Jungle Falls

Level by Simon Woodward

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Flares on your right, under a tree. Pick them up and jump on the underwater platform. It ends in the next cave and there is a small medi on the N of it, underwater. Collect the item, watch out for the mummy on the bank and climb the N stairs. Runjump/grab/pull up on the next highest trunk and follow the passage behind it to find a junction. Go right, throw a switch and continue through the corridor to the next room, where you can pick up the shotgun from the N pedestal. Watching out for another mummy, exit S and jump over the spike pit in the following passage. The next room includes a pushable that is supposed to be moved on the central square. This opens the exit. Behind it, shatter a vase and get Hathor Effigy from it.

Go back to the last pool and swim through the NW passage. Resurface next to the ladder, climb it and watch out for the central fire - it's an instant death zone. For Ornate Handle, get to the SE corner. Pull the switch in the NE one. Watch the flyby and swim into the underwater corridor that led you here. On the junction, go ahead and then N for normal shells and S for a large medi. Now go back to the central pool and go through that portal the last flyby indicated. Resurface where possible, draw the shotgun and throw a skelly into the pool you came from. Now the bugs are harmful. Watching out for them, grab wideshots from next to the bird statue (don't worry - no wraith here) and pull up into the W crawlspace to escape from the bugs and get in the cave on the other side. Don't fall into the pit, combine both pieces of the key and place Portal Guardian on a pedestal for it. At the end of the exit passage, roll/reverse roll on a square with slopes on its sides. That's the best way of avoiding the falling spikeball.

Go outside, watch out for the next two and sprint E across the cave to reach and follow the passage. Behind it, there's a Temple of Poseidon face showering the water with so high pressure it has drilled a hole beneath it. Jump in and swim ahead to find the next dry room. Behind the next portal, there is an octagonal vertical passage. Before you enter, shatter the SE vase for a big medi. It may seem picking up the grenade gun from the spike trap in the octagonal passage is impossible, but it's actually simple thing. Stand just in front of the trap, face one of the walls, backflip, bounce from the slope and banana jump in the middle of the trap. The spikes shouldn't hurt you. Grab the gun. For an extra kill, go back to the room before the octagonal corridor and through the NW passage to spawn a mummy at the end. Now pick up some wideshots from the SE corner and go upstairs. Ignore the pool in the next area, climb the green things to get to the upper section and watch another flyby (the shown corridor is the way back existing just in case if you fall, leading to the pool you didn't mind also because of this reason, so ignore it) before performing a sequence of slides/jumps to get across the water.

After that, follow the final crawlspace and jump into the next water. You're in front of five ceilingless passages. You can encounter different things depending on which way you choose, but they all lead to the same waterfall on the N. The left and right passageways are filled with bugs, each one of the two closer to the middle includes one skeleton, and the central one contains the uzis. Collect them and watch out for a spikeball on the square on the N of the pickup. Go behind the N waterfall to "unharm" the possibly activated bugs and escape to the next dry room, watching out for the wraith. Optionally, shoot another 2 skellys into the pool you came out of. You can wait for the ghost to be terminated by the bird statue, but picking up the Horseman's Gem and finishing the game before the enemy eats you is much better idea (IMO).