage on the W. Follow it, resurfacing in the air pocket on your way. Avoid the space above the pharaoh pictures and swim through the opening on the NW, above you. Proceed through the rest of the passage to resurface and get out on the top of the slope. Don't fall into the no-way-out pit. Move to the S end of the ramp. Slide down, grab a rope which appears and swing it to get across. Blow up the mummy. Avoid the pharaoh tiles. Slide S to the last room. Climb the green wall the most protruding to the S. On the tops of the green platforms, watch out for incompletely green textures (death zones). Jump over the slope and illegal slope to get behind the pillar. Jump over the death zone once again and then over the second gap (grab the ledge) to get onto the third green platform. Pull the lever and safety drop to the highest point of the slope below you. Go through the open exit door. Don't stand on the transverse rows of squares placed between the pharaoh faces on the wall. Next, you have 2 corridors to search: E and W. Go inside the E one to kill a ninja and find a SECRET nothing on the 2nd tile behind the pedestal. Now follow the remaining part of this corridor to find and go through the crawlspace. Behind it, watch out for the burning floor with death zone. On the junction, take the left path, then right and right again, killing a ninja. See the star? Watch out for another death zone in front of it. Grab the item, return to the junction and go ahead, then left, kill another ninja and put The Hand Of Orion in its receptacle. The following slope has transverse gaps formed by two dead zone pits. Jump over the first one, WAIT until the spikeballs fall into it and jump backwards to avoid being squashed by the second set. Now easily jump over the second pit and go through the hole in the wall. Shatter 19 urns, beware of the darker squares (you know why) and pull the two switches to open the exit door. Pull the next two to open the next door (don't mind the spikeballs). In burial chamber, you can either take a shortcut by getting behind the Eye-Of-Horus door and sliding down, or follow the intended way. In this second case, stand on the square with The Hand Of Sirius. Climb the ladder and go through the door indicated by the camera. In the room behind it, pick up the Eye Piece, kill 3 scorpions and jump into the water.

Resurface in the next hole, get out and kill 2 ninjas. Climb the plants and pull the lever opening the exit door near the pool. Go through it and climb the next ladder. Jump over the pit you came from. Jump on the block, fall into the small room and jump over the gap. Pick up the Eye Piece from the wide cornice on the right of you. Combine both halves of the key to make Eye Of Horus. You don't have to go through the raised door, as there's nothing inside the room behind that portal. Turn around, face the dark place and find a passage in there. Enter it, jump over the no-way-out pit hidden in the dark, slide down and jump out of the slope to land on the platform on your left (if you don't manage to do this, you'll get burned in a death zone in the end of the slide). Go upstairs, jump over the three lying statues, kill a scorpion in front of the crawlspace and go through it. Pull up into the hole at the end of the left wall. Descend to the other side of the blocks to return to the bottom of the burial chamber. Place the Eye Of Horus in the slot on the W wall, go into the revealed passage and slide down into the open space. Make some steps ahead or jump right to hit finish trigger.