Gloomy Waste

Level by Surekill107

Walkthrough by Yoav

Start in a place that really looks gloomy. Climb left onto the large block,
you'll see three dead soldiers and sentry guns are not activated, there's also a blue door but it opens from the other side. Get down from there and take the left side of the main path, pass the first passage over the corner, there's a double closed gate with two sentry guns standing from both sides onto high columns, they shoot on you soon as you get there, so leave it and back to the passage you just passed. Go inside, turn to the right and shoot on the wooden barrier, drop down through the opening into a narrow passageway, head forward about half way. Look on the floor for different tile color, it's a trap, just jump over it then look on the ceiling for a same color tile, jump grab the edge and climb into the nook above to reach Secret Place, get medipack. Jump back to the narrow pasageway and enter into the room ahead, push the the lever floor and short flyby will show you brown door opening.

Return back to the main path then head north, light flare when you reach the dark place and look for crawlspace at the right wall, leave it a while and go a few steps forward, then save the game before you turn to the right into the short passage. As soon as you run into the passage a sentry gun will start shooting and it will even send flames of fire, so you need to be quick enough to get into the alcove fron the right and reach the Secret Place, pick up Revolver and Lasersight. Get out from there and keep over the yard ahead, from both sides threre a're two blue doors that open with crowbar and single sniper who is shooting from the high ledge, you can shoot on him back from where you'tr standing and then back to the crawlspace you passed earlier.

You are going to be crawling a long, long way! so let me know when you get to the end lol, get the medipack and save the game before you climb into the room above, otherwise you are in big trouble. In a room above there's a sentry gun in each corner and between each of them four doors, behind three doors there're also sentry guns, your exit will be the east door. Prepare yourself, you are entering into the hell room, quickly stand up facing to east side, climb up and running over the door, the sentry gun starts shooting and two of them sending on you flames of fire, give to Lara more health, kick in a door and jump forward into the hole with the water.

Keep swimming down the pit, then up over the opening, exit and climb into a dark room. Shoot on the bats, then light flare and head to next opening, climb up into a short passage, go a few steps to open the door and get into the room, pick up flares, medipack and the Crowbar. Back to the passage and climb up, go over the blue door, it opens with the crowbar and back to the beginning, two soldiers are wating for you, kill them then back to the yard you've been to earlier.

Go to the blue door at the east, open it with the crowbar, inside the room
there's a trapdoor, get the Shotgun+Ammo and medipack, then push the lever floor, it opens another brown door that you go through soon. Head over the blue door at the west, open it with the crowbar, follow the passage then climb up and past through the brown door you just opened. Take running and jump to the ledge ahead, keep running and jump over the next ledge, grab it, climb up onto it and run jump to the last ledge, pass through the first brown door opened earlier. Go around the hole with slopes, shoot on the two cans and get some Ammo, now slide down and drop down through the hole into a room below.

There're four short passages around and from each of them soldiers will came over to you, get rid of them then head into the west passage and pull the ceiling trapdoor. Climb up into a dark alcove, then push the lever floor, screenshot will show you the double gates are open now and two soldiers running out and waiting for you. Turn around and go few steps back, jump grab and pull the second ceiling trapdoor, climb up into the room above, you're back to the yard.

Make your way to the double opened gate, shoot on the soldiers who are waiting for you, then run faster as you can pass between the two firing sentry guns, you cannot get rid of them yet as they turn around and follow after you. As you can see there're two closed doors, head to the north door and quickly open it, there's a closed grate trapdoor. Turn and run over the south door, in a passage go few steps forward then open the door from your right past the next short passage and open the next door, get outside to a big room.

Right now don't do anything till you managed to open the trapdoor at the bottom and the grate trapdoor right above them, back the first passage then open the door at the end. Get down the high stairs, running along the narrow passage light flare when you get to the dark place, then turn to right and pull the jumpswitch, the grate trapdoor you saw earlier is open now. Get back few steps, jump grab and pull the ceiling trapdoor, note you are still needing to open the the closed grate trapdoor you are standing on before you go back to the big room right above you.

Return back where you opened the north door, the grate is open now, drop down and push the lever floor to open the last grate trapdoor. Back to the big room, start jumping from grate ledge over the next one around the room till you reach the last ledge then jump to grab the jumpswitch and drop down long falling into an underwater place. Effect of the falling will send forward to dead-end so turn around and swim through the blue door you just opened, keep swimming to the right over the hole and get out of the water into a room empty room.

Go and kick in a door past the short passage and stand with Lara's back to the hole, drop and grab the edge then drop again and grab the edge of the nook below, climb into a Secret Place, get the Uzis. Now drop down into the pit with water below, note there's a closed blue door, climb out and past the passage, open the door to big room. Go and pick up the Breast Plate, you'll see something interesting, from all over the room soldiers start to come close to Lara and then they will go and stand behind her back in a right order, what a discipline. Anyway the blue door at the pit is open now, go over there, jump into the water and swim along the passage till you get to the end.